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Every woman gets to define success in her own way. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The problem is that for some, it begins to look like a distorted social construct which doesn’t leave room for true fulfilment, simply because along the way, there’s an unconscious agreement to fit into an external narrative at the expense of personal wellbeing.

If you want to change that, if you want to define SUCCESS on your own terms where your deeper soul needs are not just an afterthought, you have to make space for your soul to guide you and your spirit to fill you up.

MAKE SPACE in your schedule

MAKE SPACE in your environment

MAKE SPACE in your mind

MAKE SPACE in your energy field

MAKE SPACE in your heart.

In short – MAKE SPACE for your SELF!

If you’re killing it on the outside but it’s secretly killing you on the inside you need to do this NOW!

I know what you are thinking…

How do I do that? Life is a constant hustle. Life, love, family and business all amount to a non-stop torrent of demands on my time, energy and headspace… how the AF do I MAKE SPACE in all that for ME?

That’s why I’m passionate about The Grail Path. It helps you make space in both your inner and outer world for your SPIRIT to fill you up and guide you towards what really nourishes you at a deep level, inspiring purpose and passion for all you do and want to achieve.

Trust me, I get the paradox…

How the hell are you going to MAKE SPACE for the kind of spiritual mentorship that teaches you how to make space? Especially if it doesn’t promise to teach you how to get 1 million followers, guarantee your next 5/6/7 figure launch or suddenly clone you so you can be in multiple places at once?

Well, here’s the thing, I CAN guarantee you that 1 million followers will not help you stave off burnout or the disconnection from your wellbeing if you haven’t built your life around it first. I CAN guarantee you that your next 5/6/7 figure launch will not sustain you through delivering on what you’re launching if you haven’t created the inner resources and bulletproof boundaries through spiritual empowerment first. And I CAN guarantee you that your soul has an opinion on the direction you’re taking every step of the way… and if you are feeling overwhelm now… I CAN guarantee you that you’re not listening to it.


What would it mean to you to have the inner resources to keep going after your dreams?

What would it mean to you to know that you can tap into your Source for peace and wellbeing?

What would it mean to know that YOU MATTER, when you spend so much time PRIORITISING EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY ELSE?

How good would it feel to know that the life you are creating is one that supports YOU – mind, body and spirit?

And how amazing would it be to know that your SUCCESS isn’t built on sacrificing your own deeper soul needs?

Isn’t it worth it? Aren’t you?

Some tips on how to get started…

Your schedule – Are you leaving “white space” in your day for things to overrun and to reset and refocus? Do you schedule proper meal breaks and step away from your desk or duties? Do you have dedicated days off? A non-negotiable morning routine? Exercise? None of these need to take hours. But they do need to be scheduled in your calendar.

Your environment – Personally, I work from home and I’ve found that it’s imperative that my work is contained within it’s designated space so that I can have some kind of work/life separation. If you share your home, it’s sometime difficult to carve out a personal and private area for yourself. Try creating an altar at your dressing table/vanity where you can retreat to meditate, visualise, journal and place sacred, life-affirming objects and images. Place crystals that resonate with you on it and perhaps display your oracle card of the day if that’s your practice. You need to be territorial with it, for your own self-care.

Your mind – Meditation is an absolute must to create space in your own head so this really needs to be a non-negotiable. It only needs to take 5 mins. Excellent ways to create headspace might be: taking a tech break where you turn off your devices, remove your watch so you aren’t constantly clock-watching, do a mind-body practice like yoga or Tai Chi or go for a walk in nature. I extricated myself from the noise of modern life yesterday and spent an hour at a local woodland spot near a natural spring, just to claim some space back inside my head… oh the joy! Just one hour out of 24 and I feel completely refreshed for it.

Your energy field and your heart – Energy work is my jam! I do energy work and clearing with my clients and members every week in our live-online Grail Circle. After all, that’s what The Grail is, a recepticle for universal energy. It’s you. When you clear out what’s in the way you make space for your spirit, your life force, to enter.

Because I want you to start making space right now though, I have a FREE meditation to cleanse and raise your energy and a FREE forgiveness course to help you make space in your heart, to give you as a gift when you sign up to my mailing list.


When you create a space for yourself, you need to protect it. Nature abhors a vacuum and She, (or your business, or nearest and dearest) will fill it with their ‘stuff’ if you let them. You have to claim the space as yours and exercise your NO!

I hope I’ve inspired you at least a little to make some room for you and your spirit today?

Love Jo xxx

P.S. Here’s the link again to join the mailing list and get those FREE spiritual space-making’ tools