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The Wholly Grail’s 7 Principles are on the site for all to see. They are free and they will always be (whilst ever I can maitain the site)!

…and there is so much more going on on this site including the “Free Insights Blog” which I update regularly with my own experiences from the path to demonstrate how the 7 Principles can be applied in real life… and there’s the Weekly Intuitive Chalice Oracle Reading, offering you a look into the oncoming energy of the week ahead…

But there is a whole wealth of wisdom to the Wholly Grail and I’ve been continually asked for more practical information on how to use it as well as how to make spirituality a part of everyday life, and that’s why I’ve decided to make this a membership site.

Becoming a member, a Grail Knight no less, offers you an opportunity to look beneath the surface of the Grail Principles and see what drives them, as well as how they can change your life, health and relationships and empower you to create the life you always wanted, effectively setting yourself free!

But… The Grail is about the full package and so I have decided not only to include how to work with the Wholly Grail in the membership packages but also to make available to members only my whole kit and kaboodle of Angelic and Ascension training as and when I complete the forthcoming courses (and trust me I’ve been chomping at the bit for years to share some of these processes and techniques).

Join The Quest Now…

So, what does membership get you?

Well, there are 2 levels of membership:

Level 1:


(because we are all seekers on a quest to find peace, fulfilment, happiness, empowerment, freedom, etc…)

Believe it or not this is completely FREE to join! It gets you all the other free access mentioned above plus these little gifts just for joining me on the quest:

  • The 7 Principles
  • Free Grail insights
  • Intuitive Chalice Oracle
  • Access to how to do my very own powerful daily practice visualisation called “The Power Sphere” – protected content
  • The Grail Mechanics (the hidden obstacles to your quest) – protected content
  • Newsletter – (members only)
  • Invites to workshops that just aren’t available to non-members!

It won’t cost you a penny, just a few moments to sign up and the need to log in to access the updates when you visit the site.

Join Here Now for FREE!

(Please note that the subscriptionform will direct you to a PayPal checkout page but the transaction fee will show as £0.00).

But wait a moment, there will soon be more…

Level 2:

Grail Knight

(A Grail Knight takes the quest seriously and is ready to delve further in to the self-work needed to transform their personal reality… this is where the journey really begins).

The truth is simple, in this life you get out what you put in, so consider this subscription your opportunity to invest in yourself: your own mind, body and spirit!

  • Access to all of the above…plus
  • The Empowerment Studio Monthly Focus – protected content
  • Guided Grail Visualisations – protected content
  • Full Lightbuilding 5th Dimensional Guided Chakra Meditation – protected content
  • Access to a Private Members Facebook Group with regular* Angel Meditation
  • The Angel Angle monthly forecast
  • Free Access to the Self-Full Living Programe – protected content
  • 44% OFF Purchase Price of up-coming new online Training and Courses when they become available.

WOW! I’m commited to your journey… Are you ready to make that commitment to your own inner-peace, empowerment and enlightenment?

Grail Knight Membership Available Soon!

As a Seeker you will be notified in the weekly Member’s Noticeboard on updates to progress and full launch dates!

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