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Handling Lady Luna’s Grip On Your Gravity

Remembering back to the oracle over the weekend, (you may not have caught it due to a technical hitch with the website but it’s available to read here). It was about getting lost in uncertainty within a sea of your own questions and the resulting ¬†emotional state is often one of confusion, frustration and ultimately leading to physical exhaustion.

Today’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a pretty significant event in terms of emotional stability, the moon herself affecting water and Scorpio being a watery sign… water being symbolic of and affecting the emotions. If you don’t believe in the potency of astrology then look at the physics: the moon’s pull on Earth’s gravity is what causes tides in the sea so if it has that much influence over a powerful body of water such as an ocean imagine what it can do to a walking meat sack of water like a human being.

All that said, let’s take for granted then that during a full moon your personal tides are high.

Emotion is not your enemy. When you understand that you are not actually the emotion but instead the individual experiencing them, you can take up the position of the observer and use it as one of the greatest gifts Source bestowed upon you knowing that its guidance as to your direction, your position, your timing and your environment. How cool is that? Cosmic GPS!

So knowing full well there are 3 days across a full moon where it’s effects are at there most powerful: the day before, day of and day after; I wasn’t too alarmed when my energy dropped yesterday, as did my enthusiasm and my excitement for the things that have been fascinating me of late. I simply turned my attention to Principle 6: I AM Self-Full (understand it more here), and got on with a few mundane chores that didn’t require much creative energy….

And then the questions began.

Before I knew what was happening I was embroiled in a deluge of mind chatter, not about how I felt, I understood that, but confusing emotional heaviness caused by gravity with my GPS alerting me to the chance I might be going the wrong way, making the wrong choices, taking risks that were ludicrous, believing the wrong people… it goes on. These are the questions the oracle warned of.

The only way to stop the tumble and start handling Lady Luna’s grip on your gravity is to get fully present by embracing Principle 2: I AM Detached, the art of letting go of all outcomes and just being.

You may not be able to control the movement of the heavens but by being aware of how you’re affecting by it you can get back to your empowered centre knowing “this too shall pass.”

More later… x

Distant Echoes

Every morning I call in the angels to help guide me through the day whether I feel I need help or not. This morning Archangel Azrael asked me “Will you let us help you today?” I replied: “I will always let you help me but today I’m unsure what it is I need help with.” Azrael’s response was one I had not expected, he simply said “Are you at peace?”

It’s been a strange morning, I awoke early and turned over to go back to sleep. The feeling was not one of depression believing I had nothing to get up for, it was one of gratitude that today I had the opportunity to have a lie in. My first thought upon waking was a random memory of a summer day, a yellow tricycle that by today’s standards would be considered a health and safety hazard, psychedelic hotpants and legs that went on forever sporting scuffed knees, bare feet on weather-smoothed York stone flags… and I remember thinking that was almost 40 years ago, but I had no clue what triggered the memory other than the carefree pure innocent delight of being without concern for anything other than now and not needing to….

“Are you at peace?”

I searched myself for the answer. I feel calm, I thought; I’m not missing anything, other than the usual things that life propels you towards but even those seem little less than distant echoes for now; am I at peace?

I don’t feel un-peaceful (if that’s even a word), but if I search myself, I don’t feel peaceful either…

I found the words to answer Azrael, “I feel lost.”

“Then will you let us help you?”

“Is it not ok to feel lost? I’m not afraid here, I’m not uncomfortable, I see no reason to shift in any direction… I am always grateful for your assistance and I will never turn it down, but what is it I require assistance with?”

“Are you at peace?”

Sometimes it takes a higher perspective to elevate the feeling from detachment to contentment, from contentment to peace and from being lost to feeling joy in the centre of exactly nowhere. Nowhere, everywhere, right here, right now.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

May angels help you find your peace.

More later… x

How Unkempt

Your peripheral vision is useless when your nose is pressed up against the glass.

Yes it’s true that what the future potentially holds is enticing, intriguing and to some extent seems shinier than the current position but potentiality is illusory and by no means a settled outcome, a done deal or dead cert. While you are fully focused on forward though, on that green grass on the other side of the fence, your own lawn needs tending.

Now you may think I’m being heartily metaphorical here but the truth is I’ve been so focused on the next big thing for the last few days that my lawn literally has grown so long I don’t know how I’m going to get the mower through it. Everyday mundane things are only that if your thinking makes it so, alternatively the day to day doings of your life can constitute a magnificent storyline to the world’s greatest adventure if that’s how you choose to see it but how can you see it if your peripheral vision is useless because your nose is pressed up against the glass… or noseying over the garden fence to see how green or perfectly trimmed someone else’s lawn may be.

I have yet to make peace with the grass but I have made peace with the fact that its mine to do and I’m grateful that there is grass to be mowed, hedges to be trimmed and that there are windows that now need the greasy nose prints washing from them… these things I am grateful for may not constitute shiny but that is simply because I forgot to polish them, appreciate them and admire the simple pleasures, luxuries that stopped feeling luxurious merely because you forgot how bloody lucky you are to have them in the first place.

Step back today and appreciate everything that is already present within your life… no matter how unkempt it may be… and now commit to taking good care of it. The future will arrive in its own time and when it gets here, it’s going to need assurances that you will take care of all the gifts it’s bringing and not leave them to rot or grow wild whilst you’re busy focusing on the shiny thing that hasn’t arrived yet through the next decidedly grubby window.

Protect what’s present, it’s precious.

More later… x


Rapids Ahead

As it’s the first Monday of the month, I shall bestow, as is now tradition, a challenge to my fellow Grail Knights, i.e. you…

Have you been putting something off? Are you holding out on taking the steps necessary for bringing something, some dream or ambition into the light? Perhaps it’s an obligation that you’ve been pushing to the bottom of the to-do pile but just knowing its there is getting under your skin? We all have fears and dreads that we build up in our minds to be far worse than the reality, in fact for the most part, the relief of just getting those objectives underway is reward in itself…

Taking that first step is the hardest because you have created an image in your mind of just how difficult it is going to be, how awful, irksome or tiresome, but that was your tendency towards employing the very opposite of Principle 2: I AM Detached, meaning you projected an illusion ahead of you that has noting to do with reality.

I’m going to suggest that the first step be a fun one, like the unsteady, clumsy attempt to climb into a canoe at the rivers edge just before you set off downstream on an adventure. Yes there might be rapids ahead, there might even be a waterfall but you might also have a gentle meandering lazy river that just carries you past your anxieties without you even noticing… if you’re anything like me then a few emotional rapids keep the journey interesting anyway. Whatever the tendencies of this river of life, you can be sure that you will climb out at the other end exhilarated by the journey and looking forward to the next stage… go on, jump in and flow.

More later… x

The Butterfly Maiden

Grail Oracle 2Grail Oracle Yellow

Pondering this combination today, it makes sense for me to clarify how The Intuitive Chalice Oracle works. Its primary purpose when I created it, was for use as a healing and diagnostic tool to be applied with The Wholly Grail’s concept of creating a life that leans towards inner peace and joy, but later it became apparent that it is also effective as an oracle for predicting and prescibing the current flow of energies. In the case of the former, each combination has a negative interpretation because it denotes what is needed where, and therefore lack, but as an oracle it has both positive and negative interpretations and therefore can contain up to 100 combinations…

The Butterfly Maiden is a beautiful example of the positive aspect of this combination that contains Principle 2: I AM Detached and marries it up with the vibrant yellow of the Solar Plexus. In its negative context this would be a reading all about anxiety and worry caused by the impending unknown, but it isn’t… In fact it is a joyous feeling that as a professional stress-head, is completely alien to me most of the time…

Remember back to when you very first felt the brush of young love… the anticipation of possibility as romance took over your entire being and the transformative nature of the experience as you stepped from childhood into the dangerous first glimses of adulthood? Your mind awash with fantasies and dreams as you walked through your day feeling the spell you were under and yet not understanding or caring about the potential dangers… Yes… let’s talk about the dangers.

When The Butterfly Maiden steps into your life she brings firstly the promise of that transformation just like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, but the butterflies she’s more interested in are the ones that are dancing around in her tummy as the universe weaves it’s fantastical spell. Caution has to be advised here, not because your fantasies are about to crash and burn, goodness me, no… I’m not that pessimistic, in fact the outlook for receiving your heart’s desire, according to the current rush of energy is amazing, no, you need to be cautious because your entire energy is ungrounded whilst you exist inside your fantasy bubble. Your romantic notions are so dreamy that you are becoming detached from the outside world and increasingly clumsy with it… Can you remember what you went in the other room for? Did you just drive home, park on the drive and then think “How did I get here?” not remembering the entire journey?

You’re happy, you’re excited, your imagination is already doing the dance of romance.. but like any butterfly: you are delicate and ungrounded…

Now get your head back in the game and focus!

May The Butterfly Maiden bring you the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

More next week… x

Huge Game of Charades

Life can be pretty confusing. You don’t understand what people do, say and feel, and the truth is you’re not meant to. It’s like being a part of a huge game of charades where the rules haven’t been explained to you… Did you guess right? Is it your turn? This guessing game of human interaction is intensified by your own feelings and insecurities, your history and experience and compounded further by a small almond sized part of the brain called the amygdala. This little gem stores information about historical triggers… when this set of circumstances (or at least the feelings and apparent emotions) occurred last time, what did I do? How did I escape the threat? How did I overcome? The problem is, this little life saver is constantly on autopilot and doesn’t know how to analyse new data (yet), it has a pre recorded flight pattern with no alternative route and it rarely waits to see if the other plane you are on a collision course with will take ¬†evasive manoeuvres thus avoiding the crash… it acts on programming.

What if you’re wrong?

Like I said, life is confusing. At this point in the game you are going with what you think you know, but a wise man/woman knows he/she knows nothing and its that state of innocence that allows us to learn and to experience new life and new love.

Sure, your amygdala is a self preservation mechanism, but it’s constantly set to historical reference; being present, observant, open in the moment hands-down beats what happened last time simply because there is missing information, and people have a habit of surprising you.

Principle 2 of The Wholly Grail states I AM Detached, it means I’m present, I’m open to something new, no expectations, just an appreciation of what’s directly in front of me. I’m taking the world at face value like a child free of prior conditioning. Today, give your life-saving almond the day off when it comes to inter human relations, assume a clean sheet and allow the world to surprise you. You don’t need to react… breathe, absorb, think, respond.

Before you respond, ask yourself “what would love do?”

More later… x

(Look out for the link coming in just a few days to lead you further into the Grail).