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The Inuitive Chalice is a free weekly oracle from The Wholly Grail by Jo Jerodene

Weekly Oracle – Heading For Crystal Clear Horizons

The burden can feel so great at times that we are unable to see where we are going because we are so hemmed in by the stuff of where we have been. Heading for crystal clear horizons is only possible if we remove the clutter of the past that still exists in the present physically, emotionally and mentally.

In this week’s combination, Principle 5: I AM Liberated, teams up with the deep indigo of the brow chakra asking you to make space for a new vision of your life that has only been a pipe dream up until now, if that.

Liberation is as much a state of mind as it is a physical phenomenon and in this case is about the ability to dream life anew. A crystal clear horizon is a potential destination that as yet has no landmarks. These two premises suggest that where you are heading next in life is unlike anywhere you have ever been before and its unfamiliarity is the biggest part of the adventure. Unfortunately it is human nature to always use what you know as a reference point by which to make comparisons in order to orient yourself and make yourself at home… this causes us to recreate what we know over and over again and life can become very samey.

Something within you has changed recently and you are ready to venture further into the unknown. In order to allow that transformation to complete you must first begin a systematic strip-down of the belongings and beliefs that have developed in your current circumstances and allow the possibilities to be defined by delivery rather than by expectation… your expectations will have you scuttling back home to what you know, where as your curiosity will have you exploring further and further and spreading a little bit of your innate magic to all four corners of the globe.

Of course this dream or vision that you are creating space in your world to manifest, doesn’t have to be one of a physical journey, it can be a new job or business, a new relationship, a new home, the birthing of children or projects. Perhaps it’s more out of the box like setting out to train as an astronaut or to map an uncharted region of the deep blue sea in search of new species of life… or any combination of things… Perhaps you begin a new relationship that has you travelling to a new life abroad where together you build a new and unusual home and turn it into a destination business that you are both so passionate about that it serves others in such a way that the healing you achieved in this union and mission becomes infectious and all those who visit are forever transformed by the experience you provide… just a thought.

Where you are heading doesn’t have to look like where you have been. Don’t be tempted to recreate that which has kept you prisoner in a small life… your horizons are so much broader than what you can currently see. Shift some clutter and allow yourself to expand.

More later… x

P.S. regular Grail posts are sporadic at present whilst I integrate a new aspect to the philosophy and whilst I work on the new YouTube channel which you can access here via the weekly Dragon Reading, they will return soon but be intermittent in the meantime.


Weekly Oracle – The Invisible Is Invincible

It’s feeling like an incoming “9 of Swords” kind of week, where you are tying yourself up in knots battling invisible demons, and you should know by now that the invisible is invincible.

The 9 of Swords is a tarot card that describes worry, anxiety and even nightmares brought on by our own fears and ‘catastrophic’ thought patterns being blown out of all proportion… you can learn more about the incoming storm over on my Priestess In Practice page (until the new moon eclipse) …but what does that have to do with this Grail combination?

The Solar Plexus is the chakra that handles digestion in all forms, that includes not only the food we take in but also the information and energy. Imagine if you will that this energy centre works a bit like a parking sensor on a vehicle, extending its range out through 360 degrees to see what’s happening in your environment and giving you an early warning of anything you could potentially crash into or what might crash into you so to speak. Because of the range of this sensor you may be aware on a very subtle level of trouble brewing out in your existential or environmental surroundings but there is no evidence in your day to day reality so your mind starts taking over and makes shit up! Chances are its happening but it’s happening to someone else you are connected to and isn’t likely to touch you other than to bear witness. Empathy is a blessing but can be a curse if you have no clue how to be dispassionate about what is occurring.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full... it does what it says on the tin: deals with fulfilling the needs of the Self. Anxiety and worry can be so energy draining and all-consuming that your proverbial cup empties and you scatter your vital resources all over the place. What’s interesting is that when Principle 6 shows up in a diagnostic reading it refers directly to your health and the solar plexus to diet and nutrition, so this combination is also a warning that whilst you are focused on battling the invisible demons on the outside of your energetic perimeter, you are also succumbing to your inner demons of addiction, overindulgence and dietary self-abuse.

Stress is very often met with addiction and any number of methods of drowning out the feelings or attempting to control the uncontrollable… like I said, the invisible is invincible.

Top tips for this week then:

  • Focus only on what’s happening in front of you
  • Concern yourself with only what’s yours to carry
  • Get out of your head and out of denial
  • Plan your nutritional intake, shop for it and stick to it
  • Ditch the toxins you’re consuming (physically & energetically)
  • Practice mindfulness by embracing Principle 2
  • Don’t be afraid of your feelings (they are messages from spirit)
  • Meditate, oxygenate (breathe) and exercise to reduce anxiety
  • Step away from all drama and those who bring it
  • Give what you cannot control to Source and the angels.

Remember that you become the invincible one when you place your energy squarely in the light and decide your outcome. When you journey into the realm of the invisible you have no substance or power there… but you lose power here too when you aren’t present and centred in your body, you become a spectator and eventually a victim of the ultimate 10 of Swords experience, also known as rock bottom (The Sacred Chalice in its negative form). Let’s take control, bypass this outcome and go straight back to the ace… clarity, understanding, everything into the light where shadows dissolve and positive action can be taken. In other words: when a butterfly sets off your parking sensor, don’t jump out of your vehicle, leaving the doors wide open to chase after it… you will never catch it and when you return to the vehicle you will find it ransacked, filled with unwelcome guests or burnt out completely!

The storm will pass, don’t let it take your health with it.

More next week… x



Weekly Oracle – You Already Know In Your Heart

This week’s combination has two dominant paths so you will have to use your discernment choosing which one applies to you… don’t be concerned, you already know in your heart of hearts the direction and the outcome you require.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, teams up with the emerald green heart chakra to bring you to a crossroads in your current path. Choosing interpretation one will lead you to another choice, another divergent path, whereas interpretation two will have you standing still for a while…

Interpretation one:

Imagine if you will that this Intuitive Chalice combo is the nearest you will get to The Lovers card in tarot. The Lovers offers you a choice (hence if you choose this option you will be choosing to choose). Having decided to go with this option you find yourself at the next crossroads where a major life choice is placed before you: for some it will be the offer of a relationship, for others a job, a house move, etc… the nature of the opportunity may already be clear or soon will be, but what also becomes clear after the initial surprise is that to take this opportunity you will be choosing one path before you and exiting the other that was your reality before.

Things will have to be left behind. Nothing will ever be the same. In some instances that’s not a bad thing, but in others it will definitely mean a period of loss, grief and mourning.

If you choose the option before you, your divergent paths will be named “what is” and “what could be” …will you go with your head or your heart. There is love in both directions but there is only the opportunity for expansion and the potential of living your hearts desire if you choose “what could be.” No promises, just potential.

You already know the answer: the heart wants what the heart wants. Without growth we wither and die. Expansion is essential for the soul’s well-being.

Interpretation two:

Now this combination on the flip side best describes the tarot’s Temperance card and a deep healing and need for balance.

Exploring the essence of Principle 6 we discover that it’s key message is about attending to one’s own needs for health, happiness and general wellbeing. The heart chakra is the energetic centre and balance point of your being, where we give and receive in equal measure and open to the flow of the universe. The Temperance card usually shows an angelic figure pouring liquid between two cups trying to find the perfect alchemical balance between elements. So, in our scenario this would be you standing at the crossroads and focusing on keeping everything in balance. “A little of this a little of that and maybe no one will notice if I’m still standing where I was trying to maintain the status quo.”

Here’s the paradox… both our scenarios might be available and if so you can only stand here for so long before interpretation one’s heart’s desire path falls off the table completely.

When the universe delivers your gateway to expansion, it only stays open for a short time and failing to step through can result in the gates closing whilst you check if you are up to the task. God’s message here is: “Here I come, ready or not!” Whatever form He shows up in.

Interpretation three (am I not always telling you there is a third option?):

Choose both interpretations. If an opportunity presents for you to follow your heart’s desire, don’t hesitate! Yes you will be unbalanced by the dramatic life change, yes you will have to say goodbye to the known path but the Angel in that Temperance card isn’t holding a stagnant bowl of muddy liquid, she is sloshing fresh elixir from one sacred chalice to another trying to find balance… and you can do that too… that’s the entire purpose of The 7 Principles of The Wholly Grail: finding peace along the path.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Looking back and saying “what if” is the saddest statement I can think of… looking back and saying “Holy Shit! What a ride” and then taking a breath to meditate sounds like a full life, lived without fear.

Follow your heart and find balance as you go.

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Back soon with some Grail Insights to remind you how… x

Weekly Oracle – Nothing You Can Say

The truth is an amazing thing, they say it’s sets you free (whoever they might be), but what about when you are so afraid of being judged for it? What about when your level of self-criticism is so ingrained that you whole-heartedly believe that your truth, your secret, is so abhorrent to you that others must also deem it so… and not only that but ostracize you as a result?

Now what if I told you that there is nothing you can say that cannot be forgiven?

This weeks combination of Principle 3: I AM Human, and the royal blue of the throat chakra suggests the revelation of hidden truths that you some level of shame about.

Don’t panic! It is far more likely that you are the one opening up about your hidden truth by making some form of confession as opposed to the skeleton leaping out of the closet uninvited.

As afraid as you might feel of revealing this vulnerable part of yourself or your story, it’s quite possible that the unconditional outpouring of love and understanding you receive in response will have you recalibrating your internal dialog and beliefs about how good or bad you thought you were.

Of course none of this episode should be forgotten… shame, guilt and blame are debilitating thought patterns that have only served to crush your spirit and rob you of your light… The truth is the light shining in the darkness and key to healing. Make amends if you feel you are able, apologise if there is an opportunity or someone else was hurt, but more importantly than that: don’t repeat the mistake.

Freedom from all those lower feelings and vibrations is the primary purpose of the exercise but in order to benefit from that you must forgive yourself first.

So this week, if you are presented with the opportunity to fess-up and set the record straight then take it as a sign from the universe that the greatest gift has been bestowed upon you and know that regardless of who you are and what you think you’ve done, you deserve love and you are loved.

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More next week folks… x



Weekly Oracle – Fill Up Then Spill Over

Woohoo! It’s back! Normally when I see the Sacred Chalice come out of the pack I have an “Oh No!” moment, but not this week. This week I was fist pumping and thinking “yeah, bring it on,” knowing that when you fill up then spill over the contents of the cup, even the trickiest of weeks can be truly magical.

It’s all about perspective this week as things are set to shift dramatically. For some of us that will mean miracles, for others it might seem like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you and knocking you squarely on your arse! You get to choose how you respond to the surprises in store.

I’m expecting things to go either way… hedging my bets if you like, I figure that landing on my feet is something to celebrate but landing on my arse is something I can giggle about if I get over myself… nobody’s watching anyway and even if they are, laughing at yourself is an excellent way to lighten the intensity of transformation.

That’s what is really going on this week, transformation.

The proverbial cup is symbolic of your vitality levels and your capacity for self-love, when the cup is empty you have nothing to give and nothing to smile about. When it’s full, anything that spills over you get to share with the world.

You can’t expect anyone else to fill that cup for you so if you are feeling a little on the empty side then now is the moment to reclaim all the bits of you that you have given away, draw back your power from all lifetimes, all timelines, all dimensions and all beings that would seek to drain you. They have Sacred Chalice’s of their own and are responsible for their own healing journey… that’s the true meaning of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full.

The 7 Principles of The Wholly Grail are designed to centre you in peace, reclaim your essential nature and your power inspire of external pressures and circumstances, so whatever is shifting for you this week, YOUR Grail is your is your wellspring of energy to ride the wave.

For more clues on this Solstice week ahead you can

check out my Free Dragon Oracle video here

and then check out the extended reading if you like (on the same page). You can also book a personal reading there or book a one-to-one here.

Here’s wishing you an amazing Solstice Week ahead (even if you do spend it arse over tit)!… x


Weekly Oracle – As A Matter Of Fact

It’s interesting that this combination is following on from last week’s. Where that was asking you to stay open and faithful to your hopes and dreams this week is battling against the limited perception of your inner saboteur that has it’s sights set on scuppering your plans and keeping you small.

As a matter of fact is a statement that could ruin your forward momentum this week simply because facts about what has been are in no way indicative of what could become… but your own limiting beliefs will keep telling you that your saboteur is a pragmatist and your hopes and dreams are merely fantasy.

Principle 3: I AM Human, is an indication that some form of forgiveness or allowance for one’s own (or someone else’s) fallibility is needed in order to proceed. It highlights past failure and waves it as proof in front of your face that you aren’t good enough to achieve whatever your higher self or the violet crown chakra is asking you to reach for… that voice of doubt, which your saboteur calls reason, is a lie.

All week I’ve been using the phrase “smashing through my own glass ceiling” and its a perfect example of this ability to excel beyond what’s gone before… but you have to quell the internal heckler to be able to tap into the Source of all things and see that there is not now, nor has there ever been a glass ceiling or any other obstacle to how high you can rise or how far you can go, other than your ability to perceive and persist.

The very human part of you is an override switch that will kill your ambitions, dampen your resolve, steal your passion and keep you small… if you let it. It isn’t your enemy, it’s your guardian… but it’s over protective to the nth degree and like wrapping a child in cotton wool and placing her in an antiseptic room, you will kill her spirit… your crown chakra is the gateway to your spirit and it wants you to know that if you believe you can conquer the world the world will submit to be conquered (so to speak).

As a matter of fact the device you are reading this on is proof that glass ceilings don’t exist… because neither did it just a few short years ago and if you had asked someone about the idea then, they would have told you it was the stuff of science fiction.

Every genius was once called a madman, and every champion was once called a dreamer… just don’t let it be you that gives you the limiting titles.

More next week… x


Weekly Oracle – The Faith To Remain Faithful

Any time we see the crown chakra present itself in The Intuitive Chalice Oracle we know that deep spiritual questions are being presented to us. This deep violet energy centre that connects us to the Divine through devotion, meditation and prayer, equally connects the Divine directly to us in response through insight, higher wisdom and guidance. The Divine speaks through our dreams and inspiration, by tapping into the collective consciousness from which we have never actually been separated.

When we enter into conversation with this universal force also known as God, among many other names, we have an expectation of faith from God to cherish us as children and not forsake our supplication, i.e. we expect to be heard and answered. By this same token, there is a necessity to remain faithful that this prayerful activity will be heard and answered in the way Source deems fit. Faith and trust have to be mutual.

When Principle 7: I AM Open-Heated shows up in a reading alongside this energy, the Grail within you is questioning whether or not you have the faith to remain faithful. Open-Heartedness is the ability to give and receive in equal measure highlighting the universal laws of balance, karma and consequence. What we give out we receive. Effectively meaning if you have faith you will be given reason to stay faithful.

Don’t misunderstand the term faithful here… we are not talking about earthly sexual fidelity and monogamy, faith in this case is an act of grace: acceptance, allowing, patience, dedication and devotion to something much greater than you and the ability to continue to believe in the power of prayer.

Some people call it focused intention, manifestation, the law of attraction… it basically entails matching the frequency of the outcome you wish to engender… without wavering, losing hope or giving up. It also requires you to remain open and flexible as to how the answer shows up.

All that being said, do you have the faith to remain faithful?

Your prayers can truly be answered this week if you are open to receiving, hearing, responding, allowing, accepting… you just have to trust God to know when, where, how, who and what it is you really need now.

Spend some time in conscious communication with the Divine through meditation… He won’t let you down, only you can do that by giving up.

More next week… x

Weekly Oracle – A Doorway Opens

It’s been a few weeks since The Sacred Chalice presented itself and it is my belief that this is an opportunity we should take full advantage of as a doorway opens.

I’ve been quiet on the site for the last couple of weeks whilst processing some deep internal stuff. Not bad stuff, just my stuff. Examining my truest hopes, wants, needs, dreams and desires, listening to my soul’s calling and understanding the path I chose with new appreciation and wonder. During this time I’ve also been assessing what I don’t want, as if sorting the chaff from the wheat.

My connection the the angels has meant some very intense etheric conversations about my motives and my expectations and the exploration of those sometimes deeply buried answers, has led me to the most beautiful realizations…

But what has my stuff got to do with this weeks oracle?

The Oracle at Delphi states above the entrance “Know Thyself.” It is my belief that when you truly know your own heart all else follows.

This is a week where surprise communications bring the news you have been waiting for. Offers, invitations and opportunities follow and lay the groundwork shaping the next part of the journey. This is a one-step-at-a-time process and a once in a lifetime gift, but it also has paradoxical influences…

The paradox is that something that you have worked hard to heal within yourself must now reflect that healing in the outside world, which may mean that the surprise might just arrive from someone with whom there has been past tension exploring reconnection.

The Sacred Chalice can represent either the full overflowing cup of abundance or it can represent the upturned and spilled vessel of fear and lack. It can be love or the absence of it, health and vitality or illness and frailty… whatever the apparent state of the presented Chalice, it always represents sudden shifts and the potential for miracles. You get to choose how to receive The Sacred Chalice: hope, open-heartedness, gratitude and positive expectation mean that you will always receive the blessing regardless of the form the gift takes… make sure that love is your guide this week.

A doorway opens when you are ready to travel the next stretch of the journey, and the next stretch is set to be the most beautiful you’ve experienced so far, it’s a road you will want to travel for many years to come… don’t fear a tentative start. It’s ok to be unsure of your new circumstances as long as you are sure of what lives inside your heart.

I don’t know about you but I’m holding out my hands and opening my heart to receive… This time I know the gift is for me and I won’t waste it.

More next week … x

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Weekly Oracle – Unapologetically You

The expected, socially recognisable and acceptable version of you might be brought into question this week when you embrace your innate sexuality and sensuality in a drive to become more balanced between mind, body and spirit.

This shift is neither planned nor in any way contrived but instead flows from a natural healing of the rift between who you are and who the world assumes you to be, between the thought-led, over-analysing, living from the neck up version of you to the instinctual, vital, physical being that shifts fully into the realm of having a human experience.

Principle 3: I AM Human, is the aspect of The Wholly Grail that deals with forgiveness for the seemingly unacceptable traits and behaviours that we as human beings often display, but this is a surface representation of a much deeper truth held within this Principle, a truth that belies the social norm as a mere construct we invented so nobody would be offended or made to feel uncomfortable by other members of the species. The truth is that all behaviour stems from somewhere and from something, a trigger fuelled by either love or by fear, therefore nothing is ever actually wrong.

I must ask the question then: does the love of Self somehow overwrite the love of others or vice versa? (Just ponder it for a moment).

The vibrant orange of the sacral chakra is positively fizzing as this week progresses, bringing your natural sexy-self to the fore in ways that, in order to accommodate, you must turn a blind eye to the world’s expectations of you and shine out what has been hidden for an age… confidence, freedom, playfulness, alluring charm, flirty abandon… it’s time to be unapologetically you.

If it rains this week, consider taking off your shoes just to dance through the warm puddles… kiss like you mean it, beam smiles at strangers, let the wind blow your skirt up, go skinny dipping, make glorious love, dive deep into your senses…

… or you could stay locked in your headspace and thoughts that you will be judged for being vulgar and so forcibly removed from this Garden of Eden just because you took a huge bite of that big juicy apple and let the juice run down your chin whilst laughing your sexy arse off!

This week’s oracle is a reminder that you are perfect, beautiful, unique and capable of connecting with your whole being not just through a meeting of minds. Get back in your body and be unapologetically you.

More next week… x

Weekly Oracle – The Truth Will Set You Free

It seems that Principle 5: I AM Liberated is incredibly active in our vibrations at present, offering up an image of many of us attempting to break the chain’s of the past in order to live free of restraint and fully embrace life’s sweetness. This week the truth will set you free.

Principle 5 is teaming up with the royal blue throat chakra indicating important communication that jolts loose those shackles of history and allows for forward movement in whatever endeavour you may be currently stuck.

But what is truth?

Unlike Principle 4: I AM Truth, which indicates your personal truth based on your level of understanding and experience and varies from individual to individual, the truth indicated here by the throat chakra is promising that what has been hidden will be revealed. Misconceptions are about to be overturned, wrongs righted, epiphanies and revelations brought into the light and most of all justice dealt… that sounds a little bit Dredd but not so… justice is simply the balancing of karma and though there is always the possibility that the truth may hurt, this week has the underlying feeling of sweet release and peace being restored.

Though temporary upheaval may be on the cards whilst you process the incoming information, the outcome feels like relief.

It’s just as possible that you may hold the keys to your own shackles and that by speaking up about something you have kept hidden, your skeleton in the closet can final have proper burial. Alternatively someone else may be about to confide in you their secret that has for so long kept a rift between you when the knowing of it might well have united you all along, or at least brought healing to all involved.

The release of unfounded guilt, shame, and inadequacy are potential gifts of this week as someone gets to stop beating themselves up at last, realising that the burden they were carrying was made heavy by the fact they felt they had to keep it hidden and was actually no big thing.

I sincerely wish you a week where the truth will set you free… x

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