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Sometimes you get a nudge from the highest (or even deepest) part of you. It’s the kind of intuitive hit that says it’s time to uplevel and play a bigger game if you want to make a meaningful difference, not just to your own life, but to the lives of others.

Level up without burning out

When this kind of Divine Mission is dropped into your consciousness though, it’s easy to give in to the feeling that you’re already running at capacity and you’ve no idea how to step into a bigger version of YOU without burning out your inner flame (not to mention your physical body).

Let your soul define your success

This occurred to me when I heard the message from my own soul about the evolution of my work. The resounding response from my angelic guides was “Build up, not out.” For those uninitiated to The Grail Path, this is a simple way of describing increasing your capacity for holding Divine Light, or raising your frequency, rather than attempting to just increase your load. It means the delivery of inner resources precedes the expansion of responsibility. It’s all about alignment. Before you can accept the mission fully, you have to let your soul define your success. You have to ensure your deepest needs are prioritised along with your calling.

Take your place in the universe

I want to create a world where it’s normal for soul-led, professional women to live in their sovereignty and holy-self-worth, where they create their own inner peace; serving in a way that also serves them; nourishing their deeper needs to live in wealth and with passion, connected to their Source and Highest Self, unafraid to take up space in the world and their place in the universe.

It is with this living prayer that I dedicate all I do to initiating one woman at a time onto her Grail Path, where everything that isn’t authentically aligned with her soul’s truth is surrendered into light.

I work with 2 women:

Which one of these women are you?

Work with me to master your power and create your world, where your deepest needs are not the afterthought.

Remember: SPIRITUALITY & SUCCESS are not mutually exclusive, and POWERFUL WOMEN are tapped into their SOURCE.

With Love, Jo x

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