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Flowing Into Purpose & Learning To Love

Exactly what does that mean: flowing into purpose & learning to love? That’s what I’ve been contemplating this week, how do I make a smooth transition into the role Spirit has asked me to fill and will the timing ever be perfect to just do it?

The fact is, every time I have shifted into a new version or upgraded way of presenting to the world, there has been absolutely nothing smooth about it and the timing has always been exactly when the universe deemed fit. Definite stop. Definite start.

Those instances show up in your life as “Tower” moments like jobs ending or redundancy; the loss of loved ones; relationships or marriages that suddenly end in divorce and so on, but what if there is no tower moment just an overwhelming need to step into a higher purpose?

According the Archangel Chamuel I’ve been training for this for lifetimes. Having just recently turned a significant corner in healing from the last lesson in self-love, Spirit are calling me to apply that, now crystalised wisdom, by narrowing my expanded understanding of The Grail to help a very specific type of woman…

Are you that woman? The one who repeats the pattern of giving her all to the kind of relationship that will never return the intensity of her love? Are you the one who commits to the guy who only puts her on the list when he’s at a loose end? Are you the one who forgot she was the powerful creator of her own destiny because she was selfless enough to help him build his?

Perhaps you are looking for love in all the wrong places, finding yourself drawn into non-reciprocal (one-sided) connections with emotionally unavailable people, sometimes even abusive and narcissistic partnerships, where you begin to lose your sense of self as your world begins to collapse around you and your very grip on reality is brought into question? If you are that woman, you are not alone.

Learning to love yourself enough to break free of this pattern has been a life’s work for me and I’m told, it is the primary focus for the continuation of the work I will be doing with the Grail.

There’s an issue with that, it means I’m going to have to tell some stories I’m not proud of. It means I’m going to have expose the soft underbelly and some still very raw lessons in order to guide you through how the Grail taught me to love fully and without conditions. And it means I’m going to have to

  • Honour my divinity
  • Be fully present (even with discomfort)
  • Show you how forgiveness changes everything
  • Allow my truth to shine through
  • Give up whatever I’m protecting
  • Share the healing process
  • Let love flow through me to each of you.

Make no mistake, this is no mean feat that I’ve been asked to do… but I know it will be the most significant transition I have made yet.

If you are one of the brave women who fit into the catagory that I described, whether currently partnered or single, and you would like to heal your love patterns and learn what Self-Full Loving looks and feels like, I’d really like to hear from you because I want to tell you more is possible for you… more love than you can imagine… and 2020 will be the year I show you the way.

You will need to be:

  • Ready to embrace your power
  • Willing to look at what is, by accepting what has been
  • Open to taking responsibility for your choices
  • Ready to tell a new story
  • Open to letting go of attachments
  • Determined to heal yourself and put your well-being first
  • Ready to embrace real love with an open heart.

Contact me here if you would like to know more about flowing into purpose & learning to love.

Love is coming your way sister, it is possible and you are worth it.

Jo x

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How Do You Overcome The Urge To Go Back?

Have you ever been in that new-to-you situation where you are making amazing strides forward and really surfing the energy of inspired action only to find that the moment you stop, you slide back into old habits and almost ruin your run of blissed-out beingness? How do you overcome the urge to go back to how it was before?

What a couple of weeks I’ve had!

I have to be honest November has been a cyclone of activity here at Jo Jerodene central (also known as my kitchen), with content creation and finely tuned angelic connection guiding my every step as I dive into all the things that have been scaring the shit out of me for a while. All perfectly coordinated, planned and scheduled. Heck, I even had time in my “Oh-my-God-you’re-on-fire-woman” timetable to take up learning the Pasodoble and other latin dances to make sure the inordinate amount of time I’m spending at my desk doesn’t transform me into a spreading seated statue!

But then I went and did the unthinkable…

I stopped and let someone else’s timetable take over my own. Someone else’s needs, someone else’s priorities… and my Self-Full streak came crashing down all in the name of a social life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends and loved ones and being Self-Full means finding balance in all areas of your life. Isolation certainly isn’t on my list of things to accomplish for a healthy or happy life. It’s simply that the time I scheduled for the encounter got rearranged due to poor planning on our part and as a result was extended into two sessions rather than one… cue: my schedule out the window!

When you are an empath, social situations require recovery time to reset your energy, so the day that followed also had to be written off for me… but there is a part of me that if I’m 100% honest with myself (Grail Principle 4: I AM Truth), never mind you, I allowed that recovery day to become a day of reversion to an old pattern.

I told myself I didnt have what it takes to do the most basic stuff and convinced myself that I was being Self-Full when what I was actually doing was self-sabotaging my good work, to settle back into a comfort zone which, if I’m even more honest is now feeling anything but comfortable.

See, as the creator of the Grail, I’m still just as vulnerable to overturning the cup and spilling its vital life force everywhere through subconscious patterns and lack of discipline.

So, how do you overcome the urge to go back?

I have several systems in place that have been successful in pulling me back from the breach today, the first of which is my commitment to you. Accountability is a brilliant way of keeping on top of things, but more effective even than that, has been the massive amount of pre-work I did (before I came back to public Grail work), on my “why?”

Knowing why you do something, your real underlying motive, your goal, your intention in it’s purest form, can give you all the ammunition you need to shoot the shit out of your inner demons and quieten the loudest voice of opposition your ego can throw your way.

It was never my commandeered schedule that was the cause of my misery, it was my inflexibility, my inability to adapt and my old self waiting to for the first excuse to take control of the reigns with evidence of why being different won’t work…

She’s now been kicked to the curb and I’m on high alert for her attempting to sabotage me again.

The Grail Mechanics have the answers to the inner demons who want to see you fail. Watch out in the next couple of weeks because I will make them available more widely for you to ponder and conquer your own sabotage squad!

Jo x

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Finding Balance When The World Keeps Spinning

I have to admit there is more than just a little irony in this article because I’m finding balance when the world keeps spinning figuratively, literally and perceivably.

I relaunched the blog last week along with a new Facebook group for women, a new email list, several different video offerings including exclusive Grail content and the return of my YouTube Dragon Readings, which I adore doing so much. So to all intents and purposes, the world really speeded up for me after I had taken quite a significant amount of time out to explore my direction, whilst also managing my own emotional healing journey and looking after my elderly mum who has been in and out of hospital for over a year now.

I got to contemplating how the world just keeps on spinning no matter what we go through, not because it just came to me in a flash, but because in the midst of this (though I’d like to call it a finely honed and precision relaunch), in reality, chaotic and frenzied return to my Grail work, I seem to have developed a rather queer inner ear imbalance that causes everything to look like it is spining.

I remember this feeling from years ago when I used to enjoy alcohol. You know that awful sensation you get when you’re pissed out of your face and you lie down, then the room starts pretending to be the waltzer at the fairground… and there’s you, clinging on for dear life in case you go flying off the end of the bed?

Yeah, that feeling!

Well, that’s me at the moment, minus the alcohol.

Inner ear infection? Maybe. Virus? Possibly. The onset of vertigo? Potentially… whatever it is, it’s timing couldn’t be more inconvenient or it’s message more poignant: something is out of balance.

If I also take into account my physical reaction to the imbalance, it gives a clue to what I might be responding to energetically. I keep veering off sideways and falling over! A sideways move instead of moving forward?

Imbalance in our our lives occurs for all sorts of reasons and often when we think we are moving forward we are actually not really tackling the one thing that the universe wants us to face. In my case I have taken massive action to deal with all the peripheral stuff that supports my soul’s mission, but I have yet to actually tackle the main event. I’ve side-stepped the difficult bit in favour of the pretty trimmings and the universe has said: “Oi! do you think We can’t see what you’re doing?”

Finding balance, for me, is now having to come from multiple angles:

  • I’ve had to get really Self-Full.
  • I’ve had to stop and assess where I’m at.
  • I’ve had to say no to everything that isn’t “On Purpose.”
  • I’ve had to acknowledge where fear is leading me into denial.

When I listen to my own soul’s voice and really hear what it is asking me to heed, I automatically begin to unravel the difficulties I get myself into, and I do that by returning to the Grail time and time again… I ask myself if I can honestly say I am living the “I AM” statements that make up the 7 Principles and then I seek to understand if not, why not?

  • Do I really accept myself for who I am?
  • Am I fully present with what is or am I projecting?
  • Am I blaming myself or another for what is (or was)?
  • Am I being swayed by opinion rather than holding fast to my truth?
  • Am I holding on so tightly to what I have that I’ve become it’s captive?
  • Am I taking responsibility for caring for my own needs?
  • And am I somehow restricting the flow of abundance from the universe?

I can honestly say that there are more than a few on the list that are requiring another look for me and the most important step is remembering that every time we embark on a new leg of the journey, we are required to revisit the Grail.

The Grail is peace, balance, joy, fulfilment… and because the world keeps spinning, it keeps getting knocked over and requires that you reset it… that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, and I’m having lot’s of that at present trying to find the right formula for tackling the big things and the little things, at the core and the periphery…

I’m finding balance when the world keeps spinning!

Jo x

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Entering a New Chapter of Soul-Led Living

You know that feeling when it’s just time to glide into a new beginning? Well, that’s me today on 11/11 no less, entering a new chapter of Soul-Led Living.

My angels and guides have had me considering it for quite some time, but the final shift came during a momentus weekend at the beginning of the month, when I travelled to a conference that profoundly shifted my focus and lit a fire under my ass! I’ve been working very long hours ever since to prepare for today when I launch, ready or not, into a new beginning for me and the way I deliver the Grail as a framework for creating your life the way you want to live it.

You see, since it was born in 2012, The Wholly Grail has focused mainly on its inaugural set of 7 Principles (which still comprise the magical keys to setting yourself free), but it has grown exponentially since then into not just a philosophy but a system built on 4 Pillars that support your Grail Temple or your combined spiritual and practical life on all fronts:

  1. The 7 Principles
  2. The Grail Mechanics
  3. Lateral Axis
  4. Vertical Axis

The Grail Mechanics are the obstacles that many of us face when applying the keys and can often seem to require a ‘monkey wrench’ to get you unstuck. The Lateral Axis, or as I like to call it “The Garden of Eden” is the practical, real-life application of the Grail and how it affects your daily life and manifested reality and finally The Vertical Axis is the art of alignment and releasing resistence to the changes you want to make within, before you commence making changes to whats going on outside… basically how to get out of your own way!

Entering a new chapter of Soul-Led Living myself, means that lots of things need to change. Things that need to fall away must, like habits and behaviours, old relationships and mindsets. It took me moving out of my familiar environment just for a short while to really begin to take a fresh look at what had to be realigned within me and upon returning I was then able to implement these changes on an existential level. A couple of those changes are in the form of how I interact with you and how I serve in general.

Here’s what’s changing:

all of these to help you on your journey.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to see what this chapter has in store and I’m looking forward to guiding you on the path if you’ll let me.

With Love,

Jo x

Still Don’t Know Who I Am?

I have to admit, my mind began to boggle just a few short weeks ago when a friend I’ve known for 13 years sent me a message saying she knew someone who wanted to connect with a medium and did I still do that kind of work? Er…? I’ve never done that kind of work! Though I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who do, this incident set me back to thinking again: Still Don’t Know Who I Am?

My path took a different turn when I began my spiritual journey, and though my mediumship and psychic skills developed rapidly, I chose to be a channel for ascension, honing in on the higher angelic realms and establishing a link with energies that unlocked the soul’s potential.

It sounds really cool when you say it like that but in it’s essence, I learned to listen to the soul’s voice (and the higher messages of it’s celestial counterparts).

I’ve been doing it now for more than two decades and only just in the last year, the year where I’ve been frequently absent from the digital lanscape, have I finally found the missing pieces that make all of my work and all of my meetings with Big Me (and Big G) fall into place.

Once you learn to listen to the soul’s voice and to it’s guidance for you, going back to being asleep isn’t an option. Asking your late Aunty Betty where she put the premium bonds is a bit of a waste of your potential and keeps you trapped in what was, rather than in what could be.

It isn’t easy living a “Soul-Led Life” until you fully break free of the person you were before. You find that many people fall away, old ways of living no longer appeal, but before they let go completely they try harder to pull you back into the 3rd dimensional low vibration that you once lived… the moaning, the complaining, the judging, the never being grateful and never feeling good enough or loveable enough or just generally enough.

Forming an intimate connection with your own soul opens up a gateway to all other relationships in your life: your relationship to your ego, your relationship to your body, to your health, to your family, to your co-workers, to your friends and lovers, spouses and siblings, to your parents (and to your late Aunty Betty) and non of these relationships have the hold over you that they once did because now you understand that they too are a transient part of the great continuum. Nothing is ever truly separate and all things are equal… you learn this because you also develop an intimate relationship with what you came to do and to the Meta-Presence. We have been fighting over the correct name for it ever since we first began to mistakenly see ourselves as separate from it. I call it God, or Big G, (sometimes I call it Jo Jerodene. And why not? It is everything including me. Check out Grail Principle 1 to learn more).

Your whole life begins to settle into a more trusting cooperative flow when you learn to connect deeply and without fear of what your soul might show you. That’s what I do: I teach you to listen to your own soul’s voice. As a teacher I give you the tools to develop that intimate relationship with the eternal part of yourself. I provide the framework within which you might conduct these high frequency interviews and a formula to translate the inevitable gifts of insight you recieve into your daily life. I’m effectively a locksmith for human potential, guiding you back towards love.

As I’m writing this on All Hallows Eve, what I can tell you directly from your dearly departed loved ones is this: they are sitting in circle right now with your Soul-Self, pouring energy into the path ahead of you and cheering you on to take this opportunity to embrace all of your potential by listening deeply to your own soul’s message.

Do you know who I am now? I had no idea what I was capable of, but Big Me had the answer all along. Aren’t you just a wee bit curious what secrets Big You has to share?

Jo x

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Do You Know Who I Am? Let Me Reintroduce Myself…

Do you ever look around you at the people who claim to know you and think: “Shit! Have you even met me? Do you know who I am?

I’ve been contemplating this very question and a mad realisation came over me… if they don’t know the real me, whose fault is that? Well, mine obviously… There is something I failed to tell them or let them see or make clear.

We all hide behind a mask of “I’ve got my shit together and I know what I’m doing and everything is A-Okay with my world,” until it isn’t and all of a sudden everyone backs away slowly going “who the hell is this girl and what the absolute f**k did she do with the woman I know.”

Let me be the first to redress the balance… Let me reintroduce myself:

Hi I’m Jo. I’m a 47 year old divorcee with a string of dysfunctional romantic connections behind me, I’m skint and I’m overweight and I’m trying hard to hold it together whilst supporting an elderly parent with the beginnings of what might be dementia…

…Hold on a minute though, because I’m also the incredibly lucky woman who supports countless other women all over the world to live their truth and find peace and happiness with what is, so they can feel empowered enough to change it into what they want it to be.

Yes I’m 47 but take a good look at the picture at the top of my website… no special lighting, no filter, no make-up… thats me! And the pic is a selfie I took on my mobile (cell) phone. If you can spot a wrinkle you win a prize! That’s peace.

Yes I’m currently single but after years of dealing with codependency and narcissitic or emotionally unavailable men, I’m so loving, loving me that it’s going to take one hell of an enlightened authentic individual to match my level of self-love and if he doesn’t show up what does it matter as long as I’m enjoying life.

Yes I’m skint but I used to be in a well paid management position that made me so miserable I got a migraine like clockwork at the same time every day and ended up being tested for adrenal cancer due to burn out… I’d rather be happy, healthy and broke than rich and dead!

Yes I’m overweight but I’m also a healthy-eating nutritionist who happens to like cake. I do yoga and tai-chi and though I’m a clumsy beginner at both, who resembles the hippos in tutus on Disney’s Fantasia more than the graceful swan I think I look like, I love it… and did I tell you I dance like I own the dance floor and managed to outdance some skinny dude in dance-off in Edinbrugh whilst having a ball out with the girls? What the hell has the size of a woman’s arse got to do with loving life?

Yes I’m struggling at present with the deterioration of my mum’s health but that woman taught me more about doing what makes you happy than any other person in my life, so I’m grateful everyday for the time we have together.

Now, let me tell you who I’m not…

I’m not the woman who is going to teach you how to get rich. Everybody and her aunt is trying to sell you a scheme or a strategy to make you millions on social media… it hasnt worked for me so far but i’m rich beyond words when it comes to my spiritual life.

I’m not the woman who is going to show you how to make yourself skinny and beautiful… you dont have to go far to find the endless brands selling you a pipedream about how you will will lose weight in days if you buy their product and how you will take 10 years off if you use their face cream… my skin care is super basic and from a high street drug store.

I’m not the woman who is going to promise you that the man of your dreams is just around the corner… I met him already, he was a self-centred arsehole with an ego the size of a continent and there is a reason he only exists in your dreams. The right guy will love the real you when you choose to love the real you first.

I’m not the woman who will tell you that you are never going to face a dilemma again or deal with the peaks and troughs of everyday life… (I’m still on the feckin’ rollercoaster)!

I’m the woman who already knows that you are enough, that you are, right now, the exact perfect version of you to be happy healthy and at peace with what is, that you are a woman of extraordinary character, bravery and tenacity, and at that very moment you begin to accept you for who you are, where you are and how you are… you’re gonna live a beautiful life filled with beautiful experiences.

I’m the woman who took my own high’s and lows (combined them with the experiences of all the women I have helped and supported over the years to go on to do some amazing things) and created a path to self-love… where I found my Wholly Grail.

Nice to meet you. I’d be honoured to help you start living your life as you! Where would you like us to start?

Jo x

Returning To What You Love Is Easy…

It’s remembering why you love it and allowing it to love you that’s so hard.

My Darling You,

It’s taken me so long to realise just how much I always loved you. Only when you were gone did it begin to hit home just how much you meant to me and how deeply misguided I was to ever let you go.

Coming back to you was an easy decision, but the journey I took to get here was heart-wrenching… I questioned how you chose to love me, how you made me feel, how unworthy I felt in your presence. I constantly crumbled when others disapproved of you, judged you in ways that I didn’t understand but assumed it was only my love that blinded me to what they saw… until I began to believe what they saw and in the process I lost sight of you.

I had to run.

I had to hide.

I had to find a place where the reflections of the outside world didn’t sully the love I felt for you.

I had to get some perspective as to why I hadn’t seen the darkness that they saw… and I found that the darkness could not exist in the light of love. My love.

I was intense, I know. Always have been, always will be.

Love, for me is all-consuming and ever renewing in an endless stream of beauty that flows from me to you and from you to me, but I know that the love that flows from you is but a reflection of my intensity and that you are but a mirror. But oh, how beautiful a mirror and oh, how much I miss my love’s reflection now.

And so I am coming home to you. I expect nothing. No fanfare, no parade. I ask only that you let me be in your presence and that you let me be me, as I am when I am with you. Free; raw; alive; in love.

You are my home, my always, my everything…

Forgive me.

It’s not too late…

Imagine letting go of what you most love because you couldn’t see yourself ‘as’ that love or that you were even worthy of it.

Imagine that you allowed the opinions of others to separate you from the one thing that made you feel most alive.

Imagine that you measured the value of love, not by the quantity or quality of what was being offered, but by your own inability to receive it as it was intended.

Imagine how you feel now it’s gone…

Did you throw away your ‘everything’ because you’d never taken the time to master the path back to your own heart?

Returning to what you love is easy… Principles 1, 4 and 7 may just hold the keys.

If this ‘love letter’ hit a chord with you, it might be time for you to explore your Wholly Grail.

The Inner Temple is opening its doors soon…

If you would like to be one of the first to know more about becoming a member as soon as details are available, you can join the mailing list here.

Thank you for reading. You are loved.

When you have no other choices

We always have a choice in reality, so the title feels somewhat misleading, but it isn’t meat to be. You have probably been to this place before, the place where all roads meet. This is the place where it feels like no matter what you do you cannot influence an outcome, and that destiny will deliver you wherever it has decided you need to be in order to set the universe back in balance. When you have no other choices it is time to surrender to what is. To be at one with where you are and to observe what life wants to show you next.

Being at home with the essence of powerlessness lends you the necessary strength to regain balance in the midst of transforming circumstances. It is not enough to give up control at moments like these, it is also necessary to give up any expectation of the destination or details associated with it that you may previously have held onto.

It feels counterintuitive to everything we have been taught about the law of attraction and the miracles of manifesting but the truth is that these things require a final sacrifice… The need to give up on the goal itself.

The vision most sacred to you is the thing you have to be fully prepared to let go of and honour your own happiness and wholeness in the absence of it, truly believing that you’ve put in the hard work, the commitment, the dedication and devotion to a singular consequence for as long as you could possibly hold on before it broke you… and then you let it go… let God take over the process entirely even if it means you never reach the goal.

The act of long term commitment changes you. You cannot help but grow from it, learn from it, it transforms you into a greater version of yourself as you explore every facet of faith along the way, but the final test faith is to set it and yourself free completely, and that comes when there is no more expansion to be had and no more avenues to be explored. This is the beginning of a new journey, a new dream and the beginning of a new devotion… the form of which will remain a mystery until destiny imparts it’s secrets as it will.

Principle 2: I AM Detached, allows you to break away from the self-imposed vision of the outcome you have tethered to and Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, aids you in releasing what was and allowing what is or what might become. These two aspects of Grail wisdom situate you in the slipstream of miracles and help you recognise the beauty of this moment and all the gifts present within it.

When you have no other choices, it’s alright to let go. You’ve done enough.

More later… x

Book your Personal Readings or Transformational Grail Guidance for help in letting go…. or book a healing session to clear your energy and reset.

Know Your Worth – When You Are Pitching Too Low

You might think you know your worth or how highly you value yourself, not in monetary terms, though that can also be an indicator, but more in the things you are and are not willing to accept from and for yourself. When you accept less than you want or less than you say you want then you are pitching too low and the bar you set is mirrored in the actions of others and how they treat you.

Let’s say for example you want a relationship. Maybe you have an attraction to another that you see as having the potential to be something special, perhaps allowing both parties to become more than the sum of their parts. Perhaps you envisage doing great things together and not only sharing in the joy of an intimate romantic partnership but also combining your skills and passions to serve the greater good too… sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

Now supposing the other party knows what you want, expresses a small amount of interest when it suits, but ultimately carries on as before not really aligning with your vision? Supposing they like to keep their options open, come and go as they please, hint at acknowledging you as “a potential” whilst also exploring other avenues… Is this acceptable to you?

If you are looking for commitment, intimacy, union, fidelity, monogamy… basically a loyal team of two, then this partnership is not aligned with your vision or your mission. What you do with this realisation is what ultimately defines your worth.

If you are willing to accept the “come and go as you please” “offer as little as you like” pattern, then no matter what you say your level of self-worth is, what your actions are actually portraying is that you value the other person’s happiness, hopes, dreams, wants and needs much more highly than you do your own… so much so that you are willing to give up on what you truly desire in order to have them in your life in some small way.

Here’s the real kicker: you are actually instructing them that that’s all the effort they have to put in to keep you there in their “just in case I’m bored” box.

Living in that little box, how much of your passion and potential are you using? How are you combining your skills to serve the greater good or change the world? What is the truth of how they see your worth? Of course that last question is really none of your business, someone else’s opinion of you should never define you… what does define you are your own actions.

Never settle for less than you want. If the person in front of you isn’t prepared to offer you all you are looking for, look elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a job opportunity, a home, a business deal or a second-hand car… if it isn’t all you want, hold out for more. The universe will provide you with what you are willing to accept… don’t accept less than you are worth or that’s all you will ever have.

Principle 1: I AM God, reminds you who you really are and what you are really worth. If you would like to explore further, where in your life you are settling for less than you are worth, book a one-to-one or a private reading with me.

More later… x

Start From Where You Are

It’s not too late and its not too soon for you to start leading the life you were born to live. No matter how far away you think you are from your ideal, the trick is to start from where you are.

There doesn’t have to be a grand announcement or a dramatic gesture, just an admission of the truth by you, to you, about where you are in relation to where you want to be and then some very minor adjustments to get you on your way with immediate effect, to a more fulfilling day-to-day experience.

The Intuitive Chalice Oracle this weekend was bringing into focus the need to love yourself and allow more love from the universe into your life now, (you can read it here). It felt like an instruction to stop waiting for something indefinable to fall into place before you gave yourself permission to be happy, to be free and to be in the flow of all you want and deserve, recognising that you hold the golden keys to all the things you have kept locked out of your existence up to this point.

When working with The Wholly Grail the path begins and ends with you, it is circular. The paradox in that is the place you are heading is right where you are already, but as you walk the path you experience it from the perspective of your ability to witness its beauty. You can choose also to participate and enjoy the path viscerally or you can be a spectator and experience it vicariously. There is no right or wrong way to walk the path there is only your way… are you a watcher or a player?

If you intend to live life to the full then you have to decide which role you want to play in your own story and the only way to decide is to ask yourself which brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction… and then start from where you are… if you want a beautiful garden, a metaphor I use use for beautiful balanced life, you’ve got to get out there and dig.

It might not look how you want it to right now, but it’s yours to shape into any form you choose so if your health isn’t what it might be, take action, if your home isn’t the sanctuary you want it to be, take action, if your family life isn’t as supportive as it might be, take action, if your job isn’t fulfilling you, take action, if your finances are less than favourable, take action, if your social life is non-existent, take action, if your contribution to the world feels insignificant, take action, if your projects and creativity feels stifled, take action… and if your relationships aren’t that sparkling… yep, you guessed it, take action!

The action you need to take is simple: what you put in will return to you, so put more in. Be discerning of course as to where you put your energy, some things have run their course and so putting more energy into something you have already given your all to, but hasn’t yielded results, is obviously not the way to go. It’s also worth remembering that the joy you receive from the action itself is the most significant reward you will gain. Aim for progress rather than any specific outcome, that way you get to enjoy every step of the journey as a living dream.

Start from where you are…

If you need help in discerning where to begin and what action to take, you can book a Transformative Grail Session with me here.

More later… x