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June Oracle – Welcome To The Bliss Bubble

The month of June is the time of the Solstice and a natural tendency towards hedonism and making hay while the sun shines. No wonder then that this month’s oracle is saying: “Hey you! Welcome to the bliss bubble!”

When Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, teams up with the sunshine yellow of the Solar Plexus Chakra, a time of celebration is at hand. But this is not celebration for the sake of celebration, this is the acknowledgement of, and revelling in the abundance of joy that is created when reciprocity is present.

Imagine if you will, the connection between two lovers who are finding fulfilment in giving joy to each other. Both engaged in the activity of mutual giving, but because both are giving without guile, both are also receptive to the other’s gifts. The ego steps aside when you begin the process of unconditional giving and receiving and everyone’s cups are filled with flowing energy. It is self-renewing and ever increasing.

Of course this isn’t necessarily about two lovers, it can be any number of friends, acquaintances or entities: lovingly attend your garden and it will bloom for you all summer long, mutual benefit, see? Tickle and play with your dog and it will lavish unconditional love in your direction and give you a thousand reasons to smile and so on.

Of course, you can enter the bliss bubble all by yourself when you choose to put love into the world and be open to the myriad ways it rewards you… the reward is often that it sees your effort and matches it in some way. That is reciprocity and it is definitely worth celebrating.

This month then, expect the world to see your effort and match it with an equal amount of energy. It’s not enough to simply see the mirroring action though, in order to ensure the universe keeps giving you reasons to smile, you have to keep giving the universe reasons to keep giving. Celebrate the abundance that is coming your way!

Now, a cautionary tale… the negative side of an unhealthy Solar Plexus is the ego’s reaction: not everyone will want to celebrate your new found joy. These are not the people who you should welcome to your bliss bubble. On the contrary, they are the ones who will try to take it from you because they do not see that by adding to the joy, they get to revel in it too. Instead they will drain the Grail so that nobody has cause to celebrate. Do not let anything or anyone take what you have paid for with your heartfelt contribution and love.

This is your moment. Welcome to the bliss bubble.

Love, Jo x

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Saturday Oracle – Wedded To Bliss

For the second week running the sunny yellow solar plexus has shown up in the oracle combination, this time teaming up Principle 6: I AM Self-Full. These two are asking you for a commitment to your own happiness, literally to be wedded to bliss.

This may sound like an unorthodox way of presenting it but in truth, if you don’t commit to your own happiness who will?

As the week progress you may find that you come to what my guardian angel refers to as a “divergent point.” This is a significant choice on your path that may not seem to be all that important at the time but may determine the direction of the next stage of your adventure in ways you cannot see at present. This may raise a dilemma because part of you wants to turn left, part of you wants to turn right and part of you wants to crawl under the nearest rock and make no decision at all (which is of course a paradox because making a choice to make no decision is still a decision).

Because the active Grail Principle is focused on Self-Fullness, essentially what’s best for you, you may find yourself facing anxiety over short-term comfort versus long-term happiness. The two don’t always go hand-in-hand.

This could be the ideal time to take your focus off any decision that needs to be made and instead focus on the “big bliss picture.” Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a dream that you really want to achieve. The dream contains the image of you experiencing pure joy, contentment and satisfaction… in fact beyond that: bliss. Now make a commitment to your “big bliss reality,” in other words the realisation or manifestation of that situation.

Now ask yourself if you are living that truth right now, physically experiencing your most precious dream of happiness. If the answer is no, then you have just ruled out option 3. Crawling under that rock doesn’t lead to you being wedded to bliss…. it leads to more of the same.

That just leaves left or right: short-term or long-term results.

Bliss is something you don’t have to put off until later down the road but that doesn’t exclude the long-term solution. The word commitment means in it for the long haul, but that doesn’t exclude the short-term solution either so here lies the dilemma and I cannot make that choice for you.

This week then is asking you to consider deep, consider long, consider quietly… do not be pressured to consider fast, but do consider yourself first.

It’s your happiness that’s at stake.

Wishing you a blessed week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Back To Bliss

It’s been a fair while since this combination came up and likewise the current renaissance that it is heralding. Principle 1: I AM God, fully embraces the effervescent yellow solar plexus chakra this week steering you back to bliss.

For a few months there has been a low energy to the Oracle which finally began to break last week, revealing a much lighter tone. What began then with relief is now moving through peace and into that blissful state the cards are suggesting… but what is new and how can you optimize the energy?

The Wholly Grail’s Principle 1 is the realisation of your own divinity, the solar plexus chakra is the house of you ego where your personal power is energetically seated. When the latter is fully aware and embracing the former it is easy to reach a transcendent state. Transcendence, in this case means to rise above the mundane.

For a while you may have been attempting to escape your reality by burying your head in the sand, but then being constantly reminded of that same tangible world at every turn – the discord between the reality and the fantasy constantly causing a separation from your soul-self. Now though, this transcendent state has allowed you to rise above the reality, not through pretending your world is different but through actually seeing it differently through God’s eyes: your enlightened eyes, inviting back an inner knowing that you have the power to transform the world by playing with it lightly.

This playful state has no manipulation about it, instead it is an innocent childlike wonder of “what happens when I do this?” Followed swiftly by delight in the unexpected results.

As this week progresses you can play your way through it by looking for Source energy in everything… hide and seek with the Divine! Be sure to laugh out loud and clap your hands at the synchronicities and ask for what you want, being sure to acknowledge every ridiculous thing that gets delivered… even if it’s not quite in the form you imagined. Glee will stem from acknowledging your magic… and magic will manifest in acknowledgment of your glee!

Have an amazing week… x


Saturday Oracle – Waving Flags And Warnings

Waving flags and warnings should never be ignored and this week’s combination is indicating that something precious could be at risk if you fail to heed the signs.

When Principle 2: I AM Detached meets the power-filled vibrant yellow of the Solar Plexus, confidence is riding high and understandably you are enjoying the path step by step, seemingly uninterested in the dramas playing out around you. This is a blissful state to be in because detachment is the art of observing without being drawn in, just doing your own thing without needing to grasp at outcomes, without agenda other than to discover what every opportunity has to offer by way of more experience and sensation. It is the sublime state of The Fool in tarot, an innocent mind seeing everything anew…

But you’re not innocent, and something’s are not new. Issues around you are likely to threaten your bliss if you fail to acknowledge them in some small way.

This week will bring a feeling or subtle signs that something that currently sits at the periphery of your focus is requiring your attention. This might be a task that needs completing, a bill that need paying, a structure that requires maintenance, an ailment or physical symptom that warrants investigating, or a partner or relationship that is losing its way and is in need of reassurance.

The Solar Plexus is the energetic body’s guidance system and the waving flags and warnings I’m referring to are the gut feelings you get when something isn’t quite right. Your detachment, which has been a theme for a couple of weeks, has had you ignoring or suppressing this vital intuition so as not to let your moment to moment happiness turn to unnecessary worry. Worry is not the answer to this niggle, attention and action are far more effective.

Do not be tempted to give up your detachment by launching yourself fully into the drama of it all, but nor should you confuse detachment with ignorance. Ignoring a thing will not make it go away, usually it serves to make it scream louder. Besides, there are things that you would miss if they did disappear from your life so protect and nurture them now.

Whatever message your inner knowing is telling you about the condition of your external reality is probably right on point this week so ignore it at your peril. Let the person, thing or issue know you have witnessed there is some kind of need, (even if this is a symbolic gesture of putting it on your to-do list), letting it know you care. Once the action required from you or by you is clear, figure out a way to take it only if it is for the highest good of all concerned. If however your attention is simply being pulled towards a thing for the sake of having your attention, then now is a good time to reinforce your detachment and protect your bliss bubble.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead… x

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Saturday Oracle – Release The Inner Sunlight

External factors may be attempting to smother you in a dark cloud this week but you have the power to release your inner sunlight and find your joy no matter what.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated takes the hand of the yellow solar plexus in this combination and reminds you where your joy is once you remove all excessive extraneous attachments.

Theses attachments are not so much to do with human relationships as they are to do with the things you thought you needed to provide you with some sort of comfort.

Hold onto your hat because this is a combination where people suddenly quit their stressful jobs, they downsize homes, they up and leave everything that once brought security but stole their joy. Travel might be on the cards, adventure, new hobbies and blank schedules.

As you enter this week you will have a renewed sense of power, purpose, and the motivation to act. I’d like to say that the action is born completely of clarity about what you need to do, but it’s more about knowing what you don’t need to do anymore or ever again.

Freedom comes with a cost… bliss!

I don’t know about you but I’m willing to pay that price.

Remember that your new found sense of liberation is going to unnerve some people in your circle. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks from a point of self-interest so they will feel insecure about your emotional shift which may cause them to act out and throw negative energy your way. Stand your ground and stay your course because they will be genuinely happy that you are finding joy but frightened about what it means for them and how their own security becomes affected. People don’t give up security without a fight whether it’s internal or external, but you’ve fought long and hard enough, now it’s time to  feel release. You can be a beacon for them, showing the way.

As the week progresses, whether you have made small changes or a clean sweep, be playful with your every step, let your inner sunlight become the first thing people notice when they encounter you along their path… Your leap of faith will be an inspiration even if they don’t understand it yet.

Have a great week… x

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A Very Merry Moment To Moment

After a period of apparent adversity, I emerged back into joy for the sake of joy yesterday. I awoke feeling not just optimistic but as if I had already arrived into the centre of my own dream life, all details present and accounted for… like that moment when you win the life lottery and suddenly the sky is brighter and rainbows start appearing everywhere in your experience.

Nothing major had changed externally of course, (except the smile obviously plastered across my face), I had merely stepped fully out of the slipstream of time and into the eternal moment… the present. My Christmas Present!

I’m not going to go into detail about the various devious mindgrabbers that have kept me from my personal Grail of late, but I’ve never made claims other than that I struggle with Principle 2: I AM Detached, the art of remaining present. I’m usually off whittling about what’s next or not next, sometimes rehashing what happened last or last year… knowing its a futile activity doesn’t make it easier when you’re attempting to unravel a lifetime of programming or unconscious addiction… I’m a self-confessed stress-head or rather, I have been. I’ve told you before that when you begin a sentence with I AM, you better end it with something you actually want to be because the universe is constantly listening to your claims and adjusting the rudder to fulfil them for you… that being said, I AM happy to announce that I AM Happy!

Getting out of the slipstream only needs to happen momentarily for you to get that feeling, it’s like the Chalice swells a little to allow more contents to fill it. It’s just your perception of course, those contents were already there except you failed to noticed, I failed to notice… and I notice everything!

Keep your joy alive this Christmas by not minding so much. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t finish shopping, if you did a shoddy job of wrapping gifts, if Christmas dinner isn’t ready on time… none of that matters… what matters is that you laugh your way through disaster and see the whole weekend through the eyes of a child: focused on the moment and squeezing every last drop of bliss out of it.

May I wish you a very merry moment to moment… x


The Alighting Point

Grail Oracle 4Grail Oracle Yellow

I have this recurring dream from time to time of being on a bus approaching my stop and finding myself struggling to collect all my bags and luggage together in time to get off. Sometimes the driver is waiting at the stop with the door open but the more I pick up the stuff appears and I have shout to him “please wait.” At other times I’m waiting at the stop and the bus I want to get on is fast approaching but similarly I have to gather my things before it arrives or I’ll miss it… I can feel myself panicking all the while. Obviously it’s a dream about baggage and the need to lighten the load or opportunities will be missed to progress along to the next stage of my personal evolution… but it’s not about the baggage that this oracle is revealing, it’s about the reason to get off the bus.

The Alighting Point is a combination of Principle 4: I AM Truth and the effervescent yellow of the solar plexus chakra and is all about blissful experiences.

This week will see you recognising an opportunity not to peruse the goal represented by the destination stated on the front of your proverbial bus (the long term plan), but to get off, wander around and enjoy the opportunities along the road. It’s like being on your way to work, seeing a fun fair by the roadside and deciding that would be so much fun and you fancy a bit!

Now in realistic terms allowing yourself to stop and savour the simple pleasures that are offered to you may actually kick start a whole new journey… The destination may be the same (if you want it to be), but you may find that another bus, another route or another way of arriving is far more fun than the same old same old that you’ve been used to.

Joy and bliss arrive at the most unexpected moments when you allow yourself to taste something new: a new hobby, a new project, a new love… playfulness in this case is the key to rediscovering your love of life and it may just be exactly what you never knew you were looking for. Expect your social life and circle to expand as a result of taking a risk by getting off the bus and allowing a little indulgent behaviour to guide you towards a brand new truth.

You may be revisiting past loves that you thought were lost, talents and gifts re-emerging that you left in your childhood and inhibitions being cast by the wayside as exhilaration takes over and euphoria prompts you to say “again, again!”

“Scream if you wanna go faster”…  there’s always another bus, have some fun.

More next week… x