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Weekly Oracle – Just Who Exactly…

This week Principle 1: I AM God, teams up with the royal blue throat chakra and I mean this with all the love in the world when I say: “Just who exactly do you think you are talking to?”

It’s a fascinating question that I remember hearing a lot as a child whenever I was perceived as being cheeky to an adult, but I have a very different answer to the question now.

I AM God. As are you.

Communication is our primary tool for connecting. We do so by expressing a full range of ideas and emotions, and how we communicate is often less about what we say and more about how we say it… or don’t say it for that matter. But communication is also about how we listen, receive and accept that incoming information, the whole transaction being a dance in which the participants can choose to love and honour each other through their giving and receiving or they can choose to disrespect each other. It’s either a mutual exchange of balanced power or a battle to usurp the energetic resources of another, which can be done even by refusing to respond at all.

When this kind of transactional control takes place it is a sign that someone, somewhere in the mix, possibly even both parties, have forgotten who they are or failed to acknowledge who the other person is.

Communication is the key to, and foundation of, any kind of relationship. When we see God in ourselves we will not allow ourselves to be disrespected, when we see God in another and indeed our own reflection, we would not dream of disrespecting them either.

This week, ask yourself just who exactly you think you are? If you come up with anything less than “a spark of the Divine” then you will also see what you are reflecting out into the world and why you may not have the kind of relationships you actually deserve.

Also take a look at all the people you have dealings with this week, no matter how difficult the interaction and ask yourself just who exactly you think they are?… and if you don’t get that very same answer, retreat, refocus, adjust your attitude and apply reverence to every life you come across.

In honour of the late Aretha Franklin: show a little RESPECT.

All are created equal… it’s only a very human trait that allows some to be more equal than others… but that’s another Principle for another time.

More later… x

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Weekly Oracle – Predetermined Prose

There’s an element of expectation about this week that may have you racing ahead of yourself and perhaps even tying yourself up in knots to boot.

Don’t get me wrong the message coming in indicated by the royal blue of the throat chakra feels like a really positive one but when you connect it to Principle 2: I AM Detached, then you are somehow writing the story of how the communication will go before it actually happens, like predetermined prose.

Racing ahead like this, in your mind anyway, is a recipe for disappointment at the least and disaster at the worst simply because you close your mind to listening and to understanding when you have already made up your mind what another wants to say.

There is another energy that follows on from that that feels very congruent with the energy of the new moon we have just experienced… when an incoming message does arrive in whatever form, there may well be a tendency then to begin creating drama within about how it changes things. Planning for the future is one thing but screwing yourself up in what ifs is quite another.

Understand that the information coming in now, from the universe via inspired thought or from others via more tangible methods of interaction, is timed perfectly for the next level of your evolution. You are already preparing for the shifts that are happening, not in a contrived way, just simply by placing one foot in front of the other and doing the task directly ahead of you. Source doesn’t always announce His plans for your next adventure, sometimes He just sets you lightly on the path… that’s what the slipstream towards your miracles really is.

My advice this week is to get grounded and remain open to news, but don’t assume you know what it will be… and once it arrives, being grounded means you can receive it properly and act on the evidence presented rather than the stuff you have made up in your story about how all this is going to turn out…

It could be so much better than what you currently have the capacity to imagine anyway.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this week’s Dragon Reading (available from Saturday evening) here.

More later… x

Weekly Oracle – A Doorway Opens

It’s been a few weeks since The Sacred Chalice presented itself and it is my belief that this is an opportunity we should take full advantage of as a doorway opens.

I’ve been quiet on the site for the last couple of weeks whilst processing some deep internal stuff. Not bad stuff, just my stuff. Examining my truest hopes, wants, needs, dreams and desires, listening to my soul’s calling and understanding the path I chose with new appreciation and wonder. During this time I’ve also been assessing what I don’t want, as if sorting the chaff from the wheat.

My connection the the angels has meant some very intense etheric conversations about my motives and my expectations and the exploration of those sometimes deeply buried answers, has led me to the most beautiful realizations…

But what has my stuff got to do with this weeks oracle?

The Oracle at Delphi states above the entrance “Know Thyself.” It is my belief that when you truly know your own heart all else follows.

This is a week where surprise communications bring the news you have been waiting for. Offers, invitations and opportunities follow and lay the groundwork shaping the next part of the journey. This is a one-step-at-a-time process and a once in a lifetime gift, but it also has paradoxical influences…

The paradox is that something that you have worked hard to heal within yourself must now reflect that healing in the outside world, which may mean that the surprise might just arrive from someone with whom there has been past tension exploring reconnection.

The Sacred Chalice can represent either the full overflowing cup of abundance or it can represent the upturned and spilled vessel of fear and lack. It can be love or the absence of it, health and vitality or illness and frailty… whatever the apparent state of the presented Chalice, it always represents sudden shifts and the potential for miracles. You get to choose how to receive The Sacred Chalice: hope, open-heartedness, gratitude and positive expectation mean that you will always receive the blessing regardless of the form the gift takes… make sure that love is your guide this week.

A doorway opens when you are ready to travel the next stretch of the journey, and the next stretch is set to be the most beautiful you’ve experienced so far, it’s a road you will want to travel for many years to come… don’t fear a tentative start. It’s ok to be unsure of your new circumstances as long as you are sure of what lives inside your heart.

I don’t know about you but I’m holding out my hands and opening my heart to receive… This time I know the gift is for me and I won’t waste it.

More next week … x

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Monday Musings – A Dent In The Drum

I just woke up from an incredibly vivid dream in which I was a choreographer at a national dance competition! My team, made up of amazing kids and adults alike, were at varying standards and levels of competency.

A member of a rival dance team had just had a major failure in front of the judge’s and I was attempting to hold out an olive branch by giving her reassurance, but her team mates were lessening the impact of the interaction by jeering, assuming my compassion to be disingenuous and thus attempting to compound the rivalry between teams.

A member of my team was next up, but a prop from her routine had been tampered with by the rivals and was now assumed to be a hazard (though no evidence presented itself). At the last moment, as I entered the arena to watch and support my next dancer, I realised that someone had set up a completely different set of props and switched the dance to new choreography whilst my back was turned… I was horrified but the music had begun, the judges were in place and she was poised in the middle of the floor ready to dazzle…

The new dance, one I hadn’t choreographed, had her tying the ankles of a fellow dancer, but the pre-tied restraint prop malfunctioned and she was now a full 8 count behind in the unfolding story. It was a mess. The whole piece ended with her banging on two rainbow coloured kettle drums to the beat of the music but she was handed giant metalic ladles to use. Every strike left a dent in the drum, the damage was irrevocable, the dance was a disaster and I was mortified on her behalf.

When she left the floor I ran to comfort her as I had the other team’s member, but once she was out of ear shot my first question to the rest of my team was “who authorised that routine?” I went on to say that the more ornate the set the more elements can go wrong, the more props and technical equipment involved the more potential for disaster… winning dances are derived from simple, unfettered elegance and technical brilliance… and I finished my lecture with the very frank statement: “when you over-complicate you fail.”

The elements of the dream were simple: I took my eye off the ball and focused on someone who could not hear me because others were shouting louder and they didn’t trust my intentions, meanwhile my own message was not only distorted but completely transformed whilst my back was turned. The badly tied ankles slowed the dance down and every time the drum was struck (or a communication attempted) using the wrong tools for the job, the message was damaged even more… the dancer left the floor heartbroken.

Surprisingly the other team didn’t didn’t heckle, they were just as dismayed by the disaster as my team… the only one not dismayed was me… I knew the responsibility was mine and simple resolved to never enter a competition again until all my team had the same level of focus, commitment and belief in the dance I’d created and until the rival team recognised that we weren’t their rivals but in fact their partners in driving the evolution of their choreography.

You may be wondering what that was all about… well, in terms of The Grail, here are the relevant Principles... Principle 1: I AM God reminds you of your divinity even when you feel less than your brilliant self, Principle 2: I AM Detached keeps you focused on the here and now, what’s important and what’s in front of you, Principle 3: I AM Human, asks you to forgive your mistakes and those of others, take responsibility for your action and your failures, Principle 4: I AM Truth tells the story of believing in your own message even when others don’t, Principle 5: I AM Liberated demonstrates how material (props) can encumber your progress and freedom, Principle 6: I AM Self-Full reminds you to take care of you and yours first, and finally Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted… rivalry is a losers game and sometimes you have to be willing to offer support and compassion to all the dancers on the universal dance floor regardless of what team they are on… everyone is family.

I may have made another dent in the drum here, but it’s my drum.

Wishing you simple, pure, graceful choreography today, and the support and respect of every team dancing… x



Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Stop Over Complicating Things

I had a lovely day out and about at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair yesterday where I was greeted by lots of old friends and familiar faces. It was both inspiring and heart warming to be amongst kindred souls but I noticed something whilst I was there that pointed to a rift in the delivery of the message the universe was asking us to unravel. It’s time to stop over complicating things.

There seemed to be two types of teachers: those skilled in spreading the word and those intent on keeping it mysterious.

It is part of my mission to make spirituality as simple as it can be. No longer do we need to hide in the shadows of mystery schools, creating exclusive clubs speaking a language that very few understand, the universe is crying out for us to be inclusive, to allow all access passes to those who wish to hear.

Keep it simple. Keep it pure. Keep it real.

Principle 4: I AM Truth.

This is a very short post today folks as in the middle of writing it I received a call with some heart breaking news that someone close to me, younger than I am, just passed away … it too reminded me life is far too short to piss about with what needs to be said.

Forgive me if my posts are sporadic for a few days.

Modus Operandi Part 4: Essential Expression

The fourth part in the Modus Operandi series explores essential expression of one’s real feelings. Consider the alternative for a moment…

Under the exterior polish of every human being is a complex thought producing engine. Some of those thoughts are mediocre at best and pass by like fluffy clouds floating across a blue sky, others though are intense reaction provoking thoughts bringing inner storms and turbulent emotions.

It’s sometimes easy to let the storm blow over, to let it pass without incident, to weather it out so to speak, but when the thoughts stirring up those storm clouds are triggered by repetitive occurrence then action must be taken to address the real cause of the storm… sometimes the action is from within, in which case the essential expression might be the need to ask for help, sometimes however the trigger for these emotions is external and in this case essential expression means open and honest communication with the culprit, whether they be a deliberate antagonist or an unwitting one.

How many of you walk through life answering the “how are you?” question with “Fine thank you”?

Are you?

It’s not a trick question it’s an indication of your Modus Operandi… I know that many people who ask you how you are are doing do so rhetorically and have no genuine desire to know exactly how you feel, that’s their Modus Operandi. We adopt an “everything’s rhetorical” attitude to conversation in order to not make anyone feel uncomfortable as a result of this disinterested interaction compounded by the emoji culture that we have accepted, nay – embraced.

Real feelings stay hidden, the world becomes more trapped person by person, relating becomes more plastic encounter by encounter and connection becomes only possible when aided and numbed by varying degrees of substance abuse… and our minds and hearts become sicker and lives become perceivably less valued.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, is the Wholly Grail’s gateway to essential expression and conscious communication. It asks that you step into your authenticity and be your whole self regardless of the state of your evolution and understanding, regardless of the judgments of others. It asks that you allow every Soul you encounter to do the same without your judgment.

Being your whole self, expressing both the inner storms and the inner sunshine without censor, gives permission for all those you encounter to step into their authentic essence too, we begin again to connect on a deeper level, we allow understanding to guide us towards a Modus Operandi that is based in unconditional love.

What inner truths are buried within you that need essential expression?

More later… x

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The Good Friday Guide To Conflict Resolution

Do you think JC would have ended up on a cross if people actually knew how to resolve their differences?

I have to confess my post has little or nothing to do with Easter or the crucifixion story, it just seems appropriate to mention Master Jesus at this time of year and ask what he would do… unfortunately for him he was unable to make the other party hear him (probably because Mercury had slid fully into its impression of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk going backwards across the sky and sending communication into a tailspin of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misrepresentation… in fact just ‘mis’sing the point entirely.

So conflict resolution then?

From a Wholly Grail perspective we may have to throw every one of the 7 Principles at the issue but lets start with Principle 4: I AM Truth…

This Principle should not be deliberately used to prove who is right and who is wrong, it is a universal statement, available to all to make the point that from any one persons point of reference the truth looks very different and so your truth and mine may not essentially match. Let’s start there.

We all make assumptions during conflict about what the other persons agenda is, we imagine their motives from our personal perspective… we are inevitably wrong. Just ask.

“What do you want?”

“What outcome are you hoping for?”

“How do you see this situation resolving itself?”

Remember now that all external conflict is a reflection of an internal conflict that we each have going on too. A battle between your higher self and your ego is in progress all with the intention of protecting your best interests… they just don’t know how to agree on the best course of how to make that happen, so externally you do battle with whatever appears to be threatening your sense of safety.

Victory in conflict is an illusion. For someone to be the victor, someone else has to be the victim… for every winner there is a loser, unless the warring parties learn to listen, and to be honest in their representation of the real issues underlying the antagonism they have towards each other.

Resolution is never the hidden agenda. Winning is. That’s the thing that needs to be determined: “What’s your definition of winning?”

Only compromise can create true resolution and that has to be about two parties coming together to create a win/win scenario.

Love must be the agenda.

This is where we slap in Principle 2: I AM Detached, this allows us to let go of the tight hold we have on our chosen outcome. Follow it with Principle 1: I AM God, without being able to recognise the divinity in your opponent you will never be able to see them as anything but your opponent and therefore you will never truly recognise that you were always on the same team: family.

Now we need the final piece… Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, quite simply the perfect balance of give and take.

Whilst this is all very well, the vital ingredient is this:

It takes two people to pull up a chair at the negotiation table… you cannot force a closed mind open, so if that doesn’t work, one must take JC’s approach and turn the other cheek… (and someone ends up crucified).

More later… x


Challenge Day – Moonwalking Across The Heavens

It is of course the 1st Monday of the month and so challenge day is upon us… As your friendly neighbourhood Grail guide it would normally be my job to set such a challenge for you but universally speaking I believe that the bar has already been set.

As a non-astrologer myself but a keen dabbler nevertheless, I have been all too aware of the tricky little f**ker that is Mercury in retrograde, pretending it is harmless whilst moonwalking across the heavens. Now for those of you who have chosen to remain sheltered from the wisdom held in the movement of the stars let me put it in layman’s terms for you: Mercury apparently governs communication in all its forms as well as having a hand in with the technology involved in the modern day methods of delivering such communiques. Now had we been living in 1916,  just 100 years ago that would probably mean that the postman’s bicycle got a puncture or the horse needed a good blacksmith… around 50 or so years later some fella would be robbing the post train… but today, well!…

So me, what do I decide to do?

For approximately 3 weeks, 3 times a year Mercury pretends like its starring in a Michael Jackson video, dragging all manner of haywire technical shenanigans with it and that’s my cue to attempt to understand a whole new digital platform for communicating sacred Grail text with you!

At the time of writing this post I have spent hours weighing up options, confusing myself senseless, undergoing mind-numbing long pauses while my internet buffers and crashes and then taunting me with promises of the answers I’m seeking before it laughs loudly in my face and asks “did you mean platform shoes?”

Anyway here is the thing I’ve learned in the last few days of cosmic cruelty:

1: Timing is everything… Principle 2: I AM Detached

2: An open mind makes learning easier… Principle 4: I AM Truth (and I reserve the right to evolve).

3: Laugh at your mistakes… Principle 3: I AM Human

Right then, consider this your universal challenge: don’t take anything personally… nothing is as it seems.

More later… x

Remarkably Unremarkable

Hey you! Yes you. How long has it been since we were able to communicate without barriers? How long since we opened our hearts and our minds without pretence or hidden agenda? Why is it do you think that we do that, feel the need to hide from each other, shield our innermost hopes dreams and aspirations? Why is it that we hide in plain site the things that mean most to us?

Fear is an epidemic, so I’m told, spreading from one of us to the next by means of energetic transfer without us actually consciously being aware of it… “he’s hiding something, I must therefore fear his motives and guard my own” when the truth is that he is hiding his own fear… Fear begets fear and so on.

So what is it we are hiding exactly? The answer is fairly simple and remarkably unremarkable: Love, we’re hiding love!

We hide from it when we don’t think it comes in the format we want, we hide from it when there’s a chance it might be rejected by someone else who is also hiding from it, we hide from it when it’s too intense because we’ve hidden from it for so long we can’t handle being loved, loving or even witnessing love. We fear love. Fear is the opposite of love but love is the one thing we all want and the one thing we all hold at arms length…

So then, what are you afraid of? What are you hiding from? When was the last time we didn’t let fear dictate how much love flows between us?

No, I don’t know either, but I do know this: I love you… and I’m not afraid of it.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

More later… x


The Emissary

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Blue

Once again the royal blue of the throat chakra is prominant in this combination as it joins forces with the first Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God. The Emissary is the remover of obstacles as the walls that previously stood in the way of open inter-relating have been smashed down by mutual respect and candor.

When you know your worth, not monetary but something much more fundamental than that: your divine essence, you suddenly recognise that within every living thing too, leaving room for each individual to become all that they can be and actively participating in the healing of previous blocks.

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve thought to yourself “I might as well stop talking because nobody’s listening”? Do you remember the days when the phrase “Talk to the hand…” was really popular? These are prime examples of a lack of respect, firstly for yourself and secondly for whomever you are communicating with (or not)… The Emissary has wiped away the emnity and opened channels of communication symbolising not only a healing of past hurt but also the opportunity to express real truth; meaningful, compassionate, heartfelt truth, and in doing so heralding a creative partnership where once stood only fearful apprehension.

This is the beginning of the peace talks… grab the energy and ride it to its conclusion (and make sure its conclusion is built on love).

More next week… x