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Happy New Year! If That’s What You Choose!

We seem to be innundated with those social media posts about how we are so glad to see the back of 2019 and how we hope 2020 will be a better year at present. I’m not sure how we are still posting that stuff after seeing it year after year and according to the memes, nothing seems to be any different. That’s simply because it will be a Happy New Year! If that’s what you choose!

Yes, shit is going to happen. You are supposed to be challenged into expansion and growth. Yes, you will meet with difficulties along the way. How else are you supposed to learn new skills and uncover hidden depths? But happiness is a state of mind that you choose in spite of outer circumstances.

Once you begin to truly understand the nature of this journey and the ultimate gift it gives you, everything else just becomes a game of spiritual snakes and ladders… you climb up, you slide down, you climb up, you slide down again. If it was all one way it would be over in a flash and you’d have nothing to show for it, no experiences, no connections, no battle scars and no stories of great triumph. Your world would be small and your wisdom would be limited…

But it’s not is it?

You are a vast storehouse of compassion and empathy, with a story that can inspire others and soothe their pain when they enter the rapids of life, because you have already navigated them, mapped them, conquered them. You have fought your way through the darkness to become the light and the next wave of whatever comes your way isn’t seeing you as a potential victim it is seeing you as a worthy adversary, ready to joust and win… life expects you to conquer it and it expects to be mastered in spectacular style.

2020 is going to be exactly what you make of it and though you are not in control of what comes your way, you are absolutely in control of how you choose to respond to it.

So what are you going to do?

Lick your 2019 wounds and ask for reprieve (that isn’t coming)? Or are you going to pull up your big girl pants and say: “2020 my friend, I’m ready for you. I’ve trained for this my entire life and I’m not just happy to see you, I’m flying the fucking flags and starting the party early… what took you so long?”

To which it will subtly reply: “I was waiting for you to remember who you are and fall back in love with yourself.

They are going to tell you that 2020 is the year of perfect vision and clarity, but I’m here to tell you now, the only thing you need to see clearly this year is exactly who you are. You are the miracle, sweetheart. You can have a Happy New Year! If that’s what you choose! Make this coming year yours.

Love, Jo x

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Saturday Oracle – Life’s Simple Pleasures

This week’s combination has an overall joyful feeling about it, not in a gregarious or over-excitable way, more peaceful contentment deriving from an inner smile. Life’s simple pleasures have transformed the heavy energy of late into an appreciation for being.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has teamed up with the sunshiny yellow of the solar plexus to bring that personal happy bubble back, and you can be sure that the week ahead will be all the more beautiful for it.

This is a self contained bubble and was never dependent on any outside influences… that’s what it means to be Self-Full. The problem is that the outside world may be looking on and asking what it is you’re smiling about? Not that you will be able to fully articulate why a falling leaf has you mesmerized at the wonder of nature or why a few moments alone reading a book generates an inner glow that has nothing to do with the creative content of its pages or the information they contain… it’s the noticing of moments that fuels this week’s inner bliss, moments that you take for yourself.

When I refer to the happy bubble, know that this state is impenetrable by outside interference. The happy bubble can only be broken when you step out of it by forgetting to be thrilled by the simple beauty that surrounds you, the acts of self-love that you can and should gift yourself. Make these gifts simple, and universal. What I mean by that is, everything you offer yourself this week in that act of self-love should derive from what’s available and costs nothing… it is said that the best things in life are free… The falling leaves cost nothing: go for a walk in nature to give attention to them, reading a book costs nothing: give yourself the time to settle down with a cuppa and watch the people go by, pause before you open the book and give attention to the time you’ve offered yourself…

The list of simple pleasures will be different for each of you but the sentiment will be the same: “This is for me. This is a perfect moment that was made for my pleasure and I honour myself by graciously accepting and appreciating it as the magical gift that it is.”

I’m off to bake now… two for one on the gift front: I have a relatively new found love baking and I get to eat cake with a big cup of tea when I’ve done (I might even lick the bowl).

Wishing you a lifetime in your happy bubble and week filled with simple pleasures.

More later… x

Saturday Oracle – Release The Inner Sunlight

External factors may be attempting to smother you in a dark cloud this week but you have the power to release your inner sunlight and find your joy no matter what.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated takes the hand of the yellow solar plexus in this combination and reminds you where your joy is once you remove all excessive extraneous attachments.

Theses attachments are not so much to do with human relationships as they are to do with the things you thought you needed to provide you with some sort of comfort.

Hold onto your hat because this is a combination where people suddenly quit their stressful jobs, they downsize homes, they up and leave everything that once brought security but stole their joy. Travel might be on the cards, adventure, new hobbies and blank schedules.

As you enter this week you will have a renewed sense of power, purpose, and the motivation to act. I’d like to say that the action is born completely of clarity about what you need to do, but it’s more about knowing what you don’t need to do anymore or ever again.

Freedom comes with a cost… bliss!

I don’t know about you but I’m willing to pay that price.

Remember that your new found sense of liberation is going to unnerve some people in your circle. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks from a point of self-interest so they will feel insecure about your emotional shift which may cause them to act out and throw negative energy your way. Stand your ground and stay your course because they will be genuinely happy that you are finding joy but frightened about what it means for them and how their own security becomes affected. People don’t give up security without a fight whether it’s internal or external, but you’ve fought long and hard enough, now it’s time to  feel release. You can be a beacon for them, showing the way.

As the week progresses, whether you have made small changes or a clean sweep, be playful with your every step, let your inner sunlight become the first thing people notice when they encounter you along their path… Your leap of faith will be an inspiration even if they don’t understand it yet.

Have a great week… x

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That One Thing You Do

(Reposted from July 5th)

I’ve been exploring for myself the polar opposites of resistance and receptivity over the last couple of days and its thrown up some evidence of the route to what can only be described as my joy zone.

I don’t know that I ever really saw it as a tangible thing before, a place even, but I’ve noticed that it has distinct walls and boundaries like a huge castle with a drawbridge, a moat and everything. Imagine if you will the very tentative steps you might take across the rickety wooden, (rotten in some places) bridge, over a muddy moat full of goodness knows what, obviously an analogy for your deep emotions, some of which are hidden even from you; passing beneath a gargantuan rusting portcullis that noisily begins to lower as you enter into this space that is protected from that stuff on the outside.

Does this sound like the joy zone or does it sound like a giant prison of your own making and not much fun at all?

That one thing you do – that image that you create – that scene that you set, it’s the difference between resistance to the journey and receptivity of the adventure… The difference between opening your heart to the unknown or running from it… The difference between finding the joy or embracing the fear.

Imagine now if you will a huge bouncy castle, a rainbow of sunny colours making up its walls. It is afloat at the centre of an azure blue swimming pool, the drawbridge is made from plastic inflatable stepping stones that threaten to tip you splashing into the blue beneath if you so much as put one foot wrong… The bouncy castle sports a plastic zip up entry flap to keep its guests from falling out all over the place which will be securely fastened the moment you cross its threshold…

Now tell me the truth… you’ve already got your swimming costume on haven’t you?

The scene has exactly the same elements: castle, walls, sealed gate, precarious crossing and deep water… but add some colour to your imagination and the joy zone is much more enticing.

The joy zone is a place inside your mind, the external conditions are accepted or rejected according to how you perceive from your current state of receptivity… i.e. you add the colour.

I’ve got to admit, my castle isn’t always bouncy but that doesn’t mean I won’t find joy in it… if you are looking for joy, you will find it… providing you’re looking past the external conditions towards that one thing you do.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

More later… x

Release The Butterfly

We humans are generally a ceremonial bunch, we like to mark occasions don’t we? Just think of all the “Days” we honour on the calendar: birthdays, high days, holidays, bank holidays, national days, international days… we mark open days, launch days, and we mark closing days… but they are all just days really.

On Saturday I posted an oracle reading that foretold of a birth, a new beginning that could take any shape or form and its to those new beginnings that we tend to latch on a significant day, like: “I’ll wait until New Year to make that change” for example.

Yesterday, a fairly insignificant day as far as I’m aware, certainly in my calendar anyway, was a day of significant change for me. No pomp and circumstance, no ceremony, no launch party, just me and the angels working together to bring about a brand new beginning for me… and I haven’t stopped smiling since yesterday morning. My new start was with regards to a healthier way of being in every area of my life: mind, body and soul working in unison to find the joy in every action. I should have known earlier in the week that this transition was imminent when a giant and very beautiful butterfly decided to take over the house and give me the dilemma of how to help it escape with minimum drama or damage… then yesterday I became the butterfly after spending the morning in meditation, fully connected to Source and receiving a vision of how it could be if I freed myself from everything that held me back but with minimum drama. I didn’t plan my own transformation, God did. I didn’t “launch” the new me or the new way, I was just spontaneously born anew from a new perspective and a new direction, my job now is to simply follow His lead moment to moment to sustain joy.

After taking last week off from posting, I’d like to say I took the week off altogether but actually it was my busiest week in a long time, I noticed that, having room for me was as simple as having room for God. Meditation is the single most healing, revealing, restoring action you can take in your journey toward creating the life you want… drop the drama today and release the butterfly within, a new you is possible in any moment of any day. Don’t wait for an occasion to start living the life you always dreamed of… now’s good.

Principles 1 & 2 in action.

More later… x