Saturday Oracle – Balancing The Basics

If you set down your proverbial cup on the raggedy edge of a treacherous cliff and the wind blows hard or the ground begins to crumble, then it won’t be such a surprise when the cup topples and its contents spill. On the other hand, up there on that high cliff, closer to the gods […]

Maintaining Focus In The Face Of Distraction

I’m devout in my spiritual daily practice, not for any other reason than it helps me stay well. When I say well I mean balanced in mind, body and soul, but over the last few days it has been almost impossible maintaining focus in the face of distraction. Daily practice for me begins with journaling, […]

Saturday Oracle – Divergent Path

This week’s oracle comes with a warning. I pulled a combination for myself yesterday as I occasionally do for guidance but then imagine my surprise when the exact same cards came out for the group reading today. Stress is a killer. At the very least it can make you very ill, very unhappy and steal […]