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I’m coming to you today, rebellious and defiant in the face of what I’m told is “the done thing.” In fact I find it extraordinary that my last post was called “set yourself free” and yet in writing it, I put myself inside a constrained boundary dictated by convention. I want to laugh.

It isn’t that the post doesn’t have merit or that it doesn’t hold significant wisdom, simply that it didn’t represent my own freedom. I put my magic in a box and normalised my work into the “coaching” catagory, when what I actually do is tap into the universe’s abundant flow of mystery, where spiritual wisdom lives and is revealed. I have to ask you:

Is your magic in a box?

This is how I knew…

Everyday when I wake up, there are things that I do. These things are the practices that sustain me, that drive me, that set my soul ablaze. They are things that I would do even if I had nothing left but my breath. These are the things that I could do indefinitely and never tire of them. They are where I begin and where I end each day. They are magic.

I am not talking about the setting of daily intentions, brushing teeth, showering etc. I am talking about my first instinct each day to connect with the universe, listen to my soul, ask my angels for help, tap into sychronicity… see beyond seeing, listen beyond physical hearing, gleening guidance from my feelings and intuition… these are the things that sustain me.

I am a storyteller

I began writing to share the magic in my experiences. I began teaching to share my epiphanies and revelations… and the Grail was born from the wisdom that was gleened from my deep abiding personal relationship with the higher realms.

But the world of today would have me package it and sell it, scrubbed clean and sanitized. “Roll up, roll up… here is my wisdom…” (all the while my magic is over there in a box, unfit to be seen, shown or acknowledged) and that’s why the stories dry up. That’s why the blog is sporadic. A story without magic is just an instruction manual and darling, your life deserves to be more than just Ikea flatpack. Sure, the magic is still happening on the inside, (become a member here) but it feels like the windows have the equivalent of blackout blinds.

I want to tell you all about my personal Lion’s Gate activation yesterday and my encounters with Anubis and Isis, the healing work we did together and the direction they’ve set for my soul’s work. I want to relay to you the incredible conversations that happen when I sit among angels and ascended masters. And how to create a relationship with Source that can change the course of your entire life from a mundane to a magical path. The world tells me that you stopped enjoying stories and that you don’t believe in magic…. the angels are telling me that in fact it’s all you crave. Our lives are built upon them, our histories and our traditions… how can we ever build a life that feels like magic if we don’t tap into what’s magical?

I want to ask you again: is your magic in a box?

If there was nothing left and nobody else to please, what would you still do every day? What could you do everyday and never tire of it? What lights you up and inspires you? What defines your path?

It doesn’t have to be literal magic, like angels, fairies, conversing with and undersatnding higher consciousness. Your magic is that thing that sustains your soul whilst you hang out here in the physical realm. It’s what you came to do before you squashed it into the box so that the daily grind could take over and you could fulfill your obligations.

What would happen if you opened that box and let people peer inside?

Better still, what would happen if you let your magic set fire to the box so it could rise like a phoenix ascending into full view? Who are you when the world isn’t watching?

They’re just some questions to consider as you wander through today. If you keep focusing on building the box and allow it to contain (or constrain) your magic, what you will build is life devoid of the very thing that gave you life in the first place. What’s the point in that? I will be chatting more about my experiences in our weekly Grail Circle for members. If you are interested but not sure if it’s for you, you can email me at

I’d love to hear back from you all about your magical practices. Drop me a line about what your life would look like without the box.

Love Jo x

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