Courage Calling Coaching Package

Book your Courage Calling coaching package today… Just imagine if you answered the call and heard the words:

“Hello, it’s Courage Calling!”

There is so much that you wanna do, be and have… If only you could get unstuck and stop feeling so powerless to change where you are. I know what you are thinking: you’ve invested so much time, energy and effort into your current circumstances/job/relationship/life (or whatever it is that’s feeling stuck), that you just don’t even know where to start or how it’s even possible to find the clarity and courage to change it and bring your sparkle back. You’ve started thinking it’s not possible to be spiritual and still want so much or maintain the boundaries to protect it.

You know that you are ready for more freedom, more success and much, much more happiness. You know that you are ready to experience more love and more expansion, more joy and a more connection to your truest nature. You know that you have more to offer to the world (or to the right employer or right partner). You know that there is a way to take control of your life and rebuild your very own “Garden of Eden” or heaven on earth, where you’re back in control.

Imagine a world where you’re clear about what you want and what steps you have to take to get it. And not only that but you are filled with the courage to take action and move forward with confidence towards your chosen outcome, knowing full well that the Universe, your angels and your guides are routing for you!

I understand how you feel, change is daunting, especially when you don’t know exactly what new looks like, but that’s where working with me comes in… I’m here to help you remember who you are and get you unstuck fast!

You know you want to:

  • Get clarity about what needs to change
  • Hear and understand your soul’s guidance
  • Recognise your obstacles and blocks
  • Break free of limiting beliefs
  • Take control of your life
  • Define and claim your intentions
  • Understand and action the exact steps you need to move forward
  • Overcome your fear of making waves
  • Initiate real forward movement towards a more fulfilled life
  • And reclaim your own courage!

This is how we’ll roll:

Step 1: We are going to start by scheduling you in for your Courage Call but also with you doing an important initial assessment/questionaire which I will send you by email. That way I have some background details about what you are struggling with before our first session so we can spend your Courage Call working on moving you forward.

Step 2: Your Courage Call will be by Skype, Messenger video chat or by phone if you prefer and will last about 90 mins. It will be a conversation between us as friends. What I mean by that is, it will be super informal. I expect you to be available at the time of the call of course, but be there with your cuppa at the ready and a pen and paper to take notes… I don’t care if you turn up in your pj’s! Your Courage Call is about you… it will not be formulaic because one size does not fit all. You are unique!

Step 3: We are going to end your session with a list of homework! That’s right, if you want change, then you have to take action. We will agree the exact steps together, that you need to take to get you unstuck and get your life moving forward.

Step 4: We will agree a follow-up call for about a week after your Courage Call session, that will last about 15-30 mins to keep you focused and courageous!

It really is possible for you to claim back your courage and be the spiritual person you want to be whilst still creating a life filled with love, joy and your version of success.

The Courage Calling Package costs just £99

and is the lowest cost package for Grail Coaching I offer. It truly is the best value one-on-one spiritual direction available.

To book your Courage Calling session:

1: Hit the Buy Now button to pay via PayPal (don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay by card through their services as a guest).

2: Watch for my email with a selection of appointment times for our online Courage Call and an attached assessment questionaire. It will arrive in your inbox within 48 hours (office hours).

3: Return your completed assessment to me by email at least 48 hours before your Courage Call. This will give me time to get up to speed and begin a Grail Strategy just for you).

4: Get your cuppa, pen and paper at the ready and be online in time for our session.

Ready to take action?

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