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It is easy to misunderstand…

As promised in my last blog “Setting Your Own Benchmark for Wellbeing,” in this article I want to give you some insights into how your soul communicates and also how easy it is to misunderstand the message when it gets confused with less reliable sources of guidance.

Begin to recognise your soul’s true calling…

As a spiritual being occupying a physical body in the 21st century, you are constantly bombarded with data. After all, this is known as the Information Age. Everybody has an opinion about who you should be, how you should be, what you should do, what you should wear, how you should think and what is acceptable as a societal norm. And this is only a fraction of the opinions you are being subjected to, blatantly and subliminally, on a moment by moment basis. It’s damn-near inescapable. Knowing that, how on earth can you even begin to recognise your soul’s true calling?

Overruling the heart…

Unfortunately, for many, the truth lives in the one place we are taught to overrule for the so-called greater good – the heart.

The soul speaks through the heart using an equally ostracised language, known simply as DESIRE.

As a means of control over millennia, desire has been seen as sinful or selfish and suppressed or oppressed (especially in women). Apparently, it’s inappropriate to want something. If you buy into that story then you are not only giving away your power, you are also giving away your access to any chance of reclaiming it.

The hidden meaning of desire…

The word desire comes from the the root, De Sire. This translates to “of The Father,” meaning that not only is desire a God-given pull towards your highest destiny, but also that what you want, is actually meant for you – a gift of and from The Divine. (Don’t get hung up on “Father” as either a gender or biblical reference here, the language is ancient and sacred but we recognise countless other names for Divinity as is our preference).

Grief and other emotions…

Now here’s where it gets tricky… desire is often confused with other deeply heartfelt emotions, like yearning and grief. Both are distinguished by the nature of our linear experience. For example, grief is the attachment to something that has been in your experience but has now come to an end, whereas yearning can be described as an attachment to something/someone that is unavailable (or has chosen through free will, not to intersect with your experience). Both are a deviation from the present moment where the heart beats and hears the soul’s call.

Practicing detachment…

You might argue that desire is a pull towards something not present, but it is the attachment that defines the difference. Desire is expansive, receptive and heart-opening, yearning is transfixed on one interpretation of how that desire should show up and in what form, defining all other opportunities to experience bliss and spiritual wellbeing as being sub-par. One of The Grail Path’s 7 Principles discusses the issues around attachment. You can access the guide for FREE as a gift when you join my VIP mailing list here.

Follow your bliss…

The soul communicates through emotion, predilection and preference, but it also communicates through wonder and fascination. Choosing the desires that feel good, is what it means to follow your bliss.

Practicing gratitude for this moment and noticing what is present for you, allows you to tune into the guidance “of The Father.” Your heart speaking for your soul – It will inspire or direct you, but you can be sure that it will only ever tell you what is truly possible for you.

When you let the heart lead, it will move you towards your destiny. If you let the head lead, it will only lead you to where you are already conditioned (and programmed by society) to go. If you desire it (and the desire feels good), it’s absolutely available for you to experience at some point along your current timeline. The tricky part is playing your part in the creation of what you seek, with absolute conviction that it is also seeking you. That comes down to a matter of belief, trust and faith.

…But they are all conversations for another time.

Love & blessings

Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess

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