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There are some basic truths you need to know about overcoming those convincing objectors. You know, those people who always tell you why it’s not a good idea to go changing your life or all the reasons why you might fail and what you have to lose. Those who claim to love you and have your best interests at heart. Do you know why they don’t want you to evolve?

No woman is an island

But she could easily be described as the captain that ferries other people on and off theirs. It’s a strange metaphor but it refers to the level of dependence that other people put on her continuting to provide for their needs at a certain level. This comes under jeopardy when she decides that she’s worth more than constantly remaining stuck in a holding pattern, going back and forth (getting nowhere fast). Imagine her surprise when she realises that while she’s bailing out her old leaky ferry, that every single day feels like this might be the day it/she sinks, everyone else has an island of their own and she’s just their reliable way of coming and going that they don’t have to worry about.

Nobody wants her to change because that’s going to disrupt their life and they might have to change to take up the slack. Nobody wants the ferrywoman to get an island of her own because what if she has no need of the boat? And, nobody wants to help her upgrade the boat because, if it can go further and faster, she might just sail away…

Nobody wants her to win. Nobody that is, that benefits more by her staying stuck.

All said with love

Of course they aren’t going to come right out and say “I don’t want her to win, succeed or change because that will fuck-up my nice little comfortable existence.” In some cases, they aren’t even going to realise that that’s exactly what they’re objecting to. Chances are they will have a whole raft of really plausible reasons why changing her life is a really bad idea. Those could be fear of her failing and losing everything, the cost or expense of making changes, the time it will take or any number of other potential sacrifices. They will undoubtedly play to her own fears, uncertainties and insecurities and she can bet her life that the objections they raise will sound remarkably like her own inner critic that’s been keeping her stuck for years.

(Usually because the inner critic is a mirror of the voices it’s heard all her life, of those she loves and who tell her they have her best interests at heart).

But what if deep down she knows there is more out there for her? What if there’s a really quiet voice inside that is objecting to the little white lies of all those other objectors?

All it takes is for one cheerleader to stand by her and say “I’m willing to hold space for you and guide you back to the truth of who you are.” It could be her own soul if she’s strong enough to listen, or her angels and guides or someone like me who has spent years teaching spiritual mastery to bring women back to their empowered divine state.

What a cheerleader sounds like

Overcoming YOUR convincing objectors

The objectors won’t like the cheerleader. They might not like that you like her. They won’t notice at first until you begin to change… (that’s the moment they recognise she’s a threat to their perfectly imperfect little world). She’s going to start by helping you bail out your metaphorical ferry and then she’s going to get you to charge more and expect more for each person you ferry across.

More importantly, she is going to help you see through all the objections, to really understand which ones are yours and which ones have nothing to do with you, your health, your wellbeing, wants, hopes or needs at all. She’s going to help you build a picture of your true desires and cleave to that vision while you dismantle the old life around you.

In fact, there will be a moment when the objectors begin to organise themselves into two distinct camps: those that are starting to become unconvinced by there own objections (and are willing to evolve with you), and those whose objections are no longer very convincing at all (and have revealed themselves as false friends). When the misaligned begin to fall away, she’s going to walk with you to welcome the new supporters and emerging cheerleaders into your newly upgraded reality… until you’re ready to walk your empowered path without her.

In the presence of light, darkness cannot stand.

So, do you feel like you’re done “bailing out your ferry,” while everybody’s invested in you keeping things the same? If your soul is screaming at you to realign your life and remember where your power is but you don’t know how to begin, it’s probably time you found yourself a cheerleader to help you in overcoming those convincing objectors.

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Love from Jo x

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