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Private coaching and healing consultations and guidance from The Grail Priestess. For Women of High Net Worth wishing to invest in their sacred self-care and spiritual wellbeing.

Private Consultations & Spiritual Guidance

Higher perspective and unbiased counsel is often the difference between you breaking through the limitations holding you apart from your greatest wellbeing, or staying stuck in a self-depriving pattern.

Though Jo offers a limited number of private readings each month, that can help you find clarity on your spiritual path to a more self-compassionate way of living, the opportunity to talk through some of your concerns, and receive guidance to tune into your own soul’s wisdom, is a truly nurturing experience.

Revelations that are discovered in conversation with The Grail Priestess have the power to shift your belief system, open your mind and heart to your most cherished desires, affording you a blueprint to the steps to be taken in creating your life around your inner-most needs.

No subject is off-limits in these sessions. Nothing about you, your feelings, your wants or desires is considered wrong, and there will be no judgement.

This is your opportunity to bare your soul, heal deeply and allow for new growth, fully supported and held in a safe setting.

Working with Jo on your self-care and spiritual wellbeing journey, takes you into a sacred space of radical honesty and authenticity, allowing you to see your life, situation and circumstances as they really are, instead of how you portray them to be, placing you in the position of ultimate power over your own life, with the tools to direct your onward story in a way that delights your soul and fulfils your heart.

So what would you like to talk about?

Private Consultations require an investment of £1,997

Consultations are conducted online via a video conferencing app. You will be emailed shortly after booking with available appointment slots (all appointments scheduled in UK time).

or email Jo directly at for more information

Please note: Due to the Grail Priestess investing a huge amount of time and energy into creating the new Grail Temple project, (click here for more information), don’t delay in booking your transformative session… these appointments are becoming almost as rare as unicorn poo!