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Let me reintroduce you to The Grail.

About fourteen years ago, having built the life we are all told to aim for, you know the one: great job, house, mortgage, husband, 2.4 furry children (and trying to produce the human kind too), I entered into what I’m going to call “The Collapse.”

At this point I was already a long way down my conscious spiritual path and the Universe had already been whispering the misalignment in the life I was creating for years and Oh my God, I was so freaking unhappy. In fact I’d go as far as to say I was severely depressed. Yes, I was contemplating if I was actually brave enough to commit suicide.

Of course none of this was fully evident on the outside, most people probably just thought I was a mardy bastard (that’s proper Yorkshire speak for being moody or ornery). Of course I also had times of just being quiet and withdrawn and then others where I would be the life and soul of the party. It got to the stage where I was medicated, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. At the same time, I had this whole other life, filled with peace and meditation, angels and high-frequency energy medicine, consciousness and divintity where I felt connected to All-That-There-Is and all-that-I-am… and then I’d have to go back to my day job and my reality. The chasm was enormous between these two realities.

The Collapse wasn’t the beginning and it certainly wasn’t the end. It was the completion of a cycle of ignoring my own inner voice and my soul’s calling. By the time the whisper became a shout, I had no choice but to walk away from my corporate management position and the career family I had grown with for over a decade, to set about aligning my life with what my soul was calling me forth to become.

I’d love to tell you that was the last time I went through “The Collapse” but I would be lying. The job was just the start. By this time we had found out my husband couldn’t have children and deep inside, I realised that having kids was the only reason I’d married him. My marriage was over when a year later I recognised that I was going through the IVF investigation stage by myself. He wasn’t present or even interested we had been living seperate lives since day one. Though it lasted, on paper at least, for a few more years.

The first iteration of my business collapsed when it became obvious that what my customers wanted was for me to teach them the richness of spiritual development, not sell them crystals, cards and therapies. So I built the Acedemy of Spiritual Knowledge… and it collapsed again… and then again, everytime I kept creating versions that mirrored the same kind of ‘job’ that I had left in the first instance. Hustle, grind, pressure, high investment and low return financially, emotionally, energetically. You see, I was still working to the pattern that had been socially programmed. “This is the life you are expected to create for yourself” I assure you – it wasn’t. I was still working to a few faulty rules of operating and my soul always knew.

Eventually the Universe sent me the-mother-of-all-lessons in the form of a man who systematically dismantled the remains of my self-worth and self-respect, in the most narcissistic and psychologically manipulative connection I’ve ever encountered. But right at that very same moment, I was also delivered the 7 Principles of The Grail from Spirit. The ulitmate test alongside the means to succeed, came together… but it took me 7 more years to fully realise the depth of wisdom they represented and just how to use them to set myself free from the cycle I was perpetuating for good.

Womankind has spent just as long searching for the Grail as man, the planet has been scoured in a quest to unlock the keys to this ultimate power… but the truth is, I never had to go anywhere to find it’s true source. I am The Grail. It just took me a lifetime of creating (and collapsing) to recognise where I was operating from an empty cup. A single decision to fill it, charge it and empower it to serve me and therefore everyone I choose to serve, and a continued practice of honouring it, respecting it, protecting it and sharing it only with those who are ready to recognise that they are The Grail and it’s time to choose what they’re going to fill it with.

I’m currently at a new point of collapsing.

It’s not hard, its not frightening, I don’t need any medication and I don’t feel resentful or resistent to life. I’m not being a mardy bastard and I’m openly welcoming those who align with my energy to join me on this leg of my Grail Path. Am I thinking about dying? Only in-so-much-as I’m allowing a natural ending to the old self, to what was. Making space for the next evolution of my Divine journey. Legacy Frequency is calling me forward and I can already see how wonderful the new version of my reality is set to become. The Grail Path is neither a journey to, nor a journey from… it is a journey “OF…”

…Of you.

The most empowered, soul-aligned, self-loving, freedom focused, creative and fulfilled version of you. The YOU who recognises:

I had to unlearn everything before I could see myself clearly and therefore see my life and creations clearly too. I had to unlearn who I thought I was and what I thought I was supposed to be, do and have. I had to experience the collapse in all 9 main arenas of my life – health, relationships, career and finance being just 4 of them. But what I relinquished in each cycle of disintigration, made even more room for something spectacular… a phoenix rising from centre of the mess and the mediocre into something sacred:

The Grail… and a new Garden of Eden growing around it (a metaphor for the life I was truly born to live).

Whatever success you’ve already built, created, had collapse and built again… When you’re ready to accept that you are The Grail and begin to build it with you at the centre, I’m ready to guide you.

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With love from Jo x

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  1. This is so inspiring! Authenticity and integrity just leap out of the page.
    Thank you!

    1. That’s so kind of you. I want every woman to know that she can create a life that nurtures and satisfies at soul-level. Glad it inspires x