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The Inuitive Chalice is a free weekly oracle from The Wholly Grail by Jo Jerodene

Saturday Oracle – Destination Undetermined

Something amazing is happening this week. Not only do we officially move into a new season at the equinox, we also have the opportunity to commence a new journey towards a destination undetermined.

Don’t look at this so much as actual travel although it could be,  but more an expansion of your horizons in your life in general.

The combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached, with the transformative nature of the violet crown chakra is a gateway to the path but it’s also an invitation to grace and surrender… hence undetermined. I know, we use oracles to attempt to predetermine everything but where’s the fun in knowing it all?

We all have questions about where our actions are leading: “How will this turn out?” “What are the consequences of my choices?” for example, but this combination is asking you to trust in the ride and have faith that you are on the right path.

Expect synchronous events to reassure you that you are moving in the right direction and allow room for Source to provide the map as you go. Though you get to set the intention for your inward or outward adventure, God is providing some interesting alternative routes and detours this week that you could never have imagined on your own and that turn out to provide you with far more scope for joy, abundance, advancement and achievement than you ever imagined possible… all you have to do is let go and let God lead.

When a door opens – boldly step through, when you have a hunch or an inclination – follow it….

What if this was the week that presented you with the first real evidence that a long held dream was about to evolve beyond the dream stage? What if the only thing between you and that path was potentially battling a dragon? What if the dragon was grossly misunderstood and just wanted a friend to play with…? Let go of the what ifs and instead fully embrace the what is.

Grace is about leaving room for miracles… and you are about to be delivered to yours… it’s time to take a leap of faith towards a destination undetermined but exactly where you always needed to be.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – All Feelings Aside

Tina Turner said it best when she declared “What’s love got to do with it?” That seems to be where we are this week as the combination of Principle 2: I AM Detached with the emerald green heart chakra requires of us to put all feelings aside.

The answer to Tina’s question is in fact “everything,” but this is the kind of love that has no attachments and no expectations.

Putting one’s feelings aside in order to transcend the obstacles and historical baggage that has thus far prevented you from reaching the highest potential for a situation is paramount this week to open up doorways and provide new energy to important ideas.

The heart chakra when fully open allows love as an energy to flow through unimpeded and without strings attached, but the human heart is also capable of holding onto so much pain, heartbreak and memory that it shields itself quite understandably from further emotional damage. This memory of what was takes a person back to the very moment of the wounding and causes one to relive it over and over again, keeping it fresh and alive… it has many names: resentment, holding a grudge etc, all of which are examples of closing your heart but further than that they are examples of ignoring Principle 2, living in the present moment with what is, not what was or the potential of what might be. Applying the following Principle 3: I AM Human, the part of The Wholly Grail that deals with forgiveness, is often a process that requires more time,  reassurance and even proof when we stay with past occurrences and transgressions, keeping them alive in our current energetic experience.

This week then holds a portal open for an incoming opportunity that requires you to cast aside your feelings and apply a dispassionate approach that works to everyone’s benefit, but it also has a healing aspect of applying an innocent mind (and heart) to all interactions and relationships. Drop any suspicious tendencies and allow circumstances to play out as they will and others to show you there true intentions in the now. That’s not to say you should put yourself in obvious danger or take any unnecessary risks… but the truth is that love from a transpersonal standpoint, doesn’t have to have any. Wonderful alliances can be formed this week when you put all feelings aside.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Trigger Happy

Consider this week’s combination an early intervention. When Principle 2: I AM Detached does the tango with the royal blue throat chakra, chances are that your sensitivity is exaggerated and you are about to get triggered by someone’s thoughtless (or deliberate) words… and you aren’t going to be happy!

Perhaps the title is actually the antithesis of what this week is about but that’s because it’s advice rather than a prediction. You see, if you take the advice of Principle 2 and get detached and stay present in the moment with what is, then being triggered by a statement or comment from another is far less likely.

Communication is a tricky business when hidden agendas, egos and personal wounds are involved, that’s why this is a week where you should endeavour to take everything at face value and not read into or between the lines of any information coming your way… at the same time you should aim for your own verbal or written offerings to be immaculate in content so as not to press buttons or be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others.

At the end of the day you control your own reactions so take a moment when a trigger steals your happy to check in on reality:

This is also a week where responding rather than reacting to a trigger with respect, kindness and compassion for self and the person who presented you with this unique opportunity for healing can actually be a genuine moment for connection and understanding.

In order to do this you must first understand that the throat chakra relates to all aspects of communicating: both speaking and listening. When you choose to listen with your heart (which is just another way of saying from a compassionate perspective) you begin to understand far more than you would from an analytical point of view.

Though I recommended taking everything at face value so as not to take anything personally this week, the alternative is to look far deeper but remember that everything you hear is a reflection of the wounds and triggers of the orator rather than being about you. This is not an excuse to use this insight to harm the delivered of the message but rather to initiate a truly open channel for healing.

The Oracle at Delphi says above the entrance “Know Thyself.” If you understand where and what your triggers are then they can no longer be sore spots that cause pain and instead become deep wells filled with wisdom… then you will always be Trigger Happy.

More next week… x

Saturday Oracle – Grateful For Your Input

This week’s combination feels positively amazing as Principle 4: I AM Truth meets the violet crown chakra.

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a shift in your own energy as you have finally recognised within you that which you thought had been lost. Flow has returned, as has a sense of drive as you have tapped into your connection to Source and activated the next stage of your soul’s mission.

Higher purpose is now infusing you with a lightness of spirit and you once again feel excited about the possibilities for your life and how you may be of service to others… but there is a catch…

This is a week where your truth: that which is not only intellectually and logically in line with your purpose but also energetically, so much so that you feel awake and alive and excited to get stuck in, is likely to be subject to and the subject of the overt opinions of others.

Principle 4 is not only about connecting with your own truth, it is about understanding how the truths of others can have an influence on you and your life. This influence may be positive or negative or be completely neutral but the combination in this oracle is suggesting that whatever it is, you are required to believe in yourself and not surrender your power to louder voices or apparently stronger forces.

That level of internal knowing that is fuelling your renewed excitement and happy buzz is enough to remind you that you do not need recognition or validation and that the wellspring of inspiration that is bubbling up inside you (whether it is criticized, poo-poo’d, borrowed or stolen) is all the evidence you need to remind you that you hold the power, you always have, you always will.

This is a week to acknowledge the projections and protestations of others without needing to engage or react, simply respond with: “I’m grateful for your input,” and carry on with your mission and the sense of purpose that is obviously already yielding results in the way you feel and in the shifting circumstances around you.

You’ve found what you were looking for, only you can lose sight of it again by being distracted by those who are not really in the know and don’t need to be either, so don’t feel you need to explain, clarify or justify where you are or which way you are heading. This is yours.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead… x

Saturday Oracle – A Moment For Miracles

Have you ever just admitted to yourself that you have no clue what to do next and surrendered in prayer? That very admission may be a moment for miracles.

This week Principle 2: I AM Detached joins the deeply spiritual violet crown chakra in that moment of surrender to open your life up to the kingdom of heaven as you let go and let God.

I know it sounds very “church on Sunday” but this isn’t about being born again, it’s about asking the universe to guide you when you have been faffing about in the dark for such a long time trying to convince yourself you know what you’re doing when clearly you haven’t a clue.

I happen to have had first hand experience of this phenomenon just this morning. As I went to bed last night I admitted to myself, God and the angels, that I had no idea how to fix a part of my life in a way that benefits all involved. I identified the exact aspects of what was causing my happiness and health to be affected but that try as I might I couldn’t see a clear path to a suitable solution. I asked for help and for inspiration to find a direction that filled me with excitement and drive so that I could pour myself into a new direction with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, I then completely let go having faith that the answers would arrive in divine right timing… and this morning just prior to waking, I dreamed a dream so vivid about issues I had failed to perceive and new creative ways of tackling them that I can hardly believe how excited I am.

I literally woke up with the beginning of an answer to my prayers…

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of work to do. God and the angels didn’t fix everything, what they did was hear my concerns, honour my admission that I needed help and provided clarity and direction to set me back on the path. God gave me the nudge so I can become the miracle.

Principle 2 is about being fully present and letting go into what is, understanding what can and cannot be controlled. The crown chakra is your connection to Source and higher wisdom, your arena for creative dreaming and inspiration and, if you let it, the blank space in which an answered prayer may become a viable idea.

As you venture into the week ahead, stop going round in circles  trying to figure everything out and just get present in a moment for miracles, ask, then let go and let God.

Have a blessed week… x

Saturday Oracle – Getting The Hang Of Things

Imagine my surprise when the exact same combination as last week was determined to team up again this week to guide us through Valentines Day and beyond! I guess that means with all the practice we must be getting the hang of it…

I love it when Principle 6: I AM Self-Full shows up at a time when we all seem to be conditioned toward expecting others to fulfil our emotional expectations. Valentine’s Day, traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love can cause no end of disappointment if you leave the proceedings up to someone else or if there is nobody else to leave it up to, so being Self-Full, i.e. taking responsibility for creating your own fun, being your own best friend or lover, romancing yourself with flowers, a beautifully prepared meal, and just generally lavishing yourself with loving gestures is a great representation of this combination.

Remember that the yellow solar plexus is focused on joy, so remember to remain playful and don’t take the whole shebang so bloody seriously… it’s your centre of personal power so get to grips with concept of you controlling your own choices, boundaries and direction.

A little note on handling the unexpected this week too… whilst you are focused on pleasing yourself in new and playful ways, don’t get so self obsessed and blinkered that you miss the cue when someone else asks to play with you… stay open. Remember the point of being Self-Full is so that you are fuelled up and overflowing and always ready to share in the abundance.

Have an amazing week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Wedded To Bliss

For the second week running the sunny yellow solar plexus has shown up in the oracle combination, this time teaming up Principle 6: I AM Self-Full. These two are asking you for a commitment to your own happiness, literally to be wedded to bliss.

This may sound like an unorthodox way of presenting it but in truth, if you don’t commit to your own happiness who will?

As the week progress you may find that you come to what my guardian angel refers to as a “divergent point.” This is a significant choice on your path that may not seem to be all that important at the time but may determine the direction of the next stage of your adventure in ways you cannot see at present. This may raise a dilemma because part of you wants to turn left, part of you wants to turn right and part of you wants to crawl under the nearest rock and make no decision at all (which is of course a paradox because making a choice to make no decision is still a decision).

Because the active Grail Principle is focused on Self-Fullness, essentially what’s best for you, you may find yourself facing anxiety over short-term comfort versus long-term happiness. The two don’t always go hand-in-hand.

This could be the ideal time to take your focus off any decision that needs to be made and instead focus on the “big bliss picture.” Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a dream that you really want to achieve. The dream contains the image of you experiencing pure joy, contentment and satisfaction… in fact beyond that: bliss. Now make a commitment to your “big bliss reality,” in other words the realisation or manifestation of that situation.

Now ask yourself if you are living that truth right now, physically experiencing your most precious dream of happiness. If the answer is no, then you have just ruled out option 3. Crawling under that rock doesn’t lead to you being wedded to bliss…. it leads to more of the same.

That just leaves left or right: short-term or long-term results.

Bliss is something you don’t have to put off until later down the road but that doesn’t exclude the long-term solution. The word commitment means in it for the long haul, but that doesn’t exclude the short-term solution either so here lies the dilemma and I cannot make that choice for you.

This week then is asking you to consider deep, consider long, consider quietly… do not be pressured to consider fast, but do consider yourself first.

It’s your happiness that’s at stake.

Wishing you a blessed week… x

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Saturday Oracle – Back To Bliss

It’s been a fair while since this combination came up and likewise the current renaissance that it is heralding. Principle 1: I AM God, fully embraces the effervescent yellow solar plexus chakra this week steering you back to bliss.

For a few months there has been a low energy to the Oracle which finally began to break last week, revealing a much lighter tone. What began then with relief is now moving through peace and into that blissful state the cards are suggesting… but what is new and how can you optimize the energy?

The Wholly Grail’s Principle 1 is the realisation of your own divinity, the solar plexus chakra is the house of you ego where your personal power is energetically seated. When the latter is fully aware and embracing the former it is easy to reach a transcendent state. Transcendence, in this case means to rise above the mundane.

For a while you may have been attempting to escape your reality by burying your head in the sand, but then being constantly reminded of that same tangible world at every turn – the discord between the reality and the fantasy constantly causing a separation from your soul-self. Now though, this transcendent state has allowed you to rise above the reality, not through pretending your world is different but through actually seeing it differently through God’s eyes: your enlightened eyes, inviting back an inner knowing that you have the power to transform the world by playing with it lightly.

This playful state has no manipulation about it, instead it is an innocent childlike wonder of “what happens when I do this?” Followed swiftly by delight in the unexpected results.

As this week progresses you can play your way through it by looking for Source energy in everything… hide and seek with the Divine! Be sure to laugh out loud and clap your hands at the synchronicities and ask for what you want, being sure to acknowledge every ridiculous thing that gets delivered… even if it’s not quite in the form you imagined. Glee will stem from acknowledging your magic… and magic will manifest in acknowledgment of your glee!

Have an amazing week… x


Saturday Oracle – Free Your Mind

The human psyche appears to be an infinite wellspring of replenishing capabilities. It has no limits to its power and potential for creating and recreating endless possibilities, save your ability to set it free to imagine greater. Free your mind… and the rest will indeed follow.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, the aspect of The Wholly Grail that puts your own well-being at the pinnacle of your priorities, teams up with the deep indigo brow chakra this week and this combination can spell deep depression… or at least it would if I hadn’t felt such sweet relief in the energy of the cards, so in sharp contrast this is more likely a week when the mental prison doors swing open and you set yourself free of the gloom that has recently had a dark hold on you.

A free mind is a gift to be cherished and would often indicate that Principle 4: I AM Truth is at play, whereby you choose the tone of your thoughts according to your beliefs. This week’s combination however is fully focused on your ability to heal yourself in mind, body and spirit whatever ails you simply by changing your thoughts about it.

Many teachers who use this technique as a central hub to their entire life’s work, take Louise L Hay for instance, are easily accessible via books and YouTube if you need help getting started but in basic terms, what you think, you become.

Because the body is obedient, the mind has control but what we often fail to recognise is that the mind is obedient too, to the consciousness (to a certain extent). It will put up a fight at first when you try to tell it the opposite of what it has held as sacrosanct for so long but that’s because it has been conditioned for the entirety of your lifespan what to think and believe… literally brainwashed. Now it’s time for a new day, a new set of beliefs that can promote wellness, happiness, abundance, love, connection and a more beautiful life. Begin training your thoughts with affirmations such as: “I am happy, healthy, loving, loved and live in peace with abundant resources.” Or: “I am strong, flexible, comfortable and overflowing with vital energy.” Or you could start with simple acceptance: “I am perfect as I am. I love myself unconditionally. Who I am, where I am and how I am are all expressions of divine perfection in this time and place on my journey to becoming.”

If you have been affected by depression recently, take heart that the universal energy is shifting and as long as you take positive, affirmative self-healing action, now is a time when you can truly free your mind and step into your well-being.

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More next week… x


Intuitive Chalice Oracle – Redefining Reality

If there are a set of markers by which you evaluate your life and how well you believe yourself to be handling the ever shifting tides of progress then this is a week where you may need to face certain truths about your situation and then begin redefining reality accordingly.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, the aspect of The Wholly Grail that needs no justification but rather acknowledges individual perspective, teams up with the intense red of the base or root chakra where the manifest world, your security, stability, physical health and material needs are all highlighted.

The solidity of your physical circumstances are a product of what you believe to be your truth. If you believe yourself to be sick – you will manifest symptoms, if you believe yourself to be without resources – you will struggle to find provisions, if you believe yourself to be unsafe – you will come under threat. This is also true of believing in a positive alternative such as “I am well,” “I am safe,” or “All my needs are met.”

This, however, is not a week to go into denial about what is occurring or to bury your head in the sand, the point of these affirmations is to shift your fixed thinking and then allow yourself to creatively adjust your behaviour accordingly to bring about change, knowing that reality shifts when you do.

If your external circumstances point out health issues, allow your actions to define wellness by adopting healthy behaviours. If your external circumstances point out poverty consciousness then adjust your behaviours to appreciate what abundance you do have and be responsible for stewarding it appropriately… (look to Principle 5: I AM Liberated to help you get started)… and so on.

This is also a week to clear the physical clutter and get to the root of where you are. If you want to move towards a new reality then a good place to start redefining it is to understand where you are starting from. Once you get to the bottom of things, you may find that it’s not actually as bad as you thought and at least now you have a clear path to a new situation.

Make start… take control… you get to decide what your reality can be.

More later… x

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