Guided Visualisation

For Chakra Balancing and Raising Vibration

Lightbuilding is a process of chakra healing and balancing that is traditionally done as a group exercise including visualisation, vocal toning and gentle physical exercise. I have transformed the basics into an angelic guided visualisation to make individual daily practice at home easy to do and enjoy whilst still having a profound and cumulative effect on your energy.

Lightbuilding can be performed at 3rd through to 7th dimension, but the optimum vibration for our current times is 5th Dimension, ensuring we maintain the attributes of Grace whilst remaining grounded enough to operate in the everyday world around us without it’s lowered energies pulling us in.

At each shift in dimension we experience a quickening of the energetic system and as a result the chakras change speed and consistency which shows up as a change in colour. As this visualisation is at 5th Dimension you will notice that I refer to colours that may be unfamiliar if you are used to the basic rainbow spectrum present in 3rd Dimensional Chakras. You will also note that the sacral chakra splits to form both a sacral and a naval chakra and that 4 higher chakras: the Earth Star, the Causal, the Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway are added.

See Chakra Diagram Here

This meditation goes deep and it goes high, so ensure you drink plenty of water afterwards and give yourself chance to settle into the new vibration before you go back to the daily grind. It gets easier and feels more natural the more you practice.

Practice at least once a week to get you started and daily if you feel you need it.

It is best experienced through headphones…