Hello, I'm Jo Jerodene

The first thing I want you to know about me is that I’ve walked the path and been where you are. I would describe myself as a tea drinking, potty-mouthed, tell-it-like-it-is Yorkshire lass, who shifted from a corporate career into spiritual service when the inner call went from a whisper to a scream!

That’s right, you heard me, I resisted my soul’s calling for years because I didn’t know I was worthy, I didn’t think I was ready and I didn’t realise I was already using my spiritual wisdom and training every single day of my life, supporting those who surrounded me and worked for me.

I’ve been a spiritual teacher, counsellor, oracle, angelic channel, intuitive vibrational healing practitioner and all round human locksmith for 13 years now (at the time of writing this in 2021).

My life purpose is to open the minds and hearts of those women who are ready to unlock their full divine potential so that they may finally begin to co-create and live the life of their dreams… a life that truly loves them back!


The Journey

The founder and director of The Academy of Spiritual Knowledge, (which then became JoJerodene.com in 2012 after I closed the physical premises), I previously ran The 7th Direction in Sheffield’s historical Castle Market where my knowledge of the mind, body & spirit and my powerful guidance, was in much higher demand than the crystals and books I sold there. I closed the shop in late 2009 to teach and guide others full time and I haven’t looked back.

No Bull-Shit Approach

Like I said, I’m a no-nonsense “Yorkshire Lass” with an uncanny way of telling it like it is. An inherent knack for combining spirituality with everyday practicality has meant that I am able to easily and successfully lead those who are ready, into ownership of their own power, turning the art of being “Soul-Led & Self-Full” into a life-practice. My easy, no bull-shit approach can be both reassuring and engaging to beginners and seasoned spiritual pros alike. You can’t help but be inspired by the possibilities for your own life.

What’s the story?

Being tested for adrenal cancer in 2004 when my immune system almost gave up the ghost as a result of stress related illness, I was convinced that there was so much more to life than the daily grind. It took a further five years of re-education and self-reflection before I finally made a leap of faith.

Spiritual Career & Training

I left a secure, well paid management position at one of the country’s largest leisure providers to fulfil the job that Spirit asked me to do. After qualifying as a counsellor and vibrational healing practitioner, I trained as a teacher with The Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension.

Having spent years previously, developing my understanding of spirituality, intuition, oracles and universal law, following a path that was led by angels and celestial inspirers, not to mention my own thirst for knowledge, I then turned my attention to paying it forward by developing understanding in others and helping them to unlock their own potential. Raising my own vibration to a level where Archangels, Ascended Masters and The Elemental Realm can easily connect, I have been led to teach and develop the spiritual skills of countless others and to pass on the knowledge that Source has seen fit to bestow.

I’ve worked directly with the Archangel Azrael from a very early age but only came to recognise his role and significance in my own life during the course of my deliberate development over the past 23 or so years (at the time of writing this), in which time he has taught me to reframe change and every ending to embrace the lessons, blessings and new beginnings inherent in every one.

I was gifted The Grail in 2012 directly from the guidance of Spirit and have developed The Grail Path over the last 9 years, as a guide to finding inner peace, personal freedom and wellbeing, in those brave women that choose to consciously walk their own path.

Published multiple times in both Soul & Spirit Magazine and High Spirit Magazine, I’ve written about my experiences with the Archangels, my early struggle to find the path, taking the leap of faith and my commitment toward aiding others in reclaiming their personal power and finding their inner peace, rebuilding boundaries and holy self-worth, through self-love and the transformational wisdom of The Grail Path.

I published my first book “The Self-Full Living Workbook” in 2019 to gently guide those struggling with stress and burnout, with tips for self-care and a spiritual blueprint to begin a holistic recovery.

 I’ve featured on MySpiritRadio.com alongside The Barefoot Doctor on the “Wellbeing for Women” show and was a guest speaker about The Grail’s Self-Full Living at London’s Gathering of Minds.

I have given channelled guidance & ‘energy reading’ demonstrations throughout the UK and run workshops, development programs and meditation groups in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Right Now

Over the course of the last few years I have been focused on mentoring others with a more practical self-development approach to empowerment through the Grail Path.

As one of the most important spiritual downloads/discoveries of my own personal journey, and transformational to my personal life, love and happiness, I am even more commited to expanding it’s reach to every woman that wants to reclaim her divinity and power.

In just the last two years of my personal life, using the wisdom of Grail Path, I have escaped an abusive long-term one-sided “situationship”, dismantled every co-dependent connection that was draining my energy, re-established my boundaries, taken control of and transformed my financial life, skillfully pivoted my whole business online and moved through two major bereavements and the grief that inevitably comes with that. Because I have lived the Grail Path (and continue to do so), I feel passionate about guiding you through it and back to self-love too.

Where once I focused on teaching about the spiritual messengers, as directed by Spirit, I now focus my work on teaching about the powerful message and how to use it.