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Monday Magical Moment – Unicorns Do Dressage

Early this morning I wandered down to the magical forest to take some invisible carrots for my friends the unicorns. They live there with the faeries who every Monday find much mischief to amuse themselves seeing as though their playmate humans have temporarily forgotten the magic and playfulness that comes with weekends and effortlessly slipped back into the workaday trance… Not me though, Monday’s are incredibly special and that’s the time when I get to chat to the enchanted forest dwellers alongside just a few enlightened ones without interference from the world outside.

So my unicorn, Theriel (which he tells me if you say it slowly it sounds like “They’re Real), is just explaining to me how unicorns do dressage when they are happy but also when they are in training for a mission to convert innocence into wisdom and service among the human folk, when all of a sudden I caught sight of a flash of light between the trees.

Theriel nodded and laughed at my startled look and telepathically imparted to me that I was only startled because I had been distracted and forgotten to pay attention (there are always messages to pay attention to in the enchanted forest and world of Faerie)… there it was again… this time though I noticed it only flashed because it was moving so quickly between the trees and each time it went behind a tree the light seemed to disappear. “She, not It” Theriel corrected “…and be wary, She will lead you into all sorts of predicaments!”

Turns out that flash of light dancing from tree to tree trying to get my attention was the inspiration faerie, sylph of almost lightening speed, attempting to draw me into a game of hide and seek.

I beckoned her out into the open to ask her about why she moved so fast but was met with a grin so big that her light became momentarily blinding and then she was off again… leaving Theriel at least, in no doubt that I’d been absent long enough from the world beyond the forest and  from my mission to bring magic back to the world, so he offered me a lift back.

Have you ever ridden a unicorn whilst it’s practicing pointing its hooves and moving in time to the rustling leaves?

For those of you that are still reading, congratulations! Your inner child, playful spirit and ability to dream magic into the world is still intact and the likelihood is that the unicorns have been doing dressage in your neck of the woods preparing to initiate you into your next mission.

Magic is the elixir that fills The Grail. Whether you are a Grail Knight or a Priestess: Keeper of the Sacred Chalice, without magic there is no inspiration, no light in the darkness, no path through the veil… The faeries cease to exist, all the dancing stops and the world no longer turns on its axis, causing all manifestation to come to an end… but you won’t notice because it’s a Monday and you forgot to ride your undercover unicorn to work this morning.

Principle 1: I AM God, and seeing through His eyes, all things are possible (even telepathic unicorns who actually prefer sugar lumps to invisible carrots because apparently they can pop them in their tea after they finish dancing).

Join me later in the week for my free weekly Dragon reading via YouTube or the website at …and yes the Dragons are real too (you just need to know where to look for them).

Have a magical Monday… x


Midweek Musings – Ascend To A Higher Altitude

I have truly been making some bold moves behind the scenes lately, shifting my consciousness, my focus, my attitudes and my intentions to a much more authentic version reflecting my inner drives. Outwardly, to most onlookers, the adjustments may appear minor or they may not have noticed anything at all, and that’s ok by me… we wouldn’t want to scare the natives would we? Others have been clued in on my intentions, my position and my true feelings about life and what I want from it and I’ve left them to ponder the implications at their own pace.

There was a time when I would have freaked out at this stage and spiralled into high drama, allowing my own internal gremlins to take control of the conversation going on my head about how others might react or feel about my revelations, but something about where I am now is pleasantly indifferent to what people think of me, even those that truly matter… it is just how things are and the way I am now. That’s not to say that how they feel doesn’t matter, of course it does. I am all about feelings, that’s probably the part of me that has evolved as I have shifted my focus further from logic and deeper into my own intuition… I should probably say devolved as that’s where I began the journey and have come full circle… or have I?

Imagine standing on the side of a dusty road having just woke up. Along the road to your right, off in the distance is a dense forest and off to your left in the distance is a high mountain. The road appears to end at each natural obstacle but you have no way of knowing that for sure without exploring further. You have no recollection of how you arrived at that spot, as if you had simply been dropped on the path in your sleep. The terrain is unfamiliar and familiar at the same time but you have no compass or definite points of reference so really either way could be forward and either way could be back the way you came… which way do you choose?

Does it matter?

The more relevant question here is what do you want? For me its about ascending to a higher altitude so my choice has to be to head towards the mountain, so to speak. It’s a risk for sure because I have no idea how to climb, if the path continues, if there will be help along the way, if there are resources to support me, shelter to protect me etc. I know the forest has those resources but in the dense darkness that exists there will I ever see the sunshine again? Perceived safety isn’t always the best option… I have no idea what’s lurking in those woods: confusion perhaps or even madness?

We perceive the road as a straight line when life tells us always that the road is a circle: beyond the mountain the road continues, traversing other natural obstacles but eventually leading to the resources of the forest and beyond the forest the road continues taking in myriad adventures on its way back towards the mountain and higher ground. The point being, you are always heading in the right direction because the only direction is back towards you (it’s just that sometimes you have to get further away to find your way back).

As I begin to ascend to a higher altitude on this particular circuit, I’m doing so knowing that my fear of having to do it alone is just a fear… that mountain is rock solid, it looks inaccessible from the side of the road but as a foundation for building a life, it’s unshakable.

On your Grail Quest, don’t be afraid to circle back around, it will never be the same experience twice because you are different on every pass (Principles 2 & 4), it’s always an invitation to life mastery.

More later… x


Temple, Castle Or Wide Open Road?

I don’t know about you but last night’s full moon had a pretty intense effect on me.  Symbolically standing in its reflection cast shadows so long they appeared to take on a life of their own and began dancing what I can only describe as a pre-ceremonial ritual before they decided to devour me completely. Of course I’m here to tell the tale and the shadows faded with the rising of the sun, reminding me that the terrifying spectacle was a play put on by my inner demons to take advantage of current uncertainties and exasperated by the powerful pull of the moon goddess.

I stood as witness to the darkness battling with the light, I took sides momentarily before pulling myself back from the fight, I chose the opposite side and rejoined the fracas before once again withdrawing to observe from a neutral perspective, knowing that the fight wasn’t real, the demons weren’t real, the shadows were merely emotions fuelled by fears and insecurities, and I knew that to quiet the inner raging storm one need only remember the storm  only exists within a story… and I am the story teller.

So this morning I began another story: temple, castle or wide open road?

It’s a story about choice and the environments in which I might play out new roles and wear new masks. Each of us has carved out a reality for ourselves that seems fixed. It holds within its structure a balance of light and dark but the energy can become static or stagnant, it can sway too far into darkness or too far into blinding light, and the reality you fooled yourself into believing was an immutable backdrop at that point becomes uncomfortable… staying longer could become intolerable. This is the moment where change is necessary, nay, inevitable.

So the temple… The place of retreat, reverence, contemplation, solace and potential isolation. The home of The Hermit or The High Priestess.

Or the castle… The playground of Kings, Queens and Grail Knights. Where nobles hold court and feast. Defensible and removed from the likes of those who might oppose but welcoming of those who might pledge fealty to the realm.

Or the open road… A Fool’s journey into unknown territory with nothing but the sum total of her/his past experience (which on this leg of unmapped terrain adds up to not much at all). Heading for adventure? Danger? New found understanding?

The idea is this: as I write the next chapter of my own story do I write what I know, what I believe I want to invite into my life, or do I step forward into the unknown and just document the trip?

One thing is for sure: the shadows are sure to live in every story I write just to provide texture, tension and drama… and so I must remain ever watchful of who in me is writing the story. Today it is the priestess reflecting on the storm from the safety of the temple… I don’t yet know who I will be tomorrow.

More later… x

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First Monday Of The Month Challenge – Carrying Creation

Was it Atlas that carried the world on his shoulders? I’m sure you are familiar with the image. Regardless of how ripped his muscles and how adept at holding the globe he may have become, the longer he balances it up there, the heavier it gets… and you might just have been performing your own strong man balancing act for a little too long.

It’s a beautiful May Day Bank Holiday and that must mean that its also the first Monday of the month, or as I like to call it: Challenge Day! And as I look around I’m witnessing loved ones, friends and clients scrambling to keep their proverbial balls in the air as their creations: physical, intellectual and emotional, are beginning to crush them by the sheer gravity afforded each one.

When you create something: a persona, a home, a relationship, a family, a career, a business (especially one with a bloody website), a work of art, etc… that creation begins to develop a life of its own… and life is expansive by nature, which means it grows. That growth can only be sustained so far by you alone before it begins to crush you or you drop it and let it crumble.

Notice I said “by you alone.”

Unlike Atlas, you are not alone in your efforts carrying creation, and your challenge this May Day Monday (and everyday that follows) is to let go of what’s crushing you and ask for help with what’s left that you most cherish so that it may continue to grow. You maybe blind to the support available to you right now, you may have no idea how someone might be able to help you, if not with the obvious burden, perhaps by taking some of the more everyday tasks off your hands.

It really bloody hard to keep your plates spinning when you are trying to build the plate rack!

Principle 5: I AM Liberated from The Wholly Grail

I hope you enjoyed my bevy of mixed metaphors there and don’t forget that if you need some more personal guidance you can book a session with me here or a personal card reading across at my other site here.

Happy May Day… x


Our Honoured Teachers – Relationship Edition

As you walk your path through life, sometimes aware of the Grail, sometimes holding it and sometimes oblivious to the abundance available to you, you find yourself side by side with those meant to show you the way and others meant obscure it. Our honoured teachers all have significance to the journey… some more than others.

Can you give credit to the people who have shifted your life in significant ways without needing to place good and bad labels on the methods by which those changes were introduced?

Our honoured teachers come and go as parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers etc. but none perhaps so significant as those we willingly give our hearts to. Lovers, spouses, potential lovers and those who came close, all have a unique message for our personal growth. We were not meant to walk the path alone and will always seek our own reflection in others.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is the last in the set of Wholly Grail Principles… it requires balance, give and take, the mastery of the other Principles, but none so much as the first, Principle 1: I AM God. This simple acknowledgment of the divine in all life reminds us that you and I are not separate from each other, I honour you as a teacher because I see you in me, I see me in you, we are the same and it is through rediscovering that over and over that the greatest lessons occur.

You too are someone’s honoured teacher. You have hurt and you have healed many on the path, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. There were times when you deliberately drained or spilled the Grail of another and there were times when you couldn’t possibly know how little they had left to give. It was never your responsibility to refill anyone’s cup but your own… as it was the responsibility of each companion to only attend to theirs.

Another honoured teacher is just up ahead. They may have a familiar face or the face of a stranger, it is of no consequence the outer shell… all teaching is cyclical until the blessing is extracted and the lesson is complete. As your next teacher approaches, remember the cyclical nature of The Wholly Grail… Principle 1 is the key and Principle 7 is the lock.

May your heart be open and all your teachers be honoured… x

Monday Musings – A Dent In The Drum

I just woke up from an incredibly vivid dream in which I was a choreographer at a national dance competition! My team, made up of amazing kids and adults alike, were at varying standards and levels of competency.

A member of a rival dance team had just had a major failure in front of the judge’s and I was attempting to hold out an olive branch by giving her reassurance, but her team mates were lessening the impact of the interaction by jeering, assuming my compassion to be disingenuous and thus attempting to compound the rivalry between teams.

A member of my team was next up, but a prop from her routine had been tampered with by the rivals and was now assumed to be a hazard (though no evidence presented itself). At the last moment, as I entered the arena to watch and support my next dancer, I realised that someone had set up a completely different set of props and switched the dance to new choreography whilst my back was turned… I was horrified but the music had begun, the judges were in place and she was poised in the middle of the floor ready to dazzle…

The new dance, one I hadn’t choreographed, had her tying the ankles of a fellow dancer, but the pre-tied restraint prop malfunctioned and she was now a full 8 count behind in the unfolding story. It was a mess. The whole piece ended with her banging on two rainbow coloured kettle drums to the beat of the music but she was handed giant metalic ladles to use. Every strike left a dent in the drum, the damage was irrevocable, the dance was a disaster and I was mortified on her behalf.

When she left the floor I ran to comfort her as I had the other team’s member, but once she was out of ear shot my first question to the rest of my team was “who authorised that routine?” I went on to say that the more ornate the set the more elements can go wrong, the more props and technical equipment involved the more potential for disaster… winning dances are derived from simple, unfettered elegance and technical brilliance… and I finished my lecture with the very frank statement: “when you over-complicate you fail.”

The elements of the dream were simple: I took my eye off the ball and focused on someone who could not hear me because others were shouting louder and they didn’t trust my intentions, meanwhile my own message was not only distorted but completely transformed whilst my back was turned. The badly tied ankles slowed the dance down and every time the drum was struck (or a communication attempted) using the wrong tools for the job, the message was damaged even more… the dancer left the floor heartbroken.

Surprisingly the other team didn’t didn’t heckle, they were just as dismayed by the disaster as my team… the only one not dismayed was me… I knew the responsibility was mine and simple resolved to never enter a competition again until all my team had the same level of focus, commitment and belief in the dance I’d created and until the rival team recognised that we weren’t their rivals but in fact their partners in driving the evolution of their choreography.

You may be wondering what that was all about… well, in terms of The Grail, here are the relevant Principles... Principle 1: I AM God reminds you of your divinity even when you feel less than your brilliant self, Principle 2: I AM Detached keeps you focused on the here and now, what’s important and what’s in front of you, Principle 3: I AM Human, asks you to forgive your mistakes and those of others, take responsibility for your action and your failures, Principle 4: I AM Truth tells the story of believing in your own message even when others don’t, Principle 5: I AM Liberated demonstrates how material (props) can encumber your progress and freedom, Principle 6: I AM Self-Full reminds you to take care of you and yours first, and finally Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted… rivalry is a losers game and sometimes you have to be willing to offer support and compassion to all the dancers on the universal dance floor regardless of what team they are on… everyone is family.

I may have made another dent in the drum here, but it’s my drum.

Wishing you simple, pure, graceful choreography today, and the support and respect of every team dancing… x



When The Message Gets Lost In The Noise

Let me ask you something:

Do you know what The Wholly Grail is?

Do you know what it’s for?

Do you know how it might serve you?

I’ve spent a couple of days this week sorting through the vast resources I’ve amassed in the creation of The Grail teachings and realised just how much there is that takes away from its simple but powerful message. I had failed to notice the effect of when the message gets lost in the noise. That being the case I’d like to clarify, in case you missed the point, the power of The Wholly Grail…

Your health, happiness, wellbeing and peace are the fundamental requirements for a balanced life. The Wholly Grail or that state of balance and fulfilment, is broken down into 7 easy Principles or statements, concepts that must be present in order to retain your balance in a hectic, demanding lifestyle without depleting your personal power.

The Wholly Grail is complete (hence wholly), in its ability to reset your thinking and belief systems, reclaim your boundaries, identify and understand your undermining behaviours and power drains so as to reclaim yourself as whole (also hence wholly).

Every aspect of your daily life is a spiritual adventure and has the potential to fuel your soul or deplete it… you can choose to perceive it as love-filled and joyous or arduous and contentious. The former allows you to realign to peace and fill the spirit (or proverbial Grail cup or chalice), the latter depletes your reserves and has you declaring yourself as a victim of circumstance. One has you living in faith, the other in fear.

You might feel presently stuck in a situation you don’t believe you can change. I get it, when you’ve been there a while it’s hard to see which way to go… The 7 Principles will help you identify both your light and your shadow and by accepting both you get to choose your perfect path back to peace and even bliss… isn’t that worth doing the work for?

All the info is here on the site and the basics are free. If you feel like you need extra help getting started or you are facing a sticky dilemma and don’t know where to begin, I’m here to point you in the right direction… just think of me as your Grail Guide. You can book a personal guidance session here.

Wishing you a “cup full of love” on your path back to peace.

Jo… x


Monday Mood Management – Brand New Day

It’s a brand new day.

Isn’t that amazing? It implies that when the sun came up this morning it burnt away all the sticky energy that held you back yesterday. And combined with the fact that the first new moon of the astrological year was last night, it seems that the newness of the day is even more powerful…

But are you about to opt to drag the unnecessary into the present moment just because it’s familiar?

Let’s imagine for just a moment that you have all the resources present to create something totally unique from scratch today that would transform your life and the lives of others for the better in myriad ways. There are no instructions, no pictures of the finished product (because it hasn’t been invented yet), just your creative ingenuity and an insatiable desire to be of service. What are you going to create?

The task seems enormous when there is no direction and this is a time when you could easily allow yourself to be guided by an “I can’t” attitude, stifling your natural propensity towards inventive play… that’s what life is asking of you: inventive play. It uplifts your mood, transports you into your childlike “anything’s possible” mindset, kick-starts your problem solving brain cells and helps to build new synapses along the way.

It’s a brand new day… so how are you going to get started?

Step 1: Take a good long look at your social environment. What are the recurrent themes, problems and difficulties that those around you are dealing with?

Step 2: Without succumbing to the temptation to join the “that’s just how it is” brigade, recognise that every problem has a solution, even if it merely alleviates rather than eliminates the issue.

Step 3: Make a quick assessment of your skills and talents, all of them… you might be a brain surgeon by vocation but are also a dab-hand with a lawnmower so don’t underestimate the everyday abilities you have that can make a difference to the lives of others.

Step 4: Identify the tools and resources available to you that you can utilise to McGyver-style if need be.

Step 5: Gather support if you need it. Who around you has the skills and talents that you need to pull off this ingenious undertaking. Ask them for help… recruit those with a similar goal or those who are affected by the issue to be your army of helpers.

Step 6: Try until you succeed….

That last one is the biggy. Failure isn’t a part of this new day’s philosophy, you only fail if you give up. This new day, this new mood, this new you is a creative genius whose ethos is built on trial and error and each attempt that doesn’t quite go according to plan helps to eliminate a path until the path of success reveals itself.

Those problems you are attempting to find solutions to… yesterday those problems were just people who convinced themselves they were helpless to make a difference. You were one of them…. today the only problem is remembering that you hold the key to the answer.

It takes a full cup and every Principle of The Wholly Grail to be a creative leader… Are you ready to get started?

Let me help you take the next step into Divine Service here.

More later… x


Can You See Your Future?

It’s an accepted anomaly that when driving a vehicle you automatically steer towards whatever you are focused on, hence it’s wise to keep your eyes on the road ahead. Life is similar in as much as in order to create the life you really want you must first be able to visualise what that life looks like, in other words focus on the outcome you want to achieve. What life is asking is that you attempt a certain element of pre-determination, but can you see your future?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a master magician and you are about to conjure up the exact experience that will bring you that feeling of a fulfilled life that you’ve been looking for… What are you going to conjure? That’s the thing, if you don’t know what to conjure, how are you going to know how to conjure it? Now if you have a vision in your mind of what you are going to magic up, then regardless of how many forms it takes on the way there, you will keep going until you have achieved the desired result.

It doesn’t really matter what the goal is, how big it seems or what the component parts might consist of, all creative endeavours start off as inspiration that when repetitive thought is added become passions or missions, that when consistently stoked and action is taken become momentum towards that inspirational vision even if the vision evolves along the way.

Lately I’ve been reviewing some of my own visions, asking myself if where I am is where I had visualized being? What I realised was astonishing: I managed to create several of the component parts… but missed the big picture by a square mile! Why? Because my focus was on the small details rather than the grand plan. The future that I had imagined for myself became a footnote while I began imagining the details in glorious Technicolor… and of course I steered towards the details.

Along the way, evidence began to stack up of more details and the greater plan got buried under the new images that were filing in from so called reality… “I will just deal with this first…” became the norm and before I knew it, life was in control of me and not the other way around… does that sound familiar?

I’ve found a very peaceful state over the last few weeks, a Zen-like break in the routine where it’s been easy to detach from the details. I’ve given myself permission to relax, recognised the only one pressuring me was me, it’s one of the reasons there have been very few posts on the site. I’ve allowed myself to dream the old dream again and ask if I’m ready now to create the vision in its purest form, and to search the recurrent themes in the imaginings that I’ve been keeping company with lately to see what I’ve been creating unconsciously: I found a broken relationship in there where there should be joyous union, because the image was built on details of the faults of both parties rather than the things that make us beautiful and allow us to inspire each other and nurture growth; I found protracted recovery from health issues because I was focused on the details of how I’d manage if I was ill for another extended length of time. The list of things I’ve been steering towards that aren’t part of my plan is ridiculous for someone who understands the mechanics of the law of attraction…

So can you see your future?

Not only can you see it, you can manipulate it into any form you choose… but choose wisely… and consciously.

Creating vision boards has become a bit cheesy recently but if you are like me and easily distracted by details then let me suggest you crack on and get busy making one. Put your must haves on the board. Paint it, write it, stick photos on it… whatever floats your boat… that way you can see your future every time you look at the board and be inspired to steer that way even if the outer world is trying to bury you under the details.

Here’s wishing you a Zen-like space in the routine to refocus on the big picture.

More later… x


Monday Mind Management – Are You curious Enough?

By the time you reach adulthood, say 30 or so, you have a fairly good grasp of your version of reality. You could even go as far as to say you are pretty locked in by then. Conditioning has given you a set of rules to work by and a sense of right and wrong and your experience has made you a pretty accurate judge of character, an estimator and a judgment machine. It has you believing what kind of foods you will most likely enjoy, what kind of company you will thrive in, what entertainment you prefer to be distracted by, what skills and talents you have and what you cannot do… you’ve probably even developed a “type” when it comes to lovers by this time.

What if I told you that all this information is merely a set of out of date instructions to a very complex living machine?

Every time you are presented with a choice in the coming days, whether it’s as simple as what to eat for lunch or much more in depth and life altering, question your first choice. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not asking you to make second guessing a habit or to mistrust your instincts but instead of assuming that your instincts are choosing, ask yourself if it is actually your habits that are dictating your daily reality.

In order to open a mind that is closed or a fixed consciousness, consider: are you curious enough? When we believe we already hold all the answers we stop learning, stop evolving and experiences become repetitive, but when we become curious our lives open up to new experiences, new opportunities, sparkling conversations, unlikely friendships and alliances.

Let this become a week of exploration and discovery. Let life become new and with it a whole raft of fresh possibilities. Only with a curious mind and an open heart will those risky strategies turn out to be playful learning opportunities.

Principle 4: I AM Truth always comes with the caveat “I reserve the right to evolve.” Now is not the time to stop that evolution!

I know you’ve been conditioned to believe that curiosity killed the cat, but remember the cat has nine lives… it would be a real shame not to use them all because you are safer with mediocre, eh?

Have an amazingly curious day… x