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“You get what you’re given and you’ll be grateful.” That was never a reassurance that you would like it, it was a tool to chastise a child that wanted something else and was akin to “beggars can’t be choosers.” It was just one of the many phrases used to condition young minds into believing that they had to settle for less than they wanted, or something completely different, or go without. But, do you still have to like it or lump it?

I have been teaching the 7 Principles of The Grail for such a long time now, but I still keep finding more and more examples of how it can empower you and retrain your early programming into healthier ways of operating in the world. And the truth is, that sometimes going without is far better than settling for less than you want.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, asks that we give and receive in equal measure. When we feel exhausted and drained of energy it can often reveal that we have a problem receiving. For many though, when you assess your personal world, you may feel devoid of opportunities to receive what you actually need and there is a really good reason for this: you have been accepting what you were given regardless of whether it was what you wanted and it left no room for the stuff you actually wanted to show up for you.

It’s a lesson in self-worth, discrenment and the power to say no thank you.

If your Grail gets all gunked up with low-grade stuff, where are you going to put the high-vibe stuff?

You do not have to settle. But unfortunately many of us have become recepticals for unwanted or discarded hand-me-downs in various forms, through politeness and the memory of being told to be grateful for any old shit we are offered. We wouldn’t want to appear ungrateful after all… Would we?

In light of this, and to prevent you from filling your Grail (mind, body, life and spirit) with substandard energy, I want to share with you, the 5 filters all your receiving should go through, to ensure it aligns with your (and everyone else’s) highest good.

G is for Grace

Grace is a 5th dimensional state and it’s attributes are energies such as love, empathy, compassion, kindness, tolerence, patience and understanding. Any gift, information, relationship or energy offered to you that isn’t offered with grace, is not for your highest good and can be rejected. Grace is your first filter.

R is for Reflection

Anything that is offered to you is either a reflection of you or a projection of someone else. You do not have accept anything that is projected onto you.

Years ago, my then-husband bought me a Christmas gift that was so inappropriate, at the time I was too stunned to do anything but smile and pretend I liked it. He was a biker… loved motorbikes, they were his passion. I showed interest in his passions and was keen to support his interests. My gift: a Moto GP towel set in black and red (how very feminine). Now admittedly I had just started swimming so a towel set was very helpful but the gift had nothing to do with me… it was all about him projecting his taste. If what you are offered is not a reflection of you (or in alignment with you) you can safely reject it. Reflection is your 2nd filter.

A is for Asset

Have you ever heard the story about the white elephant? Apparently its about a gift that was given to a Maharaja (or perhaps by the Marahaja? It doesn’t really matter). Anyway, as a sacred animal it couldn’t be put to work or be used in anyway and instead was just there eating, shitting, causing damage and generally being incredibly costly to keep. Instead of being an asset, it was a burden. Like the secrets and gossip that people tell you that you can’t do anything with except carry to your grave and the nic-knacks that people give you that sit there gathering dust and taking up space. If any gift, information, relationship or energy offered to you is a burden rather than an asset, feel free to reject it. Asset is your 3rd filter.

I is for Intention (or Integrity)

This goes both ways. What motivates your acceptance of anything, or what motivates the giver to bestow it, has an energy all of it’s own. Intention is everything. I remember years ago, a member of my extended family used to buy expensive gifts for everyone. There was always the provision that you had to open the gift while she was there. Her motivation was to bask in the gratitude and make herself feel superior. It had nothing to do with the act of giving at all. It always left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth and instead of looking forward to receiving a gift from the universe, if it was to be delivered by her hands, I would dread the very thought. I have met a few people along the way that mirror this energy. If the intention feels off or out of integrity, its safe to say no thank you. Intention is your 4th filter.

L is for Liberty

Receiving should always be done without conditions attached. If you are not at liberty to do whatever you want with what is given, then your liberty has been restricted and the condition maybe too hefty a price to pay for what you are receiving. If you can’t use a piece of information, if you can’t pass on a gift, if you are made to feel obligated in any way, then feel at liberty to say no, tah!

So you see, the Grail is not just a receptical for abundant receiving. It’s also a complete filtration system to ensure that what you are receiving is of the highest frequency. That it will fill you up with all the good stuff, instead of the toxicity that may have left you feeling like your life was never yours and you will always have to make do.

It is for you. And you don’t.

Hope this helps.

Love, Jo xxx

P.S. I offer this post with love and compassion; if it doesn’t reflect you or your situation, feel free to discard it; if it helps you and is an asset, you’re welcome; my intention is purely to guide, heal and inform; you can do with it what you will (within the law). May your filters be strong and your sacred chalice overflow with light. Always.