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Find Peace In The Present & Increase Faith In The Path

I know you are wondering how this will all turn out, like the rest of us at the moment. I’m not surprised this combination about the need to find peace in the present & increase faith in the path came out of The Intuitive Chalice Oracle for the month ahead.

When the 2nd Principle of the Grail: “I AM Detached,” teams up with the calming violet of the Crown Chakra, we are being asked to remember that this moment holds so much power.

Our ability to connect to higher wisdom and consciousness is paramount to create the outcome that we want but will not be controlled by the ego mind.

Unfortunately, in it’s negative element, this combination can also suggest that we are being persuaded by the collective consciousness, into a mindset that can be detrimental to that calm and peaceful resolution we are seeking.

Find peace in the present

Depending on your situation right now, whether you are solitary or holed-up with your family, will have an enormous baring on your state of mind. If your surroundings are not comfortable or there is no escape from the noise and opinions of others, then this is going to be a particularly difficult time to find the space you need to go within and go higher, through practices like meditation, yoga or breathwork. Similarly if you are you are isolated from others entirely, too much alone time thinking and even browsing social media can create loops within the mind that get stuck on playback and don’t allow you to dissengage from the chatter.

Being present requires a balance of introversion and extroversion, so now is the time, if you haven’t done so already, to create designated space in your home and schedule to do both.

Can you create family time that involves games, dancing and singing? Can you incorporate preparing meals and household tasks as a team sport or competition? Then, at the opposite end of the spectrum, can you designate quiet time where you all go to your designated spaces/rooms for introspection and make that media-free… reading books, writing/journaling, meditation, learning new skills, working out, gardening etc. This could also be a good time for self-care and pampering.

Focus on gratitude to stay in the now

It is so easy to project into an unknown future and miss the beauty of what is surrounding us at the moment. It is just as easy to yearn for the routines you built for yourself that have been temporarily stripped away, but it is the beginning of peace to find the blessings in the current situation and speak aloud how grateful you are for them. Try incorporating this as a daily practice, not just for April but as a life commitment to train your mind to be focused on the gold hidden in every circumstance.

Increase faith in the path

As this is a spiritual oracle post, I’m going to make a wild assumption that you believe in a Higher Power and a Divine Plan. If that is the case, then consider this to be a test of faith and an opportunity to step into your soul’s care, with trust and surrender to what will be. Let go of the fearful thoughts that are fuelled by the mass media and the constant barrage of what is loosely termed “news” and instead, let your connection to the highest aspect of you steady your resolve and inform your every action from a place of love and optimism. Believe in the beauty of the path and that when you find peace in the present, you automatically increase your faith in your future.

Let’s begin this gratitude practice now… Let me know in the comments below: What 3 things you are most grateful for that bring you peace, that you might not have noticed before this began?

With Love, Jo xxx

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Monday Mind Manoeuvre – You Will Figure It Out

Solutions seem a little elusive to me this morning as I focus on the day’s tasks that lie before me. Not the solutions to the tasks though, the solutions to the bigger things like finding somewhere to live that I feel comfortable with, understanding my relationships and where I stand within them, getting to grips with where I want to focus professionally, where to serve, etcetera, those things. There’s a really tiny voice in my head though reassuring me: “If you just take care of the little things, you will figure it out.”

I’ve learned over the last few years that the universe has plans for me that have very little to do with my own, in fact every time I make a decision to go one way, I’m met with an obstacle the size of a mountain that renders my destination not just inappropriate but irrelevant, taking me instead on an adventure that I hadn’t anticipated to realms I didn’t know existed… and all I had to do to get there was put one foot in front of the other dealing with the little things.

Is that the best way to move forward? Heck I don’t know! I’ve tried to plan and strategize and Big G (God, Source, The Creator, Tao) always seems to have an alternative route, and He has better access to the bigger picture than I do… it’s like trying to argue with gravity whilst falling!

I’m asking myself a new question now: “What is it I believe actually needs solving?”

The challenges I’ve encountered along the way have felt significant but never insurmountable, the wisdom I’ve gained as a result has been invaluable, the relationships that have sustained along the way have been a gift and a blessing and the ones that have fallen by the wayside have positively lightened my load.

If I’m honest about the big things, the solutions I’m looking for, they don’t take me any closer to the ultimate dream I have for my life, in fact they would be a distraction from it. The real solution I should be looking for is how do I muster the courage to become who I’m meant to be in order to fit into the big dream? What do I need to let go of? Who do I need to let go of? What do I need to stop being, doing, thinking?

When you know what the right questions are… you will figure it out.

If you are looking for solutions about the big dream, try asking these ones to start off:

  1. How have I underestimated my worth? (Principle 1)
  2. What history am I repeating? (Principle 2)
  3. What failures can I forgive and learn from? (Principle 3)
  4. What is my truest dearest wish? (Principle 4)
  5. What things have I created that now hold me back? (Principle 5)
  6. What actions nurture my mind, body and spirit? (Principle 6)
  7. How can I better receive the grace flowing towards me? (Principle 7).

Shift your perspective today by asking yourself if you are settling for the mediocre when you could be creating the magnificent. Take care of the small things in the meantime while you allow the universe to give you a directional sign. You were born to be amazing!

Have a great week… x


What If I Told You Everything Is All Right?

Resist the temptation to correct my spelling for a moment and instead allow the title to fully sink in. It’s not just alright, everything is all right.

Listening to an inspirational teacher yesterday afternoon as I sometimes do as part of my “getting my groove back” rituals, I heard the really ordinary platitude with a pause in the wrong place or the emphasis on the wrong syllable or whatever the correct term might be… she literally said everything is all right instead of alright. It’s the same thing, it comes from the same root and has the same intention behind it but somehow over time ‘alright’ has been relegated to that thing you say when someone is struggling, usually preceded by “there, there” and it isn’t always helpful.

How different it sounded to put a break between what was now two definite words.

For me it was like a switch being flipped inside my head and my perception filters turned up to full brightness as I reconciled any discomfort with what didn’t seem to be glowing in my life, and I suddenly began to see everything as perfect. At an imperceptible level when feeling other than enlightened, that wisdom exists but it’s easy to lose sight of it in the darkness. That’s all right too.

In the split second it took to hear that skew-syntax or cock-eyed cadence in the teachers speech, I had gone from deep gloom to focused determination and felt like the clouds parted and the sun started shining just for me. Where I haven’t felt in a while like everything was alright, I knew in that moment that everything is always right, even when it’s wrong. The notion of which is the most comforted I’ve felt in a long time and I knew that my connection to Source had been restored, my connection to me was re-established and the voice of Big G as I like to call Him/Her/It, was reminding me that I’m never actually off the path… I might get turned around a bit, I might be disoriented at times and retracing my own steps but that too is a part of the bigger plan. It’s like when you trip up in public and then get up and say “I meant to do that.” How can it be any other way if it was always the plan even if your localised human self wasn’t aware of it?

There is still dissonance in my orbit, still tainted nectar in my Grail chalice and where I once felt loving there is still irritation, but I took several aspects of my third dimensional life today and sorted through them knowing each was a perfect representation of what was causing dissension, and none of them were wrong… in fact they were all right. Knowing this has empowered me to let go of resistance and start moving each one towards resolution. That and a quick round of beginners Tai chi (being totally irreverent, non-PC and slight smutty with my names for each of the forms so I can remember them) and I feel positively chipper!

It’s not yet alright… but it’s all right. Simply put: “All is as it should be.”

Principle 4: I AM Truth… I hope that wasn’t too confusing?

More later… x


EquinoX Marks The Spot

Some points during the annual rotation have more clout than others. I’m told its an astrological thing and that maybe so, but whatever the cause I’m poised to celebrate new doors opening as we step into a new season and this equinoX marks the spot.

Teaching a meditation and development class last night I was reminded that my life trots along nicely in 9 year cycles (as most people’s do) and as this is a “one year” in numerology, we all began the year with high hopes of dramatic relief from past struggles. On a personal level, from the date of my birth, I’m only just now approaching and flipping into my own 1 year.

Nine years ago this Autumn I left a well paid career to start my own business (in the middle of a recession)! Nine years before that I left home to claim my independence… and that is the main treasure for me: breaking free in Autumn at the start of the cycle to start something completely new as I enter the Spring of the following year.

What I want to point out though is that I didn’t plan any of those big moves. I hadn’t schemed and plotted my escape in either case, or even with the big changes that preceded the ones I mentioned. In every case I was presented with a moment of clarity, followed immediately with an opportunity, followed by an exit point… and then once I had already made the leap of faith and was freefalling without a chute did I start making a new plan.

On this treasure map of life when you stumble across the giant X it’s time to act. If your map is anything like mine, you’ll find it is written in invisible ink until you line up with the time and place for it’s secrets to be revealed.

Stay wide open for opportunities now because the year isn’t over and your personal destiny dial has it’s very own timeline. I’m excited to see what this cycle is bringing in for me (and I’m chucking my own plans out of the window because the Divine’s plan for me usually turns out to be so much more exciting).

Principle 2: I AM Detached and Principle 4: I AM Truth.

Happy Equinox… X

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Left Behind

They say timing is everything, (whoever they are). Synchronicity, a long term buzz word of the spiritual community describes being in the right place at the right time for the right things to happen… The rest of the world might call this pure coincidence but this all depends on your beliefs about a bigger picture and a Divine plan guiding your life.

Personally, I choose to believe in something bigger, but being human as I am (Principle 3), this belief often gets caught up in fearful thinking that there won’t be enough… enough time, enough resources, enough love, enough anything… that I’ll be in the wrong place, I’ll miss the opportunity and somehow I’ll get left behind.

Lack mentality, another self-help, spiritual buzz word,  is the term used to describe this phenomenon of perceiving there will never be enough and its a catalyst for war, violence and hatred as we as a species scramble for the first place in the line… obviously I’m making reference to this Black Friday thing that everyone is talking about.

Just one day after Thanksgiving and we are suddenly as ungrateful as you can get in a “more, more, more” rush to get ahead just in case we miss out on something… something that we never actually wanted in the first place.

Despite my occasional tendencies towards forgetting that the universe has my share put aside for the exact moment when I need it, I’m giving this free-for-all a wide birth. I don’t remember the massive sales being a part of any nativity and the gifts that arrived in the stable didn’t come with a reduced sticker.

If I’m not in the right place at the right time for the right thing to happen then it was never the right place, the right time or the right event… synchronicity cannot be contrived, that defeats the object altogether. If you haven’t got it then you don’t need it, if you need it, the universe will deliver without you needing to fight for it.

Let this apply to all your wants in this moment and you will be truly blessed.

More later… x


Essential Part of The Script

Life is a process. Unfolding with each step like an adventure story, with twists and turns taking you to who knows where, it develops by the moment from the very second you touch down here on the planet to the moment you leave and in fact beyond.

You may think you have plans, intentions, hopes, dreams and direction, all a part of the show to help drive you forward but in truth there is a much more elaborate show going on and your miniature role becomes apparent only when someone else’s slams up against it creating the main event… a bit like a small planet gently spinning through space minding its own business apart from being courteous by waving good morning to the other planets engaged in their very own orbits as they fly by… that is until some random meteor comes out of nowhere hurtling towards the gentle planet at breakneck speed and suddenly life goes from a serene routine to a scene out of the spoof disaster movie Airplane.

The more elaborate scheme going on is not subject to negotiation or reason and its Creator has no intention of explaining it to you, you’re simply expected to play your part.

You may believe that this narrative has you down as an insignificant pawn in a game you don’t understand but not so. You see, you are the most powerful player on the universal chess board, without you the narrative doesn’t work. Whether you are to win or to lose, to be the hero or the sacrificial lamb doesn’t change the fact that without your input, without you playing your role to the full, the next part of the unfolding story cannot go ahead… and the show must go on.

You affect everything within this Divine Matrix just by being a part of it. quantum physics shows that you affect it just by observing it… that’s how significant you are.

Just for today, observe every aspect of your existence, from reading this to doing your laundry to preparing your dinner as an essential part of the script… you have absolutely no idea which supposedly insignificant act will trigger the next part of the story right up until you exit stage left.

Principle 1: I AM God

More later… x