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The Inuitive Chalice is a free weekly oracle from The Wholly Grail by Jo Jerodene

Saturday Oracle – An Unacceptable Dream

The crown chakra is back in play this week as is Principle 4: I AM Truth. This combination makes the emergence of hidden information accessible through your dreams as the subconscious pushes insights to the surface the only way it can. But this is an unacceptable dream and disturbance may follow.

For such a long time you’ve been battling to see certain key details that have remained buried deep within. The conscious mind sees what it wants to see, rationalises elements and happenings into neat manageable packages and dismisses what doesn’t fit with the plan it has in place, let’s call it selective cognition. The subconscious however, sees everything, stores everything, but has the inability to rationalise anything… basically your subconscious is a mess waiting to be acknowledged and healed. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your conscious mind is the part of you that’s up to the job of healing it though, that privilege belongs to your higher self who has a much more even keeled handle on things and understands the true nature of what’s relevant to the big picture  and what’s not, and though nothing is dismissable, should be placed in the “accepted and assimilated” filing cabinet.

As the subconscious begins to throw up some really quite weird and possibly even disturbing dreams this week you may find it difficult to accept and assimilate the truth that suddenly comes rushing to the forefront with stark clarity. You might find yourself making statements like “why didn’t I see that?” and “surely that can’t be so.” You may also be tempted to push down the information back into the depths of the inner realms because you still are not ready to face the red flags that have been guiding you back to an appropriate path all along… but this time Big You needs you to listen. The universe is lining up to bring you massive blessings in the next few months but you cannot receive them if you are blinded to their presence by a plan that doesn’t fit with Source’s greater plan.

Keep a dream journal, write down revelations and symbols, insights and stirrings so that you can begin to make sense of the truth that has been present within you. Regardless of how uncomfortable and upsetting, unfathomable or unacceptable, this is the way home to healing and this message that your subconscious is carrying is a clue on your life’s treasure map, don’t dismiss it just because the treasure is buried in a different grid reference to the one you thought. It’s time to trust yourself and what you know deep down to be true.

Wishing you vivid dreams and gentle revelations.

More later… x

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Saturday Oracle – Cloud Cuckoo Land

The human mind is an extraordinary instrument that affords it’s owner the ability to traverse the whole universe and cross dimensions without ever having to leave the living room. The problem with that is, without the body in tow it is unable to actually interact with its surroundings as anything more than an observer and so may as well be in cloud cuckoo land.

It’s a semi derogatory term today’s title but it’s not meant to be offensive in anyway, more a wake up call to the present moment that you are attempting to escape from whilst daydreaming.

The combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached, which is the “Hey, back in the room!” aspect of the Grail, combined with the mesmerizing violet of the crown chakra where dream state is triggered, denotes a tendency to hatch imaginary escape plans… from reality!

This week you may be tempted to distract yourself from anything that feels uncomfortable like the brain’s automatic response to trauma is to take the consciousness elsewhere. The thing is, this week isn’t about trauma… The Sacred Chalice shows up in times of shock. This is more about the low level monotony of life and the minor niggles that have been stuck for a while that are taking the sheen off an otherwise blessed life, and your need to do everything you can to avoid them.

Avoidance is the issue here but imagine how much energy you would free up if you actually faced the problems head on and tackled them in the here and now. Instead of creating a place in your head to escape to you would have actually escaped for real and be excited to engage with everyday life without needing to avoid anything. It may not happen over night, it may be something that cannot be solved in one go, like that person at work who is getting under your skin, that massive bill that needs paying, that relationship talk you’ve been putting off, that giant mess you’re living in… but I promise you this: whatever you are avoiding is only getting bigger and angrier and more insistent that you pay attention whilst you’re visiting your happy place in your head.

This is the week to take positive action by facing whatever it is that’s had you running for cover… cloud cuckoo land has become a habit so you’ll have to be super vigilant about how you are reacting to discomfort and overwhelm, and brave it out until the thorn in your side has been removed for good by whatever means.

I’m wishing you your happy place be right here in reality…

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Like The Wind Blows

Without boundaries, without shackles. Love like the wind blows.

Intense energy arriving this week as we are greeted by this dynamic duo of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, with an illumined orange sacral chakra. Unmistakably a sacred partnership that is asking each party to remove all walls and obstacles to let love love blossom.

This week you may find yourself in a very raw vulnerable state as you are asked to open wide all doors and windows to your heart allowing the energy of love to blow through, just like the wind.

As we know all too well of late, wind can be fierce and uncompromising, destroying lives and families… but it can also be soft and gentle bringing fresh air into stagnant places, thoughts, ideas and regimes. Love is the same. Where there are no obstacles and no expectations the intensity is irrelevant, only resistance creates damage. Love is a benign force, it has no agenda, it’s only intention is to move like the wind blows: spread, and be shared, neither grasped at nor rejected, no increase nor depletion… there cannot be more or less love, only the speed and direction of flow increases or slows down in relation to your ability to receive and transmit seems to amplify the universal elixir.

As you enter this week do so understanding that another is offering you love (directing the flow towards you). It may not arrive in the form you hoped for, but it is in no way any less of a gift than in any other form. You have a choice to gratefully and graciously receive and transmit the life giving, transformative juice or you can close the windows and doors to your heart space and be battered by the impact caused by obstruction… that’s right, rejecting love causes pain.

I’m not suggesting you forget your discernment and encourage unwanted advances but that isn’t what this week is predicting. No encouragement is necessary for the genuine sacred union of souls indicated by this combination.

However love shows up for you this week, learning to give and receive in equal measure will bring positive change into your life, relationships, communication and creativity.

More next week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Waving Flags And Warnings

Waving flags and warnings should never be ignored and this week’s combination is indicating that something precious could be at risk if you fail to heed the signs.

When Principle 2: I AM Detached meets the power-filled vibrant yellow of the Solar Plexus, confidence is riding high and understandably you are enjoying the path step by step, seemingly uninterested in the dramas playing out around you. This is a blissful state to be in because detachment is the art of observing without being drawn in, just doing your own thing without needing to grasp at outcomes, without agenda other than to discover what every opportunity has to offer by way of more experience and sensation. It is the sublime state of The Fool in tarot, an innocent mind seeing everything anew…

But you’re not innocent, and something’s are not new. Issues around you are likely to threaten your bliss if you fail to acknowledge them in some small way.

This week will bring a feeling or subtle signs that something that currently sits at the periphery of your focus is requiring your attention. This might be a task that needs completing, a bill that need paying, a structure that requires maintenance, an ailment or physical symptom that warrants investigating, or a partner or relationship that is losing its way and is in need of reassurance.

The Solar Plexus is the energetic body’s guidance system and the waving flags and warnings I’m referring to are the gut feelings you get when something isn’t quite right. Your detachment, which has been a theme for a couple of weeks, has had you ignoring or suppressing this vital intuition so as not to let your moment to moment happiness turn to unnecessary worry. Worry is not the answer to this niggle, attention and action are far more effective.

Do not be tempted to give up your detachment by launching yourself fully into the drama of it all, but nor should you confuse detachment with ignorance. Ignoring a thing will not make it go away, usually it serves to make it scream louder. Besides, there are things that you would miss if they did disappear from your life so protect and nurture them now.

Whatever message your inner knowing is telling you about the condition of your external reality is probably right on point this week so ignore it at your peril. Let the person, thing or issue know you have witnessed there is some kind of need, (even if this is a symbolic gesture of putting it on your to-do list), letting it know you care. Once the action required from you or by you is clear, figure out a way to take it only if it is for the highest good of all concerned. If however your attention is simply being pulled towards a thing for the sake of having your attention, then now is a good time to reinforce your detachment and protect your bliss bubble.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead… x

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Saturday Oracle – The Seventh Sacred Direction

Time seems to be moving so quickly at present it hardly seems to be a full week since I was writing the last oracle reading and similarly no time at all since this combination arrived to enlighten us. The Seventh Sacred Direction is a place within, where the absence of time permits us to observe the outer world without being drawn into its madness… and that is where this week’s combination is leading us.

Principle 2: I AM Detached graces the vibrant orange sacral chakra with a reprieve from outward stressors this week by anchoring your attention within the Seventh Sacred Direction… Let me explain:

Symbolically speaking, in front of you is the future, behind you is the past, and to either side of you are lateral occurrences happening with other people or in different geographical locations, for example, the lives of friends, the decisions of political regimes, the anomalous geological and meteorological shifts the world is undergoing. All of this stuff is beyond your control but when you focus upon it it can bring great drama and increased stress into your life.

Below you is your connection to the earth and the present moment. Grounded and rooted in the present, you have all your power at your disposal. Above you is your connection to your higher power, God if you like, again symbolically because in reality God is All-That-There-Is and so effectively everywhere. Connected here, we have access to a higher perspective of the present moment… then there’s the Seventh Sacred Direction and you are that direction. Connecting fully to this powerful centre offers you the opportunity to step into the role of the observer where the four lateral and peripheral directions can be viewed with compassion but from a neutral standpoint i.e. detachment. Here, outcomes, unknowns and unknowables are accepted as pure potential and therefore worry is an obsolete endeavour.

The sacral chakra in this combination is indicating what we must detach from this week and so relationships, friendships, social connections and intimate partnerships are being highlighted.

Don’t freak out, nobody is asking you to dump your lover and move to an isolated location to become a hermit. When you step into that sacred space within, you are still able to interact and be a part of your world without being drawn into its craziness, without needing to fix it, without needing to play a central role in it and recognising that it doesn’t play a central role for you (unless you allow it to).

This week is about handing back all that is not yours to carry, the inadvertently accepted responsibilities of relationship that distract and deter you from your main mission… which is you.

I’ve seen many of my own friends and acquaintances take a temporary sabbatical from social media this week, others retrieve their energetic ties from demanding associations and many who are still being cajoled and tussled by stuff that just isn’t theirs, whom this oracle is advising to detach and centre.

Take a look at your connections this week and see which ones are nurturing, which ones are draining, which ones are so intertwined that you cannot see where you end and another begins and pull back to individuation. Allow everyone to carry only what’s theirs.

We can walk side by side on this journey but only once you have discerned where your sides actually are.

More next week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Release The Inner Sunlight

External factors may be attempting to smother you in a dark cloud this week but you have the power to release your inner sunlight and find your joy no matter what.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated takes the hand of the yellow solar plexus in this combination and reminds you where your joy is once you remove all excessive extraneous attachments.

Theses attachments are not so much to do with human relationships as they are to do with the things you thought you needed to provide you with some sort of comfort.

Hold onto your hat because this is a combination where people suddenly quit their stressful jobs, they downsize homes, they up and leave everything that once brought security but stole their joy. Travel might be on the cards, adventure, new hobbies and blank schedules.

As you enter this week you will have a renewed sense of power, purpose, and the motivation to act. I’d like to say that the action is born completely of clarity about what you need to do, but it’s more about knowing what you don’t need to do anymore or ever again.

Freedom comes with a cost… bliss!

I don’t know about you but I’m willing to pay that price.

Remember that your new found sense of liberation is going to unnerve some people in your circle. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks from a point of self-interest so they will feel insecure about your emotional shift which may cause them to act out and throw negative energy your way. Stand your ground and stay your course because they will be genuinely happy that you are finding joy but frightened about what it means for them and how their own security becomes affected. People don’t give up security without a fight whether it’s internal or external, but you’ve fought long and hard enough, now it’s time to  feel release. You can be a beacon for them, showing the way.

As the week progresses, whether you have made small changes or a clean sweep, be playful with your every step, let your inner sunlight become the first thing people notice when they encounter you along their path… Your leap of faith will be an inspiration even if they don’t understand it yet.

Have a great week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Releasing A Tether

The emerald green heart chakra shows up again this week highlighting that healing and growth are taking place but this time it partners with Principle 3: I AM Human. This Principle leads the way to forgiveness and acceptance aiding you in releasing a tether to a wounding that no longer serves you.

Imagine if you will, a large wooden chest in which you keep all your memories, perhaps physical objects that hold significance to you. Each item holds energy and that energy can either be positive or negative depending on how you view the person or situation in which the significance of the trinket became struck… it’s essentially a talisman.

Now imagine that your heart is that wooden chest. It is equally as full of energetic attachments that hold significance for you and keep you tethered to a point of powerful influence… the influence can be positive such as an uplifting memory, or negative in the case of wounding.

Your heart chakra is indeed a treasure chest to and from which unconditional love flows and each talisman colours the purity and intensity of that love. That being the case, why would you fill the chest with energy that poisons all the other talismans within?

This is a week to sift through your points of attachment and be ruthless in letting go of all that sours the whole. In energetic terms this requires forgiveness. The past cannot be altered now, it has gone. Acceptance is the first step in forgiving… it happened, it’s over. The next powerful action is extracting the blessing. This can usually only be done in retrospect which is what all the items in your treasure chest are, it can also only be done from a perspective of neutrality whereas the ego: the wounded self, sees only from a fixed point of reference i.e. “it’s all about me.”

Forgiveness sets you free and creates space in your heart for more love to flood in and shine out, so take this week to make room. If the lesson and the blessings have been assimilated then the memory or the talisman no longer has power and no longer has a place in your life, if however you cannot let go and cannot forgive then you have failed to perceive the greater plan and the acceleration of your story that resulted from it…you still have some inner work to do.

Remember, forgiveness stretches to all parties, to all time zones, through all lifetimes and every dimension, like love it is unconditional so start by forgiving yourself.

There maybe one particular person or circumstance that is highlighted this week, served up for your attention and forgiveness so that you can finally let it go and be free.

Have a blessed week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Feel Into This Moment

Contrary to how it might appear, this combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached and the healing emerald green of the heart chakra are not suggesting that you detach from your feelings, this is actually an instruction to feel into this moment.

The heart may be craving space this week and looking for escape but the tendency maybe to search for that space through time by surfing back through memories and dwelling too long in a place that no longer exists. Conversely you may project so far forward to escape the intensity, that you lose sight of how to connect and co-create in the present… then there is the third mistake: placing your heart energy laterally, not through time but through space, perhaps to somewhere or someone that is absent, abroad and unseen.

All these expressions of attachment are draining your ability to heal emotionally and allowing the very energy that fuels your internal wisdom and creative drive, to escape into the ether.

Your story is being built in the centre of your chest this week and only by detaching from everything else and becoming fully present with what you feel, no matter how painful it might at first appear, can you alchemize that power into a force for change.

The space you crave will reveal itself when you sit with what is, when you open your heart no matter how broken, swollen or bruised to the enormity of what is… and what is is life, a powerful transformative surge from where you’ve been to where you are going… but you can only arrive when you accept where you are.

Silence the mind, stop searching. You have found what you were looking for within the emerald temple of the heart, sacred space within to dwell, to heal, to craft a new reality born of the reconciliation of all the pieces of self that were dispersed by the passing of time and taken far away by those who travelled to other realms, physical and non-physical, with whom we invested something less than unconditional love… but love all the same.

This week remove your energetic hooks and chains from all others everywhere, every when. Take back what has essentially always been yours. This moment has power… but only if you give up trying to escape from it, only if you stop resisting it, only if you feel into this moment and recognise yourself in all your glory right at the heart of it.

At the heart of you.

More next week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Pure Connection

This combination feels familiar and although it has an overall beautiful appearance to it, something within me has been putting off delivering its message today… That’s the problem: delivering a message means complete surrender to the possibility that nothing will ever be the same again.

As Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, cosies up to the vibrant orange sacral chakra softening its abrasive desire and encouraging pure connection, the vulnerability involved in that type of interaction reaches it zenith and can become unbearable for those not ready to give up control to another being.

Human relationships excel to another dimension this week beginning with an admission. Out there on a limb hoping that showing your hand and your feelings will not make you a prime target for rejection or ridicule is the only place where another can meet you half way. Risking your most sensitive nature for the promise of this pure connection is not new to you, but having been left there hanging in the past or worse, met there only to be later discarded when you were already all-in has made you wary of whether the risk is worth taking at all… but you know it is.

With the new moon total eclipse in Leo on Monday and six retrograde planets until Thursday you would be forgiven for feeling that level of uncertainty, but the synchronicity of the heavens is pushing you past the finish line in more than one area of your life towards a completely new storyline… and nothing quite transforms the story of your life like the introduction of a new co-star.

Put desire to one side for a moment and instead look at this connection as something deeper and more fundamental, once the initial admission is over this connection is soul level, familial, comfortable… not in an old slipper kind of way but in a missing piece kind of way. As it is based on Principle 7 where giving and receiving are completely balanced, it also has a sense of the traditional, where roles are definitive, respected and appreciated, cooperation and companionship, support and encouragement form the basis and foundation for divine union. This is a connection as old as time, conducted between the realms of the physical and the non-physical where a psychic extra-sensory form of communication exists.

People usually only dream of this kind of love… it is possible… but only if one or both are willing to step out on that limb, drop the defences and declare what hides inside the heart.

It probably won’t feel like news… each is fully aware on a higher level… each is simply waiting for the other to overcome fear, overcome history, overcome personal baggage and the reasons why not, replacing the detritus with the cleansing breath of faith.

Archangel Chamuel: the Angel of Destiny has lined you up with this missing piece of your soul’s mission and is waiting patiently for you to choose reunification. Ask him for help, courage and opportunity this week.

If your Mr or Mrs Right, hasn’t yet made an appearance, now is the time for you to call out for your soul mate… you can be sure that they too are calling out for you. Chamuel will help if you ask.

More next week… x



Saturday Oracle – Revelation

The higher mind is highlighted as the violet crown chakra makes an appearance for the second week running and after we allowed the flow of inspiration last week, it teams up with Principle 4: I AM Truth to bring it to light and prove it to you. Expect a revelation in the coming days, of something long since hinted at by the universe but which you never dared believe.

The crown chakra is a powerful energy centre that stimulates dreams and connection to higher wisdom as well as the deep subconscious, it’s there that the truth has lain hidden for such a long time. What has only been an ephemeral notion up to this time, witnessed through intuitions and omens will prove to be right on point as the truth comes to light in the most glorious way possible.

You must understand that this is your higher truth… or the truth the universe/Source wants you to see, it may not match your current ideals for yourself. As Mercury goes retrograde today and understanding goes a little skew with it, allow yourself some time to sit with whatever is revealed before you respond to it, this way you will give yourself permission to absorb the news rationally and intellectually as well as emotionally.

In meditation with Source this week I was given very clear guidance:

“Before you act, breathe. I will be there in that breath.”

God has a way of reminding you that it is only a surprise in it’s timing and that this revelation is merely confirmation of what you knew from the get-go and therefore nothing to get disturbed about.

Knowledge means change. That said, be prepared to be receptive to the incoming information and to roll with the punches or the kisses as they may well be… this revelation may as I say be arriving unannounced but there is nothing to say it isn’t welcome news once you get over the initial shock.

So in summary: what you always really knew will be brought into the light in a most unexpected way… long held secrets will be revealed… it may differ from what you’d imagined… once the initial reaction wears off the new information will bring a massive shift in your life.

And with that: hold onto your knickers, things are about to get interesting!

More next week… x

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