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We live in a world of contrast. It was designed that way to help us navigate, through discernment, the choices that allow us to fully express as individuals. No matter how many of the love and light brigade tell you to keep your vibe high, you are not alone in sinking at times, into your own personal darkness. Darkness serves the light.

Without the dark void of the universe, no star would appear to shine.

Why then do we insist on presenting labels of good and bad to what is essentially a spectrum of alignment and misalignment, meant only to serve as information to aid clarification of personal desire.

If it feels shit, you choose the opposite. If it feels good, do more of it.

Personally I have noticed that after every period of shining brightly, I need to sink deeply back into the void to explore the depths of what I have witnessed or experienced. I find wisdom there, the peace I need for healing and gestating the next resurgence of brilliance.

The first Principle of The Grail presents the idea that nothing exists outside of God (or insert your word for your higher power here). If this is to be taken as truth, then you must also assume that the dark is just as Godly as the light. In fact, how could womankind be given free will if both options did not exist?

You see, the universe wants to expand. It is in constant flow that could be described as a dance between contraction and expansion. The coalescing of matter to create form, followed by the dispersal of that form back into energy. This dance is a powerful expression of pressure and ease. Your life is meant to dance with the universal flow, pressure and ease alternation to elicit expansion, otherwise known as soul growth.

You don’t have to fear your own darkness, it is your teacher and your friend. Though it may appear as all-consuming or even demonic, when you face it with love and compassion it disperses and turns back into light.

Your life doesn’t have to feel like Dante’s descent into hell. It can just as easily feel like an adventure in self-discovery and the dark can be your safe space to process and hone your inner light.

Would you like to join a small but growing group of powerful spiritual women, who know that the darkness serves the light? Women who have compassion for, and acknowledge that, a dark night of the soul is a powerful tool in shifting your paradigm. Navigating Through Darkness is my brand new Facebook group. It offers Grail wisdom, support, oracle and angelic guidance as well as the opportunity to share your stories. Just click the link and answer the 3 quick questions to connect with us.

And remembe: light always returns (just as sure as the sun rises each day after every dreamy night).

Love from Jo x

P.S. If you are currently struggling with your own dark night of the soul and need personal guidance, book a session with me.