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A Look Behind The Fragile Facade

Most of what we perceive in any given moment is in a state of flux, neither one thing nor another, simply an imprint of multiple potential realities that, until you decide what’s true for you, are not fixed.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it?

It’s the nature of energy to form, degrade, fall apart and then reform into whatever shape our psyche’s will allow us to grasp, and is why the future is not yet set. Their are millions upon millions of minor and major variances in the unlimited number of possible outcomes to every decision we make, which is why you have the ability to create just by choosing the outcome you wish to see… but we’ve forgotten how powerful we are.

When you take a look behind the fragile facade, the incredibly thin veneer of material reality, by slipping into a state of surrendering the small self through meditation, you can quickly reconnect to the power that has real control over the apparent chaos because it is The Chaos and The Order and every state in between. I call It God… you may choose another name, it matters not.

The Wholly Grail teaches that nothing exists outside of God and therefore you too are a part of It, hence Principle 1: I AM God. This all-empowering idea bestows you with the capacity, at your superconscious level to both be The Chaos, control The Chaos and create order from it… temporarily.

Why temporarily?

Because I AM God and I’m creating order in my world. You are God and you’re also creating order in your world… my (small self’s) idea of order, with all the infinite versions of potential details comprising it, will inevitably differ from your equally infinite number of creative solutions. Where my reality clashes with your reality, structure through conflict, reverts back to chaos.

Luckily for both you and I (and all the other disparate parts of the whole), The Overarching Universal Intelligence that we forget we belong to, knows how those kaleidoscopic ever changing patterns all make the whole much more beautiful.

Instead of trying to get your head around the physics, just for a little while forget that Friday even exists (because it actually doesn’t), be present in this moment and breathe in the beautiful chaos you were born to contribute to.

Archangel Ratziel just wanted you to know.

More later… x


First Monday Challenge – Do-over Day

It really takes courage to admit to yourself that you got it wrong, especially when you have emotionally invested in something. Each day you wake up and put your best foot forward further and further down a path that you don’t recognise or even particularly like, just simply because you made a choice somewhere back so far yonder that you don’t even remember when it happened, why it happened, or even if you dreamed it and it never actually happened at all… but you made a vow either consciously or subconsciously that you, until this point have felt obliged to adhere to until the bitter conclusion… did I just say bitter?

Seriously, who wants to end up bitter?

Seeing as though it’s the first Monday of the month and therefore challenge day, I’m challenging myself, and feel free to join in, in having a do-over day.

I’m not looking to repeat yesterday you understand, I’m more interested in unravelling a stuck pattern, a karmic loop as it were, that is very apparent in my life. I have on many occasions attempted to untie this knotty problem but the further down the path you travel the more complex the twists and turns of the story and the more invested you get every time you attempt to heal the faltering storyline. That being the case, when the knotty problem becomes so immense its painful and any move you make will merely increase the muddle, the only viable strategy is to throw the whole thing away and start the journey over…

“All that time, all that effort, all that money, all those tears… ”

Do you really want to add more of the same for more of the same?

A do-over day has to start with an honest appraisal of where you are, where you wish to get back to, what choices led you to this point and most of all the admission of full responsibility… taking responsibility is the most empowering mechanism for creating real change and its also a crucial step in embracing Principle 3: I AM Human.

Put your pride to one side, it’s nobody else’s business anyway, admit you made a mistake and get started on recreating your vision… this time the way you always imagined it could be.

Happy Monday… x

Friendly Fire

We spend most of our lives wrapped up in some fantasy or other, conversing with our internal imaginary friends about how well (or not so well) life is going, playing out scenario after scenario in rehearsal or reprisal of a fictitious event that may never occur or indeed never did… certainly not in the way the psychic projection would have you script or rescript it anyway.

This internalisation is a hamster wheel for the mind and eats away at our sense of reality, creating an external world that doesn’t end up looking anything like we imagined simply because at the crucial moment of creation, i.e. now, we are off somewhere in time trying hard to change an unmalliable moment.

Now don’t get me wrong, the mind is a powerful thing and the universe is shaped by thought, intention and conscious action but attempting to transform something outside of time as far as I’m aware is still the stuff of Jules Verne.

Here in the now the most valuable resources exist that can correct the past and determine the future but those resources do not fit in a science experiment or lab… but they do reside within the human heart the first is forgiveness and the second is authenticity.

Principle 3: I AM Human embraces compassion in all forms for self and for others, and though it doesn’t erase the past it does grab a hold of the lesson, the blessing inherent in every past action whilst letting go of the pain, anger, guilt, or whatever residual negative emotion is attached to the event thus transforming the past from a tragedy into an experience.

Principle 4: I AM Truth is a magic spell waiting to be spoken aloud, for in a word there is power and in truth lives potential fuelled by that power… creation itself, but not just any creation, the creation of that very thing you have, for so long been searching for… that thing, that whilst you are rehearsing with your imaginary internal friends the scenarios you fear, dread even, and how you might react to them and what countermeasures you will employ to defuse them, is withering and dying in the bud… because your truth has become a drama on repeat inside your mind instead of the authentic yearning of your heart that is being all but drowned out by friendly fire.

These two Principles though are a mere flourish to the real message here which is simple: if you aren’t present you don’t get to choose the gift.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

More later… x