Exclusive Luxury Spiritual Retreat

for professional women who serve at a high-level

Next Retreat is set for Spring 2023

A message from Jo…

I took a personal, spiritual retreat for a few days, to refuel and reset my energy, tapping into the reservoir of guidance available to those who get quiet enough.
Checking in with Source, leaving room to be guided by Spirit, requires peace and dedicated practice, but in the midst of the day-to-day, your frequency is easily lowered by mundanity, rendering you less able to tune in to your soul-needs, life purpose and genius. I heeded the call to meditation, prayer, movement, art, rest and deep-soul diving.
Upon emerging, I had enormous clarity, and a NEW MISSION downloaded from my guides and angels.
I was instructed that my retreat was a precursor to YOUR RETREAT.
I’ve been asked by Spirit to put together an exclusive transformational getaway, at a TBC luxury secret location within the UK, for an intimate group of spiritually-inclined professional women who serve others at a high-level.
This is a personal, NOT a business retreat.
This is a soul-driven, energy healing, tap-into-your-deepest-desires and raise your frequency retreat.
It’s a “discover your legacy” retreat and a “tune into your celestial support and align to your own mission to achieve your biggest intentions” retreat.
It’s purpose is to revitalise the connection between your self, your soul and Source so you have clarity around your trajectory, fresh perspective on your well-being that is the core of your business and the deep healing of any obstacles and blockages holding you back from your next-level life path.

And yes, it will be all about the woo!

I work intuitively, intending to personalise and tailor the experience to meet the needs of the group.
So, I’m just going to leave this here with a blessing from the angelic realm:
“You, who know you need to come back to your soul; you who need this sacred work of remembering why, and to heal the rift between your life and your own inner spirit; you, sent to serve the world in your work – let yourself be served also.”

Email me at jo@jojerodene.com if:

👑 You’re ready for some Divine direction and support in your life, wellbeing & business
👑 You know that removing yourself from your daily environment and immersing yourself into spiritual and energy work is key to hearing your soul’s truth
👑 You’re interested in participating in this exclusive opportunity to work on YOU as the sacred soul-centre of your influence and impact in the world
👑 And you would like to be considered for this hand selected circle of powerful wise women coming together to create synergy in their huge frequency shift.
If it’s not for you but an incredible woman you know jumped into your mind, take that as a message from Spirit and send her the link to this page.

The Concept

The great gathering is underway. After more than 2 years of being held apart through global pandemic, it’s time for us to come together for the purpose of healing, transformation and personal evolution.

This is the inaugural Spiritual Retreat for women who serve at the highest level, to step into awareness of how their own soul’s commitment to elevating others, can only be supported and sustained by first allowing themselves to be served.

This spiritual experience, including Grail Wisdom, energy work, soul-deep self-enquiry, visioning, healing and sacred ceremony, is the perfect opportunity to tune into your deepest soul-needs within a nurturing environment under the guidance of a Grail Priestess. Returning to your original blueprint and unravelling the stories (written in your mind and transmitted through your energy field) that no longer support your expansion or your wellbeing. The stories around who they told you to be and what you had to give up in order to become it. Its purpose is to begin the journey to restoring your light and refilling your proverbial cup. When you allow your own needs to be met, you become a wellspring of abundant life-force to serve others in your life, love and business.


  • On this retreat you will learn to tap into the true whispers of your soul calling you home to yourself
  • Begin creating the vision of your version of heaven on earth for your own life, love and business/career
  • Learn the essential keys to building and protecting that reality with healthy boundaries build on balance and reciprocity
  • Understand the 9 major life arenas that make up your life and how they should work in symbiosis.
  • Develop new wisdom around how you have limited your inner wellspring of life-force that has restricted your impact, diminished your capacity to serve and left you in overwhelm and often exhaustion or burnout.
  • You will begin to reprioritise YOU as the core resource that feeds every aspect of your life and how you honour that and hold it sacred.
  • And… if it is your soul’s will, you will go away with a short term plan to initiate that real lasting change in your life.

What to expect from our sacred sessions

This is meant to be a deeply spiritual experience, but spirituality is not meant to be stuffy or dogmatic… (I’d be the first person on the train home if that were the case). We will share soul-deep conversations, meditations, visualisations, group energy healing, coaching and counselling, as well some magical invocations, initiations and activations. We even have permission to access the castle’s private chapel (which survived Henry VIII’s reformation in the 16th century), to hold a pre-equinox ceremony. I want this retreat to be life-changing for you, but that part is up to you.

A sense of humour is required. Respect for ourselves and the other attendees is mandatory. To gel with me, tolerance of colourful language and real life, no-BS conversations have to be normal for you. I will challenge you, I will support you, I will hold space for you… but I will not do the journey for you, because I know how powerful you already are.

Bring compassion, empathy, acceptance with you.


Within this secret idyllic Yorkshire location, stands a historical castle set in over 70 acres of woodland, with over 1000 years of history (that is even mentioned in the Doomsday Book c1086). It is beautiful, magical and luxurious in its current incarnation as a luxury hotel and spa. The exact details of the location will be shared with you upon booking, but here’s what I can tell you…

Having personally retreated to this location to be nurtured and immersed in self-care in a time of extraordinary grief following the death of my mother in 2020 and just before that the sudden death of a beloved, I can attest to being held by the sacred space, healed by the surrounding blanket of green, witnessed by the angels that I invoked there and served beyond my own capacity to receive by the team at this special place.

I have secured for our retreat, the most magical cocooning space in the castle – where a large stone hooded fireplace grounds the embossed antique gold walls and mahogany beams in the quietest corner of this extraordinary environment. Over 2,500 babies were born in this very room whilst the castle served as a maternity hospital for years when World War II broke out, making this a special place of birth and even rebirth for our own awakening. The spa can be booked for treatments from a simple facial to full body massage or a “Rasul Mud Chamber” treatment, (I have no idea what that is but it sounds both exhilarating and really dirty all at the same time)!


5 Nights: 

Arrival TBC Spring (May 2023)

Departure TBC

The castle has a 4 star rating and during my recent site visit I inspected the different room types. Though newer rooms have been added as it grew as a hotel, there is a very distinct difference between the suites in the main castle and the newer more generic hotel rooms… so obviously I insisted on you having the full castle experience!


I have seen so many of retreats where you share a room with a bunkmate but this is a retreat where you deserve your personal space to process between our workshop sessions and gatherings, time to relax, unwind and restore your inner wellspring, maybe even make those plans for how you will implement new learning into your daily reality beyond the retreat.

Some of the suites in the main castle are considered to be “mini-apartments” with many having 4 poster beds. All have en-suite bathrooms and are spacious, characterful and individually decorated so there is nothing generic about these spaces. They also include expected facilities such as high speed WiFi, luxury toiletries, hospitality tray and flat screen televisions.

PLEASE NOTE: all the castle rooms are beautiful and will serve to nurture your stay, but they are not all equal in size or grandeur. They will be allocated on a first booking basis.


What’s included?

  • Daily workshops and sacred sessions
  • 5 night’s accommodation
  • Full Yorkshire Breakfasts
  • Chef’s buffet lunches for our group sessions
  • Inclusive 3 course dinners (the hotel has a selection of meat/fish/vegetarian cuisine)
  • 60 min spa treatment
  • Optional outdoor group activity i.e. archery or axe throwing (Yep! The fastest de-stressing, healing session I’ve ever had was when they let me loose with those axes. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it)!
  • A guided castle tour to learn some of its rich history
  • Ample time to rest, explore, daydream, contemplate and assimilate the transformative work we will do in our sessions together.

What’s not inclusive in the retreat price?

  • Travel, fights and transfers. Each attendee is responsible for her for travel arrangements. (see below for more details).
  • Travel insurance is your responsibility
  • Don’t worry, I don’t have a problem with anyone diving into a huge glass of vino over dinner (I might even join you for one), but I haven’t included a bar tab in the retreat price.
  • Extra spa treatments. I’m including your first 60 minute luxury treatment in the price but you can literally book as many as you can fit in (and the spa have time for).

Travelling to the location

By Air – The nearest international airport is Manchester (MAN) UK, which is under 1hr 30 away from the castle by car. Alternatively, Leeds Bradford Airport is just 45 mins from the castle by car but requires a connecting flight from some worldwide locations.

By Car – The location lies north-east of Leeds and has easy access a short distance from the M1 motorway. The moment you turn onto the estate, you enter a fairy tale setting in another world… you would never believe you are so close to several major cities in Yorkshire.

Ample parking is available at the castle for guests.

What to pack

Ladies, this is England! It is just as likely to be a heatwave as it is to rain and live up to its Spring timeslot.

You might like to dress for dinner (just remember we’re up north and the queen isn’t coming… so no bloody ball gowns and diamond tiaras, honestly), smart casual is fine, but for our sessions, think more comfort – layers, things you can cast off if the temperature goes up or add on if it drops… and pack socks… as spiritual work feels weird with your shoes on (to me anyway). If you want to go yomping through the woodland to play with the deer in your downtime, but you don’t want to pack your wellies, the castle has them to loan. A just-in-case sweater and showerproof jacket might be advisable. Check the weather forecast before you leave, I want you to be comfy.

Who is this retreat for?

  • Spiritually-inclined professional women who serve others at a high-level.
  • Women wishing to expand their influence and impact in their personal and professional lives without losing themselves or burning out in the process.
  • Those women who wish to explore a new level of empowered service and who recognise they may have been over-giving and not allowing themselves to also be served.
  • Women who are ready build a life that fills them up and incites passion, purpose and peace into their everyday reality where they are in tune with their own truth and standing in that authentic place of self-worth, acceptance and of course, love.
  • Women who are acutely aware that their soul-self has needs and they are no longer willing to put those needs to side and live a half-life around someone else’s.
  • Your profession or business DOES NOT have to be a spiritual one. It is your willingness to let Spirit help and guide YOU and your openness to working with ancient universal laws that will make you the right fit for this retreat.


Who is it not for?

  • This is not a business retreat to up-level your income to 7 figures or whatever the latest marketing ploy is, if that’s what you need, you are looking for a business coach not a spiritual teacher and Grail Priestess.
  • This is not a retreat for learning tarot/oracles or energy healing. Though both modalities will likely be used at the retreat, they are for the purpose of guidance.
  • It’s not for you if you are looking a qualification at the end of it.
  • And it’s not for you if you think that I, as your facilitator, will be the one doing all the magic! This is your transformational journey and I am merely your guide. The more you commit to the work and the Grail Wisdom, the more your life will come into alignment with your wellbeing and greatest good.
  • This is also not for you if you are afraid to go deep into your shadow and find your glorious light.
  • Lastly, if you don’t do WOO, it’s not for you! Angels, Ascended Masters, Light-beings and Elementals will be walking this path with us every step of the way.

Limited Spaces

Synergy is important. To ensure an intimate, nurturing circle where everyone feels heard and everyone’s needs are met, I am limiting the retreat to


If you know already (and trust me, your soul knows) that you want to be a part of this first ever Grail Retreat for women who want to serve with more influence and impact from an overflowing cup, then don’t delay.
Please get in touch asap so we can get your booking sorted.

Your Investment

This luxury spiritual retreat requires an investment of £5,550 GBP

(excluding travel, please see what’s NOT included in the above text)

A non-refundable deposit of £1,550 is required to secure your place at the time of booking. The outstanding balance is due 30 days before the retreat.

Payments can be made by bank transfer (details upon request) and by making payment you are agreeing that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of booking, (see below).


  1. The biggest suites and four posters will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Anyone booking before 31st Dec 2022 for the Spring Retreat will be gifted a private coaching or healing session, or a reading with me on the retreat, to kick-start your inner journey.


Book before 31st Dec 2022 and pay in full, showing your full commitment to investing in yourself through this experience and you will be eligible for the above fast action bonuses


3 months of follow up support beyond the retreat

(3 x monthly online coaching sessions), worth over £2,500

And now the boring bit…

But it is important so please don’t skip this part!

Booking Terms & Conditions

By paying the deposit of £1550.00 GBP (or any amount over and above towards the balance) for the Autumn Equinox Retreat 2022, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • Refunds & Cancellation – Deposits are non-refundable unless it becomes necessary for me, Jo Jerodene, as the organiser to cancel the retreat. Here’s the reality: I have a minimum amount of attendees to make the retreat happen. Should that minimum not be met by the required date of 20th July 2022 then it will be necessary to cancel or reschedule the retreat to later in the year. If this becomes necessary, I will either refund your deposit or roll it over to the new dates, depending on your preference. PLEASE NOTE: It is inadvisable to book any travel before this confirmation date. Should you choose to do so, it is at your own risk. The Castle/Hotel also operates a no refund policy so I will not be paying the deposits to the venue until numbers surpass the minimum or the aforementioned date, to ensure everyone’s money is protected.
  • Travel Insurance & Visas – you are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance and any required visas for international travel. (Please see notes in refunds & cancellation for confirmation dates before doing so).
  • Liability – The spiritual aspects of this retreat will be delivered by me (Jo Jerodene). However, all liability for the venue, accommodation and catering rests with the hotel. All liability for spa treatments rests with the spa operators and any liability for the optional outdoor activities rests with outdoor activity operators. (All of which operate under the umbrella of the venue and are offered as part of the package provided by the Hotel/Castle). Company names available upon confirmation of booking to protect the secret location of this exclusive retreat.
  • Promotional Activity – During the course of the retreat, photographs for promotional use will be taken. This will not interfere with the work we aim to achieve together or intrude on personal moments. By booking, you are both agreeing to having your photograph taken and the use of resulting images in promotional materials for future retreats and other marketing by Jo Jerodene.
  • Testimonials – you will be asked during the course of the retreat to fill in feedback forms that will be used as testimonials for future marketing and promotion.


And yes, we have to talk about COVID…

There isn’t an insurance company in the world that will insure against COVID 19 and its variants. As I am writing this, I am just recovering from the virus. This is going to be with us for a while yet and so it must be discussed here.

Should the country go into another lockdown or an outbreak of COVID/CORONER VIRUS should occur, making cancellation necessary after the deposits have been paid, neither you as a consumer, nor I as an organiser will have recourse to a refund. If (heaven forbid) this becomes the case, I will endeavour to negotiate with the venue to roll over those payments to a rescheduled later date. This cannot be guaranteed.

Ready to book your place on this transformational spiritual retreat?

Just drop me an email at jo@jojerodene.com
and I will send you a copy of the booking details (extracted from the above information) and let you know where to send your deposit.

Not ready yet? Don’t dally, I don’t want you to miss out on the fast action bonuses, but I’m happy to chat about your concerns. Email me at the above address and we’ll set up a time to chat.