2022: Your Year of Transformation

Join me for this series of 7 Live Online Experiences with the single purpose of guiding you back to your innate power and free-spirit.

Human beings were given the ultimate gift of free will and yet we still have no idea what to do with it, often giving it away to anyone who appears to know better than we do, resulting in diminished self-worth, unhealthy boundaries, imbalanced and co-dependent relationships, unfulfilled desires, and a life half lived. Your soul cries out as your spirit diminishes with every new decision that takes you further from your Divine Origin.
The Grail Path walks you back to yourself gently, slowly and with the help and support of the angelic realm – created before us, with the duty of protecting us…  first and foremost, from ourselves.
Join me for this series of workshops designed to unlock your own inner-knowing to rediscover the way back to Your Own Sacred Chalice.

Receive spiritual instruction, sacred wisdom, Divine downloads and activations with the angelic realm, energy work, visualisation, prayer and blessings that will shift your life into one of holy-self-worth and empowerment through The Grail Path. Step into a higher frequency and begin consciously recreating your life as the Eden you deserve to experience.

The schedule for this series of Divine Appointments

Session 2: Sunday 13th March 2022 – Magic in the Moment
Session 3: Sunday 10th April 2022 – Freedom through Forgiveness
Session 4: Sunday 8th May 2022 – I AM that I am
Session 5: Sunday 12th June 2022 – Paradoxical Possession
Session 6: Sunday 10th July 2022 – Filling The Sacred Chalice
Session 7: Sunday 14th August 2022 – Euphoric Equilibrium

Did you miss previous sessions?

No problem. The series will begin again in September… catch them at the end.

Session 1: Sunday 11th September 2022 – Divine Emissary
Session 2: Sunday 16th October 2022 – Magic in the Moment
All workshops from 2pm – 5pm (UK time)

These workshops will be presented live online via Zoom (replays can be made available)

The Sacred Chalice Sessions

Session 1: Divine Emissary

You deserve to know who you really are, the magic you wield and just how powerful a creator you could become.

  • Discover you true identity and recover your holy-self-worth
  • Witness the disintegration of your world in the absence of this wisdom
  • Shift from supplicant to sacred
  • Create new self-honouring practices
  • Open to receive and accept your divine light in a channelled soul activation

Session 2: Magic in the Moment

You deserve to understand the how to give your mind peace, be at home in your current circumstances and ease into the slipstream towards your own miracles.

  • Detach from past stories and future fantasy to find your power in the moment
  • Discover the disadvantages of surfing your own timeline
  • Harness your miracle flow and anchor your energy in the present
  • Speed up your decision-making by integrating faith and serenity
  • Learn the metaphorical difference between flying and falling, (then steer into the skid).

Session 3: Freedom through Forgiveness

You deserve to release yourself from the pain and restriction of a life ruled by the wounds of unforgiven acts and experiences.

  • Create sacred space for your healing journey
  • Develop objectivity and understanding through Divine Thought & Witness the Divine Child
  • Imagine your world anew beyond forgiveness
  • Dive deeper to find the soul-lesson and purpose.
  • Let go and reclaim your power through sacred ceremony and powerful solemn oath

Session 4: I AM that I am

You deserve to be heard without feeling the need to conform to the vox populi. It’s time to give yourself permission to think, express and be you.

  • Listen with gentleness to the truth of your own heart
  • Accept your uniqueness and individuality
  • Reclaim your authenticity without need for validation
  • Connect with the diverse symphony of humanity
  • Grant permission for your perspective to evolve through experience

Session 5: Paradoxical Possession

You deserve to live free from the unconscious contracts and cords that bind you to objects, places, people and beliefs. Let go of what binds you.

  • Begin to understand the personal prisons you have built for yourself
  • Witness the energetic entanglement of matter in your life
  • Explore your relationship with ownership and being owned
  • Create your life-laundry list
  • Experience liberation beyond entanglement

Session 6: Filling the Sacred Chalice

You deserve to feel filled up and fired up. Your needs are a priority not just an after-thought. Are you ready to become Self-Full? 

  • Identifying your power drains and plugging the leaks
  • Learning to prioritize your wellbeing
  • The truth about Self-Full Living (long-term wellbeing over short-term relief)
  • Honouring the 3 P’s (Peace, Purpose & Passion)
  • Experience a Transcendence energy reset.

Session 7: Euphoric Equilibrium

You deserve to receive in balance with how much you give and support others. Clear the obstacles and attune to your desired universal abundance.

  • Experience an angelic heart-opening meditation
  • Witness your relationships through Divine Sight
  • Explore new ways of enforcing healthy boundaries
  • Opening to receive as we learn that “All Serves”
  • Understand frequency and enable your discernment
Each worksho is valued at £97 but booking the whole series requires the investment of just £555 saving you a whopping £124! CLICK IMAGE TO BOOK NOW

Spiritual Empowerment for Extraordinary Women