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Need a little extra? Here’s how you can get support and work with me on your individual healing to transfrom your life.

There’s a reason the self-help formulas don’t work!

Ever noticed how the “Change Your Life in 5 Easy Steps” kind of formulas don’t work for you?

The simple reason is, that if “one size fits all” then we would all actually just be one size, wouldn’t we? But we’re not are we?

I get that you’ve tried it all. I get that you feel like you are floundering in a sea of self-help and I get that none of it is actually helping, well not with a lasting change anyway.

It’s for this reason that I’ve abandoned the one size fits all way of working and mass spoon-feeding, to recommit to what I love… and that is working with you, on you, for you.

Your healing, your peace, your transformation into the healthy, happy, vibrant woman that you always wanted to be is my passion… and helping you to get there is my privilege.

Sure, I have systems and formulas and processes and practices that will get you there, but where we begin and the route we take is as unique as you are.

This kind of personal transformation takes time, effort and commitment. I’m not offering you a quick fix or an overnight life hack, I’m offering you guidance, support, healing and real results. I’m offering you complete restoration of peace and purpose in mind, body and spirit. I’m offering you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of those who have already allowed me to help them dismantle the broken pieces, reconnecting them to their soul-selves, where they’ve rediscovered the dreams they had long since forgotten and imagined a few new ones too.

I’m offering you an opportunity to step over the threshold from one way of existing, into a brand new freer, more creative way of dancing with the universe and living life as an adventure-in-manifesting-happiness.


Are You Ready To Commit To You?

There is only one me, right? Because I value my time and energy (I hope you do too), I will only work with those who are truly ready for change. If I’m going to


commit to your healing journey, then you have to be prepared to be even more invested in your transformation than I am (even if you can’t see how it will happen yet).

Before I even consider walking this path with you, I need to know:

  • That you are committed to your own future happiness now.
  • That you will put in the work, both practical and spiritual… (and some of it can be uncomfortable and scary… change always is).
  • That you are prepared to be emotionally honest and vulnerable about where you are and where you’ve been.
  • And that you will honour yourself and the process whilst also honouring me as your guide.

There will be setbacks. Period.


Life is a journey and working with me is like rewriting your map.

If we choose to work together, we are going to rewrite your story. In fact we are going rewrite all your stories that aren’t supporting your best life and highest potential, including the ones:

  • About your health and wellbeing
  • About your home life and foundations
  • About your family and support systems
  • About your work and career
  • About your finances and abundance
  • About your leisure, social life and personal growth
  • About your divine mission
  • About your creativity and projects
  • And about your relationships, partnerships and romance.


The Full Toolkit

I don’t really advertise my skills as individual services anymore. If I work with you, you get access to the entire toolkit: Counsellor, Coach, Angelic Healer, Energy Therapist, Oracle, Channel, Priestess, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Teacher, Nutritionist, Relaxation Therapist, Grail Guide… and fellow traveller on the path…. As well as years of honed wisdom and experience out in the 3D real world. It’s all at the disposal of those personal clients I’m committed to.

Think It Over

Only you know how you feel right now. Only you know whether you are at the end of the line with how things are and how things have been. Only you know when it’s time to say enough is enough.

Take some time to think it over. Give yourself permission to admit that it’s okay to not be okay and then give yourself permission to explore a new way.

When you are ready to find you, I’ll be here to help.

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