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Noticeboard Total Eclipse Of The Expected

Weekly Noticeboard – 25th August 2017

This Week’s Affirmation:

In the deepest moments of melancholy can be found the greatest insights and the gateway to my power.

Just A Thought:

You might have noticed that last week’s Noticeboard went awry, simply because I spent 3 days on the sofa suffering from an infection in my face! My nose resembled a rhino’s horn and felt broken, my sinuses were swollen, my eyes were so painful I thought I’d been punched and occasionally it’s just ok to be Self-Full. Then came the eclipse…

We knew it was going to be a biggy energetically speaking, endings were inevitable but I for one never imagined it would be a total eclipse of the expected… if you’ve been reading the free insights this week you’ll know there was a sudden death in my family on Monday. Just recovering from a compromised immune system, you can imagine that the shock has taken its toll… Posts are missing this week, promised video unrecorded… me and the faeries in my garden have become best friends while I re-evaluate and heal.

Bare with me…

What’s On The Site This Week

Obviously reduced content

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle

  • Pure Connection – Re-reading the first line of the Oracle I can now see why I was hesitant in delivering the message: we register shock in the sacral chakra… a connection to a loved one can also be severed.

Free Grail Insights

New For Seekers

  • Healing Imbalance exercises and visualisation are still available if you haven’t had a look yet.
  • The video on increasing faith in the path is next up once life has stabilised and I’m able, I’ll keep you informed.

*Upcoming Workshops*

We’re on the last call now for September’s workshop…. these are for Seekers only so get booking and if you think you know anyone who would also benefit from these gatherings then get them to join up for free at

Coming Soon:

Can’t get to me for a meditation? No problem… weekly visualisation coming soon!

Would you do me the honour…?

  • Let me know how your eclipse went in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.
  • Don’t forget to give someone you know the gift of the Grail by letting them know we are here, they might like to join us on the Quest… SHARE the love… this family is opening its arms to new Seekers!