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I ran out of steam last week. Not at soul level – I was just bodily exhausted and ready for some serious R&R. You see, I was over at my brother’s house shifting furniture and reclaiming some space with him. He inherited mum’s house when she died in 2020 and with it, a whole load of stuff. He’s been adapting his life to fit around the environment and I simply suggested that maybe it was time to change the environment to fit around the kind of life he wanted to live. Of course that meant I was volunteered to help with the big shift. That’s what I do, I help people make big shifts. Admittedly it’s not usually humping furniture about, it’s usually about making life transitions into freedom, peace and wellbeing by drilling down on what’s keeping them stuck in exhausting situations. I wanna know why your soul’s tired? And then I wanna help you make that big shift away from it.

Here’s what I find fascinating though…

Most people are under the impression that they are running on empty, when the truth is, they’re exhausted because they’re too damn full (of all the wrong stuff). And it’s poisoning them slowly. Can you relate?

This stuff isn’t always tangible though, sometimes it’s

And sometimes, like my brother, you just inherited the outer trappings of someone else’s life and out of a misguided sense of loyalty and sentimentality, haven’t yet realised that you are allowed to release some of it or make it your own.

If you wanna know why your soul is tired, you’re going to have to start listening to what it’s telling you. It requires you to know what your own truth is, what your needs are, then you’re going to have to look through fresh eyes at the reality you are living and where it doesn’t serve your highest good.

You’re going to have go deep and wide when you explore the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and environmental stressors that are basically misaligned ‘components’ in your daily life and you are going to have to change your mind about who you are in relation to theses things.

I learned the hard way when I hit burnout aged 32 and was hospitalised pending the results of tests for adrenal cancer. Then going through a full spiritual rebirth at the age of 33 as my soul’s true mission began to come to the fore. I was called to cast off a toxic friendship that was detrimental to my wellbeing. I hadn’t recognised just how restrictive and manipulating it had become. A couple of years later, quitting a career that had become little more than an exercise in survival and crisis management, I was placed on the path that led me to sharing my Grail wisdom today. Since then I’ve navigated numerous dark nights of the soul and found that light within, shining on the personal prisons I’d built for myself in the form of unspoken contracts, promises, relationships/control disguised as love, burden disguised as duty… all of which merrily depleting my inner resources until I recognised the patterns and made the big shifts.

So you see, asking the universe for more, might not be your best move. Your soul may require you to empty the cup first and give it a good rinse to get shut of all the poison you’ve been consuming and swimming in, then you’ll have created the perfect situation to receive what really fires you up and fuels your most aligned spiritual lifestyle.

Although I’m definitely not volunteering to come round and move your furniture (seriously, f**k that, I’m kn**kered after helping my brother), I am opening up The Grail Temple later this month to guide women like you who are ready, to break free of your peronal prisons, build a spiritual lifestyle that will support your soul’s calling and fill up your cup with all of the right stuff. Join the list HERE and I will let you know when it’s open. We’re going to tap into your soul’s true desires, invoke the help of your own guides and celestial support team, do the energy healing, apply the ancient universal principles (reframed for modern life) and take massive practical action in the direction of your freedom, peace and wellbeing. In short – I’m going to help you make that big shift (even if you have no idea what you need yet).

So tell me – what’s in your cup that needs rinsing out?

Jo x

P.S If you want individual guidance for your unique big shift, the Soul’s Counsel package might suit you better. Book a call with me to discuss