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Personal Oracle Guidance from The Grail Priestess

A limited number of slots are available each month for discerning women who wish to find clarity around a their life and spiritual wellbeing. 

Readings can be either live via Zoom in person or pre-recorded and the private video link sent to the client, focusing on the question or circumstance submitted by the client at the time of booking.

The next cycle of sittings begins week commencing 11th September and bookings are open for these sessions.

9 Lifestyle Arenas - Eden Alignment Reading

Cards depicted are from The White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild. Alternative decks may be selected for your reading.

This reading is specifically designed to help you bring each of the 9 Lifestyle Arenas into alignment with your wellbeing. It is best chosen by those who are looking to overhall more than one area of life. The 9 Lifestyle Arenas include:

Health & Wellbeing,

Home & Environment,

Family & Support,

Career & Business,

Money & Resources,

Play, Leisure & Personal Growth,

Divine Service,

Projects & Creativity,

Romance & Relationships

These Lifestyle Arenas, when in alignment with your heart’s desire and your soul’s truth, form the basis of YOUR Heaven on Earth or personally designed paradise… Hence, “Garden of Eden.”

Very few of us ever have them all in balance at any one time, so in this reading, usually comprised of 9 cards and taking up to an hour, Jo will provide a snapshot which can guide you through what needs to be aligned and brought into balanced, in order to place YOU squarely at the centre of your own life, where your deepest needs can be met.

As with all readings, the clearer you are with your question, the more context can be provided in your reading.

If you request a pre-recorded session with video link, questions will be requested after booking and can be submitted to Jo at

The investment for a pre-recorded personal reading is £247

The investment for a live personal reading via Zoom is £397

Only 5 slots available per month, allocated on a first come first serve basis. (You will be placed on a waiting list if slots are full).

Disclaimer: Oracle readings are meant to be used a guidance only and do not DO NOT constitute professional medical, or financial advice. The client’s free will and personal sovereignty always retains responsibility and NO liability rests with the reader for how any individual chooses to act upon advice offered.