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Become a private member to enjoy the exclusive content and benefits of The Grail temple for women of High net worth wishing to invest in their sacred self-care and spiritual wellbeing

Private Membership in The Grail Temple

Online Private Membership is no longer available for enrollment, as Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess begins the process of creating The Grail Temple in the physical rather than digital realm.

Private Membership will form a part of the VIP Premium Experience in this new “place of peace” designed to bring women together in a sacred space of reverence and self-discovery. More details will be added soon.

If you are woman who has mastered the material aspects of your life and are now seeking deeper meaning through the spiritual, mystical and magical; you have realised the importance of cultivating and protecting your energy, vitality and inner resources, and you are looking for guidance to lead you into the next level of your personal evolution…

…And you prefer an exclusive, luxury experience, please email to register for the limited Private Membership Packages that will be available when The Grail Temple opens.

Please note that this is a Divine Undertaking in it’s early stages of development and a fixed Grand Opening date has not yet been confirmed.

Supporting The Grail Temple Project

Jo is currently seeking support and investment to create her vision of a sacred place designed to hold space for and guide women at all stages of their spiritual empowerment journey. This will serve as a community interest project, a divine feminine ministry, a place of learning & healing, as well as offering a Private Members Experience.

The Grail Priestess will be setting up a crowdfunding initiative shorthly to raise the necessary funds.

If you feel this project aligns with your own values and would like to offer support through investment, donation or offering your skills, please get in touch at to discuss further.

Can't wait that long?

If you would like to work with Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess sooner,

book a private consultation 

or consider attending a live event.

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Please note: by becoming a member or deciding to work with Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess in any way on your Sacred Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing journey, you are agreeing to step into empowerment and therefore take responsibility for your own well-being, decisions and any actions taken to create the life you want to live. Your results will depend entirely on your participation and willingness to implement your own soul’s wisdom. Guidance and advice is exactly that. Sovereignty remains with you – the client at all times.

Jo Jerodene, Updated June 2023