A Look Behind The Fragile Facade

Most of what we perceive in any given moment is in a state of flux, neither one thing nor another, simply an imprint of multiple potential realities that, until you decide what’s true for you, are not fixed. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? It’s the nature of energy to form, degrade, fall apart and then reform […]

The Mirrorcle

Free readings from The Intuitive Chalice Oracle have been posted weekly now for a good few months and inevitably combinations will come up more than once. Though this particular combination appeared a while ago as “The Creative Director” it’s back now as The Mirrorcle to provide us more context on the current energy stream. Bringing […]

Catch A Glimmer

Gratitude is a universal lubricant. When you pay attention to and appreciate the miracles that already exist within your life more miracles show up for you. I’m a lover of simple things, a girl of simple tastes and simple pleasures. I love things that are pretty but built to withstand, like the philosophy applied by […]