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You deserve relationships that fill you up...

…You deserve a life that nourishes your spirit in all ways, not just a life that looks good on the surface to meet everyone else’s expectations.

That journey begins in self-love, self-worth and self-mastery.

That's why I created this 8-week Spiritual Self-Mastery course especially for you!

Next intake dates to be announced shortly.

And the best thing is, it’s not pre-recorded!

It’s Live!

Delivered by me in person, online over 8 consecutive weeks.

Each week you are invited to attend an online workshop where I will personally guide you through an experiential journey into each of the foundational Principles of The Grail. Quite literally the sacred keys to your inner freedom. Helping you elevate your self-love game, reigniting your sense of inner-worth and lighting the way to radically transform all your relationships including the ones you have with

Your Love-Life & intimate Partnerships
Your Home & Environment
Your Family & Support Network
Your Career & Business
Your Wealth & Finances
Your Health, Body & Wellbeing and more…

All by healing the one primary relationship that exists between YOU, your SOUL and SOURCE.

Why is it "The Gateway to The Grail"?

Two reasons

The first…

Because this 8 week initiatory course really is the best way to begin your personal Grail Path, and so acts as a Gateway to my other services if you want to continue your Spiritual Self-Love & Self-Mastery journey with me.

The second…

In reference to the signature method we’ll use to design your desired life, further down your path. It’s called Life-Mapping and forms one of the 4 pillars of The Grail Path. The Life Map is constructed in the form of your own personal Garden of Eden (because we would all love our lives to feel like paradise, right)? Relationship, one of 9 significant arenas of living a full life, is the arena that forms the Gateway to the Garden. It’s often the thing that brings us to our knees and draws us furthest from our own soul if we aren’t grounded in the wisdom of our own worth.

Remember, The Grail Path is all about healing your primary relationship with Yourself, your Soul and Source.

The Grail itself is a holy vessel, the source of God’s power on earth. You might not feel it yet, but that’s you.

So The Grail Path is the path that leads back home to YOU.

If I’m honest, when I was asked my Spirit Team to start teaching The Grail through the lens of relationship, I really didn’t want to.

My love-life has a rollercoaster history of disappointment, divorce, narcissitic entanglement, neglect and one-sided situationships… and I had to wade through so much blame and shame around the disempowered role I played in that, in order to be here for you.

Me –  a powerful leader of powerful women, a direct channel of divine wisdom, angelic and esoteric knowledge, and yet still I  succumbed and was subjected to the misery of bad romance and unhealthy attachments.

I almost lost my business, my reputation and at one point, I thought I was losing my mind… all because I gave my all to someone who didn’t deserve my love, my attention or my genius.

That was until I started living my truth and applying the 7 Principles of The Grail to every aspect of my life

Recognising that I am and have always been, the one I’ve been looking for.

Now all my relationships are built on mutual respect, trust and reciprocity. I no longer need to ask if I’m worthy of anyone, I ask – “Are they worthy of me?”

That’s what I want for you…

That you’ll know yourself so completely and love yourself so unconditionally that you never accept less than your heart’s desire and your soul’s true worth ever again.

When you decide to take this journey with me...

(…And I hope you will),

Do so with an open heart (even if it’s currently broken), an open mind (even if your beliefs about who you are have been limited for so long), and a willingness to embrace your spiritual evolution.

It’s time to fill your cup, live from the overflow, and have all your worldly relationships mirror the pristine inner relationship you’ll develop with your Soul.

The journey commences on [next intake dates TBA]

8 x 2hr online sessions held each Wednesday evening from 6-8pm UK Time

As a Divine Channel, I will delivering some of the most powerful activations available in the spiritual empowerment industry. Guiding you through sacred visualisations, doing the energy work and relating moment by moment channelled wisdom from the Archangel Realms – based in Spiritual and Universal law, backed up by a firm foundation in human dynamics and psychology.

(Not to mention a personal history of overcoming hidden and unrecognised low self-esteem, self-worth and self-love that was damaging every other relationship I had).

Each sessions includes: Grail Wisdom, Workbook, Meditations/Visualisations, Powerful Activations, Personal Guidance, Prayer & Affirmations as well as practical work to implement between sessions.

The investment for your 8 week Initiatory Journey is £5997

In week 1 – Divine Identity

We dive into the truth of who you really are and the consequences to your light and life when you don’t recognise it, including the exploitation by and transgressions of others that leads to your broken heart as you become more and more separated from the truest version of you.

In week 2 – Divine Presence

We focus on the biggest power-drain on our personal energy and why we are often crippled by indecision, stay too long in unhealthy situations and repeat the same patterns in our relationships over and over – our attachment to what was or what might be.

In week 3 – Divine Innocence

Blame, shame and guilt almost stopped me from putting this package together for you. This is the week we tackle those paralysing emotions by stepping into the dynamics of forgiveness – first for yourself and then for those who hurt, used and abused your trust, your resources and your unconditional love. It’s an emotional week but a critical step along the path.

In week 4 – Divine Authority

Your essence and authentic truth is held within the core of your soul and communicated through your heart, when you allow yourself to be a pure, clear receptive channel for your spirit. We are going to take time to notice and transform those beliefs and stories that you have adopted, that are not your own and that override your nature, your  opinion and your intentions, rendering you a follower (of whoever you place on the altar/pedestal) instead of the leader in your own life.

In week 5 – Divine Liberation

Our material world is an anchor. It’s also a place to experience luxury, sensuality and blissful manifestation. This is the part of your journey where you will need to get really clear on which parts of your manifested reality, including your relationships, support you and which parts cost you more than they offer in return. The keys to your freedom and the successful stewardship of your personal energy and resources deserve the time you dedicate to this session.

In week 6 – Divine Reverence

Honouring the Self and prioritizing your own wellbeing puts you in a position to serve from an overflowing cup. Self-Love is an overused phrase that often goes along with images of bubble baths and flowers. this week we understand the strength and discipling it requires to put YOU at the top of your to-do list… Then you learn to  build boundaries around those priorities.

In week 7 – Divine Balance

The more you’ve been hurt, the more you’ve been disappointed, the more you are like to have closed off your heart. In this session we explore the last of The Grail Principles which taps into our receptivity and moreover, our willingness to give and receive in equal measure. Reciprocity within relationships is essential for all parties to feel valued. First you set your expectations and then you set your standards.

In week 8 – Life Mapping & The Path Ahead

This week we will recap and begin to apply the Principles in an introduction to the Garden of Eden or Life-Map, deliberately designing your life, love and relationships the way you want them. You will learn why romance and relationships are the Gateway to the Garden and to The Grail, before we discuss your onward journey either with me as your guide on The Grail Path or under your own steam.

You will leave this course transformed, peaceful and powerful

All your relationships will transform to meet you in your new frequency