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The Unholy Grail: A Guide To What The Wholly Grail Is Not

Please share this… I’m sure it happens all over the industry.

Everything is open to interpretation. When people are determined enough and focused solely on their own personal agendas facts are manipulated and twisted to become whatever they need in the moment to quantify their own actions.

The Wholly Grail, the last 5 years of my work, apparently is no exception.  Let me take look today then, not at what the 7 Principles are but at what they are not, thus making them the unholy grail:

Principle 1: I AM God

This is not a statement offering its readership a superiority complex, a megalomaniac’s free pass or a warrant to perpetrate separation and segregation tactics from the rest of the populous…. it applies to everyone’s divine origins.

Principle 2: I AM Detached

This is not an excuse to be disconnected from the consequences of your actions and therefore relinquish responsibility for all the decisions you make and how they affect others… it asks merely that you let go of what you cannot control.

Principle 3: I AM Human

This is not an excuse for deliberately hurting other human beings, shrugging your shoulders and continuing to bulldoze your way through life and the feelings of those around you… it is a mechanism for recognising that mistakes happen.

Principle 4: I AM Truth

This is not permission to disregard the ideas and opinions of others or to oppress the voice another because it doesn’t fit with your vision or to assume it is yours alone… it is a basis for embracing diversity.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated

This is not grounds for walking away from all responsibilities or dumping them on others whilst you swan off into the sunset not caring who is left holding the bag… this is a reflection of the power to choose what material things dictate your level of emotional freedom.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full

Ahh, now this, my current bone of contention after this little gem has this week been absorbed into the repertoire of someone (famous) in the Mind, Body, Spirit industry and presented as their own concept, someone who should know better, is NOT about helping yourself to whatever you feel like without permission, taking what’s not yours like a school bully stealing lunch money, copying homework and riding roughshod over those genuinely trying to serve in their own little way… it is about taking care of your own needs so that you may better serve.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted

Is not in anyway a description of someone who is a pushover, a doormat, will put up with anything from anybody, take what you want and expect no consequences, or a powerless victim… it is a state of acceptance that life and love flow and the willingness to allow that flow to occur unimpeded.

Power sought from Wholly Grail is pure, power taken from The Grail of another will eventually poison your own sacred chalice.

The Wholly Grail Principles have been distributed freely to help, heal and inspire, but they are copyright and the intellectual property of Jo Jerodene (me). Feel free to share but please be courteous and acknowledge authorship of all materials (or at least that its not your own).

I hope this clarifies a few things. I know you’re reading so do the right thing.

I would say there will be more later but at this point I don’t know if I want to be a ghost writer or muse for a bigger fish so I will wait for clarification from spirit (or a full retraction, apology and acknowledgment).

Jo… x



That Place Where You Are Free

Where on the Grail path are you?

That’s a question that when asked, you may be tempted to list your spiritual accomplishments, many trainings, how many people you’ve helped and the number of certificates you’ve gained in the process. You may rank your distance travelled along the road by your income or your ability to live without one, these are all just comparables and comparing yourself to an outside standard actually means you are about as far from your destination as you can get.

It’s not a race, it’s not a competition, it’s the journey home.

When you’re asked where are you on your Grail path, the answer you’re looking for is “I’m home.”

Now you have to decide what coming home actually means for you. For me it’s peace, fulfilment, love, clarity, creativity, wonder and grace… an enlightened state of Open-Heartedness that can only be achieved when when both Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted sit in unison. All the other Principles are guidelines to dismantle the blocks to embracing the first and the last. Coming home isn’t a long journey and in fact has nothing to do with distance. It’s a different path for each of us and there are a million external distractions to pull you from your quest, disorienting you and claiming to be the way home to the Grail but if it’s external its not home… I promise you it can’t be found out there. Sure you will catch a glimpse of it in the outside world, when you find momentary joy the Grail will appear, but it’s the joy that is home not the temporary trinket that you imagined brought that joy to you.

Home is that place where you are free and anything else is a poor imitation. Across these next few posts I’ll examine the 5 stages between God and your heart… the Principles that stand between you and home… between now and the next post though, your job is to examine what areas of your life you don’t feel free… let’s get serious about the quest this week.

More later… x

One of Only Seven Faces

Did you know there are  only 7 possible causes of stress that can disturb your inner peace and happiness?

Now those 7 culprits are really good at disguising themselves as millions of other external pressures but I guarantee you that if you look closer, if you do the work, your unrest will have one of only seven faces.

Next week I will be posting a link for you to sign up to receive the full downlow on the 7 causes of personal distress, it’s totally free to receive and will be sent straight to your inbox complete with some mini exercises to allay the immediate effects and highlight where in your life you need to make changes. Look out for the link in next weeks posts and join the Grail quest as a conscious Knight on a hero’s journey.

Today though, consider how amazing life could be if you could see right to the heart of everything that worries you and thus overcome the internal turmoil turning it into joy, peace and happiness…

The Wholly Grail is a journey towards exactly that…

More later… x