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Saturday Oracle – Balancing The Basics

If you set down your proverbial cup on the raggedy edge of a treacherous cliff and the wind blows hard or the ground begins to crumble, then it won’t be such a surprise when the cup topples and its contents spill. On the other hand, up there on that high cliff, closer to the gods and angels it may yet be filled with more blessings and gifts than you could never have dreamed of.

The Sacred Chalice is fast becoming the most visited card in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle, bringing with it shocks and surprises, thrills and spills and this week it is indicating that risks may be taken, massive leaps of faith that up until now you may not have even considered perhaps because fear played a role or because the timing just didn’t feel right.

Mercury has now gone direct and the holiday season is upon us tempting us to break down barriers and hold out olive branches. Santa is all set to deliver blessings of his own and whatever you are considering is gathering strength and momentum… but the proverbial cup is at the centre of this message and represents the Self in a mind, body and spirit sense…

Imagine if you will, what the chalice requires to maintain composure? Balancing the basics now before risks are taken, surprises are delivered and any kind of toppling occurs, might limit any detrimental effects of stress during this period. Don’t over indulge in unhealthy or downright toxic behaviours like alcohol, drugs, sugar-laden foods etc, rest well, stay hydrated, meditate, nurture you own needs and consider the consequences of what circumstances surround you or what you may be planning.

This is not a post about curtailing your fun or clipping your wings, it’s about fuelling your vessel, checking the instruments, the oil and the landing gear, charting the course and double checking the weather report before you take off on the flight of a lifetime… remember you are the pilot so don’t leave it to chance or to someone else to ensure you can land this adventure intact.

Put your health: physical, emotional, and mental, at the top of your priority list this week and keep that chalice right side up whatever else you’re doing… you’ll be grateful later.

When this oracle card surfaces look to Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, first and foremost for guidance on precautions and healing.

Have a wonderfully balanced Christmas. More next week… x




Maintaining Focus In The Face Of Distraction

I’m devout in my spiritual daily practice, not for any other reason than it helps me stay well. When I say well I mean balanced in mind, body and soul, but over the last few days it has been almost impossible maintaining focus in the face of distraction.

Daily practice for me begins with journaling, is followed by meditation and I end the day the same way. I take a few minutes out in the afternoon to check in with my Higher Power (what I refer to as God, though I’m aware you may have a different name for It).

When that routine is disturbed for whatever reason, I feel the absence of focus begin to creep in almost immediately… you know that feeling that you’ve forgotten something important? Having that routine disturbed for a few days though, and I start to feel genuinely unhappy. I’ve been two days with a disturbed practice. It started on day one as a necessity and continued as an experiment… “what’s the worst that could happen?” I didn’t always have this routine and I must have survived before it or I wouldn’t be here, right? The experiment was kind of like seeing what it would be like to go cold turkey to break a habit… is it just a habit?

Daily practice, whatever it may be, is fundamental to my wellbeing. I used the word unhappy to describe something indescribable, but let me break it down for you:

No focus, no direction, impending sense of doom, overwhelming feeling of being alone even in a crowd, physical lethargy, headaches, anxiety, inability to cope with stressful situations, poor digestion even… all because I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?”

When Saturday’s oracle honed in on Self-Full Living (Principle 6), and particularly on taking care of your self-care/personal grooming in order to build confidence, it’s also worth noting that you are a human holy trinity: your mind, your body and your spirit require restoration and respect through meditation.

You deserve to be at the top of your own priority list, and a simple daily practice can help you achieve not just confidence but also health, happiness, balance, insight, connection and focus.

I’m off now to do just that before anything else.

More later… x


Saturday Oracle – Divergent Path

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Orange

This week’s oracle comes with a warning.

I pulled a combination for myself yesterday as I occasionally do for guidance but then imagine my surprise when the exact same cards came out for the group reading today.

Stress is a killer. At the very least it can make you very ill, very unhappy and steal your zest for life… I’ve worked with many people over the years and one thing that has become apparent to me is that nobody burns out doing what they love.

Whenever Principle 6: I AM Self-Full turns up in a reading it is asking you to consider your own needs: physical, emotional and spiritual, and it is asking you to be mindful of your true life path. Combine it with the vibrant orange of the sacral chakra and the warning that ignoring  your innermost requirements is draining your vitality, putting unnecessary stress on your adrenals and pushing you towards your own case of fatigue, whether that be full on physical shutdown, or a serious bout of depression.

You were sent here with a mission. You might think you don’t know what that is yet and that’s ok as long as you remember that your mission is in alignment with your skills, your joys and your passions… God didn’t send you ill equipped to fulfil your destiny, he stocked you full of urges and abilities as guidance… sure you have to learn new stuff to get there but being passionate about learning is one of those urges too. The point is that many of us drift through life doing what we’re made to do, what we feel obliged to do and often through these obligations we forget that we were given a voice and a choice…

Your soul has a plan for you and this week your mind, body and spirit are railing against the fact that you have been consistently taking a divergent path.

If you are exhausted, feeling low, run down, experiencing minor illness or suffering any form of stress then this is the week to assess where you are out of alignment with your divine plan and make radical adjustments to your life. Eat well, sleep well, remove yourself from toxic environments, people and situations, tie up loose ends that are draining your energy and resources, de-clutter your home and work space and begin an inventory of what bits of your life bring you joy and peace and which bits bring stress and discord…

Most of all, go back to your innermost hopes, wishes and dreams and ask if you are neglecting them or casting them aside for some reason.

Call upon the angels and meditate… your health is your ticket to joy, your emotions are your map, your spirit carries the keys but only your soul knows that X marks the spot… start listening.

More next week… x