When you’re living up to the constant demands of the outside world at the expense of your own inner needs, life can feel like it’s not your own. It’s hard to see how you can claim back your peace and personal power or find freedom in your daily reality… but it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are just 5 simple things that I have done to secure a more peaceful and self-full environment that nurtures my spirit:

1. I took off my watch.

I have literally worn a watch just once since 2008 and then it was only to look pretty. We are surrounded by reminders that time is accelerating and feeling the rush and stress associated with it. I haven’t worn one in over 13 years and yet I’m never late. Go on, take the little f**ker off.

2. I prioritise “white space” in my schedule.

If you’re that woman who plans every part of her day down to the second, then you’re setting yourself up for stress not success. It means you haven’t left room for Spirit, for creativity, for synchronicity or for spontaneity. Nor have you left room for delays and diversions. You won’t even have time to stop and notice the beautiful colours of the sunset or to smell the scintillating scent of the flowers. All of life’s beauty will become a distraction to you. What’s the point of a life lived without beauty?

3. I take my angels everywhere I go.

You never have to do any task unaided when you invite Divine help into your life. I say “invite” because no light being will interfere with your free will, but having angelic guidance can get you out of all sorts of sticky situations and show you the path of least resistance to your chosen destination. (I have to admit, I don’t always listen as I’m a headstrong feisty little shit when I want to be… and that’s when I end up getting into trouble).

4. I give myself permission.

Oh my god, this one gets me. So many women I work with are waiting for someone to give them permission to do, be, have, speak, be seen, succeed, say no… It’s abso-f**kin-lutely heart-wrenching! It’s your life darling, claim it, take it back. Stop waiting for someone else to tell you you can start enjoying what’s on the all-you-can-eat buffet of existence.

5. “STOP” is my safety word!

When I don’t like something, I say stop. When I’ve had enough, I say stop. When I’m not enjoying something, I say stop. When it’s not working, I say stop. When my boundaries are tested, I say stop. It’s not a request, it’s an instruction… To my soul, to my mind, to my body and to anyone who wants to share the path with me. My participation in my own life (and anyone else’s) is dependent on it feeling good to me and when it doesn’t, my peace, freedom and power are threatened… And I say stop. You can too.

If these 5 simple things resonated with you, inspired you to take action to restore your own peace, power and freedom, or brought a smile, then my job here is done…

…Unless you want to go deeper, further and faster towards finding and filling your Grail or creating your own little peace of Eden. For that, let’s chat… book a discovery call here

Love from Jo x

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