The Coterie Experience

Group Mentoring Programme

The next coterie commences Sept 2021

Here’s what you need to know:

Even though The Grail Temple Membership has everything you need to get you walking the path to your own freedom and to create that life that loves you back, sometimes you need more guidance and a little handholding to get you over the initial stages of life alignment and transformation.

A Coterie Experience is a 13 week mentoring programme within a small group of other brave, spiritual women who are committed to breaking free, reclaiming their divinity, building and honouring boundaries and ultimately designing their lives in a new way that not only supports their need for freedom but also peace, abundance and reciprocity. A coterie is simply a small exclusive group.

Coteries are restricted to a maximum of 6 participants who will work directly with me via weekly online training throughout the 13 weeks of focused sessions where we will be nurturing each individual’s vision for their new reality.

Joining an Coterie Experience also gives you full access to the Grail Temple Membership for a whole year including during your initial 13 weeks of intensive coaching.

We will cover:

  • The 4 Pillars of The Grail
  • All 7 Grail Principles
  • Life-Mapping
  • The 9 Life Arenas
  • The 4 Stages of Alignment


Each week we will:

  • Meet live online
  • Connect with our soul’s voice
  • Deep dive into the weekly theme
  • Offer Support/overcome obstacles
  • Set actionable self-directed tasks


You will gain:

  • Trust in your own path
  • Clarity about your needs
  • Confidence in your personal power
  • Direction for creating your vision
  • New understanding about your worth


Your Transformation:

Regain your self-worth! How would it feel to know who you are at your core and honour that divinity in all your interactions? 

Get grounded in your current reality! Instead of hiding from or trying to escape your everyday life, how would it feel to be able to witness the good, the bad and the ugly, knowing you have the power to transform it into your idea of heaven on earth (however far from that reality it may seem right now)?

Forgive and learn from your past! What if your history could become a story of extreme courage and survival that reads as a roadmap to your present peace and future success?

Honour your soul’s voice! How amazing would it be to not need the approval of others and instead be so attuned to your own truth that your next step becomes as natural and authentic as breathing?

Release all your power drains! How much difference would it make to your life if everything and everyone that sucked the lifeforce from your inner wellspring was a distant memory?

Create a self-loving, spiritual self-care practice! What if everyday you stepped into your joy-filled life feeling nurtured, fuelled up and embodying your QUEEN energy?

Open to receive universal abundance! Imagine building connections and relationships that are mutual and reciprocal, where the give and take makes you feel alive and valued!

This might be the most profound 13 weeks of transformation of your life!

You deserve to live a life that loves you back - every part of it!

You are a spiritual being having a very human experience! Your journey through this physical reality was always supposed to be the adventure of you creating Heaven on Earth… or at least your version of it. If that isn’t your current experience then The Grail Path can help you to define your ideal life, the kind that loves you back and feeds your inner being and fills your proverbial cup. You can literally transform all these areas of you life…

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The Immersion Experience

Individual One-to-One Spiritual Mentoring Programme

Here’s What’s Different:

Everything offered in the Coterie Experience is delivered in a highly personalised and one-to-one environment over the course of this 13 week spiritual mentoring programme.

As the group mentoring in The Coterie Experience, the teaching and transformational possibilities of The Grail Path is equal, however the opportunity for deeper individual support in the areas most appropriate to you, and for tailored direction are as unique and exclusive as you are.

The Immersion Experience also includes 1 year subscription to The Grail Temple membership but also includes the addition of unlimited email support and guidance between scheduled weekly live (online) mentoring sessions, over the course of  your 13 week Immersion Experience programme.

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