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Monday Mind Management – River Of Dreams

As the water flows gently downstream it is contained skilfully by the earth that forms its river banks. Winding so precisely in an orderly fashion, moving as a united flow as the crystal clear water does, the earth could be forgiven for believing that it has control over the water and is manipulating and directing the liquid into going where it deems necessary… take backwards step though and a geological tour through history and you will soon see that it is indeed the water that patiently and persistently carved away at the land, forming a channel of least resistance to exactly where it wanted to go… who here then has true control?

The river of dreams is the flow of Source energy that is an unstoppable stream of inspiration that we all have access to. Like the earth we become channels for its power and flow, but fail to realise that its the inspiration that shapes us rather than we that shape the inspiration.

There are also those who attempt to divert the flow. It’s a relatively easy process to dam up and siphon off the abundant resources and it will work for a time. In real terms that is simply about those who forget the river serves all and there is enough to go around and so instead of tapping into Source they simply take someone else’s interpretation of it… but the river keeps flowing and will eventually burst the dam when the pressure builds up too high.

All rivers, regardless of their given name, are born of the clouds and flow to the sea… along the way they merge into other rivers and we give them new names, they absorb smaller streams and claim the fresh water as their own, they flow around mountains, over rapids and carve out great ravines, they sometimes churn up silt and become impure along the way, they cause great floods and destruction but also give life and bring prosperity to those who honour the flow. As they spill into great oceans they lose their essential nature and become a salty storehouse of even more creative power that against all the odds somehow manages to still support life… until over time, drop by drop, they evaporate and reform the clouds beginning the process anew.

The earth needs the water, the water needs the earth… when they quit trying to work out who has power over who they may eventually realise that it is symbiosis that is occurring and that everyone would be happier if they each did what they are best at.

When the river of dreams flows through you, nobody can deliver it to its destination the way you do. Be the art and the artist, the magic and the magician… You are Source energy and Source energy flows through you.

Principle 1: I AM God, Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted.

There is always more… later… x


Will You Choose Conflict Or Cooperation?

I’m tired. I know it’s a strange way to start a post but it’s indicative of the point we all get to when the struggle becomes so unbearable we have to acknowledge, not that we can’t go on in the same manner, but that we don’t want to. This is the point where you have to ask: will you choose conflict or cooperation?

Last week you may recall that the Sacred Chalice Oracle offered advice regarding the impending possibility of someone pushing your buttons… it seems that that was taken as an invitation, challenge or instruction by an acquaintance of mine. Honouring my own wounding and attempting to understand his, instead of throwing the rattle out of the pram I when my boundaries were obviously violated, I simply asked if he would like to share the burden of responsibility for what he was attempting to take. I offered to share… to cooperate for the greater good. I’m waiting on a response at present with no expectations either way.

When we are unaware of the true motives of other people’s behaviour towards us, all we can do is open our hearts to them and carry on regardless, but I absolutely refuse to get into conflict over something quite so valuable… to everybody.

Let me tell you about The Wholly Grail...

It cannot be taken from you, you must give it away. If you give it freely it will always be yours. if you are unaware you are giving it away, when you realise it’s gone you will need to fight to take it back… because it is you power.

The truth is that the Grail is a state of inner peace and empowerment that becomes infectious when you allow others to understand it’s capacity to heal. It is abundant and never in short supply and therefore those who seek to take it from you have not yet grasped that they have access to their own.

So when I say I’m tired, it is only that I am at last reconciled with the fact that my light shines so bright that it is blinding to some, so much so that they seek to usurp it, to dim it or to extinguish it altogether, and I fought to keep on glowing, not realising that the effort on my part to resist the onslaught was the very thing that ran down my divine generator… and so I’m tired of resistance.

If I shine on you you are blessed. What I give freely you may share. The light from this candle intensifies with each new flame it ignites and each new flame has the capacity to light a thousand more…  are you prepared to start a fire?

I choose cooperation but I cannot cooperate by myself.

So to all of you I ask, what will you give freely to create a new paradigm of sharing, cooperation or connectedness? Or what will you withhold in the name of self preservation, aggrandizement and conflict?

If I have something you need, all you need do is ask. If you have something that will benefit another, now is the time to offer. Principles 1 and 7.

More later… x




First Monday Of The Month Challenge – The Wonderful Wizard

I’m sure it was my idea to do a First Monday Challenge but somehow it seems to have tempted fate a bit. Yesterday was an extremely challenging day for me emotionally when due to the snow we have been experiencing here in the UK, I was trapped on the opposite side of the city from my lovely mum on her 81st birthday… it’s the first one I’ve not seen her in my entire life and although she was perfectly happy and understanding, I was really quite upset by it.

Anyway, having been snowed in I was able to dedicate some time to my ponderous nature and allow my inspiration to recharge a bit by giving myself a conundrum to chew over: Is it better to quickly solve an issue or to acquire the tools and skills with which to apply to all issues that arise?

I have two very distinct sides to my life and my work, the highly spiritual and magical part of me that is immersed in angelic communication, faerie touched, witnesses and consciously interacts with the metaphysical and is what some people would deem to be, well let’s face it: “out there like f**king pluto!” Then there is the practical, down to earth side of me the brings the knowledge and wisdom back from those realms and utilizes it to help people. Consider me a bridge between world’s if you like.

The challenge for me is that I find teaching people about their own innate magic far more fulfilling than them asking me to use mine to solve their dilemmas, though I’m told that keeping all I’ve accumulated wisdom-wise is an abhorrent waste… but one promotes independence the other co-dependency.

I feel a bit like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sometimes, not in a “it’s all a big con” way but in the “you just need to look behind the curtain to understand how and why” way. There are so many people wandering around though not understanding that the curtain is even there, not recognising that they are wearing their own ruby slippers and all the answers are just as accessible to them as they are to me as in Principle 1 and Principle 4.

Now then, your First Monday Challenge is this: each time someone asks you to solve a problem (not just today but going forward) ask yourself which would serve you both better, a) giving them a speedy solution based on your experiences and the wisdom retrieved or b) leading them to their own conclusions by teaching them the skills to connect to their own higher wisdom?

There may not be a right answer, it’s a case by case study.

That being said, what would you prefer to hear from me: the practical self-help/life coaching answers or the magical path to find your own? (I suppose there is always the 3rd option to have both… though I’m going to have to reconcile how to do that without confusing everyone). Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Monday… xxx


Place Of Peace – How Do You Stop The Spiral?

So I’m trapped in the house under what seems like an avalanche of snow, high winds battering my windows and an intense desire to crawl back under my duvet and sleep until the thaw, thinking about how I’m affected by all the external fluctuations both positively and negatively and how my inspiration, motivation and general wellbeing are being so easily entwined in the drama and what it feels like at my centre when I focus inwards towards the place of peace that is my true nature.

Part of my spirit name actually means ‘place of peace’ and this morning I was triggered very deeply into remembering that.

When I was a child I adopted a coping mechanism whenever I felt in anyway belittled or diminished either by anyone else or by my own thoughts and memories of uncomfortable situations, I would simply silently spell my own name whilst counting the letters out by tapping each of my fingers to my thumb (counting my thumb as well, I always had to tap my ring finger twice because I don’t have enough fingers and one letter is repeated anyway): J-O-A-N-N-E.

So this morning, my mind wandering onto a thousand or so topics that I was not consciously monitoring, happened upon just such a diminishing thought that caused my body to tense and a feeling of shame or guilt or some other completely bloody useless emotion to rise within me, but before the feeling could take hold I had automatically begun spelling my name and simultaneously counting the letters with my fingers. I didn’t intend to or think it was a good idea, it just started happening without my conscious input… it was on the second repetition that I recognised what I was doing and that my name was my place of peace… because now I couldn’t remember what the thought was, I had just interrupted the potential downward spiral of a bullying mind.

On further reflection I noticed that the double tap on my ring finger unconsciously represents my commitment to me.

So my spirit name means place of peace but my given name is my place of peace. At the centre of my being is a built in reminder, a survival skill linked to remembering who I am. Principle 1: I AM God... and it overrides and interrupts my occasional inability to accept Principle 3: I AM Human.

How do you stop the spiral and what’s your place of peace?

More later… x


Monday Mind Manoeuvre – Adjust Your Settings

Saturday’s oracle gave us a heads up about how other people’s truths don’t have to affect our forward momentum but we may be forgiven for imagining that it only applies to their opinions. Your truth is more readily apparent in your behaviour than in your actual words, so what are we to do about how others behave towards us?

The first thing you must recognise is that people treat how you allow them to. You set the standard for what you will and will not tolerate. How clear you are about your own boundaries is reflected in your behaviour… you can say what you find acceptable as much as you like but when you go ahead and accept less, that’s the cue others take and the level they rise to.

Do you find that people constantly break commitments they made with you, turn up late, forget to let you know, pay you less than you are worth, break your confidence, steal from you, disregard your needs, commandeer your time, encroach on your space…? You get the picture. Do you even notice when its happening?

How you respond to these infringements, even the minor ones, is sending a signal to other people as to how you are prepared to be treated and what is acceptable behaviour to you.

Today is a good day to do a thorough assessment of your own boundaries and level of self-worth. Observe how often someone makes a presumption on your time or resources (including your knowledge or training in any given area), how often they let you down on arrangements and agreements etc. Notice then how you respond to those transgressions. Is it normal for you to let it slide? Being understanding and compassionate of the other persons needs or circumstances is a noble quality of course but at what cost to you?

Once you have become more aware of your own participation in allowing these actions to occur, it’s time to adjust your settings… you will meet with resistance, especially if the perpetrators have been in your life for a while, it is really difficult to raise the bar once it has been set but it is not impossible, you just have to be prepared to let people fall away if they won’t adjust with you. Principle 2: I AM Detached reminds us to be present with what is, Principle 5: I AM Liberated reminds us to let go of what holds us captive. That being the case, what or who in the here and now is holding you captive in your old state of low self-worth by continuously crossing your boundaries?

Once you establish new ones, only your behaviour will determine their validity and endurance.

Adjust your settings today… x

Something For The Weekend – Making Healthier Choices

Previous results can often influence future decisions. It is possible to lose confidence in your own ability to choose for your highest good if you consider yourself to have been marred by past mistakes. It’s perfectly understandable that you would have pause for thought in such circumstances but overthinking can render decision making impossible. So how can you ensure you are making healthier choices?

A bit of a perspective reshuffle might be in order at this stage before we go further…

Whatever the past mistakes, experience was born of them… as was resolve and flexibility and a knack for survival, so even if the outcome you intended did not come to pass, something even more valuable was reaped from the journey you took. Taking that into account and then applying Principle 3: I AM Human (and shit happens),  you can let go of the need for controlling the outcome and instead make decisions based on their potential for adventure rather than their guarantee of a specific destination.

Start by defining your success by the experience you  harnessed from the ride, from the people you encountered and connections you made, from the ingenuity you dug from deep within to navigate the obstacles and rapids along the way, your success is so much deeper and so much broader than the outcome and besides, your small self cannot possibly get your mind around the bigger picture that Source has planned and what role your success or perceived failure plays in its orchestration.

When you make your choice, whatever it is, remember that you can make another choice a few steps down the road when evidence starts to show up of how the first one is working out. Life is constantly giving you nudges to adjust your sails so one wrong move doesn’t have to be the end of the world… (and I suspect if it was, a new world would be born from the debris).

You will always know where you are and what adjustments need to be made by:

  • Your dominant thought patterns
  • How you feel emotionally
  • Your physical health
  • Your energy levels
  • External manifestations

To make healthier choices you can take the list above and then do a quick run down of the 7 Principles to come at the choice from a different angle…

  1. Am I aware of my power in this moment?
  2. Am I fully present with what is?
  3. Am I being influenced by my perceived mistakes?
  4. What is really true for me?
  5. How free do I feel in this moment?
  6. What are my immediate and long term needs?
  7. Am I allowing and accepting of change?

All of these triggers are meant to recalibrate you back to the centre of your own sovereignty and empowerment.

Let me know how you get on.

More later… x

The Very Next Step I Take

Life plays out in cycles, sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting. Within those cycles are smaller cycles that play out like small wins in a sea of perceived losses, or minor setbacks in the general direction of an upswing. All has purpose in the overall pattern of life.

Since the back end of 2012 my own life has been contracting, and necessarily so. It began with separation from my then husband, I closed my spiritual academy (the venue anyway) and completely changed how I delivered my teachings. My personal life then shifted further as I began divorce proceedings and before long had to also let go of my 3 fur babies that were my whole world but became leverage for my ex to hold over me.

Throughout the 5 years that followed I suffered bereavement, rejection, an abusive relationship, medical emergency, potential blindness, long haul recovery, poverty, debt, public humiliation and abandonment… I have also known great love, compassion, generosity, healing, support and moreover understanding of my deepest wounds and potential for survival.

At the end of last year, just when I thought I was ready to begin the new phase, another blow came when I was uprooted from my home of 8 years and had to move to a new property. It was the home I had shared with my ex-husband and my doggies, and the last remaining attachment to my old life…

Throughout this time there have been numerous occasions when I have simply asked God to take me. I wasn’t sure I could handle the pain anymore, but each time a small piece of who I was was taken away, a small piece of who I could become was revealed… and how bright that light can shine.

Just prior to the forced dissolution of my old life, I was given the keys to inner peace: The Principles of The Wholly Grail. Every step of the way I have been shown how to embrace each one, apply them, and use them to rebuild from the ashes like a phoenix rising. Pulling wisdom from the debris to guide others through the darkest moments of despair, finding hope in apparently hopeless places and healing myself and others with my gifts from Spirit.

Today, the very next step I take, is a different step from any I have taken before. I could have given up and given in, I could have lost confidence in myself and my life, in my gifts and my wisdom, but through all of my life challenges I have managed to change the lives of others, offer my love and support, my guidance and compassion. I have held the space for some of the bravest, most beautiful souls I know and led them to the deepest and most authentic places within themselves… and the very next step I take is to honour them with everything I have.

This may take me some time, it’s been quite a journey, but I know the next part will be worth it…

More later… x




Conscious Connection Final Part – Dance With Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is the final offering in the Conscious Connection series also known as The Wholly Grail’s Guide to relationships. If you missed the earlier parts to the series you can catch up with Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Principle 7. Dance with me, giving and receiving in equal measure the love that flows through us, amplified by our mutual intent to serve one another.

To truly open one’s heart to love, one must also be open to pain, to disappointment and to the apparent cruelty of the 3rd dimensional world, for in essence all is experience and all serves. But when one becomes a pure clear channel for unconditional love, having transcended the ego’s need for security and validation, having moved beyond the attachment of ownership and stepped fully into the role of the observer, when the door has finally closed on the transgressions of yesterday washed away by the clear waters of forgiveness and each stands in a place of empowerment fully ready to take responsibility for thier own well-being… there is nothing left to do but dance.

This is a state where passion, drama and angst have given way to something deeper…  peace, honour, humility, knowing. This is a place where words become irrelevant and connection is simply the flow between hearts, where letting go means to trust, to have faith and understanding, and where all is healed.

The dance occurs at soul level long before the ego ever learns the steps, and those lucky enough to move beyond the karmic residue and emotional baggage that must first be danced around before they may ever achieve unity and dance together… those, referred to as twin flames are given the keys to heaven here on earth: The Divine Marriage, true partnership. Yin and Yang locked in eternal embrace, spinning in infinity united by the only thing that is real in this universe: love.

So dance with me… dance until the karma gives way to love, until drama gives way to peace, until the darkness gives way to light and the Grail cup overflows into every aspect of existence… where love spills, new life grows.

This may have been a poetic look at relationships through the Principles of The Grail but if you would like a more comprehensive look at the dynamics of your relationships, whether romantic or otherwise then take advantage of my Valentine Offer throughout February.

More later… x


Conscious Connection Part 3 – Make Space For Us

In this run up to Valentine’s Day Conscious Connection series I have been sharing The Wholly Grail in a way that applies directly to relationships. Any relationships, but of course the romantic kind are high up on that list at the moment. If you missed the previous parts you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

In part 3 I’m drawing your attention to another two Principles, so let’s get started:

Principle 5. Make space for us. Where there is only you and yours, I cannot exist. Where there is only me and mine, you cannot exist.

Life is full, I know. It is filled with things and busy-ness, obligations and responsibilities. I have mine, you have yours… and there will always be more stuff incoming. The burden of life’s offerings will bury us… Us. Us is thing. We are a thing, but a thing needs space, space to be, space to grow, space to become. Space in your mind, space in your heart, space in your schedule, space in your life and your home… without space we cannot be a thing.

You and I have a responsibility to the thing that has been born between us. It’s growth, its health, its very survival depends on the care we give it. Notice that your responsibility is not to me, nor mine to you but to the tender creation of a third entity that we have created… this thing called relationship. Without space, consideration and care it will die.

Principle 6. Whatever makes you happy. That’s your only job. For when you fulfil your own requirements for health, happiness and well-being, our commitment to each other is one of shared joy and creation.

You were not put out on this earth to fulfil my every need or to bolster my ego and it was never my calling to carry your insecurities and frailties either… we were put here together at this time to acknowledge and mirror back our own wholeness to and through each other, to amplify the innate power of divine healing and creativity to transform the world through love.

When you take care of yourself you are at your most powerful and magnetic… alluring, sexy. And when you are temporarily unable, I will show you the way back to you through healing… not because you are my responsibility but because I love you and I choose to still see you in your power.

Valentine Offer on Conscious Connection Personal Guidance available until the end of February here.

More later… x



Conscious Connection Part 2 – Hear My Heart

In part 2 of this series on Conscious Connection (you can read part 1 here), where we are continuing to apply the Principles of The Wholly Grail to building better relationships in honour of next week’s “day of love.” Maybe by using these insights we can begin constructing our personal interactions in a way that means love is our primary driving force every day of the year instead of just on one arbitrary anniversary of some untraceable saint. It is after all the most precious gift we can give to another and accept for ourselves.

Principle 3. Forgive what I cannot alter.

I have made mistakes as I have travelled this road, we all have. Our lives did not come with a comprehensive map. Some of my mistakes have hurt and harmed others, some may have hurt or harmed you. I cannot change what went before, I cannot retrace my steps and erase the footprints I left on your soul… nor can you erase where you failed to softly tread upon mine. Whether the scars be noticeable or subtle in texture, carved into our stories they now serve as experience and a platform for understanding, a beacon showing the way around the pitfalls that once caused us to falter, flail and fearfully lash out… but in order to see the shining light of the torch showing the way, we must remove the blinkers of blame, acknowledge the roles we all play and allow the scars to be gently cleansed by forgiveness.

Principle 4. Hear my heart, for my words are insufficient to express my soul.

We misunderstand because we aim to be right. We misrepresent because we aim to be higher… but we all have a song that yearns to be expressed from the heart, that when through love we choose to hear that melody from another without need for correction or criticism, without need for manipulation, without need for validation or opinion, harmony begins to exist, adding not taking away from our own. The universe is singing with individuality, with inspiration and originality but the song is the same the world over… “hear me, love me, let me contribute any way I can.”

Can you forgive completely, owning your own mistakes? Can you listen without needing to correct and contribute without needing to be right? If the answer is yes then you are on your way to build conscious connections.

If you would like a Personal look at your relationships using The Intuitive Chalice Oracle then check out my Valentine Offer Here.

More on Conscious Connection later… x