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I’m being led down a path of deeper learning at present. It is asking of me, a higher understanding of the vigilance it takes, not to master the path, but to maintain it. Anyone can hold onto peace and powerful self-awareness for a moment, but to keep it, I’m not sure that was ever part of the Divine Plan.

Your centre, life-force and wellbeing

The Grail Path leads you to the creation of your own Garden of Eden, a metaphor of course, for a life of empowered peace and fulfilment, where everything is in balance and your cup is full, so much so that the overflow allows you to bring great healing, service and innovation to your family, community and the world at large. This Garden and the peace within, requires constant tending to maintain it’s eqilibrium, grace and beauty. Or in real terms, for you to maintain your centre, life-force and wellbeing.

Are you ignoring your suffering?

You know when things aren’t okay because you begin to suffer. Sure, we are good at ignoring suffering to a certain extent, but the point is suffering is not a punishment we should feel the need to hide from, it’s information. That information tells you when you’re betraying yourself, giving away your power, either having wandered outside your garden, or failing to protect your boundaries in some way, or perhaps you have spent too much time focusing in one area of your plot and neglected something else. The way you feel is not meant to be ignored. Within this metaphorical garden, certain areas can get greedy for your attention and imbalance can occur without your watchful eye.

Scattered energy

There are lots of gateways into your personal Garden (or ways for others to enter your life). After all everyone follows a different path. That’s as it should be, we don’t want to do life in isolation, do we? Discernment and good boundaries are paramount. We have to learn though, that those garden walls are not just there to keep distasteful or unwanted energy out, they are also designed to keep your energy contained within so that it doesn’t leak out and scatter in all directions. That’s what happens when you wander outside your remit, seeking drama and comparing what’s in the next person’s Garden. Of course we want adventure and excitement but the aim is to expand your life (garden), not wander into places you have no business trespassing.

The urge to nurture and protect

Those who enter your world do so under grace… YOURS.

Spiritually-minded women want to live life filled with compassion, kindness, empathy, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. We want to alleviate the suffering of others and ease the pain we witness in our brothers and sisters. We are built to nurture and protect and this is one of the most precious gifts of Divine Femininity. But when we take away the suffering of others we also take away the information that it carries within. The information that would, if we let it be, guide them back to the path that leads to their own peaceful garden. The lesson this information has to offer must me upheld. In taking away the suffering, you also inherit it. You begin to suffer too (or instead). Either you’ve wander beyond the walls into the wilderness, or you’ve invited the suffering in and it’s taken up residence along with the person you tried to rescue. You haven’t in fact helped them heal or evolve at all, you have merely taken responsibility for their path and that’s not yours to carry.

Can you bear witness?

The empowered feminine sits with another’s suffering and bears witness. If help is requested, then wisdom and insight can be offered to enlighten the sufferer to the role they play in their own drama. But, it is always the responsibility of the individual to walk their own path to build their own Eden. Show them where the weeds are by all means, but it’s not your job to start digging. highlight where the walls should be built, yes, but it’s not your job to start building.

Choose empowered detachment or transference

These lessons in empowered detachment don’t announce themselves. They are often insidious, disguised with innocent wrapping, a bow and a flattering tag. Not that the person reaching out recognises this either. They are simply reaching out for relief to someone who might feel like gentle cleansing rain to their parched psyche. To maintain your own overflowing cup, there have to be rules around how you serve, otherwise, just when you thought you had it sorted, your Grail empties, your Garden is decimated and you have to begin the Grail Path again… albeit with more wisdom this time if you were paying attention to the clues.

All is never lost

Every gardener knows that their little piece of heaven needs constant tending, after all, the best gardens are constantly growing and evolving and a challenge overcome is fertile soil for more beauty to grow.

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Love from Jo xxx

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