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Hi, I’m Jo Jerodene

Spiritual Teacher & Grail Priestess

But it didn’t start out that way….

I’ve spent the last 10+ years, living, mastering and teaching The Grail Path – a piece of Divine Wisdom that was downloaded to me whilst I was channelling, holding a sacred circle for women back in 2012.

Yes, I’m a Divine Channel, attuned to work with Archangelic frequencies that have been with me since I was about 4 years old (though I didn’t know what or who they were back then). I’m also an Energy Healer, Oracle, Angel & Ascension Teacher and certified in Counselling & Psychology. Though The Grail was downloaded from Spirit just over a decade ago, I’ve been a student of spiritual principles for nearly 25 years (almost half my life) and teaching others for almost 15 of those.

The first real clue about my true mission and who I was meant to serve…

 arrived back in about 2007 whilst working as the senior operations manager in a huge entertainment venue. I remember getting a radio call from a member of my team. She was asking me to talk to a distressed customer, so I hightailed it across the massive expanse of a building to be greeted by the most elegant woman I’d ever met. Except on closer inspection, she was a dishevelled, mascara and tear-stained, barely-able-to-hold-it-together version of herself. She told me that her husband and children were inside the auditorium but she felt fearful, broken and needed to find sanctuary.

A self-made woman whose wealth had attracted a predatory man, only showing his true-self after the vows had been spoken. With her wealth under his control, her children from a previous marriage systematically turned against her, and fearful her life was in danger, I held space for her fears while gently encouraging her inner power to re-emerge. I didn’t leave her side for over an hour. Until she was ready to leave. My other duties on pause and her well-being my only concern. Before she left, (with my phone number and email address firmly in hand), her final words to me were:

“Surely you’re not just a manager? You must be an angel.”

I couldn’t tell her how right she was back then and that no, I wasn’t just a manager.  Though I assure you I’m no angel, they were surrounding her and working through me.

I’ve met many women like her since, guided them from despair back to a place of peace and empowerment. Whether they are simply searching for a piece of their lost soul or battling with life circumstances they just can’t talk about without fear of judgement.

And then it was my turn…

By the time you are reading this, The Grail has become a part of my life, but to earn the title of Grail Priestess, I had to live the experience of total disempowerment in life, love, work and relationships. I spent 7 years in the most unhealthy, one-sided “situationship” with a man who witnessed my divinity and decided to own it for himself… stealing my life-force, my genius and at one point, very nearly my sanity.

Through this intense soul-sent connection, not only did I eventually set myself free, reclaim my worth and recognise that this had been my pattern in relationship dynamics all my life, but I also mastered The Grail, transcended the lesson and was given the mission of sharing my lived-experience with you.

Even powerful, successful, wealthy and respected women still give away their power, succumb to co-dependency, put themselves at the bottom of the list and get taken advantage of over and over again, until they master their primary relationship with themselves, their soul and with Source.

Sacred Self-Care & Spiritual Wellbeing

starts with self-love & self-worth.

What about my ethos?

To be a Human is a Divine calling. It takes an enormous amount of courage, especially if you want to do it authentically and in alignment with your own soul’s truth. I want to create a world where it’s okay to be you, without artifice, without competition or fear of being judged.

I demand high standards, self-respect and self-love from the women I work with… all the things you want for yourself. But I also believe in meeting you where you’re at, even if you aren’t there yet. You are worthy, you are living Divinity.

You are The Grail.

I am human, fallible and have walked through the fires of my own personal hell to find my peace. I am just as likely to use sacred language as I am to use profanity.

(You definitely shouldn’t choose me as your teacher if you believe an f-bomb is any less Divine Language than a prayer).

Do not place me up on that High Altar unless you’re prepared to get your own holy-ass up there with me.


And my vision for the evolution of the business?

Back in 2012 when I was first delivered The Grail’s wisdom, I was director of The Academy of Spiritual Knowledge. It was a gathering place that I had created for those wishing to live a more spiritual experience.

It is my intention to re-imagine it as The Grail Temple, (my current online Private Member’s and High Altar experience but in a physical, sacred space). A meeting place for women walking the path of spirituality, empowerment and self-love. A place of healing and grace, learning and replenishment, where retreats, workshops and immersions are held. A place where contemplation, meditation and angelic connection take place.

But also a place of co-creation, collaboration, ceremony, philanthropy, support and investment in women walking their highest path, building their own spiritual lifestyles, whilst reaching out to help others still finding their way.

An Ascended form of Private Member’s Club

(Assuming that’s the path Source leads me to).

If you feel guided to learn more or invest in this vision, email me at

To explore ways to work with me on your personal spiritual journey, visit the home page here

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