Hello, I’m Jo Jerodene

Spiritual Teacher & Grail Priestess

But it didn’t start out that way…

I’ve spent the last 10 years, living, mastering and teaching The Grail Path – a piece of Divine Wisdom that was downloaded to me whilst I was channelling, holding a sacred circle for women back in 2012.

Yes, I’m a Divine Channel, attuned to work with Archangelic frequencies that have been with me since I was about 4 years old (though I didn’t know what or who they were back then). I’m also a Master Energy Healer, Oracle & Ascension Teacher and certified in Counselling & Psychology. Though the Grail was delivered just over a decade ago, I’ve been a student of spiritual principles for nearly 25 years (almost half my life) and teaching them for almost 15 of them.

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Why did I choose you?

Honestly? I didn’t.

The Universe/Source/God (whatever you choose to call your Higher Power) did.

The first clue came back in about 2007 whilst work as the senior operations manager in a huge entertainment venue. I remember getting a radio call from a member of my team. She was asking me to talk to a distressed customer, so I hightailed it across the massive expanse of a building to be greeted by the most elegant woman I’d ever met… except she was a dishevelled, mascara and tear-stained, barely able to hold it together version of herself. She told me that her husband and children were inside the auditorium but she felt fearful, broken and had to leave. A self-made woman whose wealth had attracted a predatory man, only showing his true self after the vows had been spoken. With her wealth under his control, her children from a previous marriage systematically turned against her and fearful her life was in danger, I held space for her fears while gently encouraging her inner power to re-emerge. I didn’t leave her side for over an hour. Until she was ready to leave. My other duties on pause and her well-being my only concern. Before she left, with my phone number and email address firmly in hand, her final words to me were:

“Surely you’re not just a manager? You must be an angel.”

I couldn’t exactly tell her back then that no, I wasn’t just a manager.  Though I assure I’m no angel, they were surrounding her and working through me.

I’ve met many women like her since, guided them through despair and back to a place of peace and empowerment. Whether they are simply searching for a piece of their lost soul or battling with life circumstances they just can’t talk about without fear of judgement.

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What about my ethos?

To be human is a Divine calling.

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And my vision for the evolution of the business?

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