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Don’t Take It With you – Find Freedom Through Forgiveness

Being able to find freedom through forgiveness sounds impossible when you are holding onto so much anger and resentment from whatever betrayal you feel has been perpetrated against you, but I’m asking you, for your own sake, please don’t take it with you into the next year.

As it happens, every single moment of every single day is an opportunity to begin again with a clean slate, but for some reason, we as a species have agreed upon the arbitrary date of January 1st to be the beginning of a new cycle (personally, I see the Solstice as being a more natural point but it matters not). This New Year then can be heavily symbolic of all our hopes and dreams for a fresh start.

The single biggest threat to your new beginning though, is your inability to let go of the past and to carry it and all its associated judgements with your into the next cycle.

I cannot imagine holding onto the pain of past disappointments and wearing them like a badge of honour as what I had to endure… who would that make me? Unforgiveness is a mark of victimhood long after the incident is long since gone. It is the repeat pattern of self-imposed torture and the reinvigorating of the painful emotions associated with what is no longer current… worse still, it is your complicity in continuing to wield the weapon that was originally used to harm you… you therefore repeatedly energetically self-harm on the behalf of your abuser who has nothing to do other than to sit back and enjoy your suffering if they are so inclined.

Forgiveness is a lesson not in divinity but in humanity. To be human is hard, its also terrifying at times because where once you, as a soul, were invincible and eternal, you have now been thrust into a fragile, vulnerable outer shell that appears to have a finite existence and no recollection of the truth of who you are or why you came. The separateness from those around you has you seeking to connect but scrambling to remain apart for fear that some of your finite resources might be usurped even if those resources are your energy and your reputation (and your pride and your false sense of the definition you have givien to yourself). You’ve lost perspective because you forgot that what hurts you hurts the whole and what hurts the whole ultimately hurts you and so you endeavour to perpetuate the bile of anger and spew it at those who hurt you… becoming a mirror of their actions instead of a transmuter of all lower vibrations… a light guiding others back to wholeness.

You didn’t come to carry pain, you came to expand through the experience of it and every other sensation, seemingly good or bad. You came to be a good student and a co-creative bridge-builder between heaven and earth… but you cannot build bridges whist you are burning them down and closing your heart to all experiences that might be reminiscent of something that turned sour once upon a time. Please don’t take it with you.

You do not have to invite the individual that caused you harm into your orbit again, you do not have to formally say the words “I forgive you” to them at all. Forgiveness is a deeply personal act of recognising the fallibility, frailty and vulnerability in another human being that caused them, always through fear, to act out, and then remembering the power within you to let go of what doesn’t serve your highest good and allow light back in to heal the space where the darkness was once poisoning you from the inside out.

How to find freedom through forgiveness will be the subject of one of the workshops I will be running in early 2020. If you haven’t managed to leave it behind in 2019 then I would be honoured to guide you through the healing process. Look out for details soon.

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Love Jo x

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Weekly Oracle – Just Before The String Breaks

There’s a reason they are called heartstrings. Anything that has a hold over us emotionally could be said to be holding one of these etheric threads and as such has more than just a little control over your freedom to choose, change, or explore new experiences.

Attachments, whether material, emotional or intellectual, like the ideas that you have over time invested in so heavily that they have become fixed beliefs, are not so easy to escape when you begin to notice their restrictive nature.

Imagine a hot air balloon tugging against it’s tethers, ready to soar high above the landscape to seek out new vistas, new adventures, new lands and new loves but the strings have been put there to stop it from being lost to those who would hitch a ride in it’s basket, and so it is bouncing around trying hard to escape… not contrived in it’s effort, it is merely the nature of hot air to rise…

This week’s combination of Principle 5: I AM Liberated, along with the emerald green of the heart chakra is highlighting the struggle that comes just before the string breaks.

As you begin to awaken to the restrictions your heart feels in your current set of circumstances, you naturally start to move away from what feels uncomfortable. You leave behind people, social groups, places, environments, jobs, behaviours and habits etc, and the absence goes unnoticed or at the very least excused at first, like its an anomaly that you are missing or not partaking, but the gap grows and the string stretches and the more taught it becomes the more resistance you feel… it’s akin to emotional blackmail.

You do it to yourself first and foremost. “I ought…” ” I should…” “I owe it to…” are just some of the sabotaging statements we use just before the string breaks. And those are the moments when, if you refuse to listen to the inner critic (or the mirror manipulation if it’s coming from an external source), when if you are just brave enough to listen to the heart’s yearning to break free, or the balloon’s need to fly, you will release those tethers and rise higher than you have ever risen before.

Those others, they don’t need to hitch a ride, they just need to remember they can fly too. You can show them how by your example.

So basically put, this is a week where you need to listen to your heart’s desire without allowing the tug of the heartstrings to keep you tethered to the old way of being. New heights are waiting to be reached.

Watch for The Sacred Chalice Oracle returning in 2019… until then,

Happy Holidays!

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Weekly Oracle – Heartfelt Honesty

It’s not often that The Intuitive Chalice Oracle offers up a perfect combination for laying yourself bare, vulnerable in your emotional authenticity, but this week’s duet is heralding a window of opportunity for heartfelt honesty.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, lends itself to opening up to what, until now, has remained hidden about your feelings for fear of being judged, rejected, ridiculed or shunned. The power of the emerald green heart centre is swelling with such intensity that the truth in what you feel can no longer be contained and your courage is rising up to take a leap of faith… to be seen no matter what.

There is no telling what truth is hidden inside your heart, only you can know that for sure, be it overwhelming romantic inclinations, the desire to create art, the joy of new discoveries or the sadness for that which has moved on… what is sure is that being seen, being heard, is the first practical step towards expansion and either manifesting a tangible shift, or healing.

I have to say that the energy, to me, seems to be focused on revealing how you really feel about another. It feels big. It feels overwhelming. The heart chakra is the point of balance where love flows to, through and from you, if you hold onto that emotion (the accumulation of energy in the heart chakra) within, unable to flow or to be expressed, either verbally, creatively or through giving to others, it becomes twisted and painful, souring within and eventually causing dis-ease depression and illness.

E-Motion or energy in motion has to keep moving, keep expanding, it has to be shared as a genuine creative force in the universe. As it is expressed via the honest interpretation of one’s experience it provides release, transformation and perhaps even opens a gateway towards cooperation and connection.

Putting yourself out there is risky business… but you have to ask yourself what you are risking by holding it in? 

Love is waiting to be expressed by whatever means you feel compelled to deliver it. Someone has been waiting to hear your heartfelt honesty. The opinions of those that judge were never really worth worrying about anyway.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – The Truth Will Set You Free

It seems that Principle 5: I AM Liberated is incredibly active in our vibrations at present, offering up an image of many of us attempting to break the chain’s of the past in order to live free of restraint and fully embrace life’s sweetness. This week the truth will set you free.

Principle 5 is teaming up with the royal blue throat chakra indicating important communication that jolts loose those shackles of history and allows for forward movement in whatever endeavour you may be currently stuck.

But what is truth?

Unlike Principle 4: I AM Truth, which indicates your personal truth based on your level of understanding and experience and varies from individual to individual, the truth indicated here by the throat chakra is promising that what has been hidden will be revealed. Misconceptions are about to be overturned, wrongs righted, epiphanies and revelations brought into the light and most of all justice dealt… that sounds a little bit Dredd but not so… justice is simply the balancing of karma and though there is always the possibility that the truth may hurt, this week has the underlying feeling of sweet release and peace being restored.

Though temporary upheaval may be on the cards whilst you process the incoming information, the outcome feels like relief.

It’s just as possible that you may hold the keys to your own shackles and that by speaking up about something you have kept hidden, your skeleton in the closet can final have proper burial. Alternatively someone else may be about to confide in you their secret that has for so long kept a rift between you when the knowing of it might well have united you all along, or at least brought healing to all involved.

The release of unfounded guilt, shame, and inadequacy are potential gifts of this week as someone gets to stop beating themselves up at last, realising that the burden they were carrying was made heavy by the fact they felt they had to keep it hidden and was actually no big thing.

I sincerely wish you a week where the truth will set you free… x

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Saturday Oracle – All Feelings Aside

Tina Turner said it best when she declared “What’s love got to do with it?” That seems to be where we are this week as the combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached with the emerald green heart chakra requires of us to put all feelings aside.

The answer to Tina’s question is in fact “everything,” but this is the kind of love that has no attachments and no expectations.

Putting one’s feelings aside in order to transcend the obstacles and historical baggage that has thus far prevented you from reaching the highest potential for a situation is paramount this week to open up doorways and provide new energy to important ideas.

The heart chakra when fully open allows love as an energy to flow through unimpeded and without strings attached, but the human heart is also capable of holding onto so much pain, heartbreak and memory that it shields itself quite understandably from further emotional damage. This memory of what was takes a person back to the very moment of the wounding and causes one to relive it over and over again, keeping it fresh and alive… it has many names: resentment, holding a grudge etc, all of which are examples of closing your heart but further than that they are examples of ignoring Principle 2, living in the present moment with what is, not what was or the potential of what might be. Applying the following Principle 3: I AM Human, the part of The Wholly Grail that deals with forgiveness, is often a process that requires more time,  reassurance and even proof when we stay with past occurrences and transgressions, keeping them alive in our current energetic experience.

This week then holds a portal open for an incoming opportunity that requires you to cast aside your feelings and apply a dispassionate approach that works to everyone’s benefit, but it also has a healing aspect of applying an innocent mind (and heart) to all interactions and relationships. Drop any suspicious tendencies and allow circumstances to play out as they will and others to show you there true intentions in the now. That’s not to say you should put yourself in obvious danger or take any unnecessary risks… but the truth is that love from a transpersonal standpoint, doesn’t have to have any. Wonderful alliances can be formed this week when you put all feelings aside.

More next week… x

Place Of Peace – How Do You Stop The Spiral?

So I’m trapped in the house under what seems like an avalanche of snow, high winds battering my windows and an intense desire to crawl back under my duvet and sleep until the thaw, thinking about how I’m affected by all the external fluctuations both positively and negatively and how my inspiration, motivation and general wellbeing are being so easily entwined in the drama and what it feels like at my centre when I focus inwards towards the place of peace that is my true nature.

Part of my spirit name actually means ‘place of peace’ and this morning I was triggered very deeply into remembering that.

When I was a child I adopted a coping mechanism whenever I felt in anyway belittled or diminished either by anyone else or by my own thoughts and memories of uncomfortable situations, I would simply silently spell my own name whilst counting the letters out by tapping each of my fingers to my thumb (counting my thumb as well, I always had to tap my ring finger twice because I don’t have enough fingers and one letter is repeated anyway): J-O-A-N-N-E.

So this morning, my mind wandering onto a thousand or so topics that I was not consciously monitoring, happened upon just such a diminishing thought that caused my body to tense and a feeling of shame or guilt or some other completely bloody useless emotion to rise within me, but before the feeling could take hold I had automatically begun spelling my name and simultaneously counting the letters with my fingers. I didn’t intend to or think it was a good idea, it just started happening without my conscious input… it was on the second repetition that I recognised what I was doing and that my name was my place of peace… because now I couldn’t remember what the thought was, I had just interrupted the potential downward spiral of a bullying mind.

On further reflection I noticed that the double tap on my ring finger unconsciously represents my commitment to me.

So my spirit name means place of peace but my given name is my place of peace. At the centre of my being is a built in reminder, a survival skill linked to remembering who I am. Principle 1: I AM God... and it overrides and interrupts my occasional inability to accept Principle 3: I AM Human.

How do you stop the spiral and what’s your place of peace?

More later… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Over And Over

Did you catch the Oracle at the weekend? In it I was welcoming an appealing shift in the energy, lifting recent gloom and inviting well-being back into your life. Sure enough, opening the doors of the previously closed mind to allow in a new era and fresh energy is all it takes to trigger the change, but it takes real discipline to stay out of the trap…

The trap I’m referring to is that tendency to do the same thing over and over, or think the same thought over and over each time expecting different results. This is Einstein’s definition of madness. If you want different results you must take a different action and the action I’m suggesting for now is non-participation.

When you choose not to engage with thoughts, behaviours, situations and even people who have consistently brought you discomfort, disappointment, discontent and dis-ease, you allow yourself the space to heal and the opportunity for these triggers to fall away naturally without you having to experience the drama that attempting to fight or reason with them brings. I know that most spiritually based, compassionate individuals believe in the miracle of redemption and that hope exists in the most hopeless of situations, that level of goodness and faith is a credit to you, but now is the time to save yourself by understanding that the evidence is overwhelming and trying to change the outcome is a futile endeavour… changing your expectation and letting go however is a life giving way of turning your attention to where it is effective – towards YOU!

The fertile mind can produce enormous results when planted with viable seeds (healthy thoughts) and then nurtured by that compassion, goodness, hope and faith and of course supportive action. Now is the time to invest in your own spirit by simply turning away from all that seeks to crush or diminish it. Those seeds that continually failed to blossom may thrive for someone else in another time or place but you can stop now, knowing you gave it your best shot.

You can only be bullied by your thoughts (or anything else) if you engage with them. Bullies are just insecure children who need your attention… you don’t have to provide for their needs anymore. Start providing for your own needs, do that over and over and see what results your Wholly Grail begins to yield.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

It’s a new day folks… x

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Saturday Oracle – Releasing A Tether

The emerald green heart chakra shows up again this week highlighting that healing and growth are taking place but this time it partners with Principle 3: I AM Human. This Principle leads the way to forgiveness and acceptance aiding you in releasing a tether to a wounding that no longer serves you.

Imagine if you will, a large wooden chest in which you keep all your memories, perhaps physical objects that hold significance to you. Each item holds energy and that energy can either be positive or negative depending on how you view the person or situation in which the significance of the trinket became struck… it’s essentially a talisman.

Now imagine that your heart is that wooden chest. It is equally as full of energetic attachments that hold significance for you and keep you tethered to a point of powerful influence… the influence can be positive such as an uplifting memory, or negative in the case of wounding.

Your heart chakra is indeed a treasure chest to and from which unconditional love flows and each talisman colours the purity and intensity of that love. That being the case, why would you fill the chest with energy that poisons all the other talismans within?

This is a week to sift through your points of attachment and be ruthless in letting go of all that sours the whole. In energetic terms this requires forgiveness. The past cannot be altered now, it has gone. Acceptance is the first step in forgiving… it happened, it’s over. The next powerful action is extracting the blessing. This can usually only be done in retrospect which is what all the items in your treasure chest are, it can also only be done from a perspective of neutrality whereas the ego: the wounded self, sees only from a fixed point of reference i.e. “it’s all about me.”

Forgiveness sets you free and creates space in your heart for more love to flood in and shine out, so take this week to make room. If the lesson and the blessings have been assimilated then the memory or the talisman no longer has power and no longer has a place in your life, if however you cannot let go and cannot forgive then you have failed to perceive the greater plan and the acceleration of your story that resulted from it…you still have some inner work to do.

Remember, forgiveness stretches to all parties, to all time zones, through all lifetimes and every dimension, like love it is unconditional so start by forgiving yourself.

There maybe one particular person or circumstance that is highlighted this week, served up for your attention and forgiveness so that you can finally let it go and be free.

Have a blessed week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Feel Into This Moment

Contrary to how it might appear, this combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the healing emerald green of the heart chakra are not suggesting that you detach from your feelings, this is actually an instruction to feel into this moment.

The heart may be craving space this week and looking for escape but the tendency maybe to search for that space through time by surfing back through memories and dwelling too long in a place that no longer exists. Conversely you may project so far forward to escape the intensity, that you lose sight of how to connect and co-create in the present… then there is the third mistake: placing your heart energy laterally, not through time but through space, perhaps to somewhere or someone that is absent, abroad and unseen.

All these expressions of attachment are draining your ability to heal emotionally and allowing the very energy that fuels your internal wisdom and creative drive, to escape into the ether.

Your story is being built in the centre of your chest this week and only by detaching from everything else and becoming fully present with what you feel, no matter how painful it might at first appear, can you alchemize that power into a force for change.

The space you crave will reveal itself when you sit with what is, when you open your heart no matter how broken, swollen or bruised to the enormity of what is… and what is is life, a powerful transformative surge from where you’ve been to where you are going… but you can only arrive when you accept where you are.

Silence the mind, stop searching. You have found what you were looking for within the emerald temple of the heart, sacred space within to dwell, to heal, to craft a new reality born of the reconciliation of all the pieces of self that were dispersed by the passing of time and taken far away by those who travelled to other realms, physical and non-physical, with whom we invested something less than unconditional love… but love all the same.

This week remove your energetic hooks and chains from all others everywhere, every when. Take back what has essentially always been yours. This moment has power… but only if you give up trying to escape from it, only if you stop resisting it, only if you feel into this moment and recognise yourself in all your glory right at the heart of it.

At the heart of you.

More next week… x

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Modus Operandi Part 4: Essential Expression

The fourth part in the Modus Operandi series explores essential expression of one’s real feelings. Consider the alternative for a moment…

Under the exterior polish of every human being is a complex thought producing engine. Some of those thoughts are mediocre at best and pass by like fluffy clouds floating across a blue sky, others though are intense reaction provoking thoughts bringing inner storms and turbulent emotions.

It’s sometimes easy to let the storm blow over, to let it pass without incident, to weather it out so to speak, but when the thoughts stirring up those storm clouds are triggered by repetitive occurrence then action must be taken to address the real cause of the storm… sometimes the action is from within, in which case the essential expression might be the need to ask for help, sometimes however the trigger for these emotions is external and in this case essential expression means open and honest communication with the culprit, whether they be a deliberate antagonist or an unwitting one.

How many of you walk through life answering the “how are you?” question with “Fine thank you”?

Are you?

It’s not a trick question it’s an indication of your Modus Operandi… I know that many people who ask you how you are are doing do so rhetorically and have no genuine desire to know exactly how you feel, that’s their Modus Operandi. We adopt an “everything’s rhetorical” attitude to conversation in order to not make anyone feel uncomfortable as a result of this disinterested interaction compounded by the emoji culture that we have accepted, nay – embraced.

Real feelings stay hidden, the world becomes more trapped person by person, relating becomes more plastic encounter by encounter and connection becomes only possible when aided and numbed by varying degrees of substance abuse… and our minds and hearts become sicker and lives become perceivably less valued.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, is the Wholly Grail’s gateway to essential expression and conscious communication. It asks that you step into your authenticity and be your whole self regardless of the state of your evolution and understanding, regardless of the judgments of others. It asks that you allow every Soul you encounter to do the same without your judgment.

Being your whole self, expressing both the inner storms and the inner sunshine without censor, gives permission for all those you encounter to step into their authentic essence too, we begin again to connect on a deeper level, we allow understanding to guide us towards a Modus Operandi that is based in unconditional love.

What inner truths are buried within you that need essential expression?

More later… x

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