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In November 2019 I sat down, as I do each year, to create my own personal Annual Angelic Forecast for the fast-approaching year ahead. A year that will go down in the history books (especially my own) as being one we will never, though might rather forget. 2020 tested the whole world to the core and we haven’t recovered from it yet. But, after I had channelled the information straight from the Angelic realm, I knew I was in for some massive personal shifts that had nothing to do with what the rest of the globe would ultimately be facing.

What the angels revealed

What my forecast revealed was, not one, but two deaths. One would come as a complete shock and one would be expected but devastating. I was told of personal isolation, financial healing, a revolutionising of my work, I was told of new teachers arriving and old connections dying away. I was given timescales and unique questions that would follow me throughout the year and guide my inner healing journey… I was also told which Archangels would be their to guide me through the challenges and blessings that the year would bring.

Why I don’t leave home without the angels

I still have it – the forecast for 2020. I have just completed my 2022 forecast and reviewed my 2021 year that was… and though I have been working with the angels for what seems like most of my life and generating formal forecasts for about the last 7 or 8 years, this one will stand out as the evidence that the Universe is always guiding us and the reason why I don’t leave home without the angels.

Late January 2020, I thought I had got away without dealing with any major trauma as was predicted. I assumed that the angelic realm were being metaphorical. Just days before the end of the month, the news came… my world turned upside down and even with the warning, I couldn’t breathe. Death number one. Nobody saw it coming… except the angels.

The shock and it’s aftermath (which included several weeks of my being seriously ill), made me re-evaluate some other unsupportive connections in my life. Decisions I made in response, created the beginning of personal isolation and just weeks later the whole world was forced to do the same.

I was held gently by the angelic realm

During that time I was able to energetically claim back my environment, my peace and my balance, heal my finances and focus my attention on my mum’s care which was declining quite rapidly before, just as predicted she passed away as well. For years I thought my world might end when my mum’s life did, but devastated as I was, I was held gently by the angelic realm as my Grail refilled beyond any capacity I had known before. They guided me to rebuild the second half of my year with grace and conscious awareness about the kind of future I wanted using the wisdom and Principles of The Grail Path, a future that up to that point, I had not been able to imagine. I revolutionised the way I delivered my work, I met new teachers, began making new connections and every aspect of my forecast revealed itself beautifully and in a timely manner.

An enlightened pathway

Each of the questions that had been laid out for me alongside the forecast, were a map to my inner journey and an elightened pathway to personal growth and healing. I am ever grateful for the benelovent beings that walked every step of the way through my own darkest night and into my brightest future that is still unravelling year by year as I ask for and accept their help.

No. Not every forecast is that dramatic. But then nor is every year 2020!

Divine assistance in co-creating your highest good

I have had years where the angels have given me gentle nudges to use the energies wisely and I have ignored their guidance only to miss some huge opportunities. Other years where they simply held up a mirror to what was going on in my inner world. The forecasts are not meant to predict dramatic events or evidence life happening to you or outside of you (though they often will do that too), they are meant to be tool for self-realisation and an invitation to receive Divine assistance in co-creating your highest good.

As we are reaching the end of the month, I was just taking a look at which angels will be stepping up for me for the last part of the year and noticing another challenge being heralded. Although I don’t know the exact nature in which that challenge will show up, I do know how I will be challenged and exactly what celestial help is available to support me through it. (In case you are wondering, this one is a spiritual/divine mission incoming for me that I might be resistant to). Next year is shaping up to have 6 blessed months in a row for me from spring onwards, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they unfold.

Ready to start your New Year?

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So you’ll never have to leave home without your angels, either.

Love Jo x

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