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The Grail Path’s own “Inuitive Chalice Oracle,” created by Jo Jerodene, is a free interpretation of the energies guiding us through the month ahead (in written form).

The Willing Recipient

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Yellow

I’ve been chomping at the bit today to explore this combination from The Intuitive Chalice Oracle for all of us, me included, because when I pulled the cards first thing this morning to contemplate, I had such a rush of excited enthusiasm about the way the energy is flowing.

Blending the first Principle: I AM God with the bright yellow energy of the Solar Plexus, The Willing Recipient is heralding a boon of unprecedented proportions arriving either energetically or tangibly from a benevolent Source. This gift is the universe’s way of compensating you for the work you’ve done thus far in arriving safely at your present location, experience safely translated into personal wisdom and packed into your toolkit for future use on the path.

We have come through a rough passage of late, many have been walking around dazed and confused since the new moon wondering why they feel the way they do… Somewhat baffled in fact by a sense of overwhelm detracted by a field of grace… Like you are wandering around thinking, “I should be depressed. To the outside world I might look and even sound depressed… but the absolute truth is I don’t feel depressed… but I dont know why I don’t!” Ridiculous as that sounds, being sensitive to energy flow, standing on a threshold of what’s done and what’s to be offered, knowing that now is the point when everything changes but not what changes are required…

I was privileged to work with one of my healing clients this afternoon (always a pleasure… you know who you are), and I described this sense of transition as being like the old Wheel of Fortune game show whereby you are the needle on the dial and the universe has just spun you around, you’re not in control of where that needle is going to land and there is nothing you can do until it stops spinning so you might as well let go and let God until such time as you come to a full stop and a real life opportunity to choose is placed in front of you…

Now this is the fun part (or not) because you have no idea what the choice is going to be and what area of your life it’s going to affect and if indeed it is a ‘gift’ then why is a choice involved at all? Well, because the universe is all about balance and that’s why you have been making space for this gift to arrive but, and it its a big but, you are going to have to make one final sacrifice in order to receive the bounty… I wish I could tell you what it is… I’m psychic but I’m not that good! Imagine if you will, a new baby, what a blessing? You will have to grow up, give up your freedom, take on the responsibility… see what I mean about a gift that brings with it sacrifice?

So why The Willing Recipient? Principle 1 is the quest for self-worth. An angel is going to turn up at your door this week (not literally, at least I don’t think so), and say “Special delivery for the resident Grail Knight” and you now have a choice, you can say “Oh yes that’s for me, Ive been expecting something wonderful, where do I sign?” or you can say “I’m not sure who it’s for… no Grail Knight’s here just surfs and waifs and the great unwashed” and though the angel knows damn well it’s a gift just for you, he’ll wing it back to the cosmic depot and report in to the Big Fella saying “Not ready to receive, delivery declined, the package was too much, too big, too…

Being worthy isn’t about hubris, its about the quiet acceptance that you are the Divine in human form and that He doesn’t make mistakes… When your angel shows up with a gift this week, no matter how big or small, simply say “Thank you, I’m not sure if I’m ready… but I AM Willing.” The needle will stop spinning and you can make your choices.

May your week ahead be filled with a thousand blessings… all of which you are worthy of.

More next week… x

The Empty Space

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Green

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle was designed to help the querent to understand the flow of energy instructing their own personal Grail and thus informing their life from day to day, cycle to cycle. I have found it to be a very effective tool in deciding where to focus healing energy and change within my own life and, since sharing weekly readings with you, I’ve noticed how it mirrors the universal currents affecting many of us who are sensitive to the changes occuring at a much deeper level.

Today’s combination of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the emerald green of the heart chakra, is creating The Empty Space. As with all Grail readings this empty space can have both positive and negative connotations to the way we feel about our lives.

Imagine if you will the wide open spaces of nature and how we can feel either relieved by the removal of boundaries and the space to breathe or we can feel very alone.

If you read my Free Grail Insight yesterday (Catch a Glimmer), you will understand that I was expressing gratitude for my mum, especially as its Mother’s day in the UK tomorrow. Im very aware though at this time that many of you, a very dear friend of mine included, dont have the luxury of having mum here. My gorgeous friend Val lost her mum just a few short weeks ago and is going through this Mother’s Day for the first time, feeling a distinct loss of connection…

But The Empty Space is not just about mum’s, its about separation and the loneliness that we sometimes feel overcome with when the very person that we feel the need to be near is no longer available to us either through death, emotional or geographical separation. I feel the angst of those who are longing for that connection and my heart goes out to each and every one of you who is experiencing loss or loneliness, not just now, but always.

The healing message within this card though comes from the Self-Full aspect, directing you to find peace within this situation as you remember that life doesn’t leave gaps for no reason and that The Empty Space is waiting to be filled… Filled with joy, love, abundance and most of all filled with you… You see the only thing that you are actually separated from is yourself. As everything in the universe is intimately connected, separation in the energetic sense is actually impossible and the feelings, sensations, emotions and experiences that you felt when with the person who is now missing from your life for whatever reason, are still inherent within you.

Place your attention fully on what, not who is missing and then go and find that thing for yourself… don’t be tempted to search for it from another person, Self-Full means “I AM Whole, I AM Healed and I AM Grateful” and when you fill that sacred chalice with the light of your own soul you become irresistable to the next phase and influx of love energy… That’s why this is called The ‘WHOLLY’ Grail. Separation is a choice.

More next week… x

The Resting Place

Grail Oracle 6Grail Oracle Red

This combination of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full and the intense red of the Base/Root Chakra came as a bit of a surprise to me this morning when I pulled it for you… and it shouldn’t have.

Whilst doing my morning meditation I came face to face with a human archetype of God (to me he always looks like Morgan Freeman which beats Charlton Heston hands down in my opinion, but you can make your own mind up). Putting a human face on God is usually a bad idea as it comes with all the fallibilites of humanity but for the sake of having a two-way conversation with your Higher Power, whatever that might be to you, a human face is, I find, the best way of interacting… besides, I cant really help what my psyche throws up during meditation… “Hang on a minute God, whatever you have to tell me will have to wait until I’ve managed to reconstruct this age-old image of you in my head”… counter-productive to say the least. Anyway, I digress.

God/Morgan was standing leaning against a white picket fence, arms folded, quite relaxed, apparently awaiting my arrival. I realised that this white picket fence had been in my last two meditations where God had been present, but this time I became fixated on the fence itself. A white picket fence can symbolically mean the idyllic home life that we all crave (even if in reality you would prefer a high brick wall and remote controlled automatic gates), I became determined to see what was on the other side of the fence… but God wasn’t shifting. Now I could see over his shoulder and was dismayed to notice that the house in the background was in the shadows and out of focus, at which point I noticed that God wasn’t leaning on the fence, he was leaning on the gate. I knew instinctively that the thing on the otherside of the fence that represented my goal if you like, wasn’t yet within my reach hence the shadows, and that God was standing between me and it… He turned me around to look at the vista on the side of the fence I was already on: green rolling hills and fields, low dry stone walls, basically the Yorkshire countryside (a la James Herriot) and He was slightly purturbed when I turned away from it. But, I looked back at Him, not to reject the view, to acknowledge what I had to do…

Crossing the lane toward the vista I sat myself down beneath a giant oak tree and a red apple fell and landed in my hand…

What’s all that got to do with The Resting Place?

God was standing between me and what I wanted because I am not ready to receive it, Im exhausted from all the pushing and pulling it takes to acheive goals and He wants me to take a break, take care of my own needs and look after my body… to eat well and to rest.

This combination is a sound reminder that what you want is almost here but you are not in a fit state to appreciate its magnificent abundance in full until you have had a chance to retreat, refresh and refuel.

As I pull this oracle combination for all of us Grail Knight’s and according to the wave of similar issues I’ve been dealing with in the needs of healing clients, I would suggest that we are all on the threshold of a new way of life but just as you would hit the hotel first and freshen up after a long journey before you would go out and start the party, The Resting Place is the freshen up point before you arrive at your desired destination.

Be good to yourself this week.

More next Saturday… x

(…and before anyone responds, yes, I know apples don’t grow in oak trees… Oak for strength and longevity, apple for proper nutrition, red for the relevant chakra… see?)

The Emissary

Grail Oracle 1Grail Oracle Blue

Once again the royal blue of the throat chakra is prominant in this combination as it joins forces with the first Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God. The Emissary is the remover of obstacles as the walls that previously stood in the way of open inter-relating have been smashed down by mutual respect and candor.

When you know your worth, not monetary but something much more fundamental than that: your divine essence, you suddenly recognise that within every living thing too, leaving room for each individual to become all that they can be and actively participating in the healing of previous blocks.

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve thought to yourself “I might as well stop talking because nobody’s listening”? Do you remember the days when the phrase “Talk to the hand…” was really popular? These are prime examples of a lack of respect, firstly for yourself and secondly for whomever you are communicating with (or not)… The Emissary has wiped away the emnity and opened channels of communication symbolising not only a healing of past hurt but also the opportunity to express real truth; meaningful, compassionate, heartfelt truth, and in doing so heralding a creative partnership where once stood only fearful apprehension.

This is the beginning of the peace talks… grab the energy and ride it to its conclusion (and make sure its conclusion is built on love).

More next week… x


The Keymaster

Grail Oracle 3Grail Oracle Blue

It seems that these two energies are in hot demand at the moment, one being Grail Principle 3: I AM Human and the other being the royal blue of the throat chakra. This combination is known as The Keymaster, as it’s name suggests, it holds the key to letting you out of your own personal prison.

This week I have been working with quite a few people and have noticed a common thread that comes to the fore with this oracle pick and in this case its the subject of abuse. Now being the day before Valentine’s Day we don’t want to think about relationships in those terms but I’m just interpreting the oracle as it relates to the general wave of universal vibration…

Principle 3, as we have already seen in a previous oracle combo (The Perpetual Punishment,) is all about forgiveness, but when it comes to abuse can we truly forgive? That’s what I’ve been exploring with clients and students this week and also what I’ve been exploring for myself. Whether it be historical or current, emotional or physical, abuse is usually a silent energy-drain that even when it has stopped, keeps you firmly fixed in a victim mentality. You keep telling the story of how this person did this to you and how awful it was, and each time you recall to a brand new audience the pain resurfaces and the abuse is fresh and new. We somehow spend our time waiting for that other person to admit that they were responsible for how we feel, not necessarily to apologise but to acknowledge the role they played in our downfall or perception of it at least… and then there are the willing cheerleaders who you need on your side creating a profile of the “monster” who did this terrible thing to you.

The Keymaster is Divine Expression, and this oracle pick isn’t about abuse its about freedom. You’ve told that story, you’ve painted that picture, you’ve shown the world the bruises (and poked them when they’ve faded just in case the world doesn’t believe you any more), but the story isn’t the story of some other person with a whole load of power over you, the story is your story and how you gave and are still giving that power away. Tell it differently. Instead of telling the set of cheerleaders how awful what’s-his-face was as a partner tell them how amazing youre doing since you let go of the anger, the hurt, the pain. Tell them how you have used the whole sorry incident as a catalyst to expose where you were once co-dependent and as a result you are now looking forward to sharing a mutually encouraging, loving relationship.

The door that The Keymaster opens isn’t just letting you out of the trap you’ve created, it is showing you how to unlock the door the opportunities that you never thought possible… Tell a new story.

I’m ready and waiting to be your cheerleader (but I won’t be shaking my pompoms for anything less than a winner).

Happy Valentine’s weekend. May it bring you everything that’s in your new story… and eventually it will.

More next week… x

The Humble Seer

Grail Oracle 1 Grail Oracle Violet

I pulled this oracle combination for you this morning and then left it to one side for a while whilst I allowed it to filter into my consciousness. I wasn’t suprised by the synchronicity as I work with oracles on a daily basis but this one seemed particularly poignant for me and several others that I have worked with this week.

The Humble Seer combines the 1st Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM God with the violet energy of the crown chakra and is the point where divine insturction meets destiny and free will seemingly gets overridden. I say seemingly because there is always a choice, but there is moment in many people’s lives when they are confronted with so much evidence of a greater plan that when they look back over the events of their lives the pattern is so apparent that everything that has occurred to them and for them has been leading up to this singular moment or mission.

Overwhelming as it may seem at this time you are being asked to suspend disbelief and step fully into your unique role here on the planet as you now understand that you make a difference… no matter how small and to how few, your contribution is so key to the bigger picture that one way or another the universe has and will continue to push you towards the inevitable conclusion… in other words: you got on this rollercoaster and there is no getting off.

When this oracle selection shows its face we often slip into a mode of questioning our self-worth: “how can I possibly be that important?” and then we shift into asking “what if I screw up?” You have been preparing for lifetimes for the task you came here to do and God doesn’t make mistakes… neither will you. Whatever the outcome of your next steps, everything is as it should be.

Confidence is key and on that note… I believe in you!

More next week… x

The Herald of Opportunity

Grail Oracle 4Grail Oracle Blue

This week Intuitive Chalice Oracle combination has offered up a second helping of the royal blue energy of the throat chakra and combined it with the 4th Principle of The Wholly Grail: I AM Truth. This duo are bringing with them the blessings of success and so are called The Herald of Opportunity.

You have, for too long, hidden your light under a bushell in fear that the world may judge you or disregard your ideas and opinions as pure nonsense, in fact you have found yourself twisting your words and moulding your work to please and appease others, compromising your integrity in the process… but no longer.

The Herald of Opportunity shows up when you have been brave enough to stand up and be counted; to put your neck on the line and say: “this is what I want and this is how I want it to be”and it has paid off big time. there may have been a short silence whilst the world adjusted to your new way of communicating and within that silence you might have found yourself cringing on the inside, wondering “did I ask too much?” “Did I come on too strong?” but the pause was simply time for reflection and a moment for the universal flow to catch up with your vibrational shift… The response? “Ok then.” The door simply swung open without fuss, argument or fanfare.

Use this energy to step through the open doors that are unlocking in response to your new found confidence in your authentic voice and understand that once you step through a doorway, what remains on the otherside is no longer matching your vibration. To stay in your truth you must let go of the little self and soar.

More next week… x


The Perpetual Punishment

Grail Oracle 3 Grail Oracle Indigo

Last week I began to post a free oracle reading from The Wholly Grail’s own oracle known as The Intuitive Chalice which takes one of the Principles of the Grail and combines it with the energy of a chakra to give you a glimpse into the overriding theme of the week. Ive been using the oracle since I created it in 2013 and it does prove insightful… especially this morning when I found myself laughing out loud as I pulled this particular combination which I like to call “The Perpetual Punishment.” I was only laughing of course because it is a perfect reflection of my actions over the last 24 hours or so, not that the actions are funny but the synchronicity is and if we dont laugh at ourselves then what’s the point?

The Perpetual Punishment describes the action of continuously revisiting, reliving, visualising, giving energy to, and compounding an event or action whereby something bad happened. I AM Human: the 3rd Principle of Grail requires acceptance and forgiveness of an act or failure to live up to expectations. When this act is constantly replayed, movie-like in the mind or brow chakra it gives rise to a continuation of both suffering after the initial incident and also the fuel to punish the perpetrator. It causes pain to all involved. There are three ways to deal with this combination: the first is to bring the event and the intentions/motives into the light fully in order that it may be understood and completely healed; the second is to forgive the action and move on and the third is retalliation. As you can imagine option three brings more pain and potential for an accident, mishap or misunderstanding to escalate into a full scale war, the second option, the easiest, is to let go of the anger but it usually involves a certain level of mistrust that means separation is required in order to maintain a feeling of personal safety which means that the first option is the one that, though it requires the most patience, tolerance, kindness and an ability to truly see where your own actions played a part in the original wounding, will eventually lead to a complete recovery from whatever attack or seeming disaster first occured…

Should you find yourself this week attacking someone you care about because of something they did, said, didn’t do, didn’t say, if you find yourself using any excuse to hurt them, even when they are attempting to be loving and kind then the chances are you are caught up in the energy of the Perpetual Punshiment. Remember that this energy punishes everyone… including you… Time for a heart to heart so you can understand what really happened so that you can change the ending of the movie playing in your head and lay it to rest for good…

More next weekend… x

The Healer’s Whisper

Grail Oracle 6 Grail Oracle Blue This Oracle combination brings together the royal blue energy of the throat chakra and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, to highlight the need to heal the self through listening to the whisper within and discerning where it differs to the loud brash information that is constantly bombarding our senses from external sources. You know what is good for you, you know what you need… whether that is silence and retreat or a new regime at the gym remains to be seen. Read More