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A Simple Trick To It

Are you fulfilling your potential? Actually whilst we’re on the subject do you even know what your potential is? It’s something that is often mistakenly compared to success and can be the cause of great sadness if you are wandering around in a personal wilderness asking yourself the question “oh where oh where has my potential gone?” as if it’s a thing that can be lost or for that matter defined by another person…

Potential means not yet discovered, limitless possibilities waiting to be tested and boundaries waiting to be pushed, smashed even. Potential is the moment before the truth becomes apparent.

Sadness arrives when when you refuse to try… as a Grail Knight, it may be your potential to battle and tame dragons, build castles, or in real terms overcome your fears, turn them into allies and create a life full of joy, peace and abundance that is impervious to outside opinion or criticism, but the world keeps telling you that you should live up to your elusive potential and you keep listening (and feeling somewhat inadequate as a result) don’t you? That’s because you are waiting to be defined by another, by the media, by the job title you hold, by a partner, a parent etc… but here’s the thing, it’s your potential not theirs.

If you want to start exploring what yours might be there is a simple trick to it, do more than you did last time. Go further than you did last time, learn something that you didn’t know yesterday, create because your heart wants to, explore possibility and don’t be tempted to define it… You don’t know what your potential is because you haven’t reached it yet and that’s because the limits to what’s possible change every day… it’s called growth. Sadness happens when you accept that what you achieved yesterday is all you can do. Wrong. What you achieved yesterday was all you could do yesterday… today is a brand new day.

Principle 4: I AM Truth… but my truth, like my potential is not fixed… and I reserve the right to evolve.

More later…x

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Huge Game of Charades

Life can be pretty confusing. You don’t understand what people do, say and feel, and the truth is you’re not meant to. It’s like being a part of a huge game of charades where the rules haven’t been explained to you… Did you guess right? Is it your turn? This guessing game of human interaction is intensified by your own feelings and insecurities, your history and experience and compounded further by a small almond sized part of the brain called the amygdala. This little gem stores information about historical triggers… when this set of circumstances (or at least the feelings and apparent emotions) occurred last time, what did I do? How did I escape the threat? How did I overcome? The problem is, this little life saver is constantly on autopilot and doesn’t know how to analyse new data (yet), it has a pre recorded flight pattern with no alternative route and it rarely waits to see if the other plane you are on a collision course with will take  evasive manoeuvres thus avoiding the crash… it acts on programming.

What if you’re wrong?

Like I said, life is confusing. At this point in the game you are going with what you think you know, but a wise man/woman knows he/she knows nothing and its that state of innocence that allows us to learn and to experience new life and new love.

Sure, your amygdala is a self preservation mechanism, but it’s constantly set to historical reference; being present, observant, open in the moment hands-down beats what happened last time simply because there is missing information, and people have a habit of surprising you.

Principle 2 of The Wholly Grail states I AM Detached, it means I’m present, I’m open to something new, no expectations, just an appreciation of what’s directly in front of me. I’m taking the world at face value like a child free of prior conditioning. Today, give your life-saving almond the day off when it comes to inter human relations, assume a clean sheet and allow the world to surprise you. You don’t need to react… breathe, absorb, think, respond.

Before you respond, ask yourself “what would love do?”

More later… x

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Inextinguishable Source of All Light

Archangel Uriel, whose name means Fire of God, has been my close companion this week. Have you ever noticed how, when you’re “on fire” there’s always someone wanting to steal your spark?

I mentioned a few days ago how it feels to me as though spring has sprung and my mood and energy are dancing along nicely in the warmth of the sun, under these unseasonably blue skies occurring over South Yorkshire, UK. I’m inspired, joyful, filled with light and love and enthusiasm and what I’ve noticed is that everyone wants a little piece of it… That’s wonderful because it means they are recognising what they want and how good it appears to feel… the problem is, they want a piece of mine…

Now, I’m not mean and having siblings I was brought up knowing how to share, but did you know that this good feeling stuff is actually free and in abundance everywhere in the universe? People flock like moths to a candle flame when someone is full of light but there is always a danger of their flapping wings putting the candle out.

Archangel Uriel has been working relentlessly to maintain my inner glow and keep it burning at a steady and sustained rate… here’s how you can do it for yourself:

To get that spark going… Take your foot off the gas with whatever you’re doing and get busy with some day to day physical stuff, “chop wood, carry water” as the Chinese proverb goes. For me its gardening, baking, going out for a walk in nature (or just cleaning the bath, which for some reason is when I have my coolest ideas). It’s all about relinquishing control over the stuff that’s cluttering up your mind.

Fan the flames… learn something new. Six months ago I was so stressed because I had no idea how to create this site, I taught myself and when I got completely stuck, I asked one of those siblings for help to get me unstuck… but I didn’t ask him to do it for me, that’s the key you see, fanning the flames is about recognising little by little just how powerful you are. You can sit there and say “I don’t know how” or “I can’t” or you can say ” there’s a world full of information out there and anything is possible.” Once you make even the tiniest bit of progress or have a mini aha! moment, you’re on fire…

Protecting the flame… don’t let other people’s drama deplete your energy and don’t deny them their right to fan their flames. You may think you’re helping but you are simply creating  dependency… show them the light and then let them fly towards the inextinguishable source of all light.

The fire is within you, so go on and stoke it… ask Archangel Uriel to help.

If you’d like to learn more about the art of Self-Full Living, Principle 6 of The Wholly Grail will be available later this year as a training programme in the forthcoming members area. To find out more watch out for link coming in next weeks posts.

More later… x

One of Only Seven Faces

Did you know there are  only 7 possible causes of stress that can disturb your inner peace and happiness?

Now those 7 culprits are really good at disguising themselves as millions of other external pressures but I guarantee you that if you look closer, if you do the work, your unrest will have one of only seven faces.

Next week I will be posting a link for you to sign up to receive the full downlow on the 7 causes of personal distress, it’s totally free to receive and will be sent straight to your inbox complete with some mini exercises to allay the immediate effects and highlight where in your life you need to make changes. Look out for the link in next weeks posts and join the Grail quest as a conscious Knight on a hero’s journey.

Today though, consider how amazing life could be if you could see right to the heart of everything that worries you and thus overcome the internal turmoil turning it into joy, peace and happiness…

The Wholly Grail is a journey towards exactly that…

More later… x

Darn Lucky To Be Me

Having just been out in the front garden chopping back all the dead bits and battling with the high winds in the process, I was so taken aback by the level of burgeoning new growth hidden under the detritus of last years decaying leftovers. I love spring and it seems to be very early this year but I don’t think that’s an accident… Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and I for one won’t argue with her.

Now there’s an element of “don’t speak too soon” in my words but it comes with an underlying knowing that whatever the weather is doing I personally have embraced my own spring in terms of my mood, my outlook on life, my level of hope and optimism… you can feel it when everything is on the verge of bursting into life and its here. I normally get into this flow round about April time so I’m excited to be here early this year because I’d like very much to share it with you.

How can I give you this feeling ?

We spend so much time in our own heads that we miss the very world going on around us, so just for today I’d like to set you a challenge to embrace Principle 2: I AM Detached… The second Principle is all about being present here in the moment and learning to be in gratitude for what is, whatever else is going on in your world. After finishing my work for others yesterday, I threw myself into physical stuff, chores if you like, but instead of begrudgingly tackling the mundane stuff I stayed in the moment, got with the programme and enjoyed every minute: washing, cleaning, shopping, changing beds and then baking an enormous chocolate cake! Oh yes it sounds like a day from hell but refocus for a moment and understand this: I have a home to keep clean, a bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear, food in the fridge and… er… actually not much chocolate cake left (or at least there won’t be once my big brother arrives in the next hour or so). I then spent my evening pampering myself and embracing Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, complete with amazing smelling essential oils of patchouli, ylang ylang and vanilla so by the time I climbed under that big fluffy duvet I felt happy, fulfilled, cared for and actually pretty darn lucky to be me… I woke up early this morning, happy to be alive, the sun was shining and the flowers in the garden were calling my name so I obliged by giving them the same attention I gave my home and myself yesterday.

Attention, that’s the key and we all love attention, everything in your universe grows when you give it attention whether it’s positive or negative so today put you attention on something beautiful and stay with it for as long as it fascinates you. Identify 5 different trees whilst you’re out walking, see what shapes the clouds are making, watch the birds gathering early nesting materials, dance, sing out loud, give yourself the gift of your time…

It’s a beautiful day, you’re beautiful, the world is beautiful. Appreciate it, (and if you get chance eat chocolate cake).

More later… x


On or Off The Planet

Occasionally, perhaps even once in a lifetime comes something so big that it almost knocks you on your arse.

A few days ago after teaching meditation to a group I received what is sometimes termed a ‘download’ from spirit. Two nights of no sleep as the information filtered into my consciousness brought to the fore a whole pattern spanning my life, my work and my relationships and suddenly in a cathartic rush everything made sense… a series of flashbacks mapped the synchronicities along my own personal path that have led to this point. I have a purpose.

Of course everybody does and I don’t want it to sound so dramatic, what I’m trying to articulate (I think) is that we are rarely given a glimpse of the bigger picture and the role we play in the greater whole. Often we just do the best we can from moment to moment following our joy (or pain for those of us who haven’t awoken enough to recognise there’s a choice) towards an unknowable conclusion, but if you catch a glimpse… it’s breathtaking, terrifying, blissful, awful…

Why the mixed blessings? Humanity are rarely equipped to see beyond the scope of their own experience, it’s too big and we start to question whether or not we are up to the job. I suppose it’s like becoming a parent for the first time and realising that you are no longer just responsible for yourself and that life and death are now sitting firmly within your hands, that’s why terrifying and wonderful all at the same time.

No matter how far you can see, no matter how small or large the task, no matter the size of the cog in the machine, you are irreplaceable. Nobody else on or off the planet, can possibly do the job you were sent to do. Only you have that particular genetic code, that fingerprint, those unique experiences, that singular perspective, only you can play the part set aside for you by the Greatest Magician there is and when you grasp that, you yourself become the most vivid and powerful version of you because you understand in high definition that comparing yourself to anyone and anything simple becomes an exercise in futility.

Principle 1: I AM God and Principle 4: I AM Truth. You are too.

More later… x


To be so Naked

On the first Monday of every month I like to set my fellow Grail Knights a challenge, after all that’s what a quest is: a series of challenges to be overcome that when read as a story, your life story in this case, create an epic adventure. Of course you don’t need me to set you challenges as they come fairly thick and fast in their own right. Challenge promotes creativity.

Creative solutions are the product of an open, free mind and that’s what I’m challenging you with today. I’ve found myself conforming to certain beliefs, certain ways of thinking about my own life and the people within it, ways of communicating and understanding each other. We all do it, we become accustomed to routine, but I suddenly realised yesterday that the information I was absorbing from the personal messages I receive from those near and dear may not be what I think they are, in fact they may not have even been aimed at me in the first place!

We love to jump to conclusions as communication is far from an exact science… we all know that what’s being said is only about 10% of the message and the rest is hidden in subtext, how it’s said, what didn’t get said etc. It’s all a bit complicated really, not to mention confusing, so here’s the thing: not just for today but for the whole of February, now that Mercury is direct and we can no longer blame it’s retrograde manoeuvres for our inability to make ourselves understood, I challenge you to find a creative solution to the multitude of ways in which you miscommunicate your intent and allow your truth to be up front and in full view.

It takes a very brave and very special kind of Grail Knight to be so naked and vulnerable but Principle 4: I AM Truth is your guide and friend.

More later… x

Unchecked and Unchallenged

Paranoia is an insidious entity all of its own and if left unchecked and unchallenged it can gnaw away at even the most balanced of minds… Each aspect or Principle of The Wholly Grail is multidimensional and though they are simple concepts the do cover a lot of ground. Principle 4: I AM Truth, for example…

Last weekend I was writing about the coincidence between my actions and the oracle pick for the week (which you can view here on the site usually on a Saturday), it was about how we allow ourselves to become embittered by past events if we fail to forgive the perpetrator and how we often show unforgiveness by continuously making jibes and references to it and myriad petty offences as a result. These are classic examples of a failure to embrace Principle 3: I AM Human, but take it a little further and paranoia sets in and everything and everyone is then out to get you… at least in your head.

The law of reflection basically states that if you notice it within another then it’s present within you (whether you like it or not), but the truth is a little deeper. Fear of being judged or ridiculed by another is a sign that you have lost touch with your personal truth and that their’s is taking priority in your “things to believe” list. If that anxiety is stemming from a fear of retaliation over your past actions then its this that needs addressing…

Ask: is it true? Is it kind? Is it positive? Is it loving?

If the stuff coming out of your mouth doesn’t fit these criteria then don’t say it, this way whatever returns to you will be of similar quality or at the very least will not fit the first question and can therefore be dismissed as irrelevant offloading from a wounded heart.

Paranoia is your warning of disempowerment and a nudge to return to Principle 4: your truth and Principle 1: your self-esteem.

Oh yes and if you think this article is aimed specifically at you… 🙂

More later… x


I Love You

Something strange happened last night as I was lying in bed reading a book on my tablet: it started singing. As the room was quiet and calm the unexpected and very loud melody almost caused me to drop the thing midst mini heart attack until I realised it was a reminder alarm. When I checked what it was it said “Within”… I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was for and so opened up the reminder to read the further information, here’s what it said:

“You may have forgotten or lost your way, so I sent this reminder simply to say, you started this year with a simple quest, so review the situation and become your best… I love you.”

How cool is that? I sent myself a message into the future to remind me how important I am to me and how my own needs and goals have to remain a priority in my day to day life. It’s timing couldn’t have been more appropriate as I was beginning to allow old habits to affect my progress and was feeling particularly exhausted by swimming against the natural current… the message was so poignant that it made me cry.

Today I had to share the idea with you because it’s basic yet powerful message shifted my intention and focus immediately and was such an effective tool that I wondered if you might use it?

Principle 1: I AM God, doesn’t sit comfortably with many, but you really are that important and today Principle 6: I AM Self-Full takes priority over everything else… Ask yourself first: What is it that I need?

More later… x

Inadvertently Siphoning

Taking a wrong turn isn’t the end of the world. Each day the thousands of decisions we make, some seemingly insignificant, some having major change-making effects on our lives, all have one element in common: risk.

We risk getting it wrong all the time but what does getting it wrong actually equate to in your world? For me, following my Grail path as I try to do, getting it wrong means I don’t like the result… it means I have an uncomfortable feeling, or a distaste, maybe I cause myself pain or added difficulty, you get the general gist. For many though, getting it wrong is meeting with disapproval from an outside source.

We live in a world where there are rules and regulations, laws and legislation, put there in order to keep the masses safe from each other, it’s by no means a fool proof system but I’m not referring here to the breaking of any laws, I’m talking about upsetting individuals because you choose your own path… a path that is carved out by you, for you and doesn’t conform to the choices of those whom in the past you may have been tempted to compromise for. I’m talking about living an authentic life versus people pleasing for fear of getting it wrong.

Ask yourself which causes you more pain: standing out on a limb loving the new sense of freedom as you blaze a trail down an unfamiliar road, risking the scornful looks of those who expected you to do the opposite, or waiting patiently for their permission to begin pursuing your dreams… permission that you know down deep inside will never arrive?

I took a wrong turn at the beginning of last week: my energy went through the floor and I was almost paralysed into inaction as a result of allowing someone else’s needs to override my own. After having spent everyday since Christmas fuelled with enthusiasm, willpower, productivity and yes, even excitement for the direction I’d chosen, making real progress in fact, suddenly I was scrambling to even maintain an upright posture because the contrast was so massive from living for me to allowing someone else’s agenda to infiltrate my daily life, someone with no intention of returning that energy to me.

Sharing is very much a part of relationships and so is compromise but if it doesn’t come from both parties in equal measure then the spirit of one participant will be crushed under the strain of constant compromise whilst the other rides high on the energy, completely oblivious to its detrimental effects until that day when he or she wakes up and wonders why they were ever interested in their “prey” as the level and quality of energy they have been inadvertently siphoning has become so compromised its distasteful.

Luckily, understanding the Grail, I spotted it and choked it off at the pass… back to work now until a worthy “sharer” shows up ready to support and be supported.

Principle 4: I AM Truth allows you to measure the pain and consequences of your choices whilst Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted will give you a heads up when your emotional counterbalance shows up in real-time… You will know you’re following both Principles when you feel uplifted, joyous, supported, loved and happy…

It’s such a little word isn’t it? HAPPY?

More later… x