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Founder Member Offer now closed.

Membership is now closed. You will be able to join at the regular price from 14th June 2020 onwards. The Grail Temple launches on 21st June 2020.

You already get full access to the 7 Principles of The Grail, they are free to access and they will remain so (whilst ever I can maintain the site).

There is so much more going on on this site too, including the Free Insights Blog which I pack with my own experiences from the path to demonstrate how the 7 Principles can be applied in real life, there’s the monthly Intuitive Chalice Oracle Reading, offering you a look into the oncoming energy affecting the collective journey, access to the Alignment Readings from my YouTube channel and info about how you can work with me directly…

But there is a whole wealth of wisdom to The Grail and I’ve been thinking about how I can make the more practical resources, on how to use it, available to you. I want us to dive deep into the guidance on how to make spirituality a part of your everyday reality, and that’s why I’ve decided to open up a membership area.

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Becoming a member, will offer you an opportunity to explore your own spiritual practice as well as to look beneath the surface of the Grail Principles to see what drives them and how they can change your life, health and relationships to empower you to create the life you always wanted, effectively creating a Soul-Led Life.

The Grail is about the union of mind, body and spirit, living life in balance and being in constant connection to your soul and higher power through inner work, faith and gratitude.

What will membership offer you?

My vision for the membership area is to offer:

  • Access to all 4 Pillars of The Grail including
    • The 7 Principles (free on the site)
    • The Mechanics
    • The Lateral Axis (The Garden of Eden)
    • The Vertical Axis (Soul-Alignment)
  • Monthly Grail Masterclass
  • Weekly “Meditation & More” online meeting

…and more as it grows and evolves including tips that I use in my transformational one-to-one tailored healing and spiritual direction.

Join The Grail Temple

Founder Member Special Offer now closed

Because the membership area isn’t quite ready to go yet, you have an extraordinary opportunity to get in on the ground floor and lock-in the lowest price membership I will be offering, (available only until the 23rd May 2020). That price of just £44 per month will stay constant for  Founder Members for the duration of their membership while it will go up for everyone else later on.

The Archangels of The Grail resonate with the number 44 and it also represents the amount it currently costs per month to attend my weekly classes… because you will still get those classes included in your membership, it means everything else in the member’s area will effectively be free!

Founder Member offer now closed

Your soul deserves your commitment, so consider this membership to The Grail Temple your opportunity to invest in yourself: your own mind, body and spirit, but also to have the opportunity to help me shape the direction of the programme as it evolves.

The Grail Temple Member’s Area will launch fully on 21st June 2020 (Summer Solstice), but your early investment will cover your weekly invitation to join me for “Meditation & More” every Friday at 1pm on ZOOM in the meantime.

I’m fully commited to your journey. Are you ready to make that same commitment to your own inner-peace, empowerment and enlightenment? 

Founder Member offer now closed

(guaranteed lowest price membership I will offer)

Privacy Policy. Your privacy is important to me and as such I do not share your details with anybody else. Should you decided to become a member, your data is collected as part of the sign up process on the membership form. Your email and contact details are held on the site’s secure database in order to manage your membership and contact you in case of administrative issues. Your email address is also copied to my email database ( which I use to send out weekly newsletters, offers and campaigns. Nobody outside of has access to this database under MailChimp’s privacy policy. Your financial data is invisible to me and this site as all transactions are processed through referral to PayPal and so subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions and privacy policyJo Jerodene, Updated April 2020

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