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Discernment in a Time of Separation

Is the current climate of separation tempting you back into situations that you know you left for a reason?

After a week of very telling conversations, I felt drawn to write a piece today that would minister to those tempted to return to unfulfilling situations simply because the circumstances we are all experiencing at this time might be clouding judgment. Honouring yourself means exercising discernment in a time of separation.

Loneliness and the discomfort of coping alone might be a factor in the decisions we make at present, but do you remember why you moved on from those you are now considering returning to? Has anything really changed other than the feeling that you don’t want to do life by yourself?

The Grail Path requires you to place yourself as the sovereign of your own life. Ultimately this means that you step into power and take responsibility for the life, love and wellbeing that you want. It’s easy to romanticize the past and look through rose tinted glasses when things feel hard. This is especially so at present when, if you know anything about astrology, Venus has just entered shadow before retrograding for the longest period in 12 years. She isn’t asking you to go back to what was though, she’s asking you to go back and learn from those relationship mistakes and master it this time.

If you are focused on the past, thinking it was the good old days, then you are wandering into dangerous territory with Principle 2: I AM Detached. If you are projecting into the future thinking things will be different this time, then you better be sure that you have done the work. At the core of your decision needs to be the clarity of what you want, need and expect… not from others but FOR yourself. There is a big difference. If you are expecting others to provide for your needs, you are not being Self-Full and you are setting yourself up for disappointment, especially if that same person came nowhere close to fulfilling your requirements last time around.

Ask yourself these questions before you jump back into a relationship, friendship, partnership, situationship or entanglement again:

  • What has changed about you?
  • How are you going to handle the situation differently this time?
  • Have you clearly understood what the other person’s expectations of you are?
  • Are you prepared to meet those expectations?
  • Have you got a clear understanding of what your boundaries are and how to enforce them?
  • Have you made your boundaries clear to the other person?

Notice that all these questions are focused around you. You cannot control, or even accurately measure, the other person’s growth since the last time you connected (or parted), and although I am all about forgiveness (Principle 3), forgiveness is not free reign for more of the same.

The book I’m currently writing focuses heavily on this subject and guides you to honour your self-worth and remember that you are God presented in human form (Principle 1). If you allow yourself to accept less than reverence and respect from another in any of your relationships, then you allow the desecration of your most Sacred-Self.

Discernment in a time of separation needs for you to honour your own vulnerability and sit with it. If, when all this separation falls away and you return to your most powerful, you want to return to old relationships too, do so from a place of empowered respect for your heart and soul and not from the disempowered lonely ego, craving comfort, (that ultimately knows that familiarity leads back to discontent).

If you need more guidance at this time why not book a session?

Love always, Jo x

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Why FOMO Will Kill Your MOJO!

Have you ever been in that situation where you are so scared of missing what’s available, that you expend all of your energy saying yes to everyone and everything? Let me tell you why FOMO will kill your MOJO!

The truth is, yes, the world is full of shiny things that we all want to experience, but I know that you’ve heard the expression “all that glitters is not gold.” In Grail terms, to maintain your vital essence, you must invest in only the things that will in turn invest in you, i.e. give back to you in a form that nourishes your spirit.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is focused on the concept of balance and your mojo is dependent on your ability to steward your inner resources. What that means is, if you are always putting out and not open to receive what needs to come in, you will be depleted as fast as you can say yes to the next thing that is presented to you.

Discernment is key to developing your spiritual mojo muscle. You have to get really good at saying no to what doesn’t ultimately serve you. If you have been experiencing mojo fatigue through prolonged FOMO (fear of missing out), then you have already had enough experience of what serves and what doesn’t. Think about all the times you said yes and then came away feeling disappointed. All the times you put energy into something or someone to realise that you got nothing out of it that was valuable. Let me give you an example: I’ve been going to MBS events for years. Sometimes to browse, sometimes to attend workshops. Every time I go of late, I leave feeling like I spent money I didn’t have on stuff that didn’t serve and instead of coming away with a sense of upliftment, I was left feeling drained and disappointed. I keep going because I have FOMO… “what if there is something new and exciting this time?”

Of course that’s just my story, I still wholehearted believe that MBS shows are a treasure chest of teachers and healers if you are just beginning this journey… in fact I can highly recommend a few!

Hearing from a few people this week feeling overwhelm and myself being a Grail teacher encouraging Self-Full Living, I have to tell you that your choices need to reflect your ultimate goals. Ask yourself always: “Does this opportunity take me closer to where I want to be?” If the answer is yes, then go for it, because the progress itself will be enough to fuel up your Grail cup and reinvigorate your waning mojo, the benefits are obvious and appropriate. If however the choice before you is merely a distraction from what’s not working in your life then you will find that once you have been distracted and its over, you will have to go back to what’s not working in your life and have gained nothing, potentially having instead used up vital resources, energetic and material, in order to be distracted.

FOMO is real, but so is balance. If you want to know the real reason FOMO will kill your mojo, its that you haven’t yet honed in on what it is you are actually trying to achieve. You get to choose what will serve your highest good and if it isn’t filling you up, it’s simply emptying you out.

Love, Jo x

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Choose To Fill Your Space

2019 is arriving in but a few short hours and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is entertaining the idea of a blessed New Year. It strikes me that the only true way to ensure the path ahead is filled with miracles is to be discerning in how you choose to fill your space.

You have the power to transform your reality by simply focusing on the things that fill you up and support your well-being.

Personally, having just done a comprehensive self-inventory, looking at what I want to carry through into the year ahead, I had to take responsibility for all the things that I had allowed to fill my space, my life in fact, that did not mutually support me.

When you break down every area of your existence, how much of what you pour into it actually supports your vision, your joy or your well-being or your mission? It doesn’t have to be a mercenary transaction you understand, being filled up by something is to do with sheer joy or a sense of accomplishment as well as the more tangible results.

The universe is in constant exchange, and as you are part of the greater whole, you are no exception. You put it in a wave of energy in the form of your love, your time, your resources, your skills and talents and the universe reflects back the exact same amount of energy (though often in a different form). If you are living a life of stress and overwhelm, well that’s energy too… The universe is doing its job perfectly mirroring your input.

Ensuring you get the results you desire is a matter of refining your rate, direction and consistency of service so that you receive the reflection you are after. It’s not a case of loving or working harder, it’s a case of choosing a suitable mirror.

How is this related to The Wholly Grail?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, is the art of giving and receiving in equal measure… but it’s also an experiment. How do you know what works if you don’t try.

Principle 3: I AM Human, allows us space to get it wrong and learn through trial and error.

Personally, I have enjoyed 2018 immensely, but I’ve also suffered through it. The most important thing I learned though, was that I was in control every step of the way of my experience, and at any point along the path I could have chosen differently and experienced something else. We all choose, though often unconsciously through a lack of awareness of our own unique power, how we fill our space or indeed our Grail cups.

This, I can honestly say is the most contented New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. I’m relaxing at home, resting even, enjoying some peace and quiet and feeling so very optimistic about not just the year ahead, but the future in general… not because I can control everything about it, but because I know I can handle whatever it brings and I get to choose what I fill it with… I choose to fill it with serving what in return serves my well-being and mission.

Go on, choose to fill your space with what fills you in return.

That my dear friend is the essence of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full. Happy New Year!

More later… x

Let God Deliver Your Good

When one gate closes, another one tentatively opens a crack before swinging wide open to let more abundance through. Trouble is, you still seem to be looking directly at the closed gate hoping it will reopen with a fresh slipstream of miracles. You cannot let God deliver your good if you don’t recognise it is for you and reject it because it doesn’t arrive in the form, or from the place that you want it to.

Can you be happy with all the wonderful you can handle when it doesn’t arrive how you dictate?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is all about the slipstream of miracles and how they choose to flow as God directs, not necessarily how you always imagined they would. Opening up to receive those miracles is your only job and if you aren’t receiving your share then the chances are you are facing the wrong way or rejecting the gifts because you don’t believe they are for you.

Are you still focused on one particular line of income that appears to have dried up? Are you still focused on one particular method of communication that constantly yields misunderstanding and eventually silence? Theses are just small indications that you are waiting at the wrong gate while God is sending the slipstream via another route.

Imagine that you are at the airport waiting at gate number 4 for the love of your life to come through. You have a cardboard sign with their name on it and a photograph in your mind of what they look like. When all the passengers have come through and dispersed and you are stood there alone wondering what happened, one of the guards suggests: “let’s check cctv and see if you missed them.” (The equivalent of running the scene back through the wide angled, slow motion filter of your memory). In one scenario a strange person in a red jacket and giant floppy hat walked right up to you and smiled but because he/she didn’t look like the picture you turned to look over their shoulder to see if the one you were waiting for was behind them…. Feeling rejected they went off to find a cab and assumed you’d changed your mind. Was it the big floppy hat that fooled you? Did God dress it up in a disguise to see if you were paying attention?

In the second version you are fixated on gate number 4 but what you didn’t know was that the plane was redirected to another runway meaning the passenger you were waiting for was entering through gate number 1 and you missed the tannoy message because you weren’t listening to God’s constant updates (because obviously you already know exactly how it’s going to be). In the cctv footage the person of your dreams walks right past you but your back was turned and the sign was pointing the other way.

It’s the same with standing in the wrong line at the bank because you didn’t bother to look up to see the “Teller Closed” sign.

When you don’t pay attention how can you let God deliver your good?

Open heart, open mind, open eyes, open ears, open arms, open gate, open teller…

They say that what’s for you won’t go past you, but if you reject it, do you really give it a choice? Open up to a whole new slipstream, what you want might be hidden inside.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – When The Dream Isn’t All It Seems

The mere fact that Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has made a consistent appearance for the last 4 weeks tells us that we definitely need to focus at this time on transforming our lives, or at the very least some part of it, to be more reflective of our true desires and authentic dreams for Self. This week though, let’s explore the difficulties we face when the dream isn’t all it seems.

I’ve had a recurrent theme show up in many readings this week about establishing boundaries around an offer or opportunity. The gist is that something long awaited is showing up for us soon but it’s showing up in a watered down version of itself. What do you do when someone offers you a very small approximation of what you want? Do you accept, hoping that it might be a foot in the door? Or do you respectfully decline and hold out for more?

This week’s combination of Principle 6 and the deeply spiritual violet energy of the crown chakra shows a connection between the Divine Plan for your life and the dream you dreamt for yourself. When Divine Will and Personal will align, miracles begin to show up in your life… but discernment is necessary to decide what truly fits the bigger picture.

If you come at this week from an insecure and needy stance you will almost certainly settle for less than you truly want but if you know your worth and understand that the universe will always eventually deliver, then you will be much more trusting of the timing of things and the choice will be easier.

Principle 6 asks that you take care of your own needs first so this is a week where you absolutely must write yourself into the equation… which looks like this H=(I+S) or happiness equals (I plus Source)… this is a powerful position from which to receive a universal gift because only from this platform can you perceive what is actually a gift and what is a breadcrumb that leads to depleting the sacred chalice with you feeling thirsty and short changed.

As mentioned before in previous posts, Principle 6 is an indication that healing on a practical and physical level is necessary so this is also a week where you should be making meditation a priority. If you don’t have a daily practice then now is the time to incorporate some discipline in this area as your connection to God, your higher self and your celestial support team is paramount to show you the way through the inbound life changes occurring. Regulating sleep patterns may also be necessary but you may find that your sleep pattern is disturbed at present so incorporate an effective wind-down routine too, one that gives you time away from stimuli before you sleep and perhaps incorporates journaling so you can unburdened your mind of superfluous clutter before you rest.

Most of all remember that life is showing you evidence of what is to come but now is not the time to settle for the petal when God has set aside, not just the flower, but the whole delicious bouquet just for you.

You are on the right path… x

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Monday Moment – Starting Over Again

New energy is fast approaching and many are considering what circumstances to begin building with this fresh input. For some its a welcome boost in an on going area of life but many more are starting over again.

The path seems to have been clearing lately as old ideas, situations and even some people have fallen away leaving a much needed space to understand better where you are and where you are heading. It may have left others feeling a little rattled, not really knowing where they stand or if they have been affected by the shifting ground and circumstances. The truth is you probably don’t know yet.

Starting over again is a tempting place to throw out the baby with the bathwater and lose sight of the things that still have value in your life, but equally it’s as easy to hold onto what no longer serves because fear still partially dictates the process.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the life you wish to create for yourself is akin to a garden…

Because you have probably been around for a while (I can’t imagine a new born baby popping out of mum and sitting up saying: “Hey mum, pass me that device I need to read Jo’s Wholly Grail insight!”) let’s assume you already have an established life or in this case “garden.” Ok so it might not have the layout you want, it may contain some hard landscaping that needs breaking up and shifting, the beds maybe in the wrong place, stubborn weeds may be rife and the place may at first glance be a damn mess, but there are always aspects you can work with. Once you’ve cleared the weeds it’s likely that beautiful shrubs and plants emerge like previously hidden gems that can now be cultivated. There might even be a veggie patch among the chaos that when cleared and re-seeded could yield an abundance of provisions for you and your loved ones… If you simply bulldoze the whole thing these treasures will be missed and lost forever.

Of course the garden is a metaphor, but looking at your life specifically, before starting over again, sort through the different elements carefully to see what holds value: what tools and skills? What objects and information, situations and places? Most of all what people and connections are still precious to you? It’s so much more fun when you co-create than when you go it alone.  Check out Principle 4: I AM Truth and Principle 5: I AM Liberated for clues.

Happy Planting… x




Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Discerning The Jumping Off Point

Divine timing is a tricky phenomenon to negotiate. For any plan or idea to work to your full advantage you have to know the optimum moment to launch yourself towards the outcome you desire. The leap of faith needed to transform the potential into the tangible is often less about faith and more about calculated risk: discerning the jumping off point is key to landing safely into your chosen scenario of success.

I remember as a kid, learning to get on and off a spinning roundabout safely without missing the spot or going hurtling head first towards the tarmac (we didn’t have all your soft surface playgrounds back then you understand, none of your “health and safety gone mad” measures you see today). The trick was to jump early…

When you see the moment approaching, by the time you have thought to yourself “I’ll go now” the moment has past you by and you have to wait for it to come around again.

Life is very much like the roundabout, it is moving in constant cycles and often when we think we are ready to jump it is because life is riding high for us so we are reassured of a soft landing or a favourable reception, but like The Wheel in a tarot deck, fate and fortune are always at play and the point at which you are most secure, the external circumstances are already transforming into less favourable. If I was a master of ancient Chinese philosophy I’d be probably be describing yin and yang and saying “the seed of night already exists within the height of the day,” and vice versa.

You may be looking at a situation in your life right now and feeling bemused because it appears that the optimum moment to make your leap of faith is cruelly moving further away from you. Things don’t look so favourable now and your insecurity is rising making your ability, or more accurately your willingness to jump less likely. This is the point when you shrink back and wait for it to come around again… but here’s the thing: when it spins back in your favour, by the time you’re confident… yep, you missed it again.

The moral of this story is that there is never a good time to jump, that’s why it’s called a leap of faith. That point on the roundabout that you’re aiming for is not the only point on the roundabout, the height of the day is not the only point in the day, the important thing is to get on board and start the ride even if it’s a less than elegant landing, even if you have to adjust position once you’re on-board, even if you have to cling on for dear life feeling a bit disoriented and dizzy by the change in perspective, perhaps even a bit battered and bruised by the handlebars as you awkwardly grab hold of this spinning adventure.

The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t stop to invite you to climb aboard, if there’s something you want, don’t wait for it to tell you it’s ready before you commit to it and jump… ready lasts for only seconds… if you’re waiting for encouragement, this is it, but the actual leap is all up to you and whenever you’re ready (but better still just before).

Meanwhile life keeps spinning.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

Happy Monday… x

P.S. Is fear preventing your leap of faith? The Wholly Grail Mechanics might just have the answer and are available for Seeker members… and it’s FREE to join today here.

Healing Your Life Through Exclusion

My insights are a reflection of how I use the Wholly Grail in everyday life (or forget to) for healing, peace and gaining a deep understanding of firstly myself and then of others. The quality of the writing inevitably varies depending on which phase I’m in and what I’m feeling about it. Wisdom comes through accepting that all has value and even the darkest experiences show the way towards the light if you so choose to search for it. If the Holy Grail we all instinctively search for: inner peace and enlightenment, is a place within, where connection to our own spirit and ultimately God or whatever your particular name for All-That-Is may be, then the seven Principles that make up The Wholly Grail are the quest to remember our wholeness and that we never were separated from it in the first place.

What essentially masks that fundamental truth is the multitude of external moving parts distracting you from the foundation of your faith, which is simply that everything is as it should be regardless of the temporary discomfort. Acceptance is key to transforming the balance of power the external world appears to have over you, exclusion is the initial step to retrieving the power that is been drained.

Healing your life through exclusion is basically the process of disconnecting or detaching from all influences that cause you harm… detoxing from external drama.

Imagine if you had an allergy to chocolate. Eating chocolate might make you really ill at best, kill you at worst… it stands to reason that you would eliminate all chocolate products from your diet, right? You’d quickly become super vigilant at reading labels in the supermarket and return any items that contained your particular toxin to the shelf… it’s the same with external drama, get super conscientious about reading the labels, the warning signs and the red flags, put it down and back away slowly.

No man/woman is an island of course, you cannot completely remove all negative stimulation, to do so would create just as much drama within when isolation became a trigger for your discomfort, this is why discernment is a necessary skill to learn quickly on the Grail path.

Having received the shocking news of the death of a close family member this week it has been necessary for me to begin healing through exclusion. Normally my ‘take control’ attitude would have me charging in, taking care of business, but my guidance at present is to stand back and as gracefully as possible continue to tend to the details of my own life, to continue to do the simple things, fully aware that drama is occurring within my field of vision, compassionate and loving towards those suffering, but mindful all the while that their drama can intensify my own and that I have a choice to heal faster by honouring my truth.

Overcoming grief requires practicing all 7 Principles but healing your life through exclusion requires mainly one: I AM Self-Full (Principle 6)

More later… x

Quiet Please, Im Processing

Whenever you are amidst the tumultuous workings of a busy mind, the basics can get left behind in the interior swirl. Personally I have decided to take the day off… I almost didn’t write a post except to get my head in the game, which sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Take the day off/get your head in the game???

When I say take a day off its a day off from drama, from external influence and from distraction and getting my head in the game simply means to reconnect to my own core goals and ideals through deep meditation and connection to the angelic realm for guidance on which way to proceed.

The clutter that gets jammed up inside your head stops you from focusing on the most significant Principle of The Wholly Grail and that is simply to recognise that you are in fact the creator of your own life story and you have the power to build the chapters any way you want. Principle 1: I AM God sounds like a big pair of shoes to fill but those shoes come in your size too and you are not expected to stand in anyone else’s.

Getting clear on where you would like those shoes to take you needs a certain amount of discernment… if you are caught up in the eddy of outer appearances then you will no doubt be feeling a little unsure of which way next and even if you knew, how would you break loose of where you are at the moment?

“Quiet please, I’m processing” may have those who are used to having your attention feeling a little put out, but for you to steer your ship you have to get everyone else out of the control room, off the bridge and especially to get their hands off the wheel.

Whether you need an hour, a day, a week or an indefinite time out, you are worthy of your own peace.  You are brave enough to place a “do not disturb” on the door, a “hold my calls” on the phone and give yourself permission to come back to YOU.

More later… x


Undesirable Ingredients

It takes a whole host of specially selected ingredients to refine your life into the story of peace and joy you are looking for. Ingredients like compassion, tolerance, patience, generosity and gratitude… but what strikes me even more deeply today is what you must leave out.

There are a so many contributing factors that can steal the contents of your personal Grail leaving you in a state of emotional turmoil or at the very least unrest, and all of these undesirable ingredients are based around how you view yourself in relation to everything else going on around you.

Confidence is a word that invokes an image of cockiness or arrogance but it’s true meaning is much more to do with recognising your worth… when you take self-doubt, guilt, comparison, jealousy, (and maybe even the seven deadly sins) out of the equation, and replace them with one simple alternative: faith, everything starts to transform back into its natural beautiful flow.

I’m not talking about faith in something outside of yourself, I’m referring to faith in yourself, faith in your ability to survive any and all shifts and bumps that life will throw your way… and I say “will” because it’s inevitable with so many moving parts, sooner or later one of those parts will roll your way and either become an asset or a trip hazard and when it does you can view it with absolute faith that the challenge is for your highest good or you can break under the pressure of self-doubt.

I’m opting for confidence this week… I’m pulling out my mixing bowl, selecting my optimal ingredients and blow me if I don’t create cake!

Principle 1 is going remind you who you are and what you’re worth…

Principle 2 is going to release you from your fear of any outcomes…

Principle 7 is going to ensure the bi-directional flow of love which is all you need for a perpetually overflowing Grail cup.

More later… x