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Making the big powerful shifts

Conscientious people who care deeply about how they impact the world in their lives, relationships and business, often make the mistake of orienting their routines, actions and decisions around how they serve others. Noble and understandable as it may be, this practice can also be a crippling blow to making the big powerful shifts that are required to move the needle on the issues you care about most, meaning the impact you make ends up being fairly negligible at best.

A watered down version

The issue arises through an overinflated sense of responsibility to try to please everybody, and the long and short of it is – you can’t. It’s impossible. But in the trying, you trip yourself up and tie yourself in knots about the potential outcomes of your actions, of your words, of your decisions or lack thereof… it’s exhausting. The likely outcome being, you end up with a watered down version of the divine inspiration that called to you in the first place, or worse – scrapping the whole idea and allowing someone else to beat you to the punch.

Divinity flows through you

When you start creating peace on purpose, it requires you to step into a Self-Full, sovereign state of being. In this state, you recognise the divinity that flows through you, is also present within all things and as such, when you tap into it, what serves you, serves the whole. (Even if a few can’t see or don’t like how it serves them).

Potential for enormous transformation

Your peace requires you to serve from the place of your own passion. But it also requires you to serve with compassion, not at all the same as people-pleasing. It will not water down your soul-led, love-filled co-creative energy and instead will direct it to the most powerful outcomes in your life, love and business. That compassion recognises the potential for enormous transformation and that all change comes with a certain amount of chaos. It’s when you stop trying to control the chaos for everyone that you get to practice peace on purpose. Peace through your delivery of your own soul’s mission.

Immense inner turmoil

You can attempt to create peace for the collective (and find yourself suffering immense inner turmoil until you finally recognise that it’s not your job), or you can create the change you were sent to initiate and find peace for yourself, with the added opportunity for others to make peace with the miracle you’re delivering.

A sense of accomplishment

Peace comes from knowing who you are (beyond and above the localised small self) and accepting that you have a part to play. But you also have to actually play that role full out in order to make a difference. Your contribution, through your unique talents, gifts and inspired creations, is what gives you a sense of accomplishment and that in turn elevates the feeling of peace. Without it you become restless, disappointed, and life starts feeling like it’s been lived for everyone except for the one person whose life it actually is. Yours.

Play full out

The empowered woman’s way to creating peace on purpose is to play full out. Make no apologies for serving your purpose, for going after your passions or for making the big moves. Be more Self-Full. The world will adjust… and be better for it for that matter.

If you have been holding yourself back trying to keep the peace, if your own inner-peace has been eluding you whist you’ve been trying to be all things to all people, and if you’re ready to start rebuilding your life and business in a way that really serves your divine purpose, The Grail Path will lead you to a more empowered and authentic version of you. (Big YOU).

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With Love from Jo x