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Online appointments (Skype),

…or by phone or email if you choose that option,  designed to kick start your life change process towards a happier, more fulfilled, less stressed you. If you have been looking for a way to combine your spiritual beliefs/practices and desires with your everyday/working life then a one to one consult may be what you have been waiting for.

The Wholly Grail

…is a set of 7 Principles based on years of work by Jo Jerodene. She has used the Principles in her own life to illicit great change and move towards a more authentic life of her choosing… The 7 Principles cover

1. Self-Worth and Personal Divinity – “I AM God”

2. Being Present – “I AM Detached”

3. Fallibility and Forgiveness – “I AM Human”

4. Authenticity and Status – “I AM Truth”

5. Material Freedom – “I AM Liberated”

6. Self-Care and Priorities – “I AM Self-Full”

7. Balancing Energies – “I AM Open-Hearted”

What About Relationships?

There are those of you that may well be struggling with relationships, who may be questioning if this programme is right for you:

The Wholly Grail is all about relationships!…

… Your relationship to Source; your relationship to yourself; your relationship to where you are on the journey; your relationship to where you’ve been and what you’ve left behind; your relationship to others including intimate, familial, personal, professional and social; your relationship to money and possessions; your relationship to health and wellbeing and lastly but by no means least, your relationship to love itself!

In your session we can:

  • Look at what problems you are currently facing
  • Break issues down into ‘Grail Principles’ and further into simple steps to follow
  • Agree exercises for you to work through
  • Look at short term solutions and long term objectives including hopes and dreams.
  • Together, unravel the obstacles and blockages that stand between you and your inner peace.
  • Discuss practical ways to bring you closer to your own version of ‘Peace’
  • Discuss what divine help, by way of the angelic realm is available to you.

The Wholly Grail Personal Consultation

Based on spiritual practice as well as life skills, Jo will help you to blend your spiritual life with your material one.

So many people today have found that their need to fulfil their everyday obligations often may be in direct conflict with their newly awakened soul-purpose and as a result are finding themselves torn. This inner schism can often be the cause of stress, worry, even a deep unhappiness which can be difficult to quieten and can sometimes result in distress, depression and even physical illness. This is what it feels like to be separated from you (your higher self).

As a Spiritual Counsellor and Teacher, Jo, following her own soul-purpose, will take practiced and proven methods from her Wholly Grail Workshops to be able to work on a more personal level with those who wish to kick start their journey towards inner peace and enlightenment, taking the idea of fulfilment and turning it into a reality.

Are you ready to start ‘The Quest’?

One to One Personal Consultations

By appointment:

You will receive an initial ‘welcome’ email to organise your first appointment time and information as to how your mentoring session will work. 1 hour appointment slot.

Initial session only £75



or you can Contact Jo to find out more

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