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Anything that we deem to be ‘sacred’ is lifted beyond of the realms of the ordinary and elevated to a level of reverence, usually reserved only for Divine or holy artefacts.

Remembering Yourself…

Now, imagine for a moment, that you have so much respect for the Divine Being that you are, the Source energy that flows through you and the life’s mission you came to fulfill, that you begin to remember yourself as the most holy artefact there is. Instead of placing objects up on that high altar, now you understand that the most worthy of being placed there is actually you.

Self-worth preceeds self-care…

I’m not referring to a narcissistic mindset that smacks of self-importance here, on the contrary, when you walk The Grail Path, you begin to recognise every human being as a holy artefact. What I’m suggesting is that we’ve forgotten ourselves as extensions of The Creator. Channels and emissaries of light. Self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem all preceed self-care.

Self-care stops being an exercise in doing what needs to be done to preserve just the physical body and becomes a spiritual practice in honouring the life-force that the body and mind houses within. We begin to take care of the conditions that allow the soul to express fully through our lives.

What is Sacred Self-Care?

Sacred Self-Care requires more from us than manicures and massages. It’s what happens when you understand yourself as the axis upon which your outer-life spins… your family, your home, your career and business, your friendships and relationships. Without you in each of those examples, there is a critical contributor missing. The universe put you here for a reason and though some of us may never discover what that reason is during our lifetime, it truly was no mistake.

The life-force or creative energy that flows through you is Divine. That makes you a Divine vessel – The Grail.

You have to protect it at all costs…

Protecting yourself from anything that is detrimental or a threat to your capacity to hold light, basically your capacity to love, means your own Sacred Self-Care requires boundaries. Not huge brick walls that prevent the love from ever getting in or out, more like silk – incredibly strong with a softness that befits who you are at the core of your being.

Discernment is going to become your best friend. You might recognise the Divinity in everyone around you but you also begin to understand that many do not yet recognise it in themselves, or in you for that matter. In the absence of seeing their own light they will come for yours. You have to be ready, Maintain compassion for their suffering whilst drawing an invisible line to prevent your own.

Sacred Self-Care requires radical honesty…

Once you have grasped the emormity of your true Divine Identity you can no longer blame anything or anyone, or shirk the responsibility you hold over your own life. Honesty is swiftly followed by new choices. New choices about what you absorb, ingest and assimilate. Yes, self-care is about diet, but you consume so much more than just food… your mind is taking in incredible amounts of information each day, how discerning are you being about that? Or the quality of air you breathe, the environments you chose to hang out in, the group energy? We might place a priceless painting in an environmentally control gallery to preserve it’s beauty, but that work of art was the creative life-force expressed trough a human being. Does the creator of the art not deserve as much, (if not more) care as the result of their expression?

What Sacred Self-Care really takes…

Placing yourself on the high altar is a metaphor for lifting yourself above and removing yourself from lower or base frequencies, negativity and toxicity that diminish your capacity to love. So you have to love yourself enough first. (The High Altar is also the name of my Premium Package and the most exclusive way of working with me).

Self-Love is an overused phrase in the wellness industry, but very few people actually ever quantify what it takes: Identity, reverence, respect, authenticity and protection… energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically and environmentally.

Know who you are…

Choose the life you want. Treat yourself according to that narrative. Treat others according to that narrative. Accept nothing less for yourself. Reject anything that contravenes your standards or disrespects your boundaries.

Depending on where you are now in relation to where you are really worthy of being, you may have to make the shifts incrementally. Upgrade and uplevel daily, as a sprititual pracitce, in every moment and every choice.

Use The Grail’s 7 Principles…

For over a decade, I have given free access to the 7 Principles of empowerment that serve to free you from the debilitating beliefs that prevent you from allowing your cup to overflow. They form the backbone of The Grail Path and are the first of four pillars for a life built on Sacred Self-Care and Spiritual Wellbeing, one that sets you up to do great things in the world and to serve a higher purpose, without sacrificing yourself in the process. Sign up to our priority mailing list and receive a complimentary copy of The 7 Principles.

Love & blessings

Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess

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