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The Inuitive Chalice is a free weekly oracle from The Wholly Grail by Jo Jerodene

Saturday Oracle – Beyond A Karmic Connection

The Universe may just be about to offer you the chance of a lifetime and it involves a very difficult choice: to leave behind the painful mistakes of yesterday and travel beyond a karmic connection, or to hold onto the bitterness and blame of situations long since relegated to the halls of history and forever be trapped by unforgiveness.

This week’s oracle is a little unusual in that it contains two challenge or chakra cards. This is because when selecting the cards by the force of the energy flowing through them, I couldn’t differentiate the level of power they each had. What was obvious to me though was the polarity of the energy within each… Principle 3: I AM Human acts as a back drop to the magnetic dance being performed by the two challengers. It’s underlying message is one of fallibility and forgiveness, it smacks of repetitive patterns and the free will fuck-ups that we as a species and as individuals are destined to make in the name of learning and evolution… and it takes some of us longer than others.

In the first instance I chose the chakra card that offered the frequency of pain. Simply because I understood that its polar opposite would offer relief and therefore the cure for the first. The card turned out to be the vibrant orange sacral chakra. Pulling this card with Principle 3 speaks of repetitive relationship mistakes and the pain of co-dependency. Like the Devil in a tarot deck, temptation, entrapment, emotional bondage and repetition have been feeding disappointment born of expectation up to a point but this karmic connection, call it a soul mate relationship if you will, has now played out its dark side and this karmic lesson is complete.

Here is where the polar opposite energy stream emanating from the emerald green of the heart chakra comes into play in a dynamic plot twist that offers a higher karmic lesson that you can choose to accept in this lifetime or roll over into the next. This is the lesson of unity.

We cannot separate the Principle from the cure and therefore the way through, should you choose to accept the new evolutionary mission now, is forgiveness.

Forgiveness in this case is not a word or even a sentiment, it requires the complete surrender of every painful memory or action that has passed between the divine masculine and divine feminine in the previous karmic cycle, not through dismissal but through acceptance. It requires ceremonial definition as an absolute ending to what was, in order to become what will be.

Unity requires, no, demands the execution of the old paradigm of competition as the now complementary (no longer opposing) forces align to face the next test together… a test that the universe has designed to be unachievable as individuals.

Of course you can choose to forego the new karmic adventure and carry on as you were. Stepping through this gateway, though agreed upon by all parties prior to incarnation, is still and always will be subject to free will.

In summary then: that was then, this is now… choose unity or choose separation but the old story has come to its natural end and the way of the heart is the doorway between levels of consciousness. If you choose to remain on your side of the portal your life will continue along its current trajectory, if you choose to step through you will ascend to a higher level of love than you have ever before experienced in your fragile human form.

I suspect the decision might take a little time… have a great week.

More later… x

Saturday Oracle – Heads: You Win, Tails: You Still Win

Our trusty favourite: The Sacred Chalice makes an appearance this week and of course we don’t need to pull a chakra challenge card with this indicator as it stands alone and speaks for itself. And it affects every part of your life when it shows up. We don’t always consider it a favourite though, considering it could literally go either way unless of course you begin to take the attitude and perspective of “Heads: you win, Tails: you still win.”

If life, health, wealth, love and happiness were the contents of a cup (or sacred chalice), then the fuller the cup the more of those things you would enjoy, or any combination of them. What if the cup spilled? Now you would consider yourself to be really unlucky in those areas and to potentially have lost everything, right?

What if the now empty cup was instead considered and pure, clear vessel in which create abundance with fresh energy and new versions of those things that you think you lost? What if the spilled contents were merely making way for more beautiful opportunities to flow into your life?

When you see this week as a win-win situation whichever way the Chalice shows up, then the surge of wonderful that is headed your way will be just that, provided you employ every one of the Grail Principles.

Change is inevitable. The Sacred Chalice is akin to a blended Tower, Star and Wheel of Fortune in the tarot. It can bring blessings but it can also bring stress as your circumstances shift. Whatever is going on around you, keep a keen eye on your health and well-being while the chaos subsides and remember that whatever is making a mess in the moment, be it an upturned or an overflowing Grail cup, when the dust settles and you look back at it from the other side of this week, you will see the miracles and the potential for even more.

More next week… x


Saturday Oracle – Closing The Gates

The universe is generally a benevolent entity, it’s nature being that of expansion: more, more, more to the point that we often get much more than we can comfortably handle. Positive or negative, good or bad is beside the point and pertains merely to individual preference. You might argue that the universe is just as adept at taking things away, but from a different perspective that could be interpreted as it giving you an opportunity to learn to get along without whatever it was or get creative with what replaces it, after all they say nature abhors a vacuum.

This week’s combination sees Principle 1: I AM God team up with the exuberant yellow of the solar plexus which is often referred to as the seat of personal power or the home of the ego…

Quite a combination.

When your divinity and your ego become partners you become a magnet for all the gifts the universe has set aside for you, but when these two don’t get along and your fearful ego forgets that it is/you are God/Source in human form, that’s when you stop the flow of abundance like closing the gates of heaven and locking yourself on the outside.

This week you have the opportunity to recognise how worthy you are of all good things. The solar plexus is also the centre for bliss, joy and laughter, it’s your guidance system and your centre of preference. It’s called ‘solar’ because it radiates like the sun and invites life to orbit around it, making it also your point of attraction but if fear, low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth fuelled by the disconnection of or failure to recognise your divinity is in play then you will not only stop receiving but energetically reject it and reverse its flow.

In short: a gift from heaven is on its way but you have to recognise it, receive it and know that you are worthy of it and ready for it.

This could come in the any number of forms but most likely it will be a recurrence of something that has shown potential before, something you’ve been waiting for or something that you thought you had previously missed out on… it was just waiting for you to be ready… waiting for you to open the gates.

Have an amazing week… you are worthy… x



Saturday Oracle – Unshakable Ideology Into An Undeniable Reality

This is an unusual combination and one I don’t remember seeing before while I’ve been posting the Oracle online. It matches Principle 6: I AM Self-Full with the deep indigo of the 3rd eye or brow chakra and as such it teams vision and intellect with self-interest and personal care.

For a while now you may have found yourself being buffeted by the hopes, dreams and needs of others, not really allowing your own vision to peek through the everyday grind, but this is a week where that has the potential to change dramatically as some part of your personal vision falls into place to remind you that your big dream is actually a genuine possibility.

How many of us have put that big idea we hold sacred to one side because a) we couldn’t see how to make it work, or b) other people’s stuff was higher up the agenda? This is a time where that unshakable ideology that you only allow yourself to daydream about in the moments in between real life could become possible for the first time ever… but…

… Can you desist from pushing down the vision, from putting your life on hold and resisting the urge that swells inside you? Can you say no to distractions and deterrents and finally turn the unshakable ideology into an undeniable reality?

The brow chakra in the Intuitive Chalice Oracle represents prophecy and vision, the ability to project into the Divine Matrix a set of parameters for creation… if you can visualise it you can create it, it’s the ability to tap into the blueprint for your life and add to its expansion… that’s why the ideology is so deeply engrained within your psyche, playing out in a series of wants, needs, desires and drives causing preferences that lead you into ever expanding versions of yourself as you attempt to perfect the vision.

Watch for the opportunity, or as my guides said to me this week “look for the doorways,” they will show you how you can finally find a way to have what you want, what you dreamed of… this dream is all about you.

Enjoy… x

Saturday Oracle – Effortless Exchange Of Energy

Receptivity is a vulnerable state for many, that stems somewhat from a sense of being unworthy of the gift being bestowed or of the apparent generosity of the being that delivers the gift on the universe’s behalf, but this is a week for the effortless exchange of energy as the universe serves up the very thing that provides for your needs.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, meets the red base chakra in this week’s combination offering you a miracle… The form it takes depends on what you most need for your physical protection at this time. Don’t misunderstand me, you are not in any danger, the universe has always been one step ahead of you, but your lower mind has conjured up evidence of some threat or other that often accompanies great change.

As the base chakra tends to your safety, security, health and material wealth, this gift will offer you relief where one of these areas feels uncertain. It may be a physical offer of help from another, advice or the delivery of, to or from what you need.

Where this Principle would normally have you questioning whether to take the gift on offer, there is a huge difference between want and need. This is a need. The effortless exchange of energy comes as you don’t think twice before gratefully accepting the benevolence coming your way in the exact form you need it, as if you were dying of thirst in a desert and the universe provided a well right before you couldn’t possibly take another step. When the need is great, acceptance is without question.

You spent last week being honest about what your needs are… this is the week to get them met.

Wishing you a permanent reprieve from whatever ails you.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Shine A Light On It

They say the truth will set you free and this combination is the gateway to illuminating what that truth might be as we shine a light on it.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, teaming up with the Royal Blue throat chakra is a double whammy on the honesty and authenticity front. As we step into the week ahead it is imperative that you are clear, firstly about what your own needs are and secondly in how you communicate those needs to others.

Verbal brilliance is required in order to get your needs met. Not in a dazzlingly supercilious way, but in a simple, concise and frank account of the elements involved. Be who you are. There is no reason to dress up your intentions or beat around the bush. Everyone involved will be relieved by the simplicity of having all the facts at hand.

There is a secondary meaning in this combination and that is: you don’t know what you don’t know… there is a good chance that your burning questions will be answered this week as you connect with someone who can “shine a light on it” for you. New information may throw up more questions and you should be right up front about asking them.

The energy of the week is efficient, matter of fact, organised and fast paced… you will stay in the driver’s seat while you stay true to yourself and make sure everyone knows they stand.

Wishing you verbal brilliance all week long… x

Ps. Grail insights may be thin on the ground for a little while as I deal with some close to home issues that require my attention. Back soon. Please share this post (as I don’t have time right now) x

Saturday Oracle – Life’s Simple Pleasures

This week’s combination has an overall joyful feeling about it, not in a gregarious or over-excitable way, more peaceful contentment deriving from an inner smile. Life’s simple pleasures have transformed the heavy energy of late into an appreciation for being.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has teamed up with the sunshiny yellow of the solar plexus to bring that personal happy bubble back, and you can be sure that the week ahead will be all the more beautiful for it.

This is a self contained bubble and was never dependent on any outside influences… that’s what it means to be Self-Full. The problem is that the outside world may be looking on and asking what it is you’re smiling about? Not that you will be able to fully articulate why a falling leaf has you mesmerized at the wonder of nature or why a few moments alone reading a book generates an inner glow that has nothing to do with the creative content of its pages or the information they contain… it’s the noticing of moments that fuels this week’s inner bliss, moments that you take for yourself.

When I refer to the happy bubble, know that this state is impenetrable by outside interference. The happy bubble can only be broken when you step out of it by forgetting to be thrilled by the simple beauty that surrounds you, the acts of self-love that you can and should gift yourself. Make these gifts simple, and universal. What I mean by that is, everything you offer yourself this week in that act of self-love should derive from what’s available and costs nothing… it is said that the best things in life are free… The falling leaves cost nothing: go for a walk in nature to give attention to them, reading a book costs nothing: give yourself the time to settle down with a cuppa and watch the people go by, pause before you open the book and give attention to the time you’ve offered yourself…

The list of simple pleasures will be different for each of you but the sentiment will be the same: “This is for me. This is a perfect moment that was made for my pleasure and I honour myself by graciously accepting and appreciating it as the magical gift that it is.”

I’m off to bake now… two for one on the gift front: I have a relatively new found love baking and I get to eat cake with a big cup of tea when I’ve done (I might even lick the bowl).

Wishing you a lifetime in your happy bubble and week filled with simple pleasures.

More later… x

Saturday Oracle – An Unacceptable Dream

The crown chakra is back in play this week as is Principle 4: I AM Truth. This combination makes the emergence of hidden information accessible through your dreams as the subconscious pushes insights to the surface the only way it can. But this is an unacceptable dream and disturbance may follow.

For such a long time you’ve been battling to see certain key details that have remained buried deep within. The conscious mind sees what it wants to see, rationalises elements and happenings into neat manageable packages and dismisses what doesn’t fit with the plan it has in place, let’s call it selective cognition. The subconscious however, sees everything, stores everything, but has the inability to rationalise anything… basically your subconscious is a mess waiting to be acknowledged and healed. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your conscious mind is the part of you that’s up to the job of healing it though, that privilege belongs to your higher self who has a much more even keeled handle on things and understands the true nature of what’s relevant to the big picture¬† and what’s not, and though nothing is dismissable, should be placed in the “accepted and assimilated” filing cabinet.

As the subconscious begins to throw up some really quite weird and possibly even disturbing dreams this week you may find it difficult to accept and assimilate the truth that suddenly comes rushing to the forefront with stark clarity. You might find yourself making statements like “why didn’t I see that?” and “surely that can’t be so.” You may also be tempted to push down the information back into the depths of the inner realms because you still are not ready to face the red flags that have been guiding you back to an appropriate path all along… but this time Big You needs you to listen. The universe is lining up to bring you massive blessings in the next few months but you cannot receive them if you are blinded to their presence by a plan that doesn’t fit with Source’s greater plan.

Keep a dream journal, write down revelations and symbols, insights and stirrings so that you can begin to make sense of the truth that has been present within you. Regardless of how uncomfortable and upsetting, unfathomable or unacceptable, this is the way home to healing and this message that your subconscious is carrying is a clue on your life’s treasure map, don’t dismiss it just because the treasure is buried in a different grid reference to the one you thought. It’s time to trust yourself and what you know deep down to be true.

Wishing you vivid dreams and gentle revelations.

More later… x

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Saturday Oracle – Cloud Cuckoo Land

The human mind is an extraordinary instrument that affords it’s owner the ability to traverse the whole universe and cross dimensions without ever having to leave the living room. The problem with that is, without the body in tow it is unable to actually interact with its surroundings as anything more than an observer and so may as well be in cloud cuckoo land.

It’s a semi derogatory term today’s title but it’s not meant to be offensive in anyway, more a wake up call to the present moment that you are attempting to escape from whilst daydreaming.

The combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached, which is the “Hey, back in the room!” aspect of the Grail, combined with the mesmerizing violet of the crown chakra where dream state is triggered, denotes a tendency to hatch imaginary escape plans… from reality!

This week you may be tempted to distract yourself from anything that feels uncomfortable like the brain’s automatic response to trauma is to take the consciousness elsewhere. The thing is, this week isn’t about trauma… The Sacred Chalice shows up in times of shock. This is more about the low level monotony of life and the minor niggles that have been stuck for a while that are taking the sheen off an otherwise blessed life, and your need to do everything you can to avoid them.

Avoidance is the issue here but imagine how much energy you would free up if you actually faced the problems head on and tackled them in the here and now. Instead of creating a place in your head to escape to you would have actually escaped for real and be excited to engage with everyday life without needing to avoid anything. It may not happen over night, it may be something that cannot be solved in one go, like that person at work who is getting under your skin, that massive bill that needs paying, that relationship talk you’ve been putting off, that giant mess you’re living in… but I promise you this: whatever you are avoiding is only getting bigger and angrier and more insistent that you pay attention whilst you’re visiting your happy place in your head.

This is the week to take positive action by facing whatever it is that’s had you running for cover… cloud cuckoo land has become a habit so you’ll have to be super vigilant about how you are reacting to discomfort and overwhelm, and brave it out until the thorn in your side has been removed for good by whatever means.

I’m wishing you your happy place be right here in reality…

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Like The Wind Blows

Without boundaries, without shackles. Love like the wind blows.

Intense energy arriving this week as we are greeted by this dynamic duo of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, with an illumined orange sacral chakra. Unmistakably a sacred partnership that is asking each party to remove all walls and obstacles to let love love blossom.

This week you may find yourself in a very raw vulnerable state as you are asked to open wide all doors and windows to your heart allowing the energy of love to blow through, just like the wind.

As we know all too well of late, wind can be fierce and uncompromising, destroying lives and families… but it can also be soft and gentle bringing fresh air into stagnant places, thoughts, ideas and regimes. Love is the same. Where there are no obstacles and no expectations the intensity is irrelevant, only resistance creates damage. Love is a benign force, it has no agenda, it’s only intention is to move like the wind blows: spread, and be shared, neither grasped at nor rejected, no increase nor depletion… there cannot be more or less love, only the speed and direction of flow increases or slows down in relation to your ability to receive and transmit seems to amplify the universal elixir.

As you enter this week do so understanding that another is offering you love (directing the flow towards you). It may not arrive in the form you hoped for, but it is in no way any less of a gift than in any other form. You have a choice to gratefully and graciously receive and transmit the life giving, transformative juice or you can close the windows and doors to your heart space and be battered by the impact caused by obstruction… that’s right, rejecting love causes pain.

I’m not suggesting you forget your discernment and encourage unwanted advances but that isn’t what this week is predicting. No encouragement is necessary for the genuine sacred union of souls indicated by this combination.

However love shows up for you this week, learning to give and receive in equal measure will bring positive change into your life, relationships, communication and creativity.

More next week… x

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