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Happy Step

I’ve been battling this morning with an internal contradiction. On the one hand “I’m ok with how things are right now” but on the other hand “I’m not ok with how things are right now.” This dilemma when put into the context of: “I’ll be happy when…” is a classic example ignoring Principle 2: I AM Detached, projecting your attention to an as yet unwritten future and delaying your happiness until those criteria have been met (which of course they never will be because by the time you’ve achieved that set of wants a new set will have taken over).

What if though, what if you are not projecting into a future or for that matter looking back into a rose tinted past? What if your attention is right here in the present moment and you are looking at this current set of circumstances and saying “I am unhappy with how things are”?

When you commence a sentence with I AM… you are stating a command to the universe, defining your being and anchoring it to a certain set of parameters, be damn sure you want “unhappy” to be one of them before you announce the intention aloud, as even the continuous thought has immense power… so that’s the first job, correcting your vocabulary… now we need to address the underlying feeling of dissatisfaction.

Right here, now, in this moment you have a choice, the choice to be happy with your life or not, and there are only 3 things that stand between you and choosing happiness: gratitude, acceptance and self-improvement.

Acceptance is the key you’re looking for but sometimes acceptance feels a little out of reach when you aren’t where you hoped you be. Beginning with gratitude lubricates the fixed consciousness you’ve acquired and widens the perspective to everything that’s beneficial about your current circumstances so start by making a comprehensive list of those things that you’re grateful for… try to keep it relevant, you can include being grateful for the trees if you like (I am) but unless your current circumstances involve being unhappy in your job as a forest ranger or tree surgeon then it’s a little out of context. Keep listing until you can see an emerging pattern to the blessings of why you’re here in this situation and acceptance becomes the next natural progression… appreciation will almost certainly begin to creep into the mix and at this stage you need to be careful because you are getting dangerously close to feeling content and oh my goodness, hold the phone, are you happy? Well, not quite…

Self-improvement? I’m not talking about the endless programs of self help stuff, I’m talking about accepting responsibility for your own life and where you are at, and then committing to taking the action needed to change it… down tools, assess the direction you wish to travel and then take measured steps towards it… not towards happiness, every step should be a happy step, but away from dissatisfaction which only comes from being unfulfilled and that comes from not living up to your potential and that comes from not being all you can be…

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has many connotations but being the happiest, healthiest, highest achieving you is central to your well-being. If you’re unhappy, you’re not being Self-Full.

My list is underway already and I’m dangerously close to contentment…

More later… x

The Final Dragon

If I was to tell you there where only seven things that stand between you and complete mastery of your own inner peace and well-being, just seven doors to unlock to find your best life, love, and light, would you ask for the keys?

Easter Monday, and with the energy of rebirth and resurrection in full swing, what better time than to gift yourself the keys to your own freedom, the ability to embrace your greatest challenges and overcome your deepest fears simply by dedicating yourself to these seven steps to happiness.

Do I sound like a sales pitch? Ha! Sometime in the not too distant future, I will be travelling deeper into the Grail Principles for those who wish to go with me, but if you’re paying attention then you will see that the entire Wholly Grail is and has been freely available for those wishing to embark on this quest and all you have to do is tame seven dragons:

The first Dragon is named “Worthiness” and He is King.

The second Dragon is named “Presence” and He is a thief.

Dragon three is named “Forgiveness” and He is damaged.

Dragon four is named “Authenticity” and He is adaptable.

The fifth Dragon is named “Freedom” and He will not be chained.

Dragon six is named “Me” and He will reflect your every move.

The final Dragon is named “Love” and to conquer Him is to move beyond need and into peace for He is completion.

These Dragons, The Principles of The Wholly Grail will highlight the path, protect you whilst you walk it and bring you squarely home to your dreams.

Have a happy bank holiday… I’m off now to teach a Magical Chalice Workshop (The Grail through the veil of magic and mysticism).

More later… x

The Diamond Water

Good Friday has an underlying theme that runs through the whole Easter experience, much like the energy of New Year we turn our attention to rebirth, renewal, resurrection and reinvention of self, life, home, career, finances and even love.

For the last few days I’ve been banging on about letting go of the stuff that holds you back or down in order to have a clean slate when the time comes to make that transition into the life you’ve been planning and dreaming about for so long. Now it’s time to do a spring clean of your mind, body and spirit.

I know you’re tempted to reach for the chocolate eggs, I’m not going to tell you to do otherwise, after all self-denial is almost as bad as stuffing your face in the happiness stakes. No, I’m acting on a very clear message I received from Archangel Gabriel last week whilst meditating on Principle 6: I AM Self-Full, simply put, the message was this: “There are only two things you must omit from your diet: restriction and over-indulgence.” That to me sounded like a recipe for life.

When you decide to spring clean your mind, body and spirit you are in fact committing to spring clean your habits. As with all things, that must commence with untangling the mess of what’s useful and what’s cumbersome, unhelpful or down right harmful. Thought patterns, behaviours, what you give away and what you receive. The whole universe is based on flow… the flow of energy. The faster the energy the lighter it is and formats sound, thought, ideas and concepts, even beliefs (which are merely thoughts that you have accepted as your truth and then continued to identify with). The slower the energy the denser and more solid it becomes and enters the realm of the material plane becoming ‘stuff.’ From your physical body to your car to the planet which we inhabit…

Your chakras are the energetic receivers and transmitters of that universal flow… they don’t discriminate; good, bad or ugly, if it’s energy they’ll suck it up, interpret it and then attempt to spit it out! I like to describe chakras as tv sets. They don’t know the difference between a Disney cartoon and Freddie’s Nightmares they simply transmit and receive… you on the other hand are equipped with a remote and as soon as you recognise that the channel you’ve chosen (the frequency that’s being received) is a horror movie, change the channel! But how do you know? Well, how does it feel? Are you enjoying it or is it making you scared shitless? Are you feeling uplifted or glum? Is your health and vitality soaring or are you tired, drained and feeling ill? Do your energetic filters need a good clear out?

Imagine if you will an amazing water fall of pure clear spring water, infused with Archangel Gabriel’s Diamond Ray Energy, step under the water and let it run down the central column of your chakras, first entering your crown, passing down through your 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and finally your base chakra before running through your legs and out of your feet to rejoin the flowing crystal water. As it passes through each energy centre visualise the chakra spinning like an old vinyl LP, turning crystal clear like the diamond water and then changing to its natural healthy colour: violet crown, indigo 3rd eye, blue throat, green or pink heart, yellow solar plexus, orange sacral and red base… Doing this exercise in the shower makes it twice as powerful as you can let the actual water wash away any residue that’s attached itself to the outside…

There now, that should give you a good start… a fresh start.

More later… x


Blood, Sweat and Tears

I started the week processing subconscious emotional discomfort in various forms of negative traits rising to the surface through my dreams. Dreams are amazing things because they allow you to work through the deeper aspects of the psyche which in a waking state you are perhaps unaware of. The energy it takes to withhold information from your conscious self is incredibly draining and may contribute to an indefinable sense of fatigue, both physical and emotional, rendering you joyless and lacking in vitality without you knowing exactly what the cause is. That being said, exploring and interpreting dream recall is an excellent way through to self healing… but I didn’t want to talk about that today, it was the other aspect of my last post that I wanted to dive into a little deeper: loss and liberation.

Imagine for a moment standing on top of a hill under a solitary tree with a path running down each side. In one direction you would be heading back down the way you came and the other sliding into a brand new adventure… now, are you standing with a red spotted hanky tied to the end of a stick holding the sum of your knowledge or are you standing beside a pile of suitcases and boxes?

Did I mention it’s a long road, you have no transport other than your wits and your ability to make friends along the path? You could always gamble that your new friends won’t mind carrying your baggage with you…

Liberation is about lightening the load, the tree is about strength, longevity, patience and fruitfulness, and it represents shelter and safety; the road offers a choice to go back, to stay put or to explore, and the baggage… well that represents how easy your choice is going to be.

Letting go of the baggage has to be a choice and some times it’s a painful one, especially when you’ve worked so hard and invested so much in terms of time, energy and resources to achieve it: blood, sweat and tears I believe the term is.

When you invest, invest in experience. Experience creates knowledge, wisdom and memories… and they all fit in your red spotted hanky. it’s time to ditch some of the stuff you can’t carry. If you cannot picture what part it plays in your intended new life, let It go.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

More later… x

End of The Blame Table

Having just awoken from a particularly violent dream and still feeling a little shaken by the apparent underlying emotion of anger that must exist within me in order to allow my subconscious to enact such visions of potential rage, I’m intent on unravelling a part of The Grail that on some level I have yet to reconcile with.

I AM Liberated. It seems a ludicrous statement after my opening sentences but as “I AM” gives a command to the universe, if you use the term often enough according to the laws of the universe you become what you constantly attest to be.

Principle 5, in this case disturbing my sleep, is about letting go of things that are no longer meant to be a part of ones journey. When somebody or something leaves of its own accord, my ability to let go is what’s known as an open door policy, you come, you go, you stay a while or you don’t, I grieve, I move on. What happens though when that thing or person is taken away?

Blame is a horrific sentiment and was the route cause of my bad dream so that’s where I’m starting my cleansing process today and I’m starting with the ultimate detergent: Principle 3: I AM Human. Principle 3 embraces the art of forgiveness and in this case it’s me that I need to forgive, firstly for the underlying capacity to hold such darkness as all human beings do and secondly because the questions like “Did I do the right thing?” “Should I have fought harder for what was mine?” “Did I let down someone or something that needed me?” These questions are all punishments that I don’t need to endure and whoever sits at the other end of the blame table has a unique perspective of human need and naivety that warrants the same level of forgiveness.

So on that note, today I wish you a day of self-forgiveness, liberation and peace. May you be blessed inside your own Grail.

More later… x

An Angel Told Me

Physician heal thyself!

Well I’m not a doctor, but I am a healer and therapist and how easily we forget to attend to our own needs regardless of how much time we spend spewing practical solutions for others.

Having had an angelic encounter during a meditation class last night (not unusual for me), I was reminded of my main mission for this leg of my journey… it’s a 3 tiered mission, one of which involves me divulging the secrets of The Wholly Grail to you but the other two tiers are much more personal and to achieve one of those I must  be in good all round health… I pulled a muscle (I think) in my lower back yesterday and was pretty much having to drag my right leg because of the pain in moving it. I don’t do immobile graciously, so instead I took myself off on a mile walk! Precarious at first, by the time I got back, I was stronger, more flexible and my back had relaxed enough to relieve the pain… I can still feel a slight twinge today but I’m fully mobile…

How many of you would have laid down and given in to the painkillers? At first glance you might think I’m not built for exercise, a few years ago I might have agreed with you, but nothing makes my physical body feel better than a combination of proper rest, nutritious food, gentle and regular exercise, pure clean water and love. Love is the key to healing anything.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full is your cosmic permission slip to lavish love upon yourself first. Grail Knight heal thyself! Whatever ails you, instead of trying to shut your body up when it’s in pain, ask it what it needs… and then do everything in your power to oblige. An angel told me to tell you.

More later… x



Another Layer of The Onion

Ho long do you afford yourself to assimilate new information? In such a fast paced environment as the 21st century is, we as a culture seem to demand immediate action, whether the time it takes to prepare or purchase food, the speed at which our vehicle’s travel, email response time… how long is long enough?

I’ve just taken a few days off from posting, not because I didn’t want to communicate with you but because how I was feeling, I was incapable of communicating… over the weekend I was asked by spirit to do some energy clearing work as part of my divine service to the planet. It was powerful to say the least but what was even more powerful was the past life experience that surfaced for me as a result. I was forced to peel another layer of the onion so to speak. If you have ever experienced a past life regression you will know that it can stir up some quite turbulent emotions as some of your behaviours in this current life are given an origin and repeating patterns are identified. Now, I don’t suggest that you do it by yourself if you are interested in the process (there are plenty of practitioners out there), but what I do want you to do is slow right down when you’re dealing with what surfaces during your spiritual practice.

For me, issues of equality, worth and freedom of expression were all underlying themes in my past life and I’m so pleased that the experience of that lifetime has led me to create The Wholly Grail in this one. My favourite Principle: I AM Truth (and the first one I explored for myself, consciously) was most in evidence… but the truth takes time if you haven’t yet explored it for yourself.

No matter who is demanding an answer, no matter how pressing and insistent they may be, take your time… the world won’t end whilst they wait (and if it does then your answer won’t matter).

More later… x

A Few Moments of Silence

What happens when the cup runs dry?

The individual Principles of the Wholly Grail are there as antidotes to the stresses and strains that life bestows, bringing you inner peace and respite from external and internal drama, but what happens when you get so out of balance, so disturbed by the happenings going on around you that several of the Principles fall of the table knocking the proverbial cup clean over and emptying it out? In basic terms your energy, mental, physical and emotional resources hit an all-time low and your fight, will and resistance to illness dissipate.

For a while you might carry on but the tell tail signs of a lack of drive, enthusiasm and zest for living will be conspicuous by their absence. Others will sense a flat texture to your energy and no matter how much you smile on the outside, what they witness with their eyes they will be unable to reconcile with what their souls sense on a deeper level. Their truth will be confused if they do not trust the intuitive whisperings of their higher selves but more importantly your truth can only be disguised for so long when there are no resources to maintain the smoke and mirrors.

So what do you do?

Rock bottom isn’t a nice place to be but it is a place where great healing takes place. It’s a place of profound change through learning and if you are lucky enough, perhaps with the aid of the angels, once you climb out, you will never have to visit this place again.

Though it is the 6th Principle: I AM Self-Full is the first place to start when there’s nothing left in your energetic storehouse. It means attending to your physical health first with proper nutrition, sleep, hydration and oxygenation/exercise. Introduce Principle 1: I AM God, by indulging in self-care activities such as massage, home beauty treatments and recognising that you are worth your own time and attention. Self-Fullness requires that you say no to anything that saps your energy so relinquish unnecessary commitments, appointments and demands… focus on what’s important… not to others but to you. Next, it’s time to combine creativity with finding yourself some happy… creativity unused or poorly managed, can be the very fire that burns you out so channel this precious resource into something fun… why do you think I started baking?

The angels will help you to prioritise what’s necessary and you can surrender anything you cannot control to them. Archangel Azrael will offer you safe space to let go and will help you grieve for what’s gone whilst Archangel Haniel will surround you in grace and help you to honour your own sensitivity and cycles of energy… none of this is possible though until you indulge in the most powerful healing tool on offer… you must meditate.

In just a few moments of silence – within and without, you can reset your Grail Quest to ready and your Grail cup upright ready to be filled.

Have a Self-Full weekend, you’re worth it.

More later… x

Neat Little Boxes

Chaos might be defined by mum’s with small children as a disorganised mess… I’m not so sure. You see, that disorganised mess can be organised, tidied away, structure provided and over time order restored, it’s ultimately controllable… even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Life on the other hand…

We try continuously to assume some kind of control over our own lives, to make, to a certain extent at least, the rules and boundaries by which we want to live. Like the toys that mum is trying to control, we put areas of our lives in neat little boxes and hope that nobody will notice that some are overflowing and that some are just full of junk… from the outside at least we can fool ourselves into believing that we’ve got it together, but then there’s the unknown factor…

If we are all making rules and boundaries, if we all have neat little boxes, what happens when your shit gets mixed in with someone else’s shit and your rules and boundaries don’t match their rules and boundaries? What happens when all those thousands if not millions of seemingly unconnected decisions being made by far flung individuals clash and jockey for position… who is in control?

Chaos is a constant, that’s why you cannot keep the Grail, that’s why it is a life long quest. You may be mistakenly walking this path thinking its leads to organisation and reprieve from the chaos but that’s a grave mistake to make and it will ultimately lead to disappointment… what this quest leads to, the inner peace that is promised, is far from a reprieve from the chaos, it’s a release from needing to control it and an acceptance that chaos is a powerful place of creation and recreation and once you let go of trying to control creation and let a Higher Power take care of the details, miracles are born.

We just passed through a new moon and a partial solar eclipse, those that are in the know are predicting big changes, a letting go of the events of the last 6 months… don’t grip, let chaos open those neat little boxes… it’s time to face whatever’s inside holding you back.

More later… x

Ps. That link I’ve been threatening: it’s coming. I’d like to blame a technical hitch but it’s more to do with technical incompetence on my part… I nearly gave up and broke down but I’m a big believer that breakdown leads to breakthrough… hang on in there with me x

Finally Slay The Hydra

Do you jump from one impossible situation to the next with what seems like a relatively short period of respite between crises? It’s the first Monday of the month upon which it has become my custom to furnish you with a Grail challenge… just because life isn’t challenging enough.

Today’s challenge takes Principle 5: I AM Liberated and Principle 6: I AM Self-Full to provide you with the scope to overcome the constant onslaught of another thing to deal with.

Behind the 7 Principles for inner peace that The Wholly Grail rests its philosophy upon are several Grail Mechanics, one of which is known as The Hydra… Though a mythical beast and no physical evidence has been found outside of Hollywood to suggest it’s origins are anything but legend, it does serve as a perfect analogy for the recurring themes that occur in your life… you cut off one head and two more grow in its place.

So why the 2 Principles I’ve chosen to finally slay The Hydra?

Its human nature, especially when faced with an emergency, to solve the short term issue or deal only with the immediate threat. Long term thinking is relegated to the “for another time” box whilst calm is restored and there is space to format a plan… but… when there is calm we forget to deal with what now doesn’t seem like a problem as all is quiet on the western front. The very next time we think to address the issue is when the problem resurfaces and slaps us in the face with another crisis. Too late and we’re back under threat from a much more ferocious multi-headed, how-do-you-kill-it-for-good problem.

Principle 5 is focused on letting you out of your own personal prison, not by increasing karmic debt but by reducing it. Principle 6 asks you to put your own needs first but in this case the two together demand a slower, more researched, considered response. You do not need to react to a crisis with immediate knee-jerk solutions, so the challenge today is to back off, take a breath and a pen and piece of paper and start constructing a plan. Let the plan contain a short term negotiation, a mid term review and the long term solution… fix it quick schemes are only short term relief ‘day release’ passes and you are aiming for freedom from threat and persecution – permanently!

You are a Grail Knight on a hero’s journey and no knight ever went into battle without first studying his opponent and formulating a plan.

We’ve tried plan A: “One disaster at a time!”

We’ve tried plan B: “Shut up we’re winging it!”

Plan C is: “I AM competent, I AM considered and I AM ready to clean up my mess.”

Good luck.

More later… x