Weekly Oracle – Deep In The Darkness

I have to admit I’m hesitant with this week’s oracle, firstly because the combination is exactly the same as last week’s and secondly because I’ve struggled to get a handle on why that is the case. Principle 6: I AM Self-Full came flying back out of the pack as I was shuffling them and I […]

Saturday Oracle – Free Your Mind

The human psyche appears to be an infinite wellspring of replenishing capabilities. It has no limits to its power and potential for creating and recreating endless possibilities, save your ability to set it free to imagine greater. Free your mind… and the rest will indeed follow. Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, the aspect of The […]

Saturday Oracle – The Onion Layer

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle is a tool for unearthing the flow of energy happening in your life and is also used a diagnostic tool for healing with The Wholly Grail. Combining one of the Grail’s seven Principles with one of the subtle body’s seven main 3rd dimensional chakras to form a picture of what area […]