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Full access to the 7 Principles of The Grail is free to everyone and will remain so, but there is so much more going on in the exclusive member’s area – The Grail Temple.

Free content also includes the Grail Insights Blog which I pack with my own experiences from the path to demonstrate how the 7 Principles can be applied in real life but they only make up the first Pillar of the transformational Grail Path.


Imagine having access to the exact process it takes to completely transform your life both spiritually and practically so that every aspect of your world supports your wellbeing and happiness, as well as empowers you to go after your dreams!


There is a whole wealth of wisdom to The Grail and I’ve created the how to’s and practical resources, to apply in your everyday experience, stripping away every other path but your own.


The Grail Temple

Becoming a member, will offer you an opportunity to explore your own spiritual practice as well as to look beneath the surface of the Grail Principles to see what drives them and how they can change your life, health and relationships. Empowering you to create the life you always wanted, effectively creating your version of Heaven here on Earth.

We are going to get right to the heart of your beliefs around self-worth and self-love, what you believe you deserve and how to open up to receiving so much more exquisite juiciness out of this physical adventure we call life.

The Grail is about the union of mind, body and spirit, living life in balance and being in constant connection to your soul voice and higher power through inner work, real-world application, a little faith and a lot of gratitude and grace.


Join Today

What does membership offer you?

We are still evolving and more goodness is arriving in The Grail Temple every month! Right now you get:

More is being added as the path evolves, including tips that I use in my transformational one-to-one tailored healing and spiritual direction.

Your soul deserves your commitment, so consider this membership to The Grail Temple your opportunity to invest in yourself: your own mind, body and spirit. You get to consciously choose the direction of YOUR life, so why not make it one that revolves around your wellbeing and happiness? One that supports your dreams instead of it always being you that supports everyone else’s.

I’m fully commited to your journey. Are you ready to make that same commitment to yourself?

This is what current members had to say:

Over 8 hours Group Coaching every month in the live Circle – worth well over £790 per month
Life-Mastery Classes – currently valued at over £2,947 (and they keep on coming)
Monthly Workbook’s & Guidance – worth £44 per month
Access to The Full Grail Path System – £4,947
All the extras and support from the sisterhood – priceless!
You also get on the exclusive member mailing list and receive the member confidential update every week!

Membership costs just £97 per month

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Privacy Policy. Your privacy is important to me and as such I do not share your details with anybody else. Should you decided to become a member, your data is collected as part of the sign up process on the membership form. Your email and contact details are held on the site’s secure database in order to manage your membership and contact you in case of administrative issues. Your email address is also copied to my email database ( which I use to send out weekly newsletters, offers and campaigns. Nobody outside of has access to this database under MailChimp’s privacy policy. Your financial data is invisible to me and this site as all transactions are processed through referral to PayPal and so subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions and privacy policy

Please note: by becoming a member or deciding to work with me in any way to transform your life, you are agreeing to step into empowerment and therefore take responsibility for your own well-being, decisions and any actions taken to create the life you want to live. Your results will depend entirely on your participation and willingness to implement your own soul’s wisdom. Guidance and advice is exactly that. Sovereignty remains with you at all times.

Jo Jerodene, Updated August 2021