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Health and wellbeing are not the same thing…

There is only one you. As much as human beings have certain similar basic needs or requirements for maximising and maintaining a state of biological health, wellbeing and health are not the same thing. Yes, they each affect the other, but where health suggests the physical vessel operating at optimal levels, wellbeing is defined more by how comfortably the spirit dwells within that vessel (The Grail), and the level of contentment that creates. Totally unique to the individual is the experience of contentment, fulfilment, connection and peace that wellbeing provides.

Now we’ve established a definition of wellbeing that we can use as a framework and we have recognised that our wellbeing has parameters singular to each of us, perhaps our next task then, would be to understand how we do ourselves such a disservice when we hand over the task of deciding what constitutes the wellness of our being to anyone else, or comparing how well we are BEING to a perceived notion of how well someone else is DOING.

Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing…

I’m speaking from experience here when I tell you that no medical expert can tell you that you are well. They can only ever tell you that your body is either within optimal operating limits, or not. That being understood, a visit to your GP or physician can prove to be a frustrating experience if your wellbeing concerns aren’t a physical phenomenon. This is the point where we are often told to visit a mental health professional for psychological/psychiatric evaluation.

I want to make a point at this time that both physical and mental health support are critical aspects in your quest for overall wellbeing. Neither should ever be neglected or bypassed in the pursuit of wellbeing. I also want to make it abundantly clear that there is a huge gap in the wellbeing trifecta if you do not also include your spiritual requirements. This is where I specialise.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

Are you rejecting your soul?

Humanity has sought to understand it’s spiritual origins from the beginning of time. This is not a new age or alternative lifestyle, simply a reawakening of our fundamental nature. Consciousness occupying and animating matter. That consciousness or soul, is what is seeking wellbeing in the first place, but often it is also the very thing being rejected by the ego (which acknowledges only the physical manifestation). We look around to see how others are doing life because in our light form, we are not separate from them and therefore we seek unity or to be the same. However, embodied here in the 3D, we are meant to create and individuate to ensure diverse expansion of the Divine Plan. The set of circumstances offered to each of us as challenges and blessings at birth, along with the opportunities presented along the path, are all responding to the consciousness flowing through you, so that it will be compelled to fulfil this individuation. Ignoring it’s need is denying it’s existence. The “It” I’m refering to is you. (The flesh suit is just your vehicle). You came with a unique mission and the more you try to fit in and conform, the more you are rejecting Your Spirit in favour of a benchmark set by others.

Setting your own benchmark for wellbeing…

In my next blog I will be talking more about the how the soul communicates through the heart. Moreover, how we mistake those messages when we allow the ego to question. For now though, it is enough to know that you have the power and the absolute right to determine what constitutes your own wellbeing. Now might be the opportune moment to take some time to contemplate, what brings contentment, fulfilment, connection and peace into your life? What feels like heaven on earth to you?

Begin to notice the distinct experiences, actions, habits and behaviours, sometimes expressed as drives, desires and even compulsions, (though the latter requires further exploration and caution as to it’s underlying origin). Being careful to differentiate between contentment and euphoria, as the second is sometimes an indication of “checking out” of your physical reality, when the task here is actually to invite your spirit further in. Once identified, start making these experiences a part of your daily non-negotiable activites.

Life as a spiritual practice…

Though I am personally a proponent for spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, ritual and ceremony (because they make me content, fulfilled, connected and peaceful), your whole life can be a spirtual experience of wellbeing if you let it be. If playing sports is your jam, perfect. If you are lit up by wine tasting, crack a bottle. If spending quality time laughing with your best friend is what does it for you, schedule it in. You get to define your wellbeing. You get to design your life… what you don’t get to do if your want to experience Spiritual Wellbeing, is put your soul’s needs on the back-burner while you prioritise the trappings and obligations of the material realm… they will just keep on coming (even when you are gone).

If finding the things that invite your spirit in further still feel elusive to you, or you would like to explore Spiritual Wellbeing with me as your guide, consider one of the divine services I offer at

Love & blessings

Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess

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