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There are many stories behind the Holy Grail – some ancient, some much more contemporary. From the Templar Knights and Authurian Legends to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, but here is the philosophy behind The Grail Path.

Searching for The Holy Grail?

It has long been a metaphor for seeking the Source of God’s power on Earth. A vessel so perfect that it contains the keys to eternal life, creation, healing and great victory. At what point along the way we stopped recognising ourselves in that description, I have no idea, but I’m going out on a limb with a guess – that that’s when the search began.

You are that sacred chalice.

In your purest essence, YOU, without all the doubt that came from the world telling you’re not good enough or you’re not worthy enough, or you have to live up to some impossible expectation that you never signed up for, YOU are every bit a container for the Divinity flowing through you.

The vibration at which you choose to live your life, ripples out to affect the lives of everyone you touch and everyone they in turn touch. You cannot be in the world without affecting it. You cannot leave the world without leaving an indelible mark upon it. The life and creations that you birth into the world, whether human children or your art, these are your legacy and therefore your immortality. You live on, eternally.

We stopped understanding ourselves as Divine Beings

We stopped recognising the power we had over our own lives, our well-being and happiness. We began conforming to fit in, placing our faith in acquisition and ownership instead of in our own self-worth, inner trust and understanding of who we are as souls.

We traded our most sacred gift for the illusion of safety and security and our most cherished free-will for a false sense of freedom.

That cup will never be filled

No matter how much you pour into that YOU-shaped void you’re feeling inside, it will never feel full. What your inner being is really crying out for, cannot be found outside of you. Essentially, you’ve been looking for nourishment in all the wrong places.

You stopped believing that you were the answer to your own prayers.

The biggest part of you though, (the Soul-Self), the bit that never left Source, will continue to call you back to it’s original blueprint and mission. The further you stray, the emptier life will feel. The more of your power you give away, the more you’ll inevitably suffer. Yet, in the single act of coming home to yourself, your cup will overflow, you will remember who you are beyond ego and personality, and what you came here to do.

Inner power reclaimed, restored.

Not power over, but the power to. To accomplish your heart’s desires, your sacred purpose. to build the most fulfilling life and all its relationships – overflowing with joy, well-being and a sense of emotional freedom. That bliss you have been searching for, so far in vain, is instantly available to you when you remember…

You Are The Grail.

The Grail Path is the road that leads back to home to YOU. The most soul-centred, empowered and uncomplicated essence of who you really are. It is the reclamation of a deeply feminine and receptive state, protected by a fierce understanding of your innate and holy worth.

Are you ready to remember though? Are you ready to place yourself back on that holy altar where you were meant to exist? Are you ready to see through the illusion that has formed around the things that we put value in ahead of ourselves? Are you willing to remember the power that pours into and through you as a creator of your own heaven on earth? Are you ready to remember that you are an extension of Source – an emissary for love, light and life here in the physical world?

Master the 7 Principles of The Grail

For over a decade, I have given free access to the 7 Principles of empowerment that serve to free you from the debilitating beliefs that prevent you from allowing your cup to overflow. They form the backbone of The Grail Path and are the first of four pillars for a life built on Sacred Self-Care and Spiritual Wellbeing, one that sets you up to do great things in the world and to serve a higher purpose, without sacrificing yourself in the process. Sign up to our priority mailing list and receive a complimentary copy of The 7 Principles.

Love & blessings

Jo Jerodene – The Grail Priestess

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